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I would suggest a different class entirely; I am not sure if it's more powerfull, but I think it's a least more versatile (and at the very least it give you another option): Magus Eldricht Scion with whatever bloodline you want (probably one that give you claws but not necessarily cause you will get naturals attacks with spells); the idea is to use Alter Self (at level 4) then Monstrous Physique I at 7 and II at 10.
There is a quite a few form that give 3, 4, 5 or more naturals attacks.

Hum I just found out that sage's guidance was only usable once (per creature type), because you can only attempt a knowledge skill once and the bonus last only one round. A feat seem a bit expensive for a +2 bonus for one round (even if you can give it to all the group by risking your familiar life).

Derklord wrote:
Sibyl wrote:

The Imp

-: no stealth (I can add it with sage skills point, but that mean less others skills)

You mean apart from the +31 when moving and +51 when not moving?

Melkiador wrote:
To be clear, the imp doesn’t list a stealth score but it has at will invisibility and is tiny with a +3 dex modifier. So it’s really very stealthy. You just have to do the math for its stealth yourself.

Yea the invis boost the stealth sure but it can easily be added to any familiar (I can invis them) and at high level there is many who see invis; it wont replace a true stealther

Lelomenia wrote:
Familiars also treat stealth as a class skill. I guess with sage you are losing the shared ranks tho.

Actually not all improved familiar have stealth as a class skill (the list is for normal familiars), their class skill depend on their type; the imp, as an outsider does have stealth as a class skill. So yea I could use 1 Rk of sage to have a Stealth at +15.

The only major difference that remain is that the faerie dragon can use all sorcerer magic items without any skill check and that he have UMD already (and as a class skill). The imp can get UMD at my level +1 (max rank = my level, +1 from int), which mean I invest half of the sage rk in it for 50%ish chance of using wands.

avr wrote:

About the skill ranks you're forgetting other bonuses - the sprite is listed as having a +8 racial modifier to escape artist, and it's a tiny creature with perfect maneuverability so gets +8 to the fly skill. With 6 Int it has 6 - 2 (Int mod) = 4 skill ranks per fey HD. With 1 HD it then has 4 skill ranks with a max of 1 in any one skill.

Similarly for the faerie dragon.

Oh right; I also found out that tiny creature use Dex for swim, that if they have swim speed they got a +8 racial bonus to swim and that the Faerie dragon have acrobatics (+2 to fly and acrobatics); which lower the skill rank to 27 for him, and that's normal. Tks

Another questions about Improved Familiars; I tried to find out how many skill ranks they have for each skill (because with the sage archetype I can add skill rank but only to my level max rank) but I cant understand how some got so many skill points.

I tried with the Faerie dragon:


Acrobatics: +8 (+3Dex, +5rk)
Bluff: +9 (+3Cha, +3Class, +3rk
Diplomacy: +9 (+3Cha, +3Class, +3rk)
Fly: +23 (+4Size, +3Class, +3Dex, +13rk)
Perception: +8 (+3Class, +2Wis, +3rk)
Sense Motive: +8 (+3 Class, +2Wis, +3rk)
Stealth: +17 (+8Size, +3Class, +3Dex, +3rk)
Swim: +13 (+3Class, -1For, +11rk)
UMD: +9 (+3Class, +3Cha, +3rk)

(Class=Skill Class bonus, Size=Size Modifiers)

Which make a total of 47 rank and is way above the 27 ranks he is suposed to have (dragon type have 6+int skill points per HD, Faerie Dragon have 3HD).

Same with the Sprite:

Escape artist +15 (+3Class, +3Dex, +9rk)
Fly +21 (+3Class, +6Size, +3Dex, +9rk
Perception +6 (+3Class, +2Alertness, +1rk)
Sense Motive +2 (+0Class +2Alertness)
Stealth +19 (+3Class, +12Size, +3Dex, +1rk)

Total: 20rk; it's suposed to have 7 rank at best* (6+ int mod (mini 1) per HD, it have 1 HD)

* At best because I am not sure how to read this minimum 1; is it 6 flat + mini 1 (or more if int 14+) or is it minimum 1 per HD? At first I thought it was the latest (like a PC, a neg int mean less skills), but after looking at different creatures, specially animals, I am starting to think that it's the first, otherwise all low int animals have way more skills ranks that they are suposed to.

