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ColbyMunro wrote:

I am running a west marches game, which means the game can consist of anywhere between 12 and 20 players who alternate in and out of sessions. Despite getting a large number of people interested, I'm having issues convincing my female friends to sign up to play. I would really enjoy the diversity of gender because I think generally women tend to be more focused on character development and interparty politics which would be a good counterweight to the more masculine murder-hoboism method of playing (although I'm a feminist and recognize that women too can be murder hobos.) I think of myself as pretty good at managing any sort of weirdness that might arise concerning sexual harassment between people or characters.

That all being said, what could I be doing wrong in this department? Any ideas? It's not like I don't have any female friends who would be interested in D&D/Pathfinder, I just seemingly can't grab their attention for this game.

Women are interested in RPG, you only have to search around you, in your job, school or whatever environement you can have... Trying to convince them by showing how it is played at your table...

Concerning women style of play, many of the women I've played with were murdering hobos, playing dumb barbarians or violent paladins... so be prepare to face the same different gameplay for women than the men's...
Avoid thinking to be the defender of the lady in distress, women can perfectly defend themselves, consider women around the table as players. No more no less..

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Tarik Blackhands wrote:

GM cheating is acceptable right up until someone stops having fun. Full stop.

Did your players have fun with the situation (and your cheaty modifications?) if yes, no problem. If no, keep that in mind for next time.

That's my opinion on the matter and from a GM known to occasionally rig dice one way or another.

Same as you, as long as everybody having fun around the table, you can cheat, but remenber one thing, you have a the power to kill everyone around the table, big power imply big responsability, if you kill someone by cheating or because you want to kill him, you're doing the wrong thing

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Bard will be really fun to play and roleplay, It is a good idea to play one, you have a load of skills, songs, spells and with the right archetype a nice combat capacity, it'll be a bit of jake of all trades but interresting to play, if you want to play a dark sexy character, you can play a deadly dancer like a dervish or an arcane duellist, it is hard to be bored playing a bard...

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As long everybody around the table enjoy the game, I have no issue with highly specialized characters.
When they start to overpower the table, I adjust his opponents, but never build against him, If he is a damage dealer with a big weapon, a camouflaged opponent will reduce his effectiveness for example, a high DC mage, a golem will will cause him troubles, just keeping sometimes the basic monster, just adjust on that will force him to understand that he is powerless against some ennemies he may face, adjust his character evolution

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Steve Geddes wrote:
Gauss wrote:

No, it isn't.

If what you are doing is taking a system which is designed for an 'average result' and then you are optimizing it so that you get an 'above average result' most of the time then you are trying to reduce the effect of dice or eliminate it entirely.

kyrt-ryder basically said as much when he said that he wants to take a (presumably normal) 45% success rate and turn it into an 80% success rate because he feels that 45% success rate means his character "really sucks" (rather than has a more or less average chance of success).

Some people want the illusion of dice rolling but they really just want to roflstomp anything they come into contact with. I guess that is fine, but why delude yourself with the illusion? Just get rid of the dice rolling, go to a diceless system, and then RP the roflstomping adventure without all the math.

Kyrt wanted an 80% success rate at "something he's supposed to be good at". Surely 45% is a bit of a low goal for such a thing?

I don't think that a chirugeon who supposed to be good at something will be happy to miss 55 of his operations, he is supposed to have a near perfect score in what he is trained for, so yes 45% is a low goal for something you should be an expert in...

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A low strength in Ad&d 2 was less penalysing due to Strength Boosting Items gaves you a fixed strength (Gloves of Ogre Power 18/00, girdles from 19 to 24) so if you have the luck or the money and the opportunity to have one, it'll will increase survivability, I've played a lot of fighter and many of them had less than 18 in Strength and it was not an issue due to the system. In 3.x / PF, a low strength issue cannot be cancelled by strength boosting items, and does not allow you to take mandatory feats (Power Attack for example)

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Efficiency with fun, all the difficults things to mix in PF....
I've try to play a swashbuckler android, trying to pass as a human, was really funny, and still efficient in combat, but in social, I impersonate a typical swashbuckler in a old movies (reminiscents of his computer memory),Errol Flynn way... It was a nightmare around the table but everybody laughed when I try to seduce a yound maiden... Roll Playing againt Roleplaying... By luck, my DM let me play it without rolls, but I had to be socially akward as my character was... Haaa It was a great time...

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Ssalarn wrote:
Charon's Little Helper wrote:
Ssalarn wrote:
Were 90% of people really using the jingasa instead of a ring of protection?

Actually - that wasn't the problem.

The problem was that they were using the jingasa AND the ring of protection.

