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So I’m going through the item creation rules as a GM trying to design some fun but not overpowered items for Pathfinder. Looking at the back of the book, an item that casts a spell for a number of times a day costs (spell lvl x caster level x 1,800gp)/(5/(number of charges per day)). Has anyone done any reverse engineering of items to find out what the formula is for an item that can be cast even less often? I’m thinking of doing a rug that does treasure stitching 1/week just so the PCs don’t have to leave behind particularly pricy but bulky items.

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I’m going to be running a non-PFS Return of the Runelords game soon and one of my players expressed an interest in playing a warrior poet. Now, I know I don’t have to follow PFS rules, but I also don’t want sythisest summoners ruining the campaign for everyone else. Was there ever a reason given why Warrior-Post was disallowed? Is there some broken thing about them I’m not seeing?

Recruitment for code beacon dilemma.

Discussion for 1-25, code beacon dilemma.

The Church of Triune approaches the Starfinder Society with a stunning discovery: a centuries-old Society starship has been found in the Drift! The PCs must search the Lorespire Complex for all the information they can on this starship before heading into the Drift and uncovering what befell the lost vessel.

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Preparing to run this at PaizoCon, and I want to make sure I have all my ducks in a row for the con. There are a lot of moving parts for this aid token section, and I want to make sure I have it right.

1)In addition to the normal character everyone is bringing that they will play, each person needs can bring up to 3 of their other characters as “aid characters.” Aid characters must be 5th level of higher. PCs can fill in any gaps with ‘generic’ 4th level pathfinders.
2) there are five roles-Scout, muscle, healer, spellcaster, and guard. Each aid character must be assigned to one and only one roll. A table is limited to 5 of any given roll.
3)At the start of the game, each player can choose if they want their aid characters (but not generic pathfinders) To try a ‘heroic’ aid. Depending on how they roll, a heroic aid may enhance an aid, but also may prevent them from participating in future stuff. They may also need to spend prestige to avoid getting hurt from this.
4)Throughout the scenario, you there are Oppertunities to send Aid Characters on missions, but not if they were injured from a heroic aid. If these missions succeed, the whole house gains a benefit but the character also runs the risk of being injured or even dying.

So: assuming that’s all correct, I have a question: So on page 7, it says “Each time the scenario calls for the Tokens, they can give one of these tokens to a nearby table.” (And later says 2 if one of them is heroic). But I can only ever find one instance of when Aid tokens are to be distributed (as soon as people roll for heroic aid, at mustering). Is that right? Are there other times to distribute aid tokens?

Also: is my assessment correct?

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What are some fun/unique solar weapons people have seen in Starfinder?

I mean, the core book basically says anything goes so long as the mechanics remain the same, so what have you seen that are more than just swords and punching daggers?

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So there is a boon for the dataphiles that lets you get bonus credit for doing games online. Is that only for Playing games online? What if you GM? Has this been addressed?

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Recruitment for 1-31, Treading on History's Folly. A 3-6 with a lot of cool info. Xenoarchaeology-based scenario.

Tag: Second Seekers (Jadnura)

Signup here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1BdW3a92Vpmw1ITEERQxzPZmwVGZnhoC7l12 dfKYcRR4/edit?usp=sharing

Place holder for discussion section of this campaign.

This is a place holder. Dot in if you want.

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Just played the SFS Scenario 'Return to Sender' with my Bounty Hunter Witchwarper at level 8 with a vanguard and a biohacker (3 man team.) We were all fairly experienced Starfinders, so we had no problem 3 manning it.

My Witchwarper went fairly heavy into charisma (22 at level 8) and had a combination of blasty spells and utility spells. I chose the Paradim shifts Shifting Step, the one that reduces damage, and Optimize.

For most of the scenario I was fairly useless. While I would like to have helped the Vanguard, he had his own damage mitigation abilities, and rarely full attacked (opting instead to use his move action to raise his shield) so I didn't ever get to haste with Optimize. Also, since there were only three of us, and only one melee guy, I didn't get much of a chance to use Shifting step to set up my allies for flank or whatever.

The last fight was where I was really able to do some fun stuff. Explosive Blasting the large number of mooks that came out, Force Blasting them off of the catwalk and making them fall 50 feet, all that stuff. I used Infinate worlds to block corridors and bottleneck enemies, that stuff was all great.

All in all, it was okay, but there are a few things that I'd like the witchwarper to be able to do. An unlimited times per day paradigm shift that buffed an ally or something (something similar to an envoy's get 'em') would be nice, as that would let me participate in 'trash mob' combats where I don't want to expend resources but still want to help. As it stands, I was left punching or shooting bad guys, but my accuracy was so terrible I needed an 11 or better on the die to hit enemies that were 4 levels lower than me. Some sort of go to minor thing would be nice.

Secondly, I didn't get to use my abiities, but that was mostly because the small party didn't need the things I built for. There were only 3 of us, so I didn't need to teleport people around the area, and like I said, haste didn't help our vanguard much. And he certainly didn't need damage reduction.

One thing I will say is it would be nice to get maybe 6 skill ranks a level. As it stands they are the least skilled spellcasters so far, as mystics get 6/level and technomancers have primary int as a stat so your average technomancer starts with, like, 7 and goes up from there.

