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As DM Beckett stated, if you find a lot of 'Orphaned' players in need of a table, I'd be willing to run something for them. Just let me know if the need arises!

I completely endorse Play-by-Forum (PbF0 as a terrific avenue for Pathfinder. PbF is where I first learned Pathfinder, and it is how I have earned all my GM stars.

For those who are looking to give it a try, I must recommend RPGGeek.com; and specifially, the Pathfinder Society Guild on the site. A lot of games are played over there, and the community is very helpful, kind, and welcoming on the internet!

And, if anyone is interested, I have one slot open at my table for Siege of Serpents. The other players are all 2nd or 3rd level. If interested, hop on over, say hello, and we'll be glad to take care of you!

If you have any questions regarding RPGgeek, the guild, or Play-by-forum; I invite you to contact me. I'd be glad to answer questions and help you get your feet wet. Come join the revolution!

One item I've noticed, regarding the Shaman. When I go to the tab to select 0-level spells for the Shaman, the list of entries contains every single spell (all 1,830); rather than just the 0-level spells. Wanted to make sure you're aware of that!

Just found out about this, and if you are still giving out access codes, I would gladly welcome one. I'd have fun hoping on there and knocking things around!

I can only hope they'll start giving them out to GMs who participate in the Play-by-Forum GameDays. Oh, the longing and yearning!

It might depend on what role you want in combat. If you want to provide a more support role, I might recommend making a halfling with a longspear. Take the Helpful Halfling and Battlefield Disciple trait, the Combat Reflexes and Bodyguard trait, and then the Swift Aid trick for an investigator. That would allow you to offer up to 3 Aid Another actions per round (if you use inspiration, two without), each providing a +5 to hit on an attack. In addition, it would allow you to use your AoOs to boost the AC (+4 AC) of an ally when that ally is attacked. This path would allow you to contribute in combat mostly by helping others hit and avoid being hit.

However, I have not yet played Bonekeep, so I do not know how effective such a build would be in that scenario.

Derek Weil wrote:
No way you'd face the actual recurring villains in a 3-7, right?

I sure hope not! But who knows, maybe it's a suicide mission?

My two cents, I believe the two old nemeses will be:

Tancred Desimire and Thurl. And I imagine you won't actually encounter them in this scenario. That encounter will be in 5-25: Vengeance at Sundered Crag. Especially since I believe the scenarios are supposed to take place concurrently (in time).

Stephen Radney-MacFarland wrote:
Matrix Dragon wrote:
I have a feeling that Jason should have added a few zeroes to that face punching stretch goal ;)
Yeah, I was a little surprised he went that low.

Maybe it was the whiskey talking? Or maybe he's in to that whole masochistic lifestyle? (I mean, has anyone really seen what he does every other odd Tuesday night?)

Having taken a nice dip in the cool stream, Khori attempts to swim to the far shore, ready to battle the minotaur. However, the poor man ends up splashing around like a toddler in the tub.

Swim!: 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (8) - 1 = 7
I'm guessing that's not enough to make it.

Wolfism wrote:
Brawler from the advanced class playtest might be a good base. They get a scaling bonus to maneuvers and can gain feats as needed to do different things effectively in different situations.

This is one option I was going to suggets. Their ability to spontaneously gain any feat (or feats) can make them very versatile when it comes to combat. The only down-side is the limitation on that ability; it won't last you more than a fight, usually. Maybe two if you're conservative.

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I enjoy the term "Paizanos", as it is similar to "Paisanos", which translates as "Countrymen". It's often used in slang to denote those to whom you have a close affiliation. So, I like Paizanos.

UndeadMitch wrote:

I happen to have a a Taldan Duelist that would like to show al'Jakri how Taldans pay their debts.

** spoiler omitted **

So say we all! I have have a Taldan Swordlord who would love to join you in paying that debt. They can go halfsies.

Joshua Goudreau wrote:

My first thought of the villains were ** spoiler omitted **

My local lodge hates those guys.

Bah! I sure hope not! After a run through Destiny of the Sands:

They're now working for the Society! At least, in ours, they are.

