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As the title says, I'm new to the Golarion world, and was wondering if there were any DMs willing to run me through a beginner course. However, I am not new to pathfinder, since a group of mine and I have ran it multiple times in the world of Forgotten Realms.

In any case, I'm welcome to join whichever campaign. I do not mind. All I ask is a theme or role in the group to be filled, and I will get right on it.


P.S. - I have played almost every class in the game, so when I say I'm open to whichever role, I mean it. Besides, I like changing it up every once in a while, you know?

Heya, how would you guys go about making a worshiper of winter? This is purely for funzies, and I'm genuinely curious as to how you would all do one.

For level mark, let's stick with the 5th. If you guys want to go fewer or more, go ahead.
All paizo content is open to use. No 3rd party stuff.

(Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays in advance)

Actually, if I may elaborate a little, I'd like my cohort to be an undead spirit that can possess uninhabited constructs.

I can create a mountable construct, aka, a taotieh. The only thing I'd need from there is a spirit to use it as a receptacle, while having another passive receptacle somewhere on me that said cohort can go to for safety.

If you've read about Dresden and his lovable, perverted friend, Bob, thats what I'm aiming for.

If you guys don't mind, I would like some assistance in creating an undead cohort for my necromancer who just got leadership. He's a small pc. Think...smaller than a gnome, and I would like to recruit a spirit, and stick said spirit into a newly risen feline creature of some sort.


P.s. - i would like said cohort to be mountable, if at all possible.

Wait, wait wait...I might be able to get infernal healing...and if infernal healing is a spell usable by other arcane casters...hmmm...if infernal healing's duration was increased through magical lineage and extend spell, could that make fullcasters like...say...a wizard a possible option?

Another idea came to mind. Teleportation Specialist and Dimensional Agility. I'd have to make my int as high as possible, but I think the increase in spells and round buff to Summon Monster spells could keep enemies at bay long enough for my minions to wipe the floor...only problem is, I wouldn't get Augment Summoning till 3rd level.

I know this has been answered somewhere, but I figured I'd ask you guys for a clearer answer. Can Clerics take animal or terrain domains?


How do you heal yourself? I could see taking the use magic device trait and going for a wand of cures. A familiar could pick it up and use it in my busy time.

I'm willing to try vanilla summoner. And I like the idea of multiple companions.

I don't have access to that book. Hence why I can't do it.

I rolled my stats, and I got:

17 15 14 13 13 11

I'm willing to work the summoning tactic again since that was always fun, but again, synthesist and cleric are really overdone for me, as well as the druid.

I was looking around, and I believe someone above posted something about the occultist archetype of arcanist. Is it possible to make a reach occultist work? Magic weapon before combat, summon a minute long summon, and then focus on killing the ranged guy in the back. Qt least, that would be the general tactic.

I'd start with heirloom weapon, pick something with reach. First two feats would be combat reflexes and spell focus conj, so I can level 3 into augment summoning as soon as possible.

Thoughts? And as always, I do appreciate your guys' help. Really, thank you.

Note: I'd have to be human for the above to work.


Samsaran Occult Arcanist. Thank you. This is what I was looking for.

Sadly, neither of those are what I'm aiming for, though I do appreciate the help.

If a partner of some kind is needed, then it comes down to the Druid or the Reach Cleric.


Edit: Actually, Reach Cleric or Nature Fang Druid?

In that case, lets narrow it down to what I'm looking for in a solo character.

- Capability to heal myself
- Able to take out traps and locks (No sacrificial summons, haha)
- Full Spellcasting
- Able to survive the lower levels
- Still relevant late game

- Cleric w/ high int and traits (making up for the low skill point per level)
- Druid w/ traits
- Samsaran Seeker Sorcerer w/ high int
- Samsaran Spell Sage Wizard w/ traits
- Samsaran Arcanist w/ traits

*w/ traits = Trap Finder

Out of the above classes, what would you suggest?

