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The fact that you guys actually had ideas with where to go with Macharius's curse made it actually fun for me too. I assume you've by now read how hard it really should have been to lift it and so when Harsk stormed in with Greater Restoration, I just figured a true Herald of Iomedae could harness the power to break it and let it go :)

Before that I was following the first line of thought for Wish and just about to announce it would take months to get Macharius back.

Should have probably been the other way around based on spell levels, but Harsk happened.

Let's not talk about that cloak thou.

Oh boy do I enjoy reading these more and more as time goes by. I honestly don't recall any of the chapter 63 events (doesn't mean it didn't happen), but the best part is that I don't care as I can relax and read your work of it. Tear baiting at the end was very kind of you too. Let's hope rest of the guys read it too :)

Regarding chapter 62, as I was saying yesterday, the pacing was good but re-reading I still didn't feel the tension that I hoped to find. Honestly thou, I recall the throne room being bit of a waltz for you guys, so maybe that was more of me bothered with how easy I made it rather than your writing.

Now time to write some action again!

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After reading last two, I don't mind you taking breaks if it improves your writing at such scale! :)

It might also be the fact that we are done with the campaign I can finally take a more relaxed approach to reading it.. But where is that NobodysHome guy/girl/it now that we are closing in the finale!?

The way you captured Saffron here is.. wonderful! You deliver justice to a character that is played differently compared to the rest of you guys :)

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Damn this one was a joy to read! Great flavor added and combat well summarised with just enough detail. Now stop excusing about lack of RP (you had plenty of it in this one and the session was literally combat only) and bring on the Wrath! :)

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For many of the maps that have been made for roll20 use (mine and DM's for example), the easiest way to align them to grid is by moving the map to map-layer, then right click it > "advanced" > "set dimensions" and give it the exact pixel size the image is on your pc. After figuring this out I haven't touched the "Align to Grid" -tool as I've only used (or made) maps for specially use.

I'm a bit worried about the pace of your writing Tomi! At this speed we will have new rulers South of Brevoy before this tale reaches its climax!

Now that book is just brutal.. And exactly the kind of silliness the player might be expecting. I might want to tone down it a bit so that his campaign doesn't end right before the end, but certainly keeping some of it and maybe even combine the insanity with visions of the Oliphaunt.

Thanks for that! Exactly the kind of minor detail that I wasn't aware of and couldn't think to find.

Weeeeell.. Not like the answer was already in the book! :D

That is most likely where I even subconsciously got the idea for that Mhar scenario in the first place. Reading those pages 1,5 yaers ago.

Thanks for pointing it out! :)

Back again to pick your brain for ideas! This time with a PC that was introduced late (in Runeforge) to the campaign. The player of this PC is also new to our campaign, but as the hobby is all about having fun, I figured we could make it work.

His character is a Dimensional Occultist Witch, whom Patron (via Ratling familiar Mr. Jenkins) is whispering to her ear about a Great Tome of Mysteries, lost in history, that she should find for reasons unknown to her (or known to me either at this point). She is in manic search of that book and is trusting her Patron to guide her teleporting as she is trying to imagine places where such book could be hidden. A lot of mishaps happen and she ends up places, like Runeforge, but she has now gained enough knowledge to be certain that whatever she is searching, should be hidden in Xin-Shalast.

Now first thought of mine was to have her patron be Mhar, who is guiding her to release him from his slumber.. But as a first time GM I don't know how I would go about awakening a slumbering mountain.. And what that would require and how should I let the players know what is about to happen before the PC reads a verse in a book and unleashes the beast. Another version I have in my head, is that there is no book but Mhar is using her to guide rest of the group to destroy the "Occlusion Field" and have her accidentally do this when they defeat Karzoug.

I also know that the player himself is big on all that Lovecraft, and so I was looking if any of the other Great Old ones would make sense as a Patron, but as myself have very limited knowledge of Lovecraftian twists, I wouldn't know where to go with that either..

Last idea is to have her find a book that grants Mythic Powers (other PCs have those, didn't want to confuse new player with them and gave her bigger PB instead), but that feels like a veeeeery cheap twist. But then I keep wondering if I should keep it simple as we are closing in to finish the campaign.

But I'm open for any cool ideas!

Could you riddle me this: I really wanna build "The Boss", but what is the purpose of TWF here when reloading guns provokes AoO? Wouldn't it be better to just have that Agile Cestus for Close Combat and use the Pistol when out of melee range? Is it really woth the AoO to have one/two additional attacks? Am I not seeing something?

Cheers for the input! I however don't consider Primalist as an option, as it takes away from the flavor of Draconic bloodline. I'm more interested in adding to that flavor via other archetypes.

Hi there! I'm trying to wrap my head around best way to approach my to-be-20pb Kingmaker Draconic Bloodrager. DM has announced that he will allow one Archetype and so I had my head already set with Rageshaper, untill they released Bloody-Knuckled Rowdy. I'm not so much looking to be optimal, rather than understand what works together and what doesn't.