As it stands, they kind of feel like the pathfinder Summoner. Bad saves, none of their stats contribute to saves they need, and low skills/level. Maybe give them 6 skill ranks a level and good will saves? As it stands I didn't have any problems, but because of the few skills/level and the class skill list, my Witchwarper wasn't able to help with hardly ANY of the skill checks in the scenario at all (I think there were like, two perception checks? Maybe?)

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Out of curiosity, what is the point of only giving half level to damage on biohackers with weapons that they have gained proficiency with through their injection property training thing? I mean, they are proficient with all of them, so getting full level to damage is just a feat tax right? (specifically, versitile specialization.). It just seems like a needless feat tax to me. Especially if you want to make a melee biohacker and are already sinking feats into heavy armor and everything.

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Discussion thread is here!

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Recruiting for up to three starfinders for SFS 1-01 (the Commencement). It is a 1-2 repeatable. I have three others already reserved, but there are three slots open.

If you've never played it before, it isn't too difficult, but it is a good introduction to the Starfinder society and is a fun little scenario. I plan to start gameplay the day after I get enough people signed up, so if you want to sign up, please fill out one of the OPEN lines on the following google sheet.

If you are one of the people with a reserved slot, please fill in the relevant data.

Also keep an eye on this thread as I will say who got in here.

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Ao7Ai18ev-xw-cOiOAIoblCurO8Q_Ol12sj tLqUMk70/edit?usp=sharing

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I, will be starting a PBP for SFS 1-02, the commencement. Details to follow, feel free to dot in.

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I’m sure this has been asked before, but there are a few archetypes out there for rogue/monk/etc. that get rid of evasion but not improved evasion. Is there a rule for that? Does getting rid of evasion also nix improved? Do you just get normal evasion when you would get improved? Do you always take half damage from Reflex saves? (half from successful save, half from failed save?)

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So I've read over the biohacker bit a few times, talked with some friends, statted up a couple concept characters, and talked it over on the boards. And you know what? I think I have a list of things I would change. So Paizo, I know I'm not a professional game developer, but here are the things I would change and I'll try to put forth my reasoning.

1) Even up studious vs. intuitive biohacker. This one is very well documented on the boards, but just to reiterate, the two are not equal and studious is soooo much better than intuitive. So much so that people say Kasatha, who get a racial penalty to int and bonus to wisdom should still be studious biohackers. I think a decent way to even them up would be to give wisdom as extra skill ranks (instead of Int) for levels in biohacker, and add int to will saves at like, level 5 (to prevent mechanics one-level diping into biohacker just for the will saves.) Some others have suggested other ways of doing it. I like the concept of Int-to-will, it's just way too strong compared to what intuitive biohackers get.

2) Add more healing options. In base pathfinder, there were options if you didn't want to play a cleric to still have healing. Bard, Paladin, Druid, Use magic device and scrolls and wands. In Starfinder, unless you have someone regularly capable of making DC 25+ medicine checks, the ONLY class that can heal is the Mystic. Look, I'm not asking for a BETTER healer than the mystic, just more than 3-4 HP per boop for the first few levels. Something like healer's touch or the ability to speed up healing over night would be nice.

3) An actual Biohacker. Maybe it's just me, but when I hear the term 'biohacker' I think of some radical to the max 90s street kid who is super good at science but doesn't play by the rules, jumping turnstiles with his dad's briefcase of cobbled together injectables, not some drab gradstudent who is working on his theorem about increasing the range of a dart gun. Maybe an 'experimental drugs' branch of study or something . . . I want to play a escapist sci-fi-fantasy, not relive taking o-chem in college.

4) Skill bonuses. So biohackers are supposed to be the top dogs on their field when it comes to biochemistry, medicine, etc. So why are they behind almost everyone else? Every other class gets a bonus to some skills except soldiers. Heck, envoys, ENVOYS make better doctors than Biohackers because they can get their skill expertise bonus to medicine checks, can take an expertise talent to treat deadly wounds one more time a day (surgeon), and can take an improvisation that lets them add their charisma bonus to HP healed AND makes a successful save count as two successful saves vs. a poison or disease. (Bedside manner)

Maybe just have the bioscanner give them skill focus in one of a list of skills (medicine, life science, physical science, Engineering, computers) and the improved and master bioscanners just give skill focus in another skill? I dunno, but it just seems weird to give every other class a bonus to skills except the biohacker (soldier aside.)

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Something I'd like to see with these classes is a HOW they get their powers. In Pathfinder we knew how a class got it's abilities. A cleric devoted themselves to a god. A Fighter trained, a wizard studied, a sorcerer was born with innate ability, a monk meditated, all that.

And for Starfinder we kinda get that. Solarians (at least the original ones) meditate on the cosmic balance of the universe. If Raia's backstory is any indication, technomancers study much like the wizards of old to get their powers. Mystics devote themselves to some sort of cosmic calling (whether that is a deity or not.) Presumably Engineers study and tinker, and envoys forge social connections. Operatives and soldiers train and rely on their natural talents.

