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Still think he shoulda worn a kilt. THEN, maybe, we would've awarded his dad with The Freedom of the City of Edinburgh.

Pure-breeds get enough love. Give moots love too.

Mairkurion {tm} wrote:

Oh my gosh! OH MY GOSH! All my money troubles are over!

** spoiler omitted **...

About time that fat boy pays what he owes me.

Of coursh, ma dear.

Is this anything like buggery?

Because I'm in favor of that.

Ahh... time for the after-lunch nap.

Not now, Moneypennah, Pussy Galore was here firsht.

Do you expect me to talk?

Sharoth wrote:
Tal_Akaan wrote:
Well there goees another $40.
+1! ~grins~ I love it. Between the APG, the UM, and the UC, most character options will be covered. Now, if only they would do something for the poor rogues out there.

Poor rogues?!? I'll have ye know that those 'poor rogues' out there are richer than the Queen of Bloody England!

Treppa wrote:
Naturally - it was a beautifully crafted, insightful piece of prose. Now it is lost to the ages. Weep, ye men!

Real men do not weep. We bury our tears deep into our soul so they may transform themselves into chest hair.

You're the man now, dog!

But of course you are, dear.

Gary Teter wrote:

Of courshe, Moneapenna.

Goodbye, darlings!

It's been fun, but they are promising lots of viagra.

DM Wellard wrote:

Well looks like once again I'm the only Scot posting in a thread regarding Scotland.Mind you I live up the top end and Glasgow is a foreign country ;)

Jeremy I'll just say that you and you other half will be made most welcome .Just remember not to get into any discussions over Politics, Religion or Football(soccer for our American Friends)Come to think off it in Glasgow..those are one topic not three

What about golf? ;)

new page!

Darth Morwena wrote:
Abbigail the Glass wrote:
Darth Morwena wrote:
..... OK, so I wasted my evil laugh. Well it is nice here, I think I'll stay around for awhile. It beats the heck outta the other threads.
You could help us try and figure out why threads get so long if you'd like.

My dear, I am the embodiment of evil, I don't "help". I will do nothing to help your cause.


Of course, darling.

By the way, you just did help... ;)

C'mon, laddie. Stop falling below the fold and hold yerself up like a real man!

Come now, get back up over the fold!

Ah, laddie... why don't you just take a rest... sit down right over there and don't worry about it. It will all be okay.

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How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

Chuck_Norris wrote:
I'm Chuck Norris, and I don't approve of Ben Affleck.

Of course you don't, darling.

Aye, they were two of my favorites as well.

Yer off to a good start, lass. Just keep the posts comin'.

Tiny Tina wrote:
I see why Dave said you need help.

Aye, yer but a wee lass!

If you go to the My Account link up in the bar above (^), you just need to edit the account you're posting with and choose one of the avatar images at the bottom of the page. There's quite a few, so I recommend browsing a bit before you settle on one...

Welcome to the neverending thread!

That was a good start. Let's see some more!

C'mon now! We're almost there!

You don't want falter now when we're so close...

Yes, darling

Celestial Healer wrote:
I love the fact that a feel-good thread about Paizo now has a dead hippy in it.

Gah! Is that what I've been smelling? I thought Eastwood ate a patchouli bag or something.

Do you two gents need help with the lad?