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Basicaly do White Dragons using Snow Vision(Ex), have penalties to perceptions (checks and attacks) inside a Freezing Fog(SP) area?

The Blizzard(Su)ability (...) creates heavy snow conditions (...), so Snow Vision(Ex) sees threw it fully (no concealement for others).

But Freezing Fog (sp): (...) It is similar to an acid fog spell (...), acid fog (...)creates a billowing mass of misty vapors like the solid fog spell (...) spell functions like fog cloud (...) The fog obscures all sight, including darkvision, beyond 5 feet.(...)

They do have Blind Sense(Ex) and Scent(Ex) that basicaly allow to pin-point occupied squares but don't go threw concealement (or total conc.).

I feel Snow Vision(Ex) should see threw Freezing Fog (sp) but would it be too strong and against rules?

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In the concentraion rules:

(...)If the spell interferes with you or distracts you in some other way, the DC is the spell's saving throw DC + the level of the spell you're casting.(...)

So if a caster misses the For save (not the best for a wiz) he has to make a Concentration Checks (DC about 13+tried spell level for a 16 casting score) for every spells in the next minute, unless the Flare is dispeled?

Other spells causing any condition would also have such an effect then, or I'm I missing something?

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As a DM I feel summonings of creatures should be more usable at low levels but not as they are structured now.

The One round casting vs 1 round/level duration takes it out of most consideration before 5th level.

On the opposite side, the multiple creatures options and the choosing the creature you need in the specific situation are very good at higher levels.

So here is what I see as a different Spell option, not a replacement:

Chosen Celestial (Specific Creature) Summoning I-IX

School conjuration (summoning) [Good]; Level bard, cleric/oracle, sorcerer/wizard, summoner, witch; 1 to 9.

Casting Time 1 full-round action

Components V, S, M (a specific, low valued gift to the creature)
Range close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)

Effect one summoned creature

Duration 1 round/2 level (min.1) + casting attribute bonus (D)

Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance no

Like the Summon Monster spells, these spells summon one specific extraplanar creature specified from the same Summon Monster spell list with the Celestial Templates. The caster must have a Good alignement to cast the spell.

Ex.: Chosen Celestial Eagle Summoning I is a 1st level spell. Chosen Celestial Pony Summoning I is a different 1st level spell.

(Elemental, Entropic, Fiendish and Resolute versions would also exist)

Main differences with Summon Monsters:

Big Plus: Casting time Full-Round action vs 1 round.

Minuses: No adaptative versions of summoning, never more than one creature per casting and caster must meet alignments templates (elemental remain an option for every caster).

Plus and minus: Duration 1 round /2 levels + caster atribute vs 1 round/level.

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Another legend of those whose secrets shoud be feared among men. Based on Hashashins.


Weapon and Armor Proficiency:

Assamite are proficient with all simple weapons, plus the chakram, kama, khopesh, kusarigama, kukri, nunchaku, sabre, sai, shortbow, short sword, shuriken, siangham, tekko-kagi and urumi. They are proficient with light armor but not with shields.

(more of a persian/arabic look)

Note: I added a Sabre weapon as a "slashing rapier" (finesse OK, no Two Handed, d6, 18-20/x2).

I'm working on including Pesh as trick options and/or Ki source. Probably some of the Pesh Feats might do OK.
Just not going easy with the PF version of pesh and the missing versions of the drug.I might use the PF opium effects.

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Could a weapon with an energy damage ability (or a creature with a similar benefit on a natural attack) be used for a touch attack only dealing the energy damage?

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Here's what I'm considering to add to spell lists:

Conjure Aligned Ally (I to IX)

School conjuration(summoning);
Lists: antipaladin, bard, cleric, paladin, sorcerer/wizard, summoner, witch
Casting Time Full: Round action
Components V, S, F/DF (a tiny bag and a small candle)
Range close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Effect 1summoned alignment-fitting creature
Duration 1 round/level (D)
Saving Throw none; SR no


These spells functions as summon monster spells, except you can only summon a single creature that has an alignment-appropriate template that fits part of your alignment. Ex: a Neutral aligned caster cannot use these spells, a Lawful-Neutral can only summon a Lawful subtyped creature and Chaotic Good can only summon a Chaotic (without the Evil) or Good (without the Lawful) subtyped creature.