But what creates a vanguard or witchwarper? How do you go from average pre-teen to 'guy who can channel entropy' or 'guy who pulls favorable outcomes from alternate-freaking realities!' Are they born with the talent like the sorcerers of old? Is there a 'school for witchwarpers?' We know the Kasatha were the first society effectively mass-spread solarians to the stars, is there another race that pioneered Vanguards?

These classes are already very ethereal and hard to pin down from a 'what are they doing' standpoint, not knowing where they came from or how they work is . . . distracting. At least for me. Why doesn't everyone just decide to channel entropy or pull stuff in from alternate realities? I mean, presumably not everyone has the temperament for the meditation required for solarians, or the calling of a mystic or the money to get into a technomancer school. What prevents these guys from being freaking everywhere.

From a lore (not mechanics) standpoint, why would anyone choose to be a soldier, (or why would any company train soldiers) over vanguards? Why isn't EVERYONE trying to pull in stuff from other dimensions?

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So I'm one of those guys that always has ideas for characters. And I'll never play them all, so I thought I'd share the love and give people some ideas. So if you've ever wanted to play a pop culture character in Starfinder, here is my list of 20 of them you can play. Just ideas mind you, feel free to add your own!

20: Joel Robinson (Or Mike Nelson, or Jonah Heston): Mystery Science Theater 3000. Male human Drone mechanic with either Crow or Servo as your drone. Ranks in profession: Movie Riffer.
19: Johnny 5: Short Circut Male (agendered?) SRO Exocortex mechanic (seeing as he can hack anything he can see) If he's in the first movie, make sure to get that shoulder-mounted laser weapon!
18: Sgt. Calhoun Wreck It Ralph Female human Mercenary Soldier (Hit-and-Run or Bombard.) She's definatly ranged focused but has heavy armor and favors fully automatic assault rifles, but has a backup small arm. Even has a hoverboard you can duplicate with hoverskates!
17: John Wick: John Wick M Human Operative: Who's super good with gunplay? Also you can grab the Pistol Whip operative talent if not in SFS to be awesome in hand-to-hand martial arts as well, Can also sub in John Preston from Equilibrium or Bryan Mills from Taken.
16: Zapp Branigan Futurama M Human Envoy. I mean, he's boardering on NE what with how horrible a person he is, but he would be fun to play . . .
15: Starbuck Battlestar Gallactica M or F (depending on the version) Human Soldier (Ace Pilot). I mean, how much more ace pilot can you get?
14: Ruby Fifth Element M Human Envoy (Icon) I mean, who WOULDN'T want to play this guy?
13: The Android A.K.A. Kiva Ehrens Dark Matter F Android Exocortex mechanic. Pretty straightforward build. Need to take ranks in medicine?
12: Orin StarChaser M Human Solarian (Colonist? Cultist?) Dude can make a magic sword appear out of nowhere, and he's pretty and dumb as a box of rocks. Sounds like a solarian to me!
11: The Doctor Star Trek Voyager M Android? Envoy. I know what you are thinking, but there is no 'sentient hologram' PC option so Android is the best we got. And Envoys can make really damn good doctors, because they can get their envoy skill bonus to it, plus the bedside manner envoy talent can net them bonus healing.
10: Ayeka Tenshi Muyo series F human-ish mystic (Priest background) Honestly, anyone from Tenshi could be a starfinder character. Tenshi is a solarian, Washu is a technomancer. Honestly go nuts.
9:Aisha Clanclan Outlaw Star F Phatra Vanguard. Honestly while it would be hard to duplicate the ridiculous feats of physical strength and durability that Aisha displays, a vanguard would be a good middle ground between the anime and game balance I think.
8: Lucca Chrono Trigger F Human Technomancer (roboticist). Honestly, the entire cast of Chrono Trigger would also work well as Starfinder characters. Chrono the Soldier, Nadia and frog mystics. Robo could be an SRO fighter or mechanic.
7: Sajin Komamura Bleach M Vlaka Solarian. Before Bleach decended into unwatchableness, there were some solidly cool characters, including this fox dude who was also a master swordsman. Most people forget about him, sadly.
6: Doomguy/Flynn Taggart Doom M Human (or planar scion?) Soldier (marine.) Who better to call on in your sci-fi story that has been invaded by demons?
5: Groot Guardians of the Galaxy M(???) Oakling Ghoran Mystic. I am groot, I am groot, I am groot.
4: Bepo One Piece Male Uplifted Bear (Space Pirate). Giant uplifted bear medic? Yeah, we can do that.
3: Whis Dragonball Super M Planar Scion (aasimar) Mystic. Okay, so you can't make him as powerful as a god, but I think he'd be tickled pink that you were playing him at all.
2: Agent 47 Hitman series M human operative. I mean . . . it's just too obvious.
1: Cat Red Dwarf M Phatra Envoy (Ace Pilot) there are two things you need to be good at for this roll, piloting and dressing sharp!

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So I wrote up a huge tirade about the witchwarper spell list, but I realized when I got to the end of it that wasn't what I wanted to talk about. What I wanted to talk about was just this.

I don't know how to build a witch warper.

Do I go heavy into a single stat like Keskadai? Do I split strength/casting stat like the proverbial 'fist wizard' technomancer? Do I do a dex/charisma build?

I don't see enough touch spells to justify a fist wizard build, but I see some. Just . . . what do you guys think? How do you build a Witchwarper?

