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Please cancel all subscriptions related to my account.

Also, I tried to do this via this e-mail:


but it got bounced back due to "Technical details of temporary failure:
The recipient server did not accept our requests to connect. Learn more at http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=7720
[mail.paizo.com. (0): Connection dropped]"

Anyways, its been a lot of fun, thanks for all the great products and great memories.

I'll still be around, its just that the subscription model doesn't work for me anymore. I'll be buying much more piece meal from here on out.

I hadn't read through all of this AP before, but it was brought to my attention that there were some problems with this AP starting with a tournament invasion and progressively getting worse up to HAVING to make a deal with a demon to defeat the main obstacle.

I couldn't believe these claims were legitimate. Sure, Paizo did similarly stupid things in their early AP's, but had gotten much better with such heavy handed railroading since then. So I pulled out my copies, found where the tournament/invasion material begins and started reading.


Maybe it is because I have become so spoiled with your copious amount of really good writing, but whatever the reason I am very saddened by how bad you guys are in this AP. This thing starts off so awesome, the tournament has so much potential for awesome, not to mention the invasion and final climax. But such blatant and heavy handed railroading makes it hard even for a DM with over 25 years of experience like me to rewrite into the more free form and fun set of experiences this AP can be.

I don't think I'll have much problem derailing how you have the tournament and invasion being, but as we get to the final scenes and how they have only one set of tracks to go down in order to win the day, thats going to be a lot of rewriting.

I'm sure I can do it, but with you guys I shouldn't be needing to.

Very, very disappointed.

Is errata always linked to our accounts, or is there another location I should be aware of?

I have had monthly shipping selected for many months now. Last week you sent me Misfit Monsters. This week your sending me the new map product. I would appreciate it if you guys would credit me one of the two shipping charges for my next shipment. Which should be in December.

Maybe you guys go by "time placed", but I think it would be best if you go by the "shipped" date. That is what I have always assumed it was, the ship date.

So maybe this was just something your system just doesn't catch. Either way, both these products shipped in November, and my shipments are supposed to be held and shipped once a month. So I hope my request to credit me this second shipping cost on my December shipment is reasonable.

Any solid date on when it ships? All it says right now is Mid September on my order, and since I combined a lot of non subscription items with this single subscription item, knowing its shipping date tells me when I will get everything.

Due to a big financial hit I will be taking I need to cut yet another subscription, so I would like to cancel my PF subscription with the start of Serpent's Skull at the end of the month.

So send me only Kingmaker #6, and cancel my PF subscription from then on.

For now I think I can leave my other subscriptions in effect.


WOOT! I didn't miss the announcement! Order placed!

I do not want the Advanced Players Guide, so please cancel my subscription on that line only and I will request to start it back up once the book has shipped, unless you now have the ability to have me skip the book without truly cancelling.

Actually I do not want the new monster book either, so I guess I am going to have to keep a careful eye on this subscription line to make sure I do get the books I do want.

Anyways, thanks.

Been trying to personalize my Dragon 295 for over 20 minutes now.

Then again, the whole site seems to be slow today, so maybe its more of a server issue rather than just the personalizer.

I'll tell it to personalize, I wait a minute or three, and then when I check back it has the "Personalize this file" in dark blue and the DL is still darkened out. So I then tell it to personalize again, and it starts the DL.


Posted by Bill Webb, co-owner of Necromancer Games, on Necromancers boards as well as in a thread over on ENWorld:

OK guys--website will be live in a few days. Greg and I are a go. A few details to still work out---but here is the plan. I have to make it a non-Necro release for various reasons..but Clark has passed me his infernal blessings, so here we go.

The Sleeper Awakes!

At last, after languishing in its crypt for an age, the secrets of the slumbering city of Tsar burst forth in all their macabre glory. Poured forth from the eldritch furnaces and crucibles of the Necromancer and Orcus himself comes Frog God Games bringing you at long last The Slumbering Tsar Saga™.

Something Stirs in the City of Evil

Over the distant northern hills, beyond The Camp, and past the Desolation stand the pitted walls of Tsar. A hundred armies have crushed themselves against this bulwark in futile attempts to breach the city. Even the combined might of the Heavens and Earth were unable to break through in the final battle of Tsar. So why was the city suddenly abandoned on the verge of victory, and what waits for those foolish enough to enter the Temple-City of Orcus?

The Black Gates Await

Only the bravest and most powerful of heroes dare the depths of the Desolation and live to tell of it. But what happens when they penetrate that blasted landscape and look upon the gates of the very center of evil on the earth. Can even heroes of such renown breach the Walls of Death and live?

The Slumbering Tsar Saga™ began its journey years ago as a single mega-adventure for the masters of Third Edition rules and First Edition feel, then became a trilogy of adventures, then a trilogy of mega-adventures, and now finally comes to you as a monthly series culminating in a massive book with over a half million words of pure First Edition-style adventure. Updated to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game to accommodate today’s audience of the classic fantasy roleplaying game, The Slumbering Tsar Saga™ brings you 14 chapters, released monthly in electronic format, each chapter the size of a full adventure in its own right (30-50 pages) . Then when the final chapter has been released, the whole will be available in a classic edition, hardcover adventure book.

