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As the title implies, I wish to check for interest for a voice game I plan to do on Saturdays 730pm for 8pm. GMT +2

Pathfinder system. Still working on the character generation details. But will start out as lvl4s

I'm willing to expand on the world a bit if people are interested

Races : 16RP and below. No race builder. Yah. I know. Sad :(
I will add Spellscales to the list. If interested I will post the build.

Classes: no occult. No gunslinger.. But bolt ace is fine. Also. Unchained. Except monk. Can choose if Unchained or not

As a side note:
If your class or race is in any way linked to dragons. Bloodline or surface, there will be a few things I will explain

Will be looking at 4 players. A friend of mine will join. She is the 5th spot.

Alignment : no evil. No CN.

Opening thread

So here we can just talk. Ask questions etc

Just a placeholder

Hey my fellow Pathfinders. A friend of mine, here in South Africa, has his own youtube channel where he has a Pathfinder game running.

Please go and like and watch South Africans play Pathfinder

Excuse the quirky group....

heh heh. NAh, all good friends of mine.

Enjoy the show!

Hey my fellow Pathfinders. A friend of mine, here in South Africa, has his own youtube channel where he has a Pathfinder game running.

Please go and like and watch South Africans play Pathfinder

Excuse the quirky group....

heh heh. NAh, all good friends of mine.

Enjoy the show!

To avoid too many spoilers, one of the players was captured in Book 2. Since it was stated capture was one of the objectives

Now I am not sure how to proceed. Do I run a separate game just for the hostage? Or do i make a separate game for a rescue attempt, if the others feel they need to try and rescue their companion, or, do I inform the player that he has been interrogated and executed?

If the latter, or if he is interrogated but not killed, do i simply deduct a a large amount of security points from what they have gathered so far?

Dot in people

Dot in people

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Okay here goes
This is an idea that i had a few months ago.
I want to try a RP heavy, so a lot less Roll Play. Stats will be there, but i want to avoid using it as much as possible

Premises :
A lost ARK ship (Advance Race Keys) has crashed on a planet. The species inside are dying. And in the hope to salvage what remains, the ship's AI awakens them. Without any knowledge of the planet, the few who were awakened needs to now survive and carve a living into this new world

Character Creation:
Build a race up to 40RP. The race needs to be plausable in the sense, that if someone wants them to be a fighter, and someone else wants to build wizard with same race it needs to mesh. Like an elf as an example. So no race that was made for fighter type only. Well rounded races

No class... yet. No money either.

So who would like to try a game like this?

I have recently recieved my copy of the W20 Changing Breeds book. Want to join a CB game. Have 2 or 3 character concepts

You are at what seems be a way point for carriages or other transports. No one else there. In fact, it looks like noone has used this station stop in decades. You fear the platform you are on might cave in any second. Yet this is where you are to meet the one who will take you to your employer.

Ooc talking and stuff here

Time to go on an errand for what sounds like a noble. Clean out her tower of nasty creepy crawlies!

Original recruitment

We lost a few players. Have a look at see if you are interested :)

I suggest if and when needed strategise here. I think it's a scary world out there.

Those of you who have Kn: History or Nobility, may roll and I'll inform you of a few things

The night air grew very cold, very quickly as the 5 boats carrying the agents of the Copper Lands approach their destination. Wind was blowing wildly, the night sporting its 2 full moons. Happening only once a year, yet there was no celebration or a relaxing day with the family. It was quiet except for the low chatter of those in the small boats. They would soon reach the small cave that was scouted for them. Once there, their 2 officers that was in charge of the operation would take full command and the mission, still unknown to the troops, will begin. The spellscale would be in charge of the ranged troops, the large bulky half dragon would command the melee and field healers. Both have been part of the main band of troops a few long years. They were stern, but they did a good job in making sure their men and woman were treated well. They were a close family.

You have some time to talk to each other before you reach land.

We need 1 more player. Lvl4-5

First, my introduction. I've been a GM for a few years. Switched to Pathfinder just over a year ago. LOVE it. Just recently started pbp , very nice way to play. Now, this will be my first attempt at a long campaign. I don't mind slow posting. Once a day will be fine. Since this is mostly to see how the campaign runs, taking time to create the world and what happens is important. So story and characters are important. Must flow well together.
Okay, down to the setting :