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Everyone seems to be talking about running with high dex, but a basic human could start with 16 Str and Int, heavy armor proficiency and weapon focus-basic melee, And could run around with an injection glove and some grooved shuriken. Level 3 pick up versatile focus and you could do a decent amount of damage in combat.

Maybe not the most optimal build, but possible, right?

If you were willing to hold off on versitile specialization, Elbarians would get you some extra Stamina with their con boost.

Anyone have any thoughts?

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So, as I have mentioned before, I really like the biohacker and the Vanguard, both were things that I had on my Starfinder wishlist from very early on. A superscience way of healing (like a 'starfinder alchemist') and a way of doing some variety of monk.

And, I really like the ideas behind the biohacker, there are a lot of interesting build options with them. Since there are melee injection weapons, you could get yourself heavy armor proficiency and be a giant strength-based beatstick (not doing as much damage as a solarion/soldier, but debuffs more than make up for that.). You could build what seems to be the go-to build with them and run around with injection pistols, debuffing enemies, buffing allies and such. You could even nab the skill synergy feat for stealth, and have a freakin poison ninja (grooved shuriken are injection weapons, so you know how to throw them!)

But, and here's the deal, it is quickly becoming apparent (at least to our gaming group) that mystics are not fun. No one in our group of 10+ people in our area likes playing them really. They are useless in Starship combat (unless they are a space mystic . . . or maybe a geneturge mystic with the brain modification). Many of their spells are complete garbage, and many more of their spells are useless half the time. Their only major damaging spell, mind thrust, doesn't work on half of what you fight (undead, robots.) Healing spells no longer damage undead, and a lot of their other spells are just terrible (lesser remove condition is terrible, and have you seen Terraform? 30,000 UPBs for, like, 2 weeks of transforming a very small area.)

But you need them for HP healing. Not for in-combat healing necessarily, but for out-of-combat healing, because they are literally the ONLY option. Sure the envoy can doctor you up twice a day with, like, a DC 30 freaking medicine check, but if you want reliable healing you need a mystic.

Here's the deal. Some friends and I recently played through the first book of Attack of the Aeon Throne. Two operatives, an envoy, and a melee exocortex mechanic. And without a mystic, it was BRUTAL. We'd go through a fight, scrape through it, but be down to half/less HP, and then rest the night, and the next morning, our stamina and resolve is back, but we've only healed 1 HP. And we had to go out on a mission again. And (minor spoilers) there wasn't a place were we could buy/make healing serums, and even though each of us started with 2, we ran out about halfway through level 1.

I'm just saying, it would be nice to have the ability to heal some people out of combat so that starfinders can regain a decent amount of HP after a night's rest or something. A theorem that doubles the HP recovery of when you sleep, or lets you have a mystic's healing touch ability or . . . something. I'm not looking to outshine the mystic in healing, but healing 2-4 HP a handfull of times a day from field dressing at level 2 just isn't cutting it.

Anyway, that's just my experience and my two cents.

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Couple unarmed questions
1)Do you get weapon specialization damage with unarmed strikes? What if you have improved unarmed strike?
2)Can the feat Mystic Strikes apply to unarmed strikes?
3)Can you apply fusion seals to unarmed strikes?

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So first off, I know PFS 1 is ending soon, and that I shouldn’t be looking to build another character, but I just had this idea for a character that I’d really like to try out, and I really doubt I could build it in PFS2 for quite some time.

So for those that have played 9-24, you know that there are a group of undine trying to rebuild the former house of perfection for water (house of unbroken waves). I thought it would be super cool to build a monk from there that is trying to rebuild that style by learning the basics, then traveling around and trying to learn more about it, or trying to further define and refine the art.

Any ideas about the build? Undine monk obviously. Likely dex based/agile amulet of mighty fists. I am pretty sure he has to use snake style so that he can fight effectively underwater (snake style does piercing) But beyond that, I’m not sure.

Maybe master of many styles to fuse snake style and Marid style? Or do I want to go unchained monk? Maybe dip a level of unarmed fighter to get snake style ignoring prereqs? Thoughts?

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So I'm currently running a PF2 Homegame as a bit of a playtest. So I thought it would be prudent to put our trials and tribulations, our thoughts, on the forums, and hopefully a member of the PAIZO staff will see it and look at our feedback.

So, some basics: Our game doesn't take place on Golarian, but I kept all the mechanical rules 100% as written in the book and errata. I did not change anything as to how the game is supposed to run except for one monster ability. First session started at level 1, and we used the fast XP track (800XP to a level). First session got people from levels 1 to 2 through a dungeon crawl.

Party consists of five people:
Human Rogue: (planning to go into fighter dedication)
Halfling Rogue:
Half-Elf Fey Sorcerer
Human Paladin
Half-Orc Cleric of Gorum

Session in General: PCs start as an entourage at a giant multi-race peace/trade accords summit. There was some initial schmoozing opportunities, where everyone got to interact twice with various dignitaries and some hints at the campaign in general were dropped. This Allowed the PCs to get plot and role-play. They got XP for overcoming a MODERATE social challenge (30 XP). There were generally no problems with this section.