Is there some (hidden) bonus that I missed? Or are they just way more skilled than their HD would suggest?

avr wrote:
The alignment was specified in the improved familiar feat which copied over the imps requirement from the original version of that feat in D&D 3e. The one-step rule for other familiars was added but the imp wasn't changed to match.

Not sure what you mean by that; as I understand it, the rule is that you can take a familiar of an alignment one step away on each axis, unless the familiar specify a more restrictive choice. The faerie dragon does say one step away from CB; some are even more restrictive and specify the strict alignement you need; but I dont see any such thing for the Imp, so for me the basic rule of one step on each axis apply.

avr wrote:
There are other improved familiars with sorcerer spellcasting, the tidepool dragon at least and I think more. The faerie dragon is good for more reasons than just the spellcasting though.

True the tidepool dragon is a spellcaster too (but weaker than the faerie dragon for almost everything) ; I couldnt find any others though, did I miss some?

I understand why you took the heresy inquisition, but it seem like a heavy price to burn your inquisition/domain on skills when there some game changing one to choose (hello travel domain freedom of movement + teleport)

avr wrote:
If your game uses alignment at all then your choice of those is going to be a bit restricted. Imps require a LE master, faerie dragons require one within one step of CG, etc. Your concept is likely to rule out some of those.

An Imp doesnt require a strickly LE, you can be one step away, on each axis (unless it's specified in the familiar description and it's not for the imp, is it?)

For the magic item use, a faerie dragon actually has sorcerer spellcasting so doesn't need to use UMD for wands/scrolls of spells on the sorcerer spell list, any of the others need to use the UMD skill. A non-sage familiar can share your skill ranks, a sage needs to spend its own skill points.

This will probably rule other out though; even if I dont choose sage, I wont have point to spent in UMD. And as a sage, this would probably be too much points to spent in it.

Hey all,

I come for another advice for my Eldritch Scion Magus (see my Template if you want), this time for his familiar choice.

First, a question regarding the use of items; from FAQ "The following familiars can use spell trigger and spell completion magic items, including wands and scrolls, as well as magic items with a command word: arbiter, brownie, cassisian (in small humanoid form), faerie dragon, imp, leshy (any), liminal sprite, lyrakien, mephit (any type), nosoi, nuglub, pooka, pyrausta, quasit, shikigami, soulbound doll, sprite, and zhyen."

How do they use this items? Do they need to make a Use Magic Device check each time they use one (even though only the faerie dragon have the skill)? If not, what kind of wand/scroll can they use without a check? Arcane, divine, both? From any class?

I get a Familiar at level 1 (via the bloodline option) and will take a sage familiar to gain more variety on skills; with a focus on Charisma rather than Int my character will only get 3 skills points per level.

My goal is to use my familiar for scouting, to complement my skills and to use some wands/scrolls.

At level 1, it will only be a normal familiar and since I want to get some skills as soon as possible he need to speak, so I went with the thrush.

At level 3, it will become an improved familiar and once again I wont have many choice, as I still want him to speak; it's either the Pyrausta or Thrush/Raven with a template (like a Fey touched Thrush to gain an alter self on it so he can pick up and use items). The Pyrausta will probably be the best since he is listed as able to use magic items

At level 5, more option open but I think the best option is the Sprite (it fly perfectly, good stealth, got some usefull spell-like)

It's at level 7 that it really start to shine and where I realy dont know which one to choose.