The Slumbering Tsar Saga™ will begin its run with the release of its first chapter, Slumbering Tsar: The Desolation, Part 1 —The Edge of Oblivion. Then each month will follow a new chapter in the saga:

Slumbering Tsar: The Desolation, Part 2 —The Ghosts of Victory

Slumbering Tsar: The Desolation, Part 3—The Western Front

Slumbering Tsar: Temple-City of Orcus, Part 1 —The Tower of Weeping Sores

Slumbering Tsar: Temple-City of Orcus, Part 2 —The Lower City

Slumbering Tsar: Temple-City of Orcus, Part 3 —The Harrow Lanes

Slumbering Tsar: Temple-City of Orcus, Part 4 —The Crooked Tower

Slumbering Tsar: Temple-City of Orcus, Part 5 —Foundations of Infamy

Slumbering Tsar: The Hidden Citadel, Part 1 —At the Feet of Orcus

Slumbering Tsar: The Hidden Citadel, Part 2 —Echoes of Despair

Slumbering Tsar: The Hidden Citadel, Part 3 —The Throne of the Demon Prince

Slumbering Tsar: The Hidden Citadel, Part 4 —In the Belly of the Beast

Slumbering Tsar: The Hidden Citadel, Part 5 —The Mind of Chaos

Slumbering Tsar: The Hidden Citadel, Part 6 —Caverns of the Barrier


Coming May 15th to Frog God Games Slumbering Tsar: The Desolation, Part 1 —The Edge of Oblivion in pdf format for the introductory price of $2.00.

Each month following, the next chapter of The Slumbering Tsar Saga™ will be released for the low price of $9.99. A subscription option is available to ensure that you don’t miss a single installment. Upon the release of the final chapter, the whole will be available as a hardcover print adventure and is included as part of the purchase price for those how purchase all 14 installments of the series or for a one-time purchase price of $120.00 (includes hardcover). Non subscription hardcover books will be available for $150.00 (when we are all done) at Drive Through RPG (http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com) . As soon as Slumbering Tsar Saga™ is complete, look for our next release!

Don’t miss out

You have waited long enough for The Slumbering Tsar Saga™. Now it is waiting for you

Well? Anyone going to be there? Anything official going on?

I am not able to open this PDF, and this is with using 3 different unzip utilities. 2 of which are recommended by PCWorld. One of which is Zip Reader. It may be due to Win 7 issues, but I do not know.

Any suggestions?


Got them! Thanks!

OK, I finally viewed my orders and see that my Bestiary/map order was apparently processed 3 days before my PFC order, so they were apparently also shipped on different dates.

So the larger order is apparently shipping slower through the USPS system than the smaller, but I would still like to know why they were shipped separately.

My Bestiary order: Order # 1246973

PFC :Order # 1273514

One thing that may have made them ship differently is it looks like you billed me differently for each order.

I went in and edited my billing to have everything paid by the same source, so if that is why they shipped separately I have fixed it.

Right now my cart says I have a pre order and subscription copy sent to me. I only want one, so please be sure that is what happens, thanks.

1192462=order number on pre order I don't want.

Thanks Paizo!

Edit: Guess I better thank Kae-yoss (sp?) too!

First, any idea when the PDF/HC deal will be offered? If its going to be offered?

Second, I am going to Gen Con. So if I pre order, is there any way I can pick up the book at GenCon rather than have it shipped to me? This is because I would LOVE to get some signatures while I am at Gen Con.

I know I could just buy the book at GenCon, but I want the PDF if offered.

Plus, are you going to have any Gen Con exclusive release like you did the last time I was there in 2006?

Sorry if this is the wrong forum, but I figured this is a customer service type of question.

Whats the rule for our 15% subscriber discount and combining it with other offered discounts, like the brand new offer in the e-mail?

Hey, I just want to confirm I didn't screw anything up. I ordered and DLed 2 PDF's yesterday, and during the process I opted to remove my PDF subscription for PF that has been in my cart for the last two months. Now according to my "subscriptions" I am still subscribed to Pathfinder, so having it in my cart was just some kind of unnecessary thing that was going on? Or does it need to be in my cart?

While your at it, could you ask the powers that be to read my thread in the website forum to extend the PDF sale a few days into May?


IF its possible I would appreciate it if you guys could extend the sale past April. I am on a fixed income and have spent my "Discretionary" money for the month. So if you could wait until May 3rd, or later, to end it I would greatly appreciate it.

No I do not use CC's. If your on a fixed income and using CC's your begging for trouble, eventually. So I pay in cash only, using my bank card.

I have tried to DL PF 18 several times. The one with multiple chapter files. It DL's just fine, but when I extract it to the folder I want it in it tells me there is a file already there with the name, even though there wasn't until I tried to do the extraction, and I did delete it before each additional time I tried.

Then I hit "Try Again" several times, with no results.