Then the party was attacked by what appeared to be Goblins. Instead I had them be Goblin Dummies animated by magic, using the Animated object-Broom stats except (and this was the only change) Instead of the sweeping dust ability, I made it difficult to tell that the Goblins were constructs instead of real goblins, calling for several checks to figure it out.

After that the floor collapsed because of sabotage, and the PCs were deposited into an underground dungeon underneath the meet-and-greet grand hall, and had to explore to get out.

This was the meat of the scenario-with PCs fighting an encounter, entering exploration mode until they hit the next big encounter, so on and so forth. They fought-3 Goblin Skeletons, A summoning trap, 3 Giant Rats, 2 Goblin Dogs, a couple simple traps, 2 Hobgoblin Warriors, and finally 4 Goblin Pyros. I did some re-skinning (the Hobgoblins as half-elves, the pyros as humans) but did not change their stats at all. The Human Rogue did fail to see a trap and got crit, nearly killing him, but that was the only time anyone went down.

What worked well:

1) In a very straightforward dungeoncrawl, the transition from exploration mode to encounter mode worked fine, and it prevented shenanigans like: "I'll stealth and keep an eye out and keep concentrating on my detect magic!"
2) Despite the Paladin having a string of bad luck, everything worked out well combat-wise. Rogues are RIDICULOUSLY strong though. As their dex adds to hit, damage, AC and Reflex saves, they were out damaging the cleric of Gorum and Paladin most of the time. They had a pretty easy time of the combats, but I was softballing it.

What needed work:
1)It was hard for me to remember for enemies to make multiple attacks. Especially with three or four enemies on the board at once, remembering their to-hits, what attack they were on, if their attacks were agile or not, all of that was difficult for me (as a GM) to remember and keep track of. Often Times I would only attack once and then move on to the next guy, forgetting that the enemies could attack again.
2)Rogues were REALLY strong. Like, Stupid Strong. They had the Best ACs, the human rogue could dodge as a reaction for an additional +2, did the most damage, and had the best skills.
3)The cleric of Gorum's Anathema of "Never avoid violence through negotiation" was SUPER difficult to deal with, as he was a bodyguard at a social situation where the goal was promoting peaceful trade. We eventually handwaved it, but a more narrow Anathema like "Never try to diffuse a tense situation through negotiation" might make role-playing them a bit easier.
4)Our Sorcerer's player got confused by the character creation rules (which everyone agreed could have been written better) and gimped herself on her stats, essentially missing out on three stat boosts. We have fixed her for level 2

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Apologies if this has been asked before. Or if they are covered in the rules and I'm just a dunderhead.

So a lot of my friends are REALLY excited about pathfinder 2 . . . like I should call someone excited. Anyway, I've decided to do a throw-together seat-of-my-pants stress test of the system, going as many levels as I can before 1)My homegame falls apart or 2) the game comes out. So I started statting up a standard dungeon crawl using the encounter rules from the book . . . it all looks fairly good and straightforward. Given how tough my group had with the society playtest (the quests) I question how a group of four level 1s can take on a level 3 monster . . . but hey, that's what the test is for, right?

But when I went to start assigning loot, that's where things got problematic. See, for a party of level 1 adventurers, you are supposed to get 1 level 2 item (Bracers of armor +1 do just fine here) and two level 1 permanent items. But . . . there are no level 1 permanent items. Scrolls, trinkets, bombs, elixirs . . . nothing permanent.

Likewise expert weapons and the like aren't on the list. I assume they are level 2 (Expert handwraps are level 2) but . . . how are PCs supposed to get expert weapons if they don't build them on their own? Are weapons just not part of treasure? Am I just supposed to give them Regular but more expensive armor for level 1 permanent?

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So I get that Pathfinder 2E wants to boil down a class to it's most 'essential components' and then allow feats for you to flavor it back up. That was the intended design idea. I get that. So I'm not too mad that Rangers lost spellcasting, because, if you had to describe Ranger in two words it was 'wilderness warrior' and spellcasting didn't enter into the equation. You want a ranger with spellcasting? Archtype Cleric (or presumably Druid when the full version comes out.) I 100% understand that.

But what was the design decision behind not giving Monks ANY weapon training beyond punching and kicking? Like, I get it, Monks are unarmed, unarmored warriors, sure. And yes, there is a first level class feat that gives them monk weapon training, but that's for monk weapons only.

Here's my deal: Pathfinder has hammered it in, time and time again, that every character should have melee and ranged capabilities. They don't have to be fantastic, but they should be present. Level 1 Kyra has a sword, sling, AND fire-beam. But the monk has . . . nothing. No ranged training and no training in any other weapons.

I'm not asking for much, just simple weapon training so my monk can chuck a javalin at a flying enemy at level 1. Or shoot a crossbow. Listen, eastern Monks were where we got the concept of masters of zen archery, some could do crazy things with spears and hook swords, all sorts of crazy stuff. I'm just asking for a ranged option, that's all.

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So I get that you can replay a scenario with the same character over and over again to 'mine' card upgrades but you don't get other bonuses for it. No feats, no extra scenario rewards. However, what about playing it with new characters?

Here's the scenario I found myself in. 2 of my friends and I started on season 4. We played 3 games, myself with Talitha. Then another friend joined (playing Adowyn), and we finished out the teir (the four of us played games 4-1D and 4-1E) together, beating it by the skin of our teeth.