The Imp (and imp consular at level 8):
+: Good utility spells (most without DC), See in Darkness, telepathy (at level 8)
-: no stealth (I can add it with sage skills point, but that mean less others skills)

+: Good utility spells, traveler's friend (we doing the Jade regent so travel will be often), good skills,
-: no invisibility

+: Spiritsense (Blindsight+detect living and undead)

Faerie Dragon:
+: Cast spells, good skills, telepathy
-: Bad spells (most will be easily resisted at level 7), no special sens (just the "common" darkvision/low light vision)

So what do you think between this 4? or is there some other I didnt see and would fit my need even better?



PS: if you got some good idea about other use of my familiar (like something more combat oriented), pls share too

oh no, it's for one weapon that sure; it specifically say that if you cast is on another weapon, the first loose it.
And yea it say the weapon you are holding but spell combat also say something similar ("while wielding a light or one-handed melee weapon"), and it's been FAQ that it does work with natural weapon. So unless there is a real difference (in term of rules) between holding and wielding, I dont see why one work and the other wouldnt

About the use of Arcne pool with natural weapon; I found an official answer stating that natural weapons are light weapons:
https://paizo.com/threads/rzs2pcgk?Natural-AttacksLight-or-OneHanded-Weapon s#1, look at the 2nd last post, it's by the pathfinder design teams, so it's official.

Now it's not specificaly about arcane pool, but I think it's one more answer to suggest that it should work. Do you guys agree?

I have some cantrip yea of course, and I took arcane mark, but as Derklord said, I wont be using it when I am polymorphed cause I would just loose a claw attack to gain a claw attack. I will still be usefull to cast others spells though, without loosing any attack or when I am not polymorphed; i.e. before level 4 and even after, I will not be polymorphed 100% of the time (not far from it though, one polymorph spell is enough for a complete fight, and I will even be able to cast it before the fight if we have time to prepare, they will last level+1 min).
And yea the fact that I am a spontaneous caster make metamagic feat a lot less appealing; either I deal with the extended duration, making it impossible to use with spell combat, or I need to take one additionnal feat for each spell I want to use with a metamagic feat. Luckily that doesnt apply to Arcana that copy metamagic (because they specifically say that it doesnt increase the casting time).

Question: Telekinetic Strikes say "The touched creature’s limbs are charged with telekinetic force." But it doesnt have a number of charges like Frostgrip or even Shcoking Grasp (who have 1 charge). Does it still follow the rules of holding the charge or can I combine it with Frostbite?
As I understand it, I can combine it, because Telekinetic Strikes have a duration, while others touch spell with charge(s) doesnt (or have something like last x time or until discharged); but since the text is a little confusing I want to make sure.

If it work like I think that would be a good addition to my build, +1d4 to all my naturals attack sound good.

PS: I did a more thorough comparison between a dex build and a str build, and the difference isnt as huge as I thought; dex build have a bit more AC, but not that much, and str build have a bit more damage; although at level 10, with the possibility to change in a large creature, the str build dmg take a big bonus. I can copy my comparison here if someone is interested but it's a bit huge.

STR vs DEX: yea I know about the reach issue but anyway the only tiny monstrous humanoid (or simple humanoid) that I found is the Karkinoi Brood Swarm, who have one swarm attack and in which I am not even sure I can metamorph into because it's a swarm, so multiple individuals, not 1.
Basicly they made some rules for tiny in Monstrous Physique II, without any usable tiny monstrous humanoid ^^
But even a small one is better than a large imo; one more AC and atk vs 1dmg (4 str vs 2 dex)

Frostbite vs Shocking Grasp:
You are right that there will always be some situation where frostbite will be unusable, and I will probably take shocking grasp too at some point, to get an alternative to it; but I dont think paying 1 traits and 2 feats to boost it is worth it if it's just an occasionnal use. As you said, I will have more than enough options (chill touch is another level 1 good alternative with no max and a reduce to str).

Still looking for other ideas for traits ^^

(hehe np, but yea let's not drag it too much pls :) )

Another point but I just realized that I cant have Frostbite and Shocking Grasp active at the same time (because I am holding the charge for Frostbite as long as it's not totally discharged right?).

