Solar Shield Interaction with 'wield' wording.

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Solarians can use unarmed strike damage and abilities with their solar shield. Does this cause things that normally only apply to 'wielded' weapons to also apply to the shield? I am asking this because a recurring opinion I have heard is : unarmed strikes are a part of your body so you cannot wield them but the solarian is said in the text to 'wield' their shield.

Examples that I am referring to are :

Star Knight Pike Mastery
The Entirety of the Gloom gunner style in case of multiclass
The Attactive force Stellar Revelation

The rules text for Solar Shield makes reference to the rules for shields in general, so that's a good place to start.

Shields wrote:
Shields are a new category of equipment.

This would mean that shields do not count as weapons. As far as I can tell, the unarmed attack is not a shield bash, but rather an unarmed strike made with the limb that the shield is attached to. In the rules text, this is referred to as the arm that the shield is "wielding", so I can understand why it's unclear.

Silver Crusade

So any revelation that notes a weapon in it's description
does not work with solar shield?

I am asking because this would also apply to things like blade in the night or basic photon attunement I assume.

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