Now, I know that my friend who joined us late can play out of tier and eventually catch up, but I also know that there are bonuses for completing every scenario in a season. So I decided to play through season 4-1A, B, and C with him so that he could get caught up (and playing solo is no fun!) I played a new character (Verril), he played Adowyn. Do I get credit (skill and power feats) and rewards for beating that/those scenarios as my new character? I mean, I am playing it again, but not with the same card character.

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So my friends and I are pretty new to the game, and we are slugging our way through season 4. We have access to all the base sets between us (how we got the base sets without being into the card game is another story) and I was wondering what is generally agreed upon as the best season? Season 4 seems. . . Hard. The first scenario bonds you over if you don’t have a couple of high-charisma people, and then there is the scenario where you take constant deck damage if you start your turn at an open location. Any other seasons I should look into if we decide to take a break from the slog and play other characters?

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I love playing monks. So for the card game, I was looking at maybe picking up the monk deck. So I downloaded the for free class decks to check out the characters before I buy, and Athnul looks good, but I never see anyone play her. Is there a reason? Recharge any card for 1d6+1d10+2 out of the gate seems solid, and the ability to evade bands by just showing a blessing? Plus one of the roll cards can boost your combat checks for s second recharge by up to 3d4. I dunno, is the monk deck terrible? Is there something about her I’m missing? Why don’t I see her played?

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So I'm part of a group that's just finished book five of Skull and Shackles (the RPG version) and since I love the card game, I figured I'd make some cards to represent our characters. If people are interested.

First up is me, the Captain (only because I have the face skills.) I'm a very strange Living Grimoire Inquisitor of Thisimet, (god of parties and festivals) with the conversion inquisition (hence the face skills.) She ends up playing VERY strangely.

Also, I've included names for the powers like the computer game version ONLY so that people know what I was thinking about when I made those powers.

Captain Diane Amina
Female Human Inquisitor
Str d6 [] []
Dex:d10 [] [] [] []
Con:d6 [] [] []
Int: d8 [] [] []
--Divine +1
--Diplomacy +3
Wis:d6 [] []
--Perception +2
Chr:d4 []

Hand Size 5 ([]6)
Proficiencies: Light armor, ([]Weapons)

Weapon Finesse: On your check that invokes the Finesse Trait, gain the skill Dexterity: Melee +2

Iron-Bound Tome: At the start of your turn, if you do not have the card 'Iron Bound Tome' in your hand, you may discard a boon with the book trait ([] or any boon). If you do, you may either draw Iron Bound Tome from your discard pile, or search your deck for that card and draw it, then shuffle your deck.

Sacred Word: For your combat check where you play the card 'Iron Bound Tome,' add the current adventure deck number and the magic trait ([]And you may add either the fire, cold, or acid traits) to your check.

Cards, Favored Card Type: The Card 'Iron Bound Tome'
Weapon: 3 [] []
Spell: 2 []
Armor: 2 [] []
Item: 1 []
Ally: 3 [] []
Blessing: 4 [] []

Iron Bound Tome:
Weapon B

OWNER: Captain Diane Amina


For your combat check, reveal this card to use your Strength or Melee skill + 1d6.

For your non-combat check invoking the Thisimet or Undead traits, reveal this card to add 2 to the check.

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So, I'm running a Talitha (Magus) through organized play season of Faction's Favor, and I came upon a question. Can Talitha use a B (non-Basic) Weapon upgrade to pick up Seltyl's Galavance (The B sword that has Owner:Seltyl)? I mean, it's a really good sword, so I'd like to have it in the deck, and Raz picked up the one 1 weapon we had, (Which makes sense, Lance +1 is super good for him), I was just wondering if I could have a magic sword too by stealing from Seltyl.

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Hey guys. I haven't posted in here in a long time, but I'm back into playing the card game, and hopefully doing some homebrew stuff because it's fun!

Just recently (this PaizoCon) got my hands on the occult class decks, and while I'm happy that they are there, I'm a little disappointed that it is just the 6 iconics. That's when I realized that hey, I have some PFS RPG occult characters (one for each class, except the medium) so I could do rough conversions of them.

I've just gotten roughly back into the card game, so my cards might be a bit off, but I'd appreciate some input.

It's late, so I'm only going to start off with the occultist (my favorite class, so much so that I made an RPG class guide to it!). But I hope to add in a mesmerist, psychic, spiritualist, and kinetisist. And maybe my friend's medium. Even though powers don't have names in the card game, I've provided names for them here, primarily so that people can see where I'm coming from.

Jannica Doe
Female Angelkin Occultist
Str d8 [] [] [] []
--Melee +2
Dex:d6 [] []
Con:d8 [] []
Int: d8 [] [] [] []
--Knowledge +2
--Diplomacy +1
Wis:d6 [] []
Chr:d4 []

Hand Size 5 ([]6)
Proficiencies: Light armor, Heavy armor, Weapons

Magic Item Skill When you would banish a spell because you do not have the arcane or divine trait, discard it instead ([] Or you may attempt to recharge it using your knowledge skill as your arcane or divine skill)

Legacy Weapon:Bane Once per turn, discard ([] or recharge) a card from the top of your deck to name a monster trait other than basic, elite, or villian. For the rest of the turn, your combat checks against monsters with that trait add the current adventure deck number to their rolls and gain the magic trait.