No Leadership. No NPCs....sadly

What classes in general are capable of running a solo campaign? I'm guessing the class would have to be capable of doing almost everything, right?

So far, I can think of Bard, Summoner, Druid, Cleric, Inquisitor.

I've already played Summoner before, and Druid gave me a bad taste after how overplayed it was back in 3.5. Reach cleric is something I've already become bored with, so that leaves Bard and Inquisitor. Actually, is the Oracle a viable option for soloing a campaign?

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One of my friends is presenting me with a rather difficult (but worthy) challenge: Solo a normally 4-man campaign

Starting Level: 1
Books Allowed: Core, UC, UM, ACG, ARG, APG, UE, UCampaign

I was originally thinking synthesist or reach cleric, but those are the only ones I know are innately strong. We're aiming to last till 15th level.

Any advice?

Edit: Again, this is what you'd expect from a normal 4-man adventure. No, he hasn't told me what kinds of creatures I'm up against, nor has he told me any of the specific challenges I will face.

Sadly, I need to pull out of this. Lately, family issues have been occupying my attention, and I'm not sure if I'll even be focused enough to remember to come by here. My apologies, guys. Just say I fell down a hole or something.

And done. I'll flesh out a background for him by the end of tomorrow.

Will do.

No worries, man. I'm actually going to be changing my character in a few moments. Working on a reach cleric with the same mentality as my original idea, so the name won't change. Just his appearance.

I have more experience with divine classes than arcane classes. I might still go for a companion somewhere in his kit, but healing I could still make work as part of his capabilities.

Standing calmly beside Hob, the young elf inquired, "What lives in the caverns you wish for us to venture into? I would know what foes we might face before we enter."

May I remake a healing capable class, just use the same name? I'm sure I can make a utility priest or something.

Okie dokie

Something I've done with DMs in the past is, when details aren't readily given, I fill in for them. For example, in this case, I would state the shape and size of the table, where my character is sitting in correlation to the old man who spoke to us, and where the table is in correlation to the room at large. Are you okay with this?

Obviously, during significant areas with combat or where physical skill checks are required, I would leave that to your discretion, of course. The main reason for me filling in details is to give my teammates a better understanding of what's going on if something were to arise, while adding flavor to the scene at large.

Your thoughts?

Would you be fine with me making a character by the normal rules (ex: no bonus background skills)? I don't mind other people doing their thing, but I kinda like the idea of this character possibly being used in a separate campaign after this one (if he survives).

Essentially, I'd follow the rules for character creation you posted above. However, I'd leave out anything that wouldn't be included in normal character creation.

Because I'm essentially a universalist, I'm going to be using spells besides save or dies. Therefore, Potent Magic can wait till 9th level. I'm taking Wyrmkin's advice on the whole quick study because I'm used to being a mage, and if I have to, I can delay my feat plan one two levels so I can EAE my way into the exploit.

Any other suggestions?

Actually, on a different note, I have an idea that would make this simpler.

Improved Initiative (H)
Combat Casting (1)
Craft Wonderous Items (3)
Improved Familiar (5)
Uncanny Concentration (7)

Wizard Feats:
Craft Magic Arms and Armor (5)

Familiar (1)
Crafting Feat (Craft Construct) (5)

My only question is,

Is it possible to create a large construct that doubles as a familiar?

I was thinking a homunculus would do...I'd just need tons of gold...

@Mage of the Wyrmkin
Was there ever a time when you took Extra Arcane Exploit, and if so, when was it? What exploits did you use it for?

I'm working on another wizard, starting at level four, but I'd like to have the build planned out. My goal is be a silver bullet mage, but be able to spike myself for key moments. I'm going with human on this one, but I'm just not sure how I should go about my exploits.

The exploits I would like in the build are:
Dimensional Slide
Potent Magic
Quick Study

The feats I would like the most are:
Improved Initiative
Point Blank Shot
Precise Shot

Honestly, though, unless I get to higher levels, metamagic feats aren't really applicable to anything, and because I'm essentially performing as a universalist, I don't know how I should specialize. In fact, the only reason I'm taking PBS and PS is so that when I have to use a ray, I can. Also, a lot of the exploits are incredibly useful early on, so should I take Extra Arcane Exploit for those, or just wait it out?