Benefit to Summon Monster: Obviously, casting time.

Payback: Quantity Restriction and selective limits.
I also consider the fact that each conjuration was a specific spell either by alignment or even by creature to make the casting time a standard action but that made it almost out of value for spontaneous casters.

I want that a caster who plays with an alignment gets something out of it.

Balanced or not?

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My son (9 years old) has an idea for what I feel might be an interesting magic item:

Monster Summoning Arrows (types I to IX): Single use Weapon (Specific type I would guess)with a specific single Monster type assigned.

Ex.: Monster Summoning Arrows (type I: Eagle) or Monster Summoning Arrows (type V: Large Water Elemental).

I'll go threw the pricing but my only references so far are the Horn of Valhalla and Bag of tricks. I guess the range of the arrow use would have to be watched for.

Any sugestions?

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I came up with this idea, inspired by the bombs and grenades subjects.

Please tell me what you think, anything else I should consider ? Would a Dart of Acid (based on Acid Arrow) be an option?

Fling of Fire
(Specific Magic Weapon, Based on Javelin of Ligthning)

Aura faint evocation; CL 5th
Slot none; Price 1,500 gp; Weight 2 lbs.

This fling becomes a 5d6 fireball when thrown (Reflex DC 14 half).
It is consumed in the attack.

Construction Requirements: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, fireball;
Cost 750 gp

Note: The name fling refers to a single weight with a short cord. Treated as a Simple Light Thrown Weapon with the stats of a "Blunt javelin", weight 2 lbs.

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Well... I just had to!

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All right Mr. James Jacobs, Mr. Rob McCreary and Mr. F. Wesley Schneider who's the Dr. Who fan?

I flaged on it when I read the first presentation and confirmed it with "The Blind Angels".

I just loved that episode, it was a great spook using almost nothing as special effects.

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I need some help to fill up my story.

I've covered the relationship between each of the characters in my party and the story at different levels. Except for one, the concept seemed to make sense at creation but we're getting to Hook Mountain Masacre and I still have no handle on the character.

The character is Keela, a Human Shoanti female Axe-Clan Barbarian raised as a half-wild ship-lass by a benovelant (to her) female smugler in Riddleport. She was forcibly tatooed when she was 12 by a Shoanti crewmember who ran off afterwards.

So far I've played up a link between the Axe-Clan and the remains of the Wrath Empire but I can't seem to find good links to the storyline.

Any ideas anyone?

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(I couldn't find any better place for this thread)

I just found out this weekend at my local gaming store that pathfinder products have been translated and published in french for at least a few months.

Go to BLACK BOOK Éditions.

Nothing on the blogs or the mailings.

I know I've already got all I wanted in english when it got out but I probably will still get the french Players' handbooks for the APs and probably the chronicles' gazeteer in french version just for language/naming options.

I know there's a few of us francophones and francofans around here that would like to follow and buy some those products in addition to our current purchase habits.

I see this as a great thing for Pathfinder and I understand that the RPG is taking alot of resources but I'm realy suprised I just didn't know about this before seeing it on the shelves of the store.

Anybody can give more details on the subject?

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For what it's worth (I know it's late in the schedule)...

My party's bard lately hit the 5th level and the +2 attack AND DAMAGE moral bonus makes a big difference at that level. Since it can be kept active as long as the bard performs (and 5rds after that) on all the party (including summoned and pets) it seems to beat any other Buff available at thet level.

I had seen an other bard get it at level 8 in 3.5 but I don't remember it make that big of an impact then.