Item ReadingAdd 1d6 ([]+1) to checks to acquire boons with the magic trait.

Cards, Favored Card Type: Weapon
Weapon: 3 [] []
Spell: 2 [] []
Armor: 2 [] []
Item: 3 []
Ally: 2 []
Blessing: 3 [] []

Janica is a far cry from Mavaro, and she is very combat centered, running into combat with a sword (actually Gamin) and shield in hand, wearing breastplate, and generally being on the front line. She has a trait letting her use her INT for diplomacy, and is really quite fun.

Speaking of:

Gamin the Misforged:
Weapon B
Owner: Jannica)
For your combat check, reveal this card to roll your strength or melee die +1d8+the current adventure deck number. Add another d4 if the bane has the devil or lycanthrope traits. If you are not proficient in weapons, the difficulty of the check is increased by 6.

You may recharge this card to add the adventure deck number to any combat check by another character at your location using a weapon.

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So I've just ordered the Ultimate Intrigue deck so I can play as the Red Rave/Aric in the organized play of the cardgame. I'm thinking of going through season of the Goblins, and re-flavoring the Red Raven as Scribbleface, the dark guardian of his clan who protects licktoad goblins through the forbidden arts . . . of READING! And of course his civilian identity is Not-Scribbleface, so he can, y'know, interact with other goblins when he needs too.

(none of this is mechanical, BTW, just me being wacky).

Since Red Raven/Aric is from Ultimate Intrigue, I was wondering if anyone knew the best class deck to pair with him?

I'm looking for a class deck that has a fair amount of finesse weapons that don't require weapon proficiency (that way the Red Raven can make use of his Finesse=Dex:Melee power, but Aric can still strength them if he gets caught with his pants down and not in Red Raven form.) Also, I'm looking for some amount of healing, like maybe a staff of healing or something just to make sure I can get myself out of tight spots. I have a few class decks (ranger, inquisitor, alchemist, Occult 1+2, Magus). Any suggestions?

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So this is a question that has come close to popping up from time to time in our games, and that is: are you conscious if you have Stamina but 0 HP? Situation usually goes like this:

1)Victim is low on stamina but not into HP yet.
2)Multiple enemies beat the everloving crap out of them with lucky rolls, reducing him to 0 HP.
3)Envoy uses inspiring boost to let victim recover stamina after enemies have gone.

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Anyone know what the new Hellknight orders are dedicated to? I know Pyre is dedicated to tracking down holy texts (and burning ‘heraticle’ ones). Nail is dedicated to uplifting ‘savage’ peoples. Any others? I’m looking to make a Hellknight, but I’d like to know what the actual orders actually DO.

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I mean, they have telepathy to disseminate information to whomever they want to without risking anyone overhearing, 1/day detect thoughts, racial bonus to charisma and any two skills (Bluff and disguise?).

I just played an SFS scenario where all four of us were Lashunta and I was amazed at how good we were as ‘spies.’ That was despite the fact that we were a vidgamer, a former child star, a biologist, and pregen Raia.

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So, I'm running a home game right now, and I have no problems coming up with (what I think are) cool and interesting plot points and cool ideas, but one thing I'm terrible at is the crunch. I tend to make the DCs either way too easy, so that it's not even a challenge to pass, or neigh-unattainable so that the PCs constantly fail.

Something I really like from Pathfinder Society is that certain scenarios list DCs for easy, medium, and hard skill checks based on level (or short level range). So I'd like to use those DCs, but since Starfinder has different skill modifiers (skill focus generally doesn't stack with other abilities, stats are generally a bit lower) then I don't know what DCs I'm looking at.

Closest I could find are the Trap DCs, where detecting a trap seems to be a very difficult check (DC 20+1.5 times CR) and disabling it is difficult (DC 15+1.5x CR).

Any other thoughts? Would an easy check be 10+1.5xCR? Are those checks too difficult?

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I was wondering if someone had come up with fun character concepts using the new pact worlds themes.

I have at least 2.

1) A Morlamaw Mystic who is absolutely convinced that ‘The Weeping Knight’

Spoilier for sanctuary of drowned delight:
Specificly NOT Zon-Kuthon, but the weaping knight as presented in the scenario.
is real, and that he is a priest of said god. Theme:Cultist
2) A dwarven artificer/item crafter (mechanic). He’s use ‘primitive’ weapons (Crossbolter, battle axes). He’d have skill synergy for mysticism and pick up connection inkling, and just make weapons an then apply the hybrid fusion, because simple dwarven-made weapons are the best! Theme: Robiticist (for that level 6 ability!)

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So the ring of fangs (Dead Suns #2) says it makes your natural attacks deal lethal piercing damage, AND it adds 2xlevel to damage (in place of specialization.). Can I turn that off without taking off the ring? Can I choose to deal bludgeoning non-lethal damage and still add 2x my level to damage, or would I have to swing with a -4 to deal nonlethal damage with it?

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So I'm always a fan of repeatables because they are something everyone can play, and because of the changed biomes and aliens in this one, it seems like it could still be fun to play even after a playthrough or two. I'm really looking forward to running this one AND playing through it.

