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The variant magic rules Words of Power grants players, and GM alike the opportunity to get creative with spells. No more searching for the sorcerer to find all the fire spells, just because she gets extra damage with just that type, limiting herself. Now she can just pick the effect word: Burning Flash and now it is up to you how you want to use it: touch attack, rays, burst or even walls. Possibilities are almost endless.

I had a real blast with this while playing a magus and for my next character, I want to use this system even more as I will be playing a witch. I stumbled upon one effect word that stood out from the rest: Friendship (Command). Normally effect words are lower in power than normal spells. It is a tradeoff you make for versatility. But this effect word just scares me.

Basically, what it lets you do, is just let a humanoid creature pull an Italian team switch for the entire dungeon crawl (around level 6+). The target of the spell will not attack you, not attack your allies and even defend you for 10 minutes/level. That is insane. Especially since it says nowhere that you can not turn the entire enemy force against one and other, or just target everyone.

I found this effect word for a level 1 extremely above the power curve. Is this something other people discovered, have witnessed or even used? And should this be addressed?

Greetings adventures!

My group with whom I am traveling have been traveling has been send on a quest to save a small island from a spreading plague of undead. When you read this, I have already perished (fell of the ship that got attacked by a zombie whale...).
But my spirit is strong and willing to live once again.

I talked to my DM and he liked my idea of actually playing a "vampire", a Dhampir. I like the classic image of the Keen old vampire who always has a trick up his sleeve and is very knowledgeable (knowledge comes with age right). Also I like the "Bad guy gone Good but is still struggling with the new lifestyle" idea.

I want to play a Dhampir who focussed on grappling and biting people with his fangs. I would like to use blood transcription as a major flavor spell to fill his formula book.I have been looking around for investigator grapple build, but without any luck. Could you guys help me out a bit? It's also the first time I try the investigator class.

I want to grapple and make use of a bite attack during this grapple. Hence my DM let me use blood transcription with spell-like abilities, I would like to play a class with a spell/formula book (Investigator not a must but I like the idea of the class). I like the idea of precision damage like sneak attack, studied strike and Coup de Grace, so utilizing one of these is important to me. I am oke with multiclassing, bit would like to have my build only before or at level 5. He doesn't have to be insanely optimized, but I do want him to be useful in and out of combat. We use a 21 point buy system, no 3rd party aloud. Oh minor detail: we use the wounds and vigor system (controversial I know, but we really like it as it).

If you guys could help me with the build, just give me some suggestions, or even help me with the roleplay aspect of this character that would be great.

I have been wrestling with my Charismatic Draconic Arcane Fist fighter for years now. Finally, it was possible with the Scaled Fist/Sensei-Monk and Eldritch Scion Magus. I am trying to build a 5th level character, but one thing keeps making no sense for me and I see a lot of others having trouble with understanding as well:
Natural attacks and Spell Combat

I am going to dip into DD at higher levels, to get a bite attack. But how does spell combat work with 2 claw attacks and unarmed strike? Spell combat says that it functions as two-weapon fighting, but that doesn't make it much better.

Can someone please explain to me how this works? And if there is a way to let him do all of his attacks and still use spell combat + Spellstrike? I love to see him use a huge amount of attacks, instead of one really powerful one.