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Botfly's are one of my favorite creations.

Rancid Meat is the best flavor ice cream.

Wish granted, you are now a lawn.


Ommnomnomnom...Dead horse is good...nomnomnom...

Bruunwald wrote:
I am the Buick God. The Insect God merely smashes himself upon my grill.

2,000,000 Buicks vs 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Insects.

Insects Win.

*Rewinds reality*

No I didn't.

Mantis' are but a small part of my greatness.
To fear one is nonsense.

That was crap, keep it coming.

"They removed the child to the ballroom, whose hangings
And mirrors were covered with a luminous slime;
They leapt through the air with buzzings and twangings
To work themselves up to a ritual crime.
They stunned her, and stripped off her garments, and lastly
They stuffed her inside a kind of a pod;
And then it was that Millicent Frastley
Was sacrificed to The Insect God."

from THE INSECT GOD by Edward Gorey

All follow Mr. Gorey's example and sacrifice what you hold most precious to me. Everything that decays and dies belongs to me. Your great weapons of war cannot harm me. I drink your poisons to make myself stronger. Your entire lives are spent feeding my growth for I am the Insect God.