Any advice?

I'm genuinely wondering what people think of this class. I don't have any goals with this PrC. I'm just curious as to what people think about it. What are its pros and cons?

Syrus Terrigan wrote:

He just thinks he's a wizard; he's really a barbarian. There's a thread over at giantitp that has a host of contributions and wonderful ideas.

This likely isn't what you're looking for, but it's worth the read.

In seriousness, though, I have had a great deal of fun running a lawful good necromancer (this was back in 3.5, so certain necromancy options were quite a bit stronger -- I do so miss escalating enfeeblement!). Maybe you could try something similar with this guy -- no evil descriptor spells, no undead minions, . . . .

How might you suggest one go about this? I'd either have to go with a debuff build centered around not killing my opponents, but helping my allies kill them, or a higher end save-or-die build based on the idea of, I will only harm you if you mortally threaten my life or those of my friends.

Sadly, I don't have the Inner Sea Primer book, so I can't use that. I'd much rather stick with the Wizard on this one, although, is it possible to make an arcanist golemancer build?

Seeing as I accidently posted twice for this topic, I'm going to make this the main thread.

Sorry for the inconvenience guys.

Crap, accidently posted twice...

Golemancer...I like that one. How is one designed?

Hey guys, I've got another human wizard that is starting in the higher levels. Think 15+ campaign. I was wondering if you guys had any ideas for an outside the norm wizard. I've had a lot of fun with Conjuration and Transmutation. Evocation is kinda meh since my teammates usually already do a lot of damage. I've got a team consisting of a skill-monkey, two front liners, and a buffer. Battlefield control, I'm thinking, is something I should aim for, but I'm not quite sure.

Race: Human
Class: Wizard
Alignment: CG

Books: Core, APG, ACG, All Ultimates, and ISG

Any suggestions? (I'm even willing to try another prestige class. Mystic Theurge I had a lot of fun with in my previous character.)

Hey guys, I've got another human wizard that is starting in the higher levels. Think 15+ campaign. I was wondering if you guys had any ideas for an outside the norm wizard. I've had a lot of fun with Conjuration and Transmutation. Evocation is kinda meh since my teammates usually already do a lot of damage. I've got a team consisting of a skill-monkey, two front liners, and a buffer. Battlefield control, I'm thinking, is something I should aim for, but I'm not quite sure.

Race: Human
Class: Wizard
Alignment: CG

Books: Core, APG, ACG, All Ultimates, and ISG

Any suggestions? (I'm even willing to try another prestige class. Mystic Theurge I had a lot of fun with in my previous character.)

Hey guys, I've got another human wizard that is starting in the higher levels. Think 15+ campaign. I was wondering if you guys had any ideas for an outside the norm wizard. I've had a lot of fun with Conjuration and Transmutation. Evocation is kinda meh since my teammates usually already do a lot of damage. I've got a team consisting of a skill-monkey, two front liners, and a buffer. Battlefield control, I'm thinking, is something I should aim for, but I'm not quite sure.

Race: Human
Class: Wizard
Alignment: CG

Books: Core, APG, ACG, All Ultimates, and ISG

Any suggestions? (I'm even willing to try another prestige class. Mystic Theurge I had a lot of fun with in my previous character.)

Understandable. I'll be working on that while at work today. Any other suggestions?

I'm creating a world, and rather than starting with a small town, I'd like to focus on the pantheon different from what's in the books. My basic idea is that there is one deity for each alignment. The end goal of this 1 to 20 sandbox campaign is to figure out why the god of balance (true neutral) disappeared.

Now, here is the more detailed version.
The God of Balance (TN), Olen, lived alone among the vastness of space. He knew not how he came to be, but that he only existed. He could create and kill, but would never die.