So that make my Shocking grasp combo useless; at level 10 I would have the choice to use a +10d6 shocking grasp (at the cost of 1 trait and 2 feats) or a 10x1d6+10 frostbite (or 11x1d6+11 with my racial trait, or even 12x1d6+12 if I replace the magic lineage trait by Magic adept for Frostbite). Sure, shocking grasp if a lot more bursty, but with 5-6 attack per round, it wont take that long to do a lot more damage with Frostbite. and I will have other option to burst at this level

To replace my traits, I see 3 main options:
- Gifted adept (Frostbite), +1 attack and +1 dmg on all frostbite attack
- Seeker for a +4 in perception (+1 + class skill)
- Bandit for a +4 in Stealth

Any other ideas?

To come back to my build, I discovered another advantage of my dex build rather than str; the transmutation section say:

"If a polymorph spell causes you to change size, apply the size modifiers appropriately, changing your armor class, attack bonus, Combat Maneuver Bonus, and Stealth skill modifiers. Your ability scores are not modified by this change unless noted by the spell." (nothing about the fly modifier, maybe just an error?)

So I get more bonus, as a dex build, going small than a str build going big. Here is what I compiled:

Alter Self
+2 dex (from the spell),
+1 AC, +1 atk, +4 Stealth (+2 fly?), -1 CMB/CMD (from the change in size)
Total: +2 AC, +2 Atk, +5 Stealth (+3 fly), -1 CMB, +0 CMD

Medium: +2 Str
Total: +1 Atk

Monstrous Physique I:
+2 Dex, +1 Natural Armor
+1 AC, +1 atk, +4 Stealth (+2 fly?), -1 CMB/CMD (from the change in size)
Total: +3 AC, +2 Atk, +5 Stealth (+3 fly), -1 CMB, +0 CMD

+2 Str, +2 Natural Armor
Total: +2 AC, +1 Atk, +1 CMB/CMD

Monstrous Physique II:
+4 dex, -2 str, +1 Natural Armor
+2 AC, +2 Atk, +8 Stealth (+4 fly), -2 CMB/CMD
Total: +5 AC, +4 Atk, +10 Stealth (+6 Fly), +4 to +6 CMB*, -1 CMD
(*:because Tiny creature use Dex instead of Str for CMB)

+4 Str, -2 Dex, +4 Natural Armor
-1 Atk, -1 AC, -4 Stealth (-2 Fly), +1 CMB/CMD
Total: +1 Atk, +2 AC, -5 Stealth (-3 Fly), +3 CMB, +2 CMD

The major downside of this is that there is less good small form and almost none Tiny. The small and tiny also tend to have lower dmg dice (usually 1 dice lower, so 1 less damage average per size difference), but that's not really important since most of my damage will come from Frostbite or other spells.
The large form have some other advantage like the reach (it's not granted by the spell, but a lot of large form have a better reach).
Large form can be hard to use some times though.

PS: I thought I could combine a small form with reduce person to make it tiny, but I just read that under a polymorph spell, you cant be affected by another polymorph spell or a spell that change your size, sadly

Derklord wrote:
MrCharisma wrote:
You've read that as: "Unless otherwise noted, polymorph spells cannot be used to change into individuals that are specific indifiduals." (Sorry if that sounds like a tautology, but I guess that's kind of your point right?)
No, not at all. My point is "that line talks about appearance, not about which form you can use as a base".

I agree on him on this, the paragraph is about apparence; you seem to ignore the second sentence who is completing and precising the first:

"Unless otherwise noted, polymorph spells cannot be used to change into specific individuals. Although many of the fine details can be controlled, your appearance is always that of a generic member of that creature’s type"

It's about not being able to take the apparence of the captin of the guard or something like that (but just of someone of the same race)

That said, I agree that polymorphing at level 10 into a Yig will be OP and that it should not be allowed (and I think we all agree on this, Derklord included).