I do have one little question though. In area B1, it makes mention of crossing a hazardous bridge while the local storm is going strong. It says you need an acrobatics check, and then mentions checks to avoid taking damage every turn. So do you need to only make one check to avoid falling? Where do you make it? After the halfway point? When you are almost done? I only ask because you need to be in rounds to calculate how long it takes to cross the bridge Some players might be slower (Dwarves and heavy armor) or faster (Operatives) and players might pause to do things like heal another player or provide aid another. Just a little confused is all.

Discussion thread placeholder. Use this thread for discussing things out of game.

You have received a mysterious communique requesting you to join several other Starfinders in the Lorespire Complex for a mission. This, in and of itself, is not the mysterious part. The Mysterious part is that the communique was signed by Guidance, the enigmatic AI that runs the Starfinder's day-to-day operations. While the AI TECHNICALLY has the authority to send agents out on missions, it is rare that Guidance chooses to do so.

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So the latest scenario to come out (SFS #1-12, Ashes of Discovery) offers a . . . unique option when playing Starfinder. Something that doesn't come up very often. I wanted to make use of this with some like-minded people who would enjoy a good-natured silly-fun romp. If you want to play a serious game or you don't like the idea of Saturday-morning cartoon style game where the magic of friendship overcomes the forces of evil, this is NOT the game for you.

Answering some questions right off the bat:

*This is an SFS legal game, and I will not be altering the mechanics of the scenario. Everything I do is allowable in this scenario as far as I can tell.

*1-12 is a repeatable 1-4 scenario with the repeatable and starship tags. Thus playing this 'silly' version of the game will not lock you out of playing a more serious version of this scenario later (and again, all the sillyness is allowable in the scenario, I will not be altering the mechanics)

*You have to play one of your SFS characters (or a pregen)

*I'm looking for players that are willing to commit to the bit and have fun with it. Please no trolls. Again, I want this to be silly fun.

*I'll accept up to six people

*I can start as soon as we get enough players, but no sooner than 4/30

The google doc signup is here

I am really looking forward to exploring the fun we can have in this scenario, and am ready to just be zany for a scenario! Hope to see you sign up!

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Not sure if this goes in GM discussion or SFS roleplaying guild forums, so I'll just stick it here and if it is in the wrong forum a moderator will move it, I guess?

So, for those unaware, SFS scenario 1-12 asks the GM to make up an entirely new alien species for the scenario, and possibly multiple times (for multiple playthroughs), by rolling on a table. Well, instead of doing that, I've stated up several aliens based on pop culture that you can use, along with what scenarios would work well for them. I've had to stretch a few, and there are slight modifications to each (most of the time barely affecting the mechanics of the scenario, if at all.)

So anyway, Here is a link to the google doc with 8 options one for each cultural trait mentioned in the book. Each one doesn't repeat any of the physical traits either, though some repeat the hiring corporation.

I'd love some feedback or other options that I can throw up for more people!

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So we all know that the Borais in the pact worlds are . . . problematic for several reasons. Androids start breathing, Ysoki get taller . . . However, with just a few fixes, you can actually make them work pretty well. Here's a theoretical fix.

Ability Adjustments: +2 Con, +2 Cha, –2 Wis
Hit Points: 6
Size and Type: Borais are Undead. They are the same size as the creature they are based off of (see old talents, below),. They do not gain normal undead immunities.

Darkvision: Borais can see up to 60 feet in the dark.

Deathly: For effects targeting creatures by type, borais count as both humanoids and undead (whichever effect is worse). They are immune to negative energy damage and gain a +1 racial bonus to saving throws against disease, exhaustion, fatigue, mind-affecting effects, paralysis, poison, sleep effects, and stunning.

Living Shell: A borai counts as a living creature for the purposes of what can affect him (such as magic healing). If destroyed, a borai can be brought back to his normal undead state by spells (such as raise dead) that restore life to his body as if he were alive.

Old Talents: Borais’ not-quite-dead bodies still have some of their old racial traits. At character creation, a borai selects one of the
following races as his original living form and gains the racial trait indicated in parenthesis for the selected race: android (constructed), human (skilled), kasatha (four-armed), lashunta
(limited telepathy), shirren (blindsense), vesk (natural weapons), or ysoki (cheek pouches). A GM can, at her discretion, allow a borai to choose another humanoid race, along with an appropriate racial trait. Additionally, when a borai attempts to disguise himself as a member of his selected race, the DC of his Disguise check is not modified as a result of disguising himself as a different creature type.

Resist Energy Drain: A borai takes no penalties from energy drain effects, but he can still be destroyed if he accrues more negative levels then he has class levels. After 24 hours, any negative levels a borai has taken are removed without the need for an additional
saving throw.

Additionally, here are some more Borai 'old talent' racials (off the top of my head)

Dwarves (Slow but Steady)
Elves (Elven Immunities, Their racial +2 vs. charms and compulsions superceeds, not stacks with, the Deathly racial bonus)
Gnomes (Gnome Magic)
Half-Elves (Elven Blood Their racial +2 vs. charms and compulsions superceeds, not stacks with, the Deathly racial bonus)
Half-Orc (Orc Ferocity)

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