After many an aeon of inner thought, Olen decided to explore this blackness he was a part of. Eventually, his travels led him to his wife, Olet, Goddess of Law (LN). Together, they bore four daughters; Olorius, goddess of Justice (LG), Olizet, goddess of Tyranny (LE), Olian, goddess of Hope (NG), and Olizen, goddess of despair (NE).

The family the two created inspired them to forge great anomalies within the vastness of space. Worlds, galaxies, universes, even entire dimensions they could traverse within a blink of an eye. However, over time, they grew bored of such things, and like their father and husband, the family set forth outside of their domains in search of something new they might work with.

Eventually, they came across another being, Oletch, god of chaos (CN). He was a god who was easily tempted, but could never be ruled. As a result, when the family approached him and tried to bring him into their world, Oletch denied such sweet offers and began to depart. In an effort to rein him in, Olen and Olet offered Oletch one last bargain. Stay with them, and he may bed with Olian and Olizen so that Oletch may gain the power of creation.

Unlike the other deities, Oletch could not create material wealth from nothing for he had the power of the arcane. His was a ponderous tool that would never stay static, and as such, his machinations would never truly exist.

As a result, Oletch took up the couple's offer, and joined with them. His companionship with Olian gave birth to the goddess Olaria, god of Freedom, while his partnership with Olizen created Olench, goddess of calamity.

In the beginning, his hunger was sated, but over time, Oletch asked for more. His creations were solid, wild, and free, but his and his' daughters' ideals were always in conflict with the family of six. Wars would ensue, and realities would crumble. Death would halt, and life would be born once more, but always was there a battle between the nine deities.

That was until now. Olen, God of Balance, has disappeared, and no one knows where he is. Oletch's hunger is uncontrolled with the equalizer's absence, and the god of chaos wants more. He wants a world of his own choosing, and the five remaining of Olen's family are powerless without their father.

Ideas on how I could make it better?

As far as domains and such goes, I'm thinking the seasons will be governed by each deity during different times of the year.

LN - Olet - Winter
LG - Olorius - Transfer of governance
NG - Olian - Spring
CG - Olaria - Transfer of governance
CN - Oletch - Summer
CE - Olench - Transfer of governance
NE - Olizen - Fall
LE - Olizet - Transfer of governance

Along with that, any suggestions on their domains and favored weapons would be appreciated, as well. I'm following a rule of thumb that no deity as the same domain as another deity. For example, Olian and Oletch cannot both have power over the sun, if that make sense.

avr wrote:
You might be best to put a debuff spell like Spit Venom in a spell storing weapon rather than a damaging spell anyway, or a spell like Frigid Touch for which the debuff is more important than the damage.

Is there a way to increase spell DC as a result of charging?

Actually, I have an idea here.

The druid would use the wolf as a mount. From there, the druid would go Nature Fang, and use the slayer talents for the mounted combat line of the ranger feats. It would look a bit like this.

1 - Combat Casting
3 - Uncanny Concentration
S - Slayer Talent: Ranger Mounted Combat Style - Trick Riding
5 - Spell Focus: ?
S - Slayer Talent: Ranger Mounted Combat Style - Spirited Charge

Basically, I'd use the same tactic of wolves, Hit and Run, weaving debuffs or damage spells into my attacks.

The only problem I'd run into is how I'd get MWP: Lance.

Also, question: If I put spell storing into a lance, and I use Spirited Charge, does SC double the spell damage along with the lance damage, or what does Spirited Charge affect exactly?

So, a while ago, a previous DM of mine gave my level 1 druid a larger than normal wolf who had 18 strength...18 dexterity...and 18 constitution. My character already has three stats higher than 16 (because of rolling). I bet you can see where this is going.

One of the major dms in my group decided that we can take one of our characters and level them to 16. Guess what I'm doing.

