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Greetings fellow adventurers
The Seekers of Legend Epic Fantasy RPG (SoL) Is a roleplaying game based on the Open Gaming License 1.0a and the Kickstarter has been Launched somewhat in a response to the PF2 playtest. The system is designed to act as a backwards compatible successor to both Paizo's Premier RPG and the 3rd iteration of the oldest and most popular Fantasy RPG.

SoL is set to have a significantly higher base power level for both players and monsters, as an example during Character creation if you choose the Point-buy system it will assume that each player begins with 30 points for an average game, with 25 or lower for the low-power options and 35 for high-power campaigns. However, to compensate for the significantly boosted character base power there will be a host of improvements applied to Monsters, as an example Dragons will have DR Adamantine and magic and their fear aura will be constantly active.

If you want more information there will be a Stream tonight at 6PM EST on Twitch or you can check out the various Social media pages:
Kickstarter: http://kck.st/2YWXePT
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/bardicdm
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4yqoNKlROm3daTbPSy5V6A
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SeekersofLegend
Teespring: https://teespring.com/Seekers-of-Legend?9cb0b2038a#pid=373&cid=100034&a mp;sid=front

Regards Ronin_Knight

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Hi folks I'm trying to figure out a build for a level 8 NPC antagonist for the party, each party member has an established enemy and this Ifrit Witch Killer's the one for our Aasimar sorcerer.

I've used rolled for the perosnal foes with the same rules as the party, which once I factored in the 2 stat bonuses looked like this:

so any thoughts on what sort of build would complement the witch killer archetype?

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Hi folks
I'm trying to find a template, though it may be something I imagined, the template was called Immortal or something similar and it made the creature unable t die and gave it damage reduction that as only negated by obscure substances, examples given were things like glasss and gold.

So I was wondering if anyone else remembered the template and where it could be found? I think it was in a 2010-2012 publication.

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Hi folks
T recently got my hands on the official Critical Role Tal'dorei campaign setting from green Ronin, however it's only produced for 5th ed, so I've look over the class options and trying to work out how to convert the existing class options in to viable pathfinder options. I hve created base versions, but I was hoping you fine folks could let me know what you think in regards to their balance and how they compare to their origin which I've also included.
In the document are:
The Juggernaut Barbarian
The Runechild Sorcerer
The Monk of the Cobalt soul
Tal'dorei class options

Apart form this I'm considering a bloodrager version of the runechild and potentially remaking the blood hunter class

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Hi guys
I'm a couple of weeks away from starting the 'escape from old Korvosa section' my party didn't find the knivesies portion of the game to be particularly enjoyable and the characters they're running aren't likely to play games with Pilts. So I was considering changing the first part of the adventure in to a variation of the house on Hook Street.

My basic idea was that instead of Pilts becoming interested in Salavator the spider cults sees his prophetic visions as a potential source of power.

I'm still working on how I'd remodel it to work properly but wondered what people thought of the combination?

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Hi Folks
I'm going to be running a campaign in the Forgotten realms in the near future. I'm decently familiar with the setting in general and have all the relevant books. I was hoping the fine folks here could help me out with a couple of things:
1: any sources for forgotten realms specific material converted to Pathfinder. I don't mind doing the conversion myself but at the same time the less background conversion work I need to do, the more I can focus on campaign development.
2: any suggestions on integrating the villain codex organisations into Faerun, the sword coast in particular. I have my own ideas but alternative perspectives are always welcome.

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Hello Folks

I'm currently in the early stages of customising content for a kingmaker I'm looking to run in the, hopefully, not too distant future and one of the first things I wanted to modify was of course our main villain.

Most recently I looked back at the Horror adventure books and thought that making Nyrissa a Cursed lord who can only truly die when slain with Briar. Her domain would be her realm Thousand breaths but the anchor would be the castle of Knives, so she believes if she traps the anchor in one of her bottles that she will be free to roam the planes once more.

Beyond the probable use of the cursed lord template I've had a few other ideas for modifying or outright redesigning our main villain, I'm hoping to get some feedback:

1: use existing templates, possibly including Orthos' Half-jabberwock template from the 'I don't believe in Fairies' thread or the Tome of Horror 'Debased fey' template. it doesn't get me exactly what I'm looking for but it's the least work and guarantees it remains a balanced challenge.

2: I create custom templates, some rough drafts of which I'll post here later, this let's me get closer to concept I have in mind while also making me a bit more reliant on feedback to ensure the end result is fun for my players to face.

3: my original plan, before i started considering balance, take a leaf out of the fellnight queen's playbook and rebuild Nyrissa as a unique fey warped by the influence Count Ranalc, the eldest who removed her ability to love and her own ritual involving the blood of the Jabberwock.

So can I get thoughts on these ideas so far?

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Hello folks I'm looking for Players for a Pathfinder Campaign, I'm currently planning to Run the Curse of the Crimson Throne Hardback edition but I am open to other options if players have a different preference.
I am looking for 2-4 players to join the campaign, all levels of experience welcome, which will be starting in early January based at a Local cafe/bar The Snow Goose. For more information about the game either ask here or PM me.
for more information on the venue check their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheSnowGooseCafeBar/?fref=ts

Hope to hear from you soon.

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Hi all

my home-brew campaign has recently gone on Hiatus thanks to conflicting schedules, the players who can still make it want to go through an AP so far they're leaning towards WotR but are open to pretty much any of the ones I own, so I'm looking for 3-4 players who might be interested in a campaign, planned to start in September but can be sooner if I get a group together, based either in Manchester's northern quarter, probably at Fanboy3, or Macclesfield in Cheshire depending on what easiest for the majority of players.

feel free t ask any questions you might have here or PM me.

best wishes Chris/Ronin

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Please note as stated above this thread will contain spoilers for wrath of the righteous and Iron Gods, right with that out of the way:

So by the end of Wrath of the Righteous we have potentially two deceased demon lords with hint at the redemption of a third, throw that in with the likelihood of Iron god's being the source of the Ascended AI deity I'm wondering whether we will see these change implemented?

Personally I'd love to see Nocticula the redeemed and who they'd replace Deskarri and Baphomet with.

Do you lot have any ideas on that demonic replacement front?