Did I miss a limit on the max. performance time (I'm o.k. with it like this, I'd use the rules for Hustling after 1 hour)?


Still not easy to quickly comfirm the type of action that can be taken while maintaining a performance. The info. is there but a bit squatterd I.M.O.

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My girlfriend was wandering how many other female gamers were (or finished) going through the AP ?

I thought it was a good question to ask around here.

She plays the a Earthbreaker-yielding female half-Orc Fighter of the RotRL party I DM. I have another female playing a female Shoanti Axe-clan Barbarian and two male players playing a male Dwaf Cleric (Irori) and a female Varisian Enchanting Bard.

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Many around my gaming tables have found that making elixirs, dusts, ointments and other similar one-shot items with "Craft wonderous items" as opposed to "Brew potions" made an already good (too good ?) feat better and a somewhat lesser feat more lacking.

Are we alone in thinking so?

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I originally posted in the obit. But I thought the experience was worth sharing.

The Party:

Korthag: Male Dwarf Cleric 4th of Irori, Grew up in the hills neighbouring Jhanderhoff and came to Sandpoint to catch up with his brother and seek self-perfection threw travel.

Keela: Female Shoanti (axe-clan with tattoo) Barbarian 4th, Grew up as a tamed wild-child on a boat trading between Riddleport and Magnimar, got off at Sandpoint after her captain’s death.

Gwenda: Female Half-Orc (Parents from the Cinderlands) Barbarian 1st-Fighter3rd, Was taken to Sandpoint as a child by her human father who was soon-after killed by tribe-mates, Grew up doing odd-jobs and left after witnessing one of Chopper’s murders.

Laura: Female Varisan Bard 4th, Grew up on the Varisian caravan roads daughter of a well-respected varisian leader as a silver-tongued seductress bearer of the Carnassia (enchantement) Varisian Tattoo.

The party went almost directly from level 1 to level 3 in Thistletop following a runaway Lyrie. After defeating Nualia, her pet and Lyrie, the party was very low on resources (hp and spells) so they rested there for a while but where disturbed by Bruthalzamus who they drove off (He left Thistletop, being seriously injured and seeing his employer dead. He was followed by others.).

When they started moving on they had a few spells left and about 1/3 hp all around. The group found the key and entrance to Malfeshnekor’s lair but they were mostly under the impression that Nualia was trying to summon Malfeshnekor (except for Gwenda who had a “bad felling about this”) so they opened the door. The fight was brutal and since they didn’t realize that the monster was bound to the room they gave it their all to stop it from escaping, it was a brave heros’ stand against an overwhelming evil but in the end they were out-matched.

That’s where the fudging began: I chose to make “getting out” Malfeshnekor’s main objective. Instead of having him completely mad from his capture and consuming all of the party, he controlled his urges and chose to use the party. (I had asked if any player wanted to make a new character, warning them that what would follow wasn’t going to be pretty, but they all wanted to stick with it).

So, he stabilized them, took all their gear, destroyed their lesser items and holy-symbol in the fire-pit and over the next 9 days, he proceeded to beating, charming, intimidating, abusing and torturing them to learn of the current outside world (he had never seen either dwarves or orcs!) and find out how they could help him get out. Keela and Laura were treated a bit differently because of the tattoos that he somewhat recognized.

And in the end Keela (whom he associated with his old Lord) was sent out (charmed) to rush out to Magnimar with magic items mostly useless to her to trade for Scrolls of Anti-Magic Field (one Arcane and one Divine), her memories of the journey are hazy but may get clearer when she returns to Magnimar. When she came back, Laura (charmed) was convinced to Use Magical Device the 1st scroll to let him get out and traded “intimate” favours to the beast so he wouldn’t eat them all before leaving (here too the tattoo added a significant worth to the favours coming from what he saw as a willing pawn of another Lord), so he locked them up in the room and left with all their gear.

