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Valeros! Keep your eyes on the enemy!

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Mavrickindigo wrote:
If Paizo doesn't do it, I might think of a "sailor senshi" of the golarian star system. Sailor Eox, Sailor Castrovel, Sailor Triaxus...

... Sailor Aucturn...

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Probably Shelyn, Arshea, Nethys, and Brigh.

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Is this going to be about Heaven and the LG outsiders specifically? Or is it all three celestial planes collectively?

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The Church of Norgorber is slightly more organized internationally, and most individual cells have members devoted to all of his aspects, rather than specialized and independent cults.

Spoilers to Reign of Winter:
Rasputin Must Die! involved time travel and present-time Golarion is synchronized with modern-day Earth instead of the early 20th century. Mostly because I have plans for the party to travel to Earth during Act 2 or 3 of the campaign, and don't want to have to go through the additional effort of researching 1920s Massachusetts and NYC to the degree they'd be expecting of me.

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Hayato Ken wrote:

There´s a lot more to Calistria than that.

Good point. Boobs, wine, and wasps.

He was my first PC, a Taldan paladin of Shelyn. Not very creative, I know.

Gunny wrote:
How many pages?