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When I first read this blurb, my mind immediately jumped to the thought that the two villains for Sundered Crag are:

Tancred Desimire and Thurl

However, the blurb mentions that the two have long vexed the Society, and one of those doesn't really count (in terms of scenarios encountered in). And, while I would love to see Torch, I'm not counting on it. Therefore, I think it would be great to see:

Tancred and Pasha

I like the outline. Well written. I haven't played many casters, and when I do, I try not to be "that wizard". My personal favorite was my narcoleptic wizard. He definitely didn't rain on the parade as he was known to fall asleep during combat. Surprisingly, he made it past first level!

Reta races forward, pausing just behind Mogmurch with her dogslicer at the ready. She prepares to strike with the weapon should the spider come within range.

Prepared attack:
'Dogslicer Attack': 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (3) + 3 = 6
If hits 'Dogslicer Damage': 1d4 + 1 ⇒ (1) + 1 = 2

Reta joins the others in hiding in the marsh. As she hears the thumping of Morgmurch, Reta can only smile in delight. She just hopes her big head isn't a hindrance.

Reta Hide: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (11) + 11 = 22

Reta shows off a toothy grin to the other goblins, and then pops a caterpillar into her mouth - for good luck. "Greta just give time for goblins to watch others fall. Now Reta show you how have real fun!"

Ride Pig!: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (10) + 11 = 21
Ride Pig?: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (5) + 11 = 16
Ride Pig?: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (4) + 11 = 15

Reta glares at the over-anxious Poog, and for a moment, she wonders if his skull would make a good purse. However, she realized Chief Gutward might not like that. This time. Instead, Greta races forward to find a seat - directly in front of Poog. As she lands, splattering mud over Poog, she makes sure to position her over-sized head directly in front of his.

I apologize, everyone, for the delay on my part. I've never participated in a PbF via the Paizo forums, and I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out how to make a profile for my character for this game. Once that's sorted out, I'll get to posting.


I apologize for not posting my character, yet. I was waiting to see what others wanted to play, to determine if we need a frontliner or some healing power. I'll have something posted by starting day; though.

Sure! Reta works for me, too.

Dotting (I forgot to do that prevoiusly. Ooops)

I agree, upon reading (and playing this once), I am a big fan of the scenario. A welcome deviation from the norm of past scenarios I've participated in. I enjoy the idea of a scenario that has very little combat, but a great potential for Skills.

I have found; though, that running this via Play-by-Forum is a little more tedious and onorous than face-to-face. However, this is an inherent drawback to the play-by-forum style; since a lot of folks will end up waiting on others to post.

The biggest case of this was when the players split up upon firs entering the secret library. Some went to start searching in the Big Library, while others went to the small room. Of course, those in the small room finished well before those in the large room. Therefore, when the players from the small room were moving on to do something else, the players in the large room wanted to tag along too; instead of waiting and waiting and waiting (which, via PbF, can be a lot of waiting).

To help adjudicate this - and hopefully other PbF GMs will find this useful, if they did not come up with it on their own - I allowed the players to stop searching early. However, at the point they stopped, I took the total of the searching players' rolls, totaled how many clues they would find, and then prorated that number based upon the amount of time spent searching that particular area (always rounding down).

Argh! I get t'play with Pirate Rob? Well shiver me timbers, that be a special treat!

Well, Deane, if you're planning on running two tables, I'd love to hope in on this! I'll whip up a new character between now and then. I've been wanting to try a healer-build and a Stonelord, so most likely one of those.

I've never played through the We Be Goblins scenarios, so I'd love to give it a whirl. While I've played PbF before, I've never done so on the Paizo forums, and I'm interested to give it a try.

I'd apply the credit to a new character, not yet created.

Ha! That may actually be doable. I just found out they merely moved location (about 15 minutes down the road from their previous location). Of course, I can't make any promises regarding the quality of the doughnuts once they arrive.

Well, looks like I should run Kyra; to bring some extra healing power to the group. Possibly at Level 4.