It took close to a full day for them to get out, combining some no-focus/material component buff spells, improvised weapons and rage to bash the door and getting back to Sandpoint. Over the next few days among the group there was a lot of silence, then some yelling, then some talking and then some vowing against the Beast that got away.

The town was very supportive and thankful of their beaten-up heroes.

Still a few days later Korthag and Laura (who had since “seen the light” of Calistria) had omens of something coming. They all caught-up with Malfeshnekor (and Bruthalzamus and a few other bugbears) in the previously emptied Chapel of Wrath where he was trying to get in contact with Lamashtu. They had help at the time, some wanted (a couple of Pathfinders, Ezren and Harsk from Magnimar), some un-wanted (a Fiendish-Four-Armed-Gargoyled from the hash pit on Chopper Island) it was still a tough encounter but in the end they prevailed (and got some of their gear back from the Beast and his mooks)!

It was a great sub-plot and I think it will be remembered for a good while by all!

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I don’t see it for now, so just so it gets mentioned. We bumped it to 2nd level and I still feel it’s a very strong spell.

Two reasons I feel it should be checked out: Bards could now cast it at first level and it can compete with 2nd level bard spells: Daze Monsters and Hold Person.

Maybe it should be 2nd level for bards and be “language dependent”, being joke based?

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Table 9-6 p. 147 mentions the modifiers for a character "Kneeling or sitting" but there aren't any other reference to these "conditions" (unless I missed them).

What type of action is required to "Kneel" and Get back up, I would assume a Move Action, does it case an AoO? I would think not. What type of movement is allowed while kneeling? I called it at allowing only 5' steps (no AoO).

On a personal note, I allowed characters Kneeling to use a Heavy Shield to get full-cover (as a Tower-Shield) as a Standard Action.

Anyway clarifications would be usefull.

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Sorry if it's not the right time/place to discuss this.

To make Sundering more usefull to player and not so "unfair" for NPC to use against players I sugest to go beyond the Broken condition (wich I like a lot) and have a Ruined condition (as an alternative to destroyed) that makes an item unusable but repairable with significant effort (ex.: Make whole spell or days of artisan work or prices in tens of gold) making it a viable option for adventurers but not an option for commonners.

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No, I'm not talking about halfling ninjas.

The term shuriken is realy an hodge-podge group of light throwing blades of may shapes witch could probaly include most of the smaller (concealable) throwing knives and spikes from across the world.

Halfling having a history of being good at throwing, throwing blades (i.e.: shuriken) would fit.

I personnaly allow rogues to trade in the hand-crossbow proficency for shuriken.

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I like the idea of a non-caster taking Magic item manufacturing feats a lot, but I feel the Master Craftsman Feat should still offer something on it's own.

I understand that it's a big thing to get acces to the other feats but it's still hard to take a feat that does nothing until you spend another feat.

I'm not talking about big things but the ability to fix broken magic items, resizing or reshape magic weapons and/or armor could make the wait worthwhile.

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I can't find it now but I'm fairly certain I remember some Paizo people defending the coolness of a "God of Doors" in a thread a while back (wich I realy agreed with).

Did the thread spark the idea, was the deitie already in the works at the time or just a coincidence?

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As a wink to the tradition of having spells originate from an epic wizard of the setting, PFRPG could have some prefixes for spells that fit the legendary wizards of Golarion.

I’m Thinking of Geb and Nex first, the Runelords (not sure if naming them would be a spoiler) and the Whispering Tyrant (his original name escapes me), even Baba-Yaga.

I’m not even sure this would respect the OGL but it’s fun to look at.

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My party just finished off Nualia (and Lyrie) in Burnt Offerings but the bugbear Bruthalmus might get away from them.

After reading the Monsters Revisited section on bugbears I was thinking of having him run off and using him as a decoy for the begining of Skinsaw (maybe have him attack some traveling merchants or terrorize some other farms who'll report the fury beast, at the same time as the other murders occur) so the party might not realise I've started the next adventure.

Any thoughts?