~Insert Character That Should Have Never Been Born~

Elf Druid

Str 17
Dex 16 (14)
Con 12 (14)
Int 14 (12)
Wis 18
Cha 14

Awesome Wolf

Str 18
Dex 18
Con 18
Int 4
Wis 12
Cha 6


My goal here is to build the most outside the box and viable level 16 druid while keeping the wolf. I'm coming to you guys for help.

Things that are staying:
Race - Elf
Animal Companion - The Wolf Above
Alignment - Neutral Good
Books: Ultimates, Advanced stuff, and Core


Thank you. This should help a bit.

Is it possible to have the above without Sorcerer levels or the eldritch heritage sylven line?

Okie dokie. Duly noted.

In any case, since the spear is what I've done rp wise, and it can't really be changed at this point, what do you guys suggest I do to make this character more powerful in combat?

Domain suggestions? Feat changes? Outside the box ideas?

I'd appreciate any assistance on this.

Manly-man teapot wrote:

With a +1 Longspear, you're at +9 to hit at level 16. So that's mostly for show, right?

With only 9 levels to redo, there's not a lot you can meaningfully change.

That's when you use a spell like Spellsword to get around it. I've already discussed this with my DM.

The way it would work, I'd put a staff of something in the longspear. Then, instead of going off of AC for hitting, I would use Touch AC. As a result, I can put a spell onto the spellstoring longspear, while it holds the staff inside. We didn't cover the whole "does the longspear activate the staff spell and the stored spell at the same time when attacking" bit, and honestly, I think that might be a bit broken...

CG Human Wizard 3/Cleric 3/Mystic Theurge 10 (stats were rolled for quite some time ago)

Str 12
Dex 14
Con 16
Int 20
Wis (Starting at 13) ---> 17
Cha 16

Class Features:
Arcane Bond: Familiar
Arcane School: Teleportaion
Scribe Scroll
Opposition School: Necromancy, Evocation
Shift 10 ft. (8/day)
Summoner's Charm (+2 rounds)
Aura (Chaos, Good)
Channel Energy 2d6 (4/day)
Domains: Knowledge, Plant
Lore Keeper (+4)
Wooden Fist +1 (4rounds/day)
Combined Spells (5th)
Spell Synthesis

SF: Conjuration
Augment Summoning
Improved Initiative
Combat Reflexes
Sacred Summons
Extend Spell
Craft Wondrous Items
Quicken Spell

Spells Per day: (Cleric includes domain spells)
L - 0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7
W - 5 - 7 - 6 - 6 - 6 - 5 - 3 - 2
C - 4 - 6 - 6 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2

This is a character mentioned from a previous thread who is in a campaign that isn't optimized by any standards. My gm let me redo 9 levels of my character along with everyone else's since we just got a taste of high level content, and wish for kind of a reset. The dm is focused more on RP, and there is a reason as to why I chose Mystic Theurge.

My goal for this character is to cast as many spells in one turn as I can, while having the biggest pool of spells to choose from as I can possibly obtain. My group already has a Fighter, Ranger, Cleric, Druid, and Rogue, so we have all bases covered. In game, my MS is trying to utilize multiple sources of magic in order to increase his power so that he may help those in need. He had to pay a price to a goddess in order to gain the cleric levels, and one of her tolls was that my character use a longspear in combat.

The Deity's name is Angharradh, and her domains are as follows.

Chaos, Elf, Good, Hope, Knowledge, Plant, Protection, Renewal

Yes, she is a Forgotten Realms deity. I know this. Bare with me.

What I'm asking you guys is to help me make this work. I'm running into some issues with this, and though I'm unable to change the class levels and the god of choice, I can work with pretty much everything else. I just need some help making this character viable.

Note: If I go with a spell storing longspear, and I strike on an AoO, can I cast the spell inside of it?

I guess what I'm asking is, I know casting late game is ridiculous and doesn't really matter, so, is it possible to make a Reach Mystic Theurge as above, or would that be too much to ask for? Again, non-serious gameplay in mind, but I still want to contribute summons in battle. I just figure having more spells would allow for more summoning at the sacrifice of higher end spells.

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