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*sigh* still no art.....

what about an archery ranger using crossbows for background purposes? Just kinda wondering how Harsk lives up to the guide, and the feat picks would have to change due to adding reload time.. i do agree with most of these ratings though.. I would put Favored Terrain as strong if not stronger than favored enemy though - it's just more universally useful

Vic Wertz wrote:
Kevin Mack wrote:
Ross Byers wrote:
These are not the dates you are looking for.
These are not the dates I am looking for.
Move along.


Ayunken-vanzan wrote:
The Critic wrote:
*poke hellknight in the eye and runs away laughing*
We need to decorate this brave man! A medal for The Critic!

A whip? c'mon whips are so cliche for the BDSM crowd, which this helllknight obviously is. Eapecially ones in armor, so you can't use it on them after you take it from them and tie them up.... I give him an F- in weapon choice... (the previous was all snarkey comment, and not true feeling, I think he looks cool)

*poke hellknight in the eye and runs away laughing*

Fatespinner wrote:
I don't expect we'll see 2000+ entries this year. I'm going to make a more reasonable estimate of 1300.

I'm just going to heckle who-ever doesn't get it exactly right - Auto rejections only count as 1/2 an entry



Nicolas Logue wrote:

Oh, he's just more evil than me is all. CE really needs degrees. I'm FCE (Fairly Chaotic Evil), while he is SFCE! (So f&##ing Chaotic Evil!).

messes up the chat room mwahahahaha