Orik might also get away but I'm not sure how to use him best yet. Probably going to Sandpoint a while (if he still hasn't been seen)before returning to Magnimar to find an employer, maybe a certain elven magistrate? Orik seems to have an habit of making bad career moves...

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I know it’s late for such an addition but I tried this and it seems to cover situations not covered by other maneuvers.

This is based on the original grapple options of the Alpha1 document and has been playtested and enjoyed by my group.


As a standard action, you can attempt to snag a foe, hindering their combat options. If you do not have Improved Snag, improved grab, or a similar ability, attempting to snag a foe provokes an attack of opportunity from the target of your maneuver.
You must have one hand free or use a weapon that grants a bonus to disarm or can be used to trip a foe (whip, fails, sickle, ranser, many monk’s weapons, etc.). If you use and are successful at snagging with a weapon or limb, that weapon or limb becomes unavailable to other uses as long as the snag is maintained. You do not need a free hand to resist or break a snag.

A successful snag check has the following results, depending on how much the roll exceeds the DC.

Snagged (DC): If your maneuver is successful, your target cannot move to a space that you do not reach without first breaking the snag, destroying the weapon used in the snag (either using Sunder or a Break Strength Check) or succeeding a bull rush that, in this case, allows movement of the snagged target, if this occurs you can choose to move with the target or let go of the snag (unless the weapon is locked to you in which case you must move with the victim as if being bull rushed). The target is otherwise unaffected.
If the target moves from a square that you reach to a square with a shorter reach you can chose to limit further movement to that shorter reach. The Broken condition attack penalty of a weapon applies to snag rolls using that weapon.

Grabbed (DC +5): If your attack exceeds the DC by 5 or more, your target is snagged and looses the use of one non-motive limb as long as the grab is maintained. In the case of basic humanoids this means the victim can only take actions that require one free hand. For example, your target could make an attack against you with a one-handed weapon or cast a spell, but could not attack you with a two-handed weapon.
The target (no matter how many-limbed) cannot cast spells or use spell-like abilities without succeeding on a Spellcraft check.

The use of long reach weapons (whip or ranser) in that maneuver allows one to avoid the attack of opportunity from a foe without such reach like a trip maneuver. I’m not sure if the proper weapons should give a bonus to that maneuver but I gave a +2 to the whip and might give a +4 to a lasso (exotic weapon).

I hope this is useful to some.

Tell me what you think.

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To use a 3.5 adventure “As Is” I feel it would be useful to have a “3.5 party level” vs “PF party level” equivalent rule-of-thumb.

I get the feeling that one level every 5 would be close. So a 5th level PF party feels like a 6th level 3.5 party. They have a few more feats, HP, skills (from combination of previous skills) and abilities.

Any thoughts?

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I think it would be interesting to have “Shape-specific” versions of the polymorph spells.

Let me explain by an example:

Lesser Beast Shape I: (Selected Animal Shape)
School transmutation (polymorph); Level wizard/sorcerer 2
Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S, M (a piece of the chosen creature whose form you assume)
Range personal
Target you
Duration 1 min/level (D)

When you cast this spell you can assume the form of a single specific animal within the limits and gaining the benefits of Beast Shape I. Another form is another spell.
This shape is always the same and doesn’t allow any changes in the appearance of the chosen shape witch usually carries has subtle marks remnants of the caster’s natural form. The Disguise bonus of this spell drops to +10 if the observer knows the caster.

Ex.: The same arcane caster could have Lesser Beast Shape I (Eagle) and Lesser Beast Shape I (Black Bear) as separate 2nd level spells known.

I think these spells would be very flavourful and appreciated. The spells would be less multi-useful than the “base” version and would give wizards and sorcerers the possibility of having “signature shapes”.
Divine versions could be offered by deities associated with a specific form/totem like: Lesser Beast Shape (3-eyed Jackal) usable as a Level 2 (or 3) Divine spell by clerics of Lamashtu.

