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Hey all,

I come for another advice for my Eldritch Scion Magus (see my Template if you want), this time for his familiar choice.

First, a question regarding the use of items; from FAQ "The following familiars can use spell trigger and spell completion magic items, including wands and scrolls, as well as magic items with a command word: arbiter, brownie, cassisian (in small humanoid form), faerie dragon, imp, leshy (any), liminal sprite, lyrakien, mephit (any type), nosoi, nuglub, pooka, pyrausta, quasit, shikigami, soulbound doll, sprite, and zhyen."

How do they use this items? Do they need to make a Use Magic Device check each time they use one (even though only the faerie dragon have the skill)? If not, what kind of wand/scroll can they use without a check? Arcane, divine, both? From any class?

I get a Familiar at level 1 (via the bloodline option) and will take a sage familiar to gain more variety on skills; with a focus on Charisma rather than Int my character will only get 3 skills points per level.

My goal is to use my familiar for scouting, to complement my skills and to use some wands/scrolls.

At level 1, it will only be a normal familiar and since I want to get some skills as soon as possible he need to speak, so I went with the thrush.

At level 3, it will become an improved familiar and once again I wont have many choice, as I still want him to speak; it's either the Pyrausta or Thrush/Raven with a template (like a Fey touched Thrush to gain an alter self on it so he can pick up and use items). The Pyrausta will probably be the best since he is listed as able to use magic items

At level 5, more option open but I think the best option is the Sprite (it fly perfectly, good stealth, got some usefull spell-like)

It's at level 7 that it really start to shine and where I realy dont know which one to choose.

The Imp (and imp consular at level 8):
+: Good utility spells (most without DC), See in Darkness, telepathy (at level 8)
-: no stealth (I can add it with sage skills point, but that mean less others skills)

+: Good utility spells, traveler's friend (we doing the Jade regent so travel will be often), good skills,
-: no invisibility

+: Spiritsense (Blindsight+detect living and undead)

Faerie Dragon:
+: Cast spells, good skills, telepathy
-: Bad spells (most will be easily resisted at level 7), no special sens (just the "common" darkvision/low light vision)

So what do you think between this 4? or is there some other I didnt see and would fit my need even better?



PS: if you got some good idea about other use of my familiar (like something more combat oriented), pls share too


I come here to look for opinion on advice on my next character.

First let me explain my choice: I love magus, I hate preparing spell; so it point me to the eldritch scion (I know there is another archetype, but it didnt seem very good); I know that the elritch scion is not the best archetype around but I want to be a spontaneus caster.

I read Myrrh, Frankincense, and Steel, Kurald Galain's Guide to the Magus, The hexcrafter magus guide and more. I like the idea of the transmorgifist in the hexcrafter magus guide and I tried to apply it to my build (I cant be a hexcrafter, it's not compatible with Eldritch Scion).

So here is my Build I will explain some choice after:

Race: Half Elf, alternate racial traits Mordant envoy (+1 level for transmutation spell), favored class bonus +1/6 arcana (from elf Blood)

Str 10, Dex 18, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 8, Cha 14 (all increase to dex)

Traits: Magical Lineage (Shocking Grasp); 2nd trait must be a campagn trait (GM decision)

Lineage Arcane:

1) Weapon Finesse, Bloodline Familiar (either one with +1 AC or a Crow with sage archetype)
3) Craft Wondrous item
4) Bloodline: blur, protection from arrows, resist energy or spider climb as a swift action
5) Improved Familiar & Multiattack (-2 on secondary natural attack rather than -5), Arcane accuracy
6) Arcana: Empowered Magic & Flamboyant Arcana
7) Intensified Spell
8) Bloodline: 4th lvl one + Displacement or Haste (self)
9) Spontaneous Metafocus, Accurate strike (maybe retrain Arcane accuracy)

Items (I used the character advancement wealth)
Lvl 3: Amulet of the Mighty Fist with Agile (+Dex to damage of my natural attack)
Lvl 5: Rapier +1 Agile (+dex to my mains attacks)
Lvl 6: Corset of Greater Magic Fang (self created, to add +1 to all natural attack)
Lvl 7: Mithril Brestplate +1 (optional cause replaced next level)
Lvl 8: Celestial armor

I didnt listed the "common" item (belt +2 dex, +2 con, +2 cha, even +2 int at some point), cloak of resistance, ring of protection, upgrade to the amulet etc but I took them.

Important Spells:
Lvl 1: Frostbite, Shocking grasp (intensified)
Lvl 2: Alter self (to a troglodyte, 3 natural attack or 1 weapon +2 natural)
Lvl 3: Monstrous Physique I (Charda, 5 attack & small, Gargoyle, 4 attack, Darkvision & Flight, Witchwyrd, 4 attack & darkvision, ...)

a)So first, why Dex and not Str?

I tried both and the dex build have more AC (a few more until level 7, 5 more when I can afford a celestial armor), better reflexes save (the lowest magus save), more HP (14 con vs 12, if I want to keep a dex of 14 with Str build) and only one feat difference (weapon finesse).
The str build do more damage, especially at low level (add str to hit to both weapon and Natural attack at level 1, compared to level 3 and 5 with my dex build) but even later; the str build amulet does not need agile so that 1d6 per hit more damage.

b)Why no Dervish Dance

Because it only affect my mains attack and this build is more oriented to the extra
attack of my forms; I could probably squeez it in but I dont think it' worth it since I wont need a weapon better than +1 agile (my gold is better spent on the amulet of mighty fist or other item imo)

c) Why no Rime/enforcer

As a spontaneus caster I would need an extra feat to make that work (Spontaneus metafocus) and it would only work with one spell and not any spell with cold damage(frostbite would be the obvious choice). I dont think I can afford to get this combo and the intesified shocking grasp one, and I believe this 2nd is more interesting

Note: our campaign will start at level 1 (I know I wont do much at low level) and probably wont go past level 12 or so.

Any comment or advice would be welcome!