There is no other legal way of getting dex to damage with spell combat than either dervish dance or a weapon finesse with agile. But I dont know why à witcher setting wouldnt work with à scimitar (or a short Sword); I am pretty sure I saw some scimitar un thé witcher, juste not on Gérald.

I am also starting a dex based magus, although more focused on transmutation spells and natural attacks, but you Can check thé post I started about it (https://paizo.com/threads/rzs42rz8?Magus-Eldritch-Scion-Transmorgifist).

Derklord wrote:
Sibyl wrote:
- the Arach is pretty good too; 7 attack (1d6, 6x1d4), darkvision)
That's not from a Paizo source, but from a third party product.

Oh you are right, didnt see that. Some are clearly taged as 3PP on the d20pfsrd and I ignored them, but I guess some arent taged but are still 3PP.

And I agree that my GM will probably not (and should not) allow me to polymorph into a CR 27; I am not even sure he will (or should) allow me to polymorph into a CR 18 (deathsnatcher) at level 7.
But that's exactly my question, is there anything official about that (I dont think so?) or any guide to how to handle that?
I was thinking of simply doing by CR (can transform to anything of my CR or less) or with a knowledge check (but that will be a lot harder, especially with my low skill char).

Yea the Deathsnatcher is really great.

For Gret Old One Yig, I will have to see with my GM, but that's not before level 10 anyway.

I found a good one for level 4, the Canopy Troll. it's small (so +2 to dex, which is great for my Dex build) and have 4 attack. And it have Darkvision, Low light vision and scent (the only thing that I could get and that he doesnt is swim)

For level 7, Deathsnatcher is clearly the winner in term of damage; 6 attack (2d6, 4x1d8, 1D6),
But I found some nice other option:
- the Charda is a good option; it's small, 5 attack, darkvision, swimming (and aquatic/amphibius)
- the Arach is pretty good too; 7 attack (1d6, 6x1d4), darkvision)

I am not sure what my GM will allow me to transform into though; is there any rules saying that I need to know the creature I want to transform into? I could not find anything.

Here are the change I think I am gonna make, considering all the replies:

- I wont buy an enchanted weapon, at least not for a while; it might be usefull at level 8+ or even 15+ because the BBA will give me a 2nd and 3rd attack but even then, it mean -2 to all my natural attack (at the cost of a feat) for a -5 then -10 attack. It may be usefull at some point for a spellstoring weapon or something.

- I think I will keep the Shocking grasp combo; it's costly sure (1 traits + 2 feat), but being able to use some level 1 spell slot for some +6-10d6 shocking grasp is worth it imo

- If my GM validate the use of arcane pool with natural attack, I wont need the corset of greater magic fang.

On a side note, we did our first session today and as expected, I dont do much at level 1 :D Concentration check to use combat magic is hard (even with level 0 spells, I was trying to use Daze with my attack ^^) and even when I touch I dont do much (1d6 damage, no mod). The paladin do way more damage than me hehe

avr wrote:
As you've made the character above you can cast more than one 10d6 shocking grasp at 10th level.

Oh that's right, it's the magus arcana mimicking the metamagic that can be used only once per day.

Thanks for the clarification on the rest; well I guess it's one less attack but less concentration check and no -2 malus from Combat magic. What I mean that there wont be any point in using a level 0 spell to attack an additionnal time with the main hand, if all it does is making me make a concentration check, giving me a -2 malus and no gaining an attack (cause I would be loosing my 2nd claw attack to gain a main claw attack); for spell level 1+, it will still be usefull of course.

MrCharisma wrote:
avr wrote:
No you can't take that FCB earlier than 3rd level. It sounds like you've got an iffy guide there.
The way my groups always play it is that you could take +1/x class feature FCB as long as you don't get to +1 before you actually get that feature. So you could take 1/6 Arcana FCB from level 1 as long as you're getting an arcana by level 6.

Yea that's what my group is doing too.