I’m not sure about Lesser Alter Self spells since they would be first level but they might also work.

I would also suggest that Sorcerers be allowed to “upgrade” Polymorph spell (possibly even Summon Monster) on their selection every level, clearing up a lower level for a new lower level spell (not necessarily of the same type).

Tell me what you think

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I know it’s not the most culturally supported magic type but I always liked that energy type.
The « horn of blasting » is an old favorite among my groups and I remember the scimitar in the D&D TV series. It also rings nice with the Dune mythology and the various Kiai stories.

So, tell me doctor please, will/should it live?

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I just confirmed with one of my RotRL players that he will take over the DM's chair for CotCT. But Just as I was getting ready to hand him my PF-7 I just realised their might be spoilers of 1 to 6 ! Of course I can't check myself, so I turn to the boards for advice.

Do I have to wait untile the end of RotRL or can I hand it over blindly?

I suspect it's O.K. (it would make thing a bit complicated for a few people otherwise) but better safe then sorry!

Thank in advance!


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O.K. since you people at Paizo can expect (directly or not) almost my entire RPG budget (I might still buy a mini here and there from the other guy), you can expect my two electrums (worth gold in my opinions) to come with it!

So after two readings I'll start my comments with the skills. I like most of the system: Fixed Bonus, adding skills with levelling, the grouping of some skills and the "Untrained" section of the skills where an untrained roll isn't allowed are all very appealing.

My reservations are with the organisation of the categories witch don't allow as much refinement in the characters. Let me explain, in my observations of how the current system of skill points is used by players I see mostly 3 things:

1- A single skill point used to acces an untrained skill (ex.: knowledge local or nature come up fairly often in my experience).

2- Skill points invested in a "secondary"-skill keeping it around half the maximum ranks to get a wider skill use (ex.: 4 ranks of ride and heal for an 8th level Druid).

3- Skill points invested in a "primary"-skill keeping it at max. rank level.

I must admit I've seen a few "5 ranks for the synergy bonus and that's it" (bluff and tumble mostly) but I'd like to discourage that.

Also, the "few-skill classes" already have... well, few skills, so I wouldn't make them "pay" the same price to get "half the stuff" others get (i.e.: cross-class) but I do agree that they shouldn't be able to get to be as good in cross-class skill.
I currently use a house-rule (actually from the Paizo boards, can't remember from whom but thanks!) where cross-class skills ranks cost 1 skill point each but you are still maxed at 1/2 (level+3) for ranks.

How could that be implemented in the proposed system you say? I'm glad you ask!

A training point option with three skill categories (This could be an optional rule):


Apprenticed, cost 1 training point, gives you acces to a "no-untrained use" skill as a normal untrained (d20+ability modifier+misc. bonus)

Secondary-Training, cost 2 training points, roll as a "Trained Cross-Class" (d20+1/2 (level+3)+ability modifier+misc. bonus)

Primary-Training, cost 4 training points and must be a Class Skill, roll as a "Trained Class" (d20+(level+3)+ability modifier+misc. bonus)

Each Skill Choice would gives 4 Training points and you can upgrade categories by investing more Training points in the skill. Character could also gain 2 training points per level (but you lose a skill choice in the full progression that way).

I know it's a bit more complicated and that the wording could be sexier (I'm sure you have all the right people for that) but I feel it would make detailing of a character more interesting, I'd use it that way so there !

Another small note on new "Grouped-skilled": Climb, Swim and Fly (???, I understand where your going with that but I'm no sure it' the way to go) and maybe even Ride could be grouped in Athletics (STR) or some other "general-movement-type-name" skill witch could also be useful for ruling on pursuits and racing.

That's it for now but I'll be back!

Again congratulation to all Paizo on your "Beau Risque" (I hope my fellows from Quebec get the ref.) and the great work so far.

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I just found « The Repercussions of Shayliss » thread. I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s going the « I like that stocky short fellow » way.

Funny stuff.