As I stated in your other recruitment thread, if you need bodies a tthe table, I am available to play for no credit. But, please give the seats to those who can play for credit. I mainly want to help fill tables, and try out the PbF feature of Paizo.com.

FYI - If you find yourself in need of players, I can help fill a seat; but for no credit. But, if there are other players who can fill the seats, by all means; use those.

No worries. I figured that was the case.

If you are in need of an additional player, I would be willing to participate. However, I would have to run a PreGen as I will have no characters available.

If you are in need of another player, I'm more than willing to join in. However, I will have to use a pregen, and I would play for no credit.

Also, I have no experience playing PbFs on the Paizo site. I imagine it's not much different than RPGgeek; however.

Jeremy Chapman wrote:

Ah, Sugar Shack! They have the best donuts. Alas, unless I am mistaken, they closed down a while back. If I remember correctly, the last few times we were there, going back to last summer, they were gone. A shame too, I always went there on a weekend morning to get some. :(

Oh, what a shame! That's what I was afraid of, but I haven't had an opportunity to visit and confirm that. I think I'm going to go cry into my pillow, now.

Jeremy Chapman wrote:

Congratulations Nick!

I have in-laws in the area (Jacksboro). My family and I are down that way at least every three months. I'll have to make it to Level Up next time we're down there.

FYI - If you'll be in Jacksboro, you will be required to bring a box of donuts from the Sugar Shack to the game. This is non-negotiable.

Congrats and Good on ya! It's nice to see there's such a thriving community nearby, as I have yet to meet many other players in the area (my fault, though). I may have to come out and participate some time, or at least stop by and say hi.

I wanted to clarify something in my own mind: the scenario states that in Rahadoum, the cost for any spellcasting services not on the wizard/sorcerer spell list is increased. Does this only relate to spellcasting, or does it carry over to scrolls, wands, or potions? I was hoping to get some feedback to either validate my own thoughts or set me straight. Thanks!

I've seen a lot of talk about the need to make the Investigator more combat viable. The idea of adding Intelligence to damage or AC, or in some way boosting his attack/damage, would, in my opinion, make this class a little over the top; and very easily overshadow many other classes.

Every character has their niche to fill, even in combat. The way I see it, the investigator is meant as a support role, not a damage-dealer. One great way in which the investigator can provide support is by using the Aid Another action.

For example, make a halfling investigator with the helpful halfling and Battlefield disciple traits. Right there, with only those two traits, the investigator can now Aid Another to give a companion a +5! Or a +4 to the companion's AC. Down the road, add in a few items (Benevolent, ring of tactician, etc), and this boost can see tremendous growth. Add the Investigator talent Effortless Aid, which allows the Aid Another to be a move or even a swift action, and you can make make two or three aid another actions, providing several companions with a boost to hit. To top it all off, tack on the bodyguard feat (with combat reflexes), and in addition, you can use your AoOs to boost a comrade's AC when they're attacked. So, by level 3, you could, in effect, provide a +5 or +6 attack bonus for up to three companions, and then provide (depending on Dexterity modifier) another +5 to +6 bonus to AC when your companions are attacked. To me, that makes the investigator very combat viable and a great asset to any combat encounter! (This is, of course, baring anything I may have forgotten in the rules due to my early morning stupor of thought).

I agree, I like this class. To be honest, it has the potential to become the new base class for the helpful halfling build I've wanted to create. With the talent that allows the use of Aid Another actions as move actions, or swift with the use of inspiration, means you could attempt multiple aid anothers in a single round? Sounds pretty nice in my book!

So, I'm currently running two tables of this. One table, everyone is playing nice and trying to help the NPCs.

The other table is the exact opposite. Two of the characters (not the players) are a little rougher and of the type that they don't put up with anything. They've had a few spats with Horgus, threatened him, intimidated him, pulled weapons on him and the like. So, naturally, Horgus responded in kind by hurling vile words and slander at them. Their response? They just pulled weapons and attacked the man. In surprise attacks they just took him to -1 hp. Yeah. That's definitely going to come back and bite them in the long run. Big time, as now Anevia and Aravashnial aren't going to want to be around them (unless some intense and amazing diplomacy is used). No way they're getting Horgus back, now.