Derklord wrote:
Sibyl wrote:
- I cant use my Arcane pool bonus to weapons on a natural attack

Ask your GM about this one. Pathfinder rules designed for PCs tend to be human-centric to a fault, often completely ignoring natural weapons (and even unarmed strikes). They often use "wield" or "hold" to talk about unsheathed weapons you want to use right now, not necessarily intending to deliberately exclude weapons like spiked gauntlets, unarmed strikes, or natural weapons.

I took a close look at how Spell Combat and Arcane pool are written and they use the almost the same words; the only difference I see is the first is talking about wielding weapon and the second holding weapon. So I will talk to my GM but I have good hope that he will allow it, especially if/when I got an amulet of mighty fist that could be considered like the "weapon" I am enhancing.

Good catch on the Deathsnatcher, I will have to take a closer look at the bestiary.

And thank you both for the clarification and recommendation.

Just to be sure, but the hexcrafter guide agree with me: I can use spell combat (and spellstrike) AND make an attack with that secondary "hand"?

I.e.: I am transformed into a troglodyte, I got 1 weapon in main hand, a free hand (which is a claw) and a bite; I can do my main attack with weapon, another one with weapon because of spellstrike, plus a secondary claw attack and a secondary bite attack.

The free hand doesnt need to do nothing, it just need to not hold anything, right?

avr wrote:
Do you actually need the magical lineage trait? You don't have any metamagic feats until level 7, and only have a +1 level feat then.

Hum now that I think about it, I think you are right; 1 trait + 2 feat seem really expensive for a 10d6 (at lvl 10) shocking grasp once per day.

avr wrote:

You generally can't take a favored class bonus until you get the class feature which the FCB improves.

If you take your first +1/6 arcana bonus at level 3 then you get your first bonus arcana at level 8

I never played like that, is it in the rules? I will have to check with my DM. All guide I saw suggest that I get the bonus at level 6, 12 and 18 though

avr wrote:
On that same point remember you do get a magus arcana at level 3.

Oh yea, that's just an oversight here; I will probably get arcane accuracy at level 3, or wand Weilder.

The mindblade magus isn't terrible, if you're looking at a possible different spontaneous magus.

It's not terrible but it's not as good as the Eldritch Scion I think (which is already not the best magus archetype). The -10 malus to concentration really hurt, basicly canceling any chance of using spellstrike bonus attack unless you can cast then make a 1 foot step (wont happen often) and I loose the bloodline of the Eldrtch Scion which is pretty great. All that for a few more spell and a secondary weapon (at level 7th), which with my polymorph build wont change much (I would just trade a secondary natural attack for a secondary weapon, with less bonus)

Kurald Galain wrote:
Well, I'd go with either natural attacks or a rapier, but not both. If you're going to polymorph (which is fun) then spend your resources on that, and don't invest in an agile +1 rapier.

There is 3 reason I choose to use both:

- As I understand it I cant use spell combat with natural attack, unless I take the arcana for it (Natural Spell combat)
- I cant use my Arcane pool bonus to weapons on a natural attack
- Natural attack have a 20 crit chance, so having a main attack at 15-20 (with a rapier enhancement with Keen from Arcane pool) give me a lot more chance to crit my big spell (like an intensified shock blast)

Plus it "only" cost me one feat to use both with a -2 penality on all natural attack; seem pretty cheap for 2 attack with a 15-20 crit and enhanced with Arcane pool.

I do agree that my weapon should not be my priority though and level 5 might be too soon.

EDIT: hum I am confused now; the FAQ from http://www.d20pfsrd.com/classes/base-classes/magus/ state that I can use spell combat with natural attack; then what the Natural Spell Combat arcana is for?
Would that also be true for the arcana pool bonus? It say that I can grant any weapon I am holding a bonus of +1. If Natural attack are considered (light) weapons for spell combat, could that be also true for the Arcana Pool Bonus?
If this is true then sure I will ditch my weapon and put all my cash in my amulet (all cash designed for weapons anyway)


I come here to look for opinion on advice on my next character.