The world is split into 5 continents, each continent is split in to 2sections.Each continent is ruled by a dragon. Copper and Brass. Gold and bronze. Red and Black, Blue and Green. And finally, the center continent, Silver and White. There is a war, a war played by the Great rulers, Great Wyrms , and the populace are the pawns.
The chromatics are evil, power hungry tyrants, who treat their underlines with distaste, use them for entertainment, even food. Seldom they turn human, always in their dragon form to show the peasants whom they serve
The metallic are the opposite, friendly, kind, just, mercifully. They often travel the lands in mortal guise to see life from their people's eyes.
Dragons keep the world together, every dragon, dragon type, dragon blooded has the power and potential to keep magic stable, for if magic is used outside their influence, wild surges can happen if one does not grasp the magic they are wielding

If i peaked your interest, here is the character creation stuffs :

Character Creation:

1. 30pt buy. No starting stat over 18, before race modifies
2. Any race from PG and ApG , as long as it's RP is less than 21. No race building.
3. No evil allignments
4. No anti paladins or gunslinger
5. 2 Traits
6. Max HP for first 3 levels. Rest is half+1.
7. Start at level 5
8. Max gold for level
9. No items more than +2 enhancement

Short background needed so i can see what and who you are. After that longer one would be appreciated, but not compulsory.

Story for characters : You are in the lands of the copper dragon. Very much like grass and plains, few mountains. You are asked, volunteered or assigned, your choice. To accompany a small insurgency team into Black Dragon territory on a covert mission.

Side note : If you play either a kobold or a sorcerer with dragon bloodline , you will have served a dragon in person. Either as servent, apprentice etc. Think of it as how merlin served Arthur. Lower class with privileges.
Sorcerers with the dragon bloodline get 1 additional power. 1+Charisma mod per day, they can either have some one cast magic without fear of wild surge for 1 minute per use, or on themselves, same effect.

Hope that is everything :-P
Hope you enjoy

Only a handful of other Pathfinders, most of them initiates,
walk the halls near the office of Venture-Captain Ambrus Valsin.The Grand Lodge’s chamberlain sits behind an organized desk,
reading a recently printed chronicle, and tapping his finger on
an elaborate open envelope, the only sound in the eerily silent
Pathfinder Society headquarters.
“Can you believe this place?” Valsin calmly asks, keeping his
eyes squared on his chronicle. “Almost every agent worth her
salt is off in Varisia right now. I bet you the Heidmarchs’ manor
has more Pathfinders in it than this place.”
Valsin finishes his reading and places the document on the
desk, while sliding the envelope forward.
“Desna smiles upon us that I have you fine agents here,
as I doubt anyone else in Absalom is better qualified for this
mission. I won’t lie, this is probably one of the trickiest tasks
I’ve ever had to send a group of Pathfinders on, and much rides
on its success. I need you to attend a wedding. And not just any
wedding, mind you, but a Blakros wedding.”
“The Blakros family is one of the wealthiest families in
Absalom—in the entire Inner Sea region, even—and we’ve
cultivated a good working relationship with them over the
years. In two days, Michellia Blakros is getting married to the
former Hellknight Damian Kastner, and because of security
concerns, we only got our invitation this morning. I won’t bore
you with specifics, but sufficed to say, the Society has a lot of
interest in this wedding, as some of our agents had a hand in
helping it along.”“The wedding is taking place on a secluded summer retreat on nearby Pariol Island, which the Blakroses own. There are two
boats heading there before the first wedding festivities. One
is a small supply runner set to leave in an hour that could get
you there early tomorrow morning. The next is a larger ship
that will transport the majority of the guests in the morning.
Your travel is paid for of course, but you’ll need to get on one
of those two vessels.”
With a grave nod, Valsin passes over the envelope containing
the invitation, and continues. “Also, you’ll need to peace-bond
any weapons when you arrive on the island, and I’d recommend
only wearing your finest armor, if you wear any at all. We’re
not too concerned about security at the wedding, but making
a good impression on the Blakroses and their guests is key to
your mission. You’ll need to mingle, and get on the good sides
of as many people as you can. I can’t stress this point enough:
This is a social gathering, and the Society could really use the
extra clout with all our current efforts being so far abroad. I
don’t care if you save the wedding from a dragon, find out the
bride is a doppelganger, or discover some grand plot to take
over the Inner Sea—I only care that you leave this wedding
having made people happy and improving our standing among
the attendees! Are we understood?”

He waits around a bit in case any of you have some questions for him.

Also, you may make Knowledge History or Nobilty checks

Pfs numbers here please : 59626

This game is full.

Was instructed to post here. My group will soon reach a fork in the road. It will decide where game goes from here. Want to post the situation. Feedback will be appreciated. Hope this forum is correct.

Running a campaign at home, and players will soon reach a turning point. Want some advice if I'm doing the right thing or how to change it. Is this the right place to ask for said advice and input