However when I tried the version where it is all one file it worked fine.

NVM. Your e-mail about my sub answered my question. Move along, more interesting things are down the road.

About a year ago I had to cancel my subscription, which started with issue 1 through the second story arch. I am very confident I'll be able to start it back up in March (my take home income will jump over $400/month then). When I start it back up will I still get the free PDF's, etc...? (NVM, I read your subscription info and see that I will.)

Plus is your back inventory deep enough I should be able to slowly buy all the issues I have missed? Will I be able to apply my subscriber discount when I buy the PDF's?

I'm sorry, I admit I have not been following all the play test and such about this. However has "Class Building" been considered?

IE show how to build classes, consistently, then when people want to multi class use the class building rules to allow them to rewrite their class from that level on? This will allow a Multi CLassing fix AND keep compatibility with 3E, not to mention help in an even more detailed way with converting stuff back and forth between PF and 3E.

It can be done, I was even using a house rule derived from the materials in the 3E DMG to do so in the waning months of my 3E days. Only did it for 4 levels on two different PC's, but it sure looked very promising.

Go to [url=http://www.goodman-games.com/store.html[/url].

Is there an official "sign up list" for playtesting?

Are there official forms to fill out?

Personally I want to get in on high level play testing. IE 12th to 100th (or to 20th if that is all Pathfinder wants to cover), but I also realize the importance of playing a system from 1st level. So I want to get started.

So far all the play testing looks like "do your thing and tell us what you feel like saying in a message board post". Is that it?

Or is there a much more directed group doing hard core play testing?

If Pathfinder is going to address high level play its time to get started.

BTW, to truly "fix" high level play its going to take some serious changes from 3.5. Not to mention some solid DMing advice and techniques in the DMing section of Pathfinder. Is Pathfinder committed to doing the changes? Or is it more important to maintain easy compatibility and leave things largely as they are?

I want to know, because if Paizo isn't willing to do what is necessary to make high level play work better and easier I don't want to waste my time play testing, reporting in, etc...

So I would like to know how far Paizo is willing to go to truly fix 3.5. I seriously doubt easy backwards compatibility is going to be possible at high level.

At the very least changing SR, resistances, and immunities across the board is going to have to be acceptable.

Subject line says it all. How is this going to affect Paizo? What about your partnership with Necromancer?

OK, I think I have a great idea to get new people into RPG's. WOTC ignored me with their bollox of 4E, so I'll give you my idea just in case you see it the same way I do.

To get new people into PAthfinder:

Create a line of "Quickstart Adventures".

-These are stand alone. Don't require any other books to play.
-Everything the DM needs to roll, or tell the players to do and roll, is spelled out.
-This teaches new people how to run RPG's and exposes them to the uniqueness of such RPG's in comparison to video RPG's.
-The desired outcome is to get people interested in more. To get them to buy into the fuller rules, such as the Pathfinder RPG. To give them the confidence to believe they can buy that huge book and other full fledged modules and get a life time of value out of it. To believe its worth buying and spending all that time reading those HUGE rule books.

The Crucible of Freya by Necromancer Games (yes, I know of your friendship with Clark) is a very rough version of what I am talking about. Write up a bunch of adventures, all designed to tell the DM and players everything they need to do and know for this specific adventure. Geared to get them interested in this specific aspect of the genre. To get them to buy the full rule books.

I think Fiery Dragon may have done something similar with Giants Skull and one other module.

It is a "rules primer" to teach people how to run and play tabletop RPG's, all in one book. Include a basic set of dice with each. Make them as cheap as possible. These are all aimed at drawing people in, not to make normal profit off of.

Do them in B/W. DO them on the cheapest paper possible. Then advertise your line of full color, high quality, full rules set line of books and adventures.

"You've learned the basics. Now learn to do anything you can think of."

It can work.

This may not go best here, but does the Paizo gang have anything close to a solid idea how much things will be changed between the softbound Pathfinder and the final hardback?

Please make it known to my fellow fans that the Father of Gaming, Gary Gygax, has passed away. The report I read said he was with family and friends when he passed.

So please move this, etc... to make sure this sad news is made known.

Got it yesterday (Thursday) and everything arrived in excellent shape. Thanks!!

My order from the GR sale is now pending as of yesterday. Can I be given an idea as to when I should see "shipped"?


When we discussed the payment issue I had via the e-mails it would have been nice if I would have been told to go into my account and tell the system to try my card again.

Its taken care of now. Tonight. It would have been taken care of days ago so I could already have the PF 3 PDF on my computer.

So now I know better for the future, but you may want to tell your customer service people to think to make sure customers are clear on needing to do this.


What is the feasibility of having a simple B/W version of the PAthfinder PDF with simple B/W text, and simple black lined maps?

Obviously for cheap and easy printing.

I've asked this question before but can't find the thread in which I posted it.

Looking at your new line up (for Pathfinder) I see they are looking to be 64 pages for $17.99. So why not have your whip masters whip 96 pages out of you all and sell them for $19.99?