I have a player who picked Abadar. Now there's a twist for ya!

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Have you ever read a thread, and then wanted to beat your head against a wall? Yeah, I thought as much.

Let me echo Serum's statement above. Always take the conservative approach until the other approach is proven valid. Why? Because it avoids unnecessary and unsightly headaches down the road that will arise either because a GM does not agree with your interpretation, or an official ruling comes out taking the conservative approach.

Cthulhudrew wrote:

Maybe the name really belongs to some legendary, notorious Golarion villain, but individuals sometimes adopt the moniker and pretend to be him? The Keyser Soze of Golarion, in effect?

You mean, like the Dread Pirate Roberts?

RogueShadow3 wrote:
That would depend on party size, they're only useable 3/day so average 4 man party someone's getting left out. Also they don't work at all if you hold more than one. I'm still not sure what happens if they start passing them around. That part of my question got skipped and the part that wasn't a question got responded to.

Correct, you can't hold more than one or they won't work. Which, I see, is different than having the scales power used on you. You don't hold the scale, so you can get the benefit, even though you're holding a different scale. I think I may change that when I run my tables.

magnuskn wrote:

So far the only real problem I've noticed in the module seems to be how to motivate players to take the effort to collect devotion points. The adventure is a bit schizophrenic in that regard, on one side putting a timer on storming the Gray Garrison, by making it explicit that Areelu Vorlesh may arrive soon but on the other hand requiring time-consuming tasks from them to get those devotion points.

I am planning to make it clear that the eye of something great is on them during their exploration of the garrison (maybe making it clear that it is Iomedae) and having Irabeth comment on how those wrongs should be righted, but I have some experience with how my group deals with time pressure scenarios. And that is by going into SWAT-team modus and rushing through rooms, which is anathema to the whole devotion point scenario.

Any ideas on how to best ease the pressure aspect of the last part of the module? Just not mentioning that the wardstone could be corrupted at any minute seems like the best idea so far, but that could have other unforeseen consequences.

I haven't worked through it completely, but I've been entertaining a few ideas. One is using Irabeth, as you stated - having her comment on the disrespect to Iomedae and wishing to correct it. Also, if any of the players worship Iomedae, this might also serve as a catalyst as they may have a desire to restore her shrines.

Another idea is to use some discussion at the Defender's Heart, or some chance encounters throughout the city. For example, have them find some Crusaders righting and fixing broken shrines throughout the city, or have someone at the inn mention how they hope to reconsecrate all of the shrines/sacred sites of the gods in the hopes of reasserting their power or some such.

In this same vain, I was going to have the players encounter some priest/paladins performing last rights on some dead crusaders, and have the NPCs mention how important it is to give all Crusaders a proper burial. This, in the hopes that the players will then want to retrieve the dead bodies from the Garrison. This would be in addition to any connections I can give the PCs to the dead crusaders (such as being a dead family member).

RogueShadow3 wrote:
The powers affect others, it's just the bearer that can cast them. The only ability that is bearer exclusive is Alter Self. The others can target others, Levitate even says a cloud appears under the object or creature. There's no reason to limit Protection from Evil (or Chaos) as most of the outsiders encountered aren't summoned and those that are summoned still have a chance since demons have spell resistance.

Oh! I stand corrected. That'll teach me to insert words into descriptions I read! I was taking the words that the scales grant a power to the one who holds it and that the scales don't function if more than one is carried to mean something a little different. As it stands, then, one individual person could benefit from every single scale's power. The PCs all use their scale's power on the PC holding the Alter Self scale.

j b 200 wrote:
At the end of the actual adventure it gives examples of how the traits improve. Are those improvements given at the end of book 1 or once they complete their side quests in book 3? I was a little confused about this issue.

The traits improve as soon as the player receives a mythic tier. Or, in other words, at the end of the first adventure.

At least, that's how I interpreted it.

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