I have a suspicion that if we do some comprehensive breakdowns of what you can do with level appropriate wealth, there's going to be more than one way to find some bonuses that will meet or exceed the results of combining a jingasa and ring of protection. Where is the "break even" point that this actually becomes problematic? What is our spread above and below that point, when a character can only afford one or the other, or when the character can afford markedly more expensive gear? What's the actual impact if you parlay that wealth into, for example, light fortification and a blinding shield, which may prevent much more damage from hitting you? Sure, the jingasa is a head slot item which means it's more accessible in some ways than armor and shield enchants, but it all has to come from the same pool of wealth, and, other than perhaps at that "break even" point which represents the absolute best point in the game to have a jingasa, I very much doubt it's meaningfully changing the assumed parameters of the game regarding AC and to-hit values.

James Risner wrote:
graystone wrote:
And the fact that James can say "I replaced the Jingasa (giving me +2) with a dusty rose (+1)." Kind of bares it out

You miss the point that I didn't yet have the dusty rose, but there is no chance the character wasn't going to own a Jingasa and a dusty rose. Now I am permanently +1 (or +2 with Fates Favored) lower AC.

"No chance"? "Permanently"? There are Wealth By Level expectations in this game, and the jingasa does eventually cease to be the best head slot item. More than that, it's an immediate action to activate the critical negating ability, which means that there are going to be a lot of swift action...

Great words of wisdom, Ssalarn, I have also the same feeling on Erratas in PF, I can feel a kind of lazyness in the Developement Team.

It is not how can I balance the item but the item is too strong, let's reduce it...Working to reduce the overpower of the spells in PF is too much work, time-consuming and need a complete rewrite for most of them...

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HyperMissingno wrote:
Yondu wrote:

So the main problem for Jingasa is the trait " Fate Favored", so why not modifying the trait,

Oh gods, I'm now having gen V weather war flashbacks. Why didn't you ban Politoad?! You banned so many Pokemon needlessly!

** spoiler omitted **

Do not know this Pokemon sorry ....

I was not saying of banning, I hate this way of managing mistakes, but trying to correct it is more mature for me, giving the luck bonus to one effect (save, attack, damage..) is more in accordance of the trait spirit... it's like nerfing Metamagic Feats because of magical Lineage...

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So the main problem for Jingasa is the trait " Fate Favored", so why not modifying the trait, also, modifying magical lineage, magical knack, and ancestral weapon because they are better than feats...
Writing is an issue in Pathfinder, but Logic is the same, why nerfing a good item, when you can always modify the price accordingly with his power.

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Blackwaltzomega wrote:

I don't think there's a single thing in this errata I'm happy about.

Brawling Armor gets a massive price hike, making it basically inaccessible in many games. Amulet gets slightly cheaper to compensate.

Quick Runner's Shirt, Feather Step Slippers, and Bracers of Falcon's Aim not only get significantly weaker, they frigging salted the earth on Quick Runner's Shirt. The Shirt used to be a nice trick for special occasions when the party bruiser needed to get in close and wreck something's face once a day, but now the only time I imagine it's going to be used is for a caster to cast a spell and double-move, and even that's pretty thin. I don't see the Slippers getting a lot of use anymore if you have to burn actions during combat to use them, either. Jiangsha might've been a bit of a must-have before, but now it is similarly of very little use to anyone compared to the other items that give deflection bonuses.

I think the thing that infuriated me most reading this was the Sleeves of Many Garments alteration, because this is the Steadfast Personality of this batch of errata.

A completely arbitrary reduction in power of a harmless, fun little option that can in no way break the game. This is the silly little flavor item players have fun with, allowing their characters to always have a cool outfit for the occasion. In what possible world is using an item slot for a fun little bit of roleplay somehow so wrong it needed to be nerfed?

Y'know, at this point I'm conditioned to feel only a deep-seated dread when errata is released. Each one I've read has been bursting with changes I don't like and I can't even ignore a number of these decisions no matter how strongly I disagree with them because my group relies heavily on the PRD for reference.

I agree with you view of how erratas influence the game interrest for most gamers, I feel very angry of the last erratas edited by the designers because it removes completely interresting options, as dext to damage for TWF, the swift move once a day, or avoid a critical strike once a day, it seems that they have a real hatred of options for melee characters...

My issue is that I'm not a kid, I play RPGs for more than 30 years, I'm not a powergamer, I like to have efficient character, my two handed fighter for Carrion Crown, has a Jingasa and a Shirt, not a bunch of them, I have to rewrite once again (the first time was for Antagonize Errata), but it seems that the Design Team consider me like a kid.
I have no issue with the 24 hours rules, it is applied on several items and has a roleplay interrest (establish a link with the item can be fun to roleplay..), but overnerfing an item instead trying to find a balance for it (Cost, Link in 24 hours, Class restriction...) makes me sad, because it seems that there is no reflexion behind only a childish reaction to something annoying...