First let me explain my choice: I love magus, I hate preparing spell; so it point me to the eldritch scion (I know there is another archetype, but it didnt seem very good); I know that the elritch scion is not the best archetype around but I want to be a spontaneus caster.

I read Myrrh, Frankincense, and Steel, Kurald Galain's Guide to the Magus, The hexcrafter magus guide and more. I like the idea of the transmorgifist in the hexcrafter magus guide and I tried to apply it to my build (I cant be a hexcrafter, it's not compatible with Eldritch Scion).

So here is my Build I will explain some choice after:

Race: Half Elf, alternate racial traits Mordant envoy (+1 level for transmutation spell), favored class bonus +1/6 arcana (from elf Blood)

Str 10, Dex 18, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 8, Cha 14 (all increase to dex)

Traits: Magical Lineage (Shocking Grasp); 2nd trait must be a campagn trait (GM decision)

Lineage Arcane:

1) Weapon Finesse, Bloodline Familiar (either one with +1 AC or a Crow with sage archetype)
3) Craft Wondrous item
4) Bloodline: blur, protection from arrows, resist energy or spider climb as a swift action
5) Improved Familiar & Multiattack (-2 on secondary natural attack rather than -5), Arcane accuracy
6) Arcana: Empowered Magic & Flamboyant Arcana
7) Intensified Spell
8) Bloodline: 4th lvl one + Displacement or Haste (self)
9) Spontaneous Metafocus, Accurate strike (maybe retrain Arcane accuracy)

Items (I used the character advancement wealth)
Lvl 3: Amulet of the Mighty Fist with Agile (+Dex to damage of my natural attack)
Lvl 5: Rapier +1 Agile (+dex to my mains attacks)
Lvl 6: Corset of Greater Magic Fang (self created, to add +1 to all natural attack)
Lvl 7: Mithril Brestplate +1 (optional cause replaced next level)
Lvl 8: Celestial armor

I didnt listed the "common" item (belt +2 dex, +2 con, +2 cha, even +2 int at some point), cloak of resistance, ring of protection, upgrade to the amulet etc but I took them.

Important Spells:
Lvl 1: Frostbite, Shocking grasp (intensified)
Lvl 2: Alter self (to a troglodyte, 3 natural attack or 1 weapon +2 natural)
Lvl 3: Monstrous Physique I (Charda, 5 attack & small, Gargoyle, 4 attack, Darkvision & Flight, Witchwyrd, 4 attack & darkvision, ...)

a)So first, why Dex and not Str?

I tried both and the dex build have more AC (a few more until level 7, 5 more when I can afford a celestial armor), better reflexes save (the lowest magus save), more HP (14 con vs 12, if I want to keep a dex of 14 with Str build) and only one feat difference (weapon finesse).
The str build do more damage, especially at low level (add str to hit to both weapon and Natural attack at level 1, compared to level 3 and 5 with my dex build) but even later; the str build amulet does not need agile so that 1d6 per hit more damage.

b)Why no Dervish Dance

Because it only affect my mains attack and this build is more oriented to the extra
attack of my forms; I could probably squeez it in but I dont think it' worth it since I wont need a weapon better than +1 agile (my gold is better spent on the amulet of mighty fist or other item imo)

c) Why no Rime/enforcer

As a spontaneus caster I would need an extra feat to make that work (Spontaneus metafocus) and it would only work with one spell and not any spell with cold damage(frostbite would be the obvious choice). I dont think I can afford to get this combo and the intesified shocking grasp one, and I believe this 2nd is more interesting

Note: our campaign will start at level 1 (I know I wont do much at low level) and probably wont go past level 12 or so.

Any comment or advice would be welcome!


I wouldn't agree against touch attack, because if you parry him you touch him (with your weapon but still) so he should be able to deliver the spell; it seem even more obvious with shocking grasp and a metal weapon: why parrying with a piece of metal should protect you from getting electrocuted? :D

Sometime it's better to use common sense than trying to find the one sentence in rules that could make something illogic work ^^