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I Hate the action economy in Pathfinder....
The way it is distributed, you want to dodge a enemy it is a move action, you want to strike with a weapon is a standard action, you want to bash the head multiple time, a complex one, there is too much disparity between physical actions and spells, you can move cast a quickened spell and cast a second spell in the same round, but you cannot strike three times a opponent if you have moved...
Also the way magic get rid of every problem without cost, you can launch a earthmoving spell that change the reality with no effect on you, you are never tired or exhausted...
I have also a real issue with the way the game is manage, you find a good feat, a good build, a good spel and BAMM the Big Nerf come and break every thing, so you no longer can use it and your character go to the bin....

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I was forced to play a cleric in a Kingmaker Campaign as we were short of healing possibilities in the group (No UMD, only CRB), so I've chosen a melee cleric of Falayna, with power attack, selective channel and WF Longsword, with Ferocity and Liberation Domain, I act as the second fighter in a low-optimization group, I even take craft Wpn and Armor to add a out of combat real use (I upgrade the equipment of the other members), so even if it was a pain for me to play the cleric, the build I've choose make me other thing that only the HealBot of the group, I'm now one of the most important member of it as all depends on me... I don't think it is a weak class, but a weak build can influence the way you play...

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The main balance issue in Pathfinder is the difference between the way magic and combat are managed.
To cast a spell, you need only a standard action, whatever level it is and with the right feat, you can even cast a second one in a swift action (level limited but very low levels spells exist).
To make a full attack, a melee character need a complex action, with a standard action, it can make only one attack, or initiate some specials movements (cleave, charge, vital strike...), in order to have an additionnal attack, it have to sacrifice some accuracy (Rapid Shot, TWF..) but only as a full attack, and in order to have an additionnal attack as a swift action he must first affect a target with a specific status (Hurtful)...
this means that a caster can move, cast a 1 to 5 level spell as a swift action, cast a spell as a standard action when a melee must only make a 5' step to have his full power in the same time...

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Ckorik wrote:

-4 per 4 feet of size

+1 per 10 feet of distance

surface area of the sun 6,088,000,000,000 in square km
one square km = 1.08 (rounding) square feet

sun = 6,575,040,000,000 square feet

+1,643,760,000,000 perception modifier for sun

Now distance from earth = 92,960,000 miles * 5280 feet = 490,828,800,000 feet from earth

divide by 10 for perception modifier = - 49,082,880,000

The sun has a +1,152,937,120,000 circumstance bonus to see it due to it's size.

Works within the rules.

And during Night time... is there a modifier ? :-))

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Paladin of Baha-who? wrote:
They really want to force Dex Magi to use scimitars, don't they?

And Scimitar is a slashing Rapier mecanically....

My concern is in order to avoid abuse (???) by gish or casters, they nerf the feat that can help non-casters to be a little more efficient...
Instead of putting limits on it, like melee class limitation ( Fighter 4, Swashbuckler 4, ....) they choose to reduce effectiveness of the feat, I don't think that a feat that require two feats to be taken is more OP than a feat that need one feat and 2 skill points....
and honestly I don't think that a 20 dext Magi and a 20 STR magi are doing more damage with the same weapon, you have more advantages to use Dex but you will have to pay for it with limited ressources

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Fighter, without discussion...
Yeah I love to suffer...

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We are currently in Feldgrau and we are facing some magic heavy fights.
I currently play a Two Handed Fighter and will be soon 9th level.
The Man :
CG Human Fighter 8th
STR 23 (+2 Belt)
DEX 10
CON 18 (+2 Belt)
INT 10
WIS 13
CHA 10
HP 110
Fort : + 11
Will : + 6
Ref : +3
CA : 22
Feats :
WF - GWF - WS : Falchion
Power Attack
Furious Focus
Iron Will
Intimidating Prowess
Dazzing Display
Shatter Defense
Cornugon Smash
Magig Items : Mainly +1 Items (Ring, Amulet, Cape), a belt of physical might 2, a +1 keen Falchion (Magic Items are scarce in our campaign..)
I plan to change class by 9th or 10th level in order to face Wake of the Watcher with better Will Save, I see Barbarian but losing the Heavy Armor will make my AC even more ridiculous for a front liner, Cleric of Desna, with Travel Domain and Luck Domain (mainly for extra movement) but loosing + 1 BAB put me too far away from Deadly Stoke...
If anybody has a suggestion or a proposal...