RP wise my idea is to play a castaway from Numeria, who has from young age grown among Rostlanders and stories of Aldori swordlords and fancies himself as a sword wielding champion himself one day, clueless of his bloodline of Brass Dragons. He hasn't unleashed his bloodraging powers and won't be doing so until pushed to the limit for reasons to be unravel when the campaign starts.

Let's get to it!

For attributes I'd go:

  • STR 16(+2), DEX 14, CON 15, INT 7, WIS 9, CHA 13
  • Certainly some suboptimal, but character (RP) wise fitting mental stats. I'm open for thoughts on this?

I'm quite certain of Half-Orc as the race of my choice, with only few clear racial features setting him apart from the human population and traits to suit this. For that reason I won't get toothy either, so I will be playing around with claws only until Helm of the Mammoth Lord comes along.

Draconic Bloodline itself is quite clear as is, but mixing it with Archetypes is what gives me headache:

  • Rageshaper - Seems to only really give Bestial Aspect (Su) as absence of polymorph spells leaves Furious Transformation (Su) awkward..?
  • Bloody-Knuckled Rowdy - Seems to give a ton more, but how does it mix with claws? With Hand-to-Hand Training (Ex) out scaling claws at level 6.

To break it apart, the only clear benefit from Rageshaper would be the "increase the damage done by that attack by one die" -line, but even that can get quite confusing as (based on my extensive googling) best discussed here: How does that "one die" bonus function? To my knowledge, there still isn't clear ruling on what does it really mean? "Die size"? "By one step"? "Damage die type"? Or one actual die as written? If it really is as written, then with INA and Enlarge added to the mix it can get quite silly as explained at the end of that discussion.

Bloody-Knuckled Rowdy on the other hand seems a ton more flavorful with the addition of style feats, but then I get confused if/how it will mix with claws? Feral Combat Training will do me some good (and confuse me even more), but will I keep the claw scaling as explained on Draconic bloodline, going from 1d6 to 1d8 at level 8? Or follow Hand-to-Hand Training (Ex) ("At 3rd level, a bloody-knuckled rowdy deals unarmed damage as a monk of a level equal to his bloodrager level – 2.") scaling and hit 1d8 by level 6? Will the attacks be treated as Natural Attacks (2 claw attacks, despite the BAB), or Unarmed Attacks (with iterative attacks?) with Feral Combat Training?

Getting those cleared, I would be able to move on to feats. Currently I wish I'd understand how the latter works with claws as it opens whole new opportunities to flavor the Hidden Dragon even further rather than just make it hit harder.

Gargs454 wrote:

Ask 5 people an alignment question and you are likely to get 5 different answers. Or maybe 7.

That said, I kind of think of Robin Hood as the ultimate CG character. In the case of Kingmaker, he could be looking to help create a land where everyone is equal while at the same time helping to rid the world of the evil creatures in the Stolen Lands.

The first part of your reply is exactly why I asked.. To get some ideas and maybe brew some of it in to my character :)

And right there you gave an good example! My head is stuck with too much of a CG hippies and I'm failing to come up with goals and motivation for those hippies.

Robin Hood as sort of Kurgess vibe too which would work with what I got in my mind otherwise. Thanks for the reply!

We are about to start Kingmaker sometime in the future and while we are finishing our Runelords, I'm already trying to work my initial character ready.

For reasons: Draconic Bloodrager of Brass (CG) Dragons blood, I want to bring that dragons blood out in the personality of the character as well.

I'm having bit of a writers block because while I can come up with CG personalities, I can't really think reasons that would make them candidates for the premise set by the Kingmaker Player's Guide. What would CG characters motive be for taking a role of a leader?

So I'd like to hear stories of your CG Kingmakers and what made them take part on this adventure?

Oh that Mark on Alice.. Can't wait to see how you write that event up :D

Oh Dark Heresy could also be an option.. But after buying the rule book it quickly hit me how easy Paizo has made starting the hobby for group of 30-something nerds with a lot of open source material to study at little spare time, instead of requiring everyone to own every book from get go. Over the span of this campaign me and every player has slowly collected hardcover and digital paizo material, but I wonder if everyone is willing to buy new books for new system or if they want to continue with what they already own and have wrapped their head around.

so cheers to Paizo for getting us in to this hobby.

I'd say we are saving that discussion for now. As we are bunch of newbies, there is sort of curiosity to go ahead and try a full blown sandbox campaign. After experiencing how much work it takes to just prepare AP sessions, I'm sceptical any of us has really time to run one.. So after a while we might go back to AP's.

But that is just my current opinnion. I know certain ranger player is dreaming a bit of some worldbuilding :)

Well I'd rather not fill this topic up with it, but as you mentioned, the Shining Children sure do work for their buck. I let Tomi write it up as Alpharius was the only one not suffering blindness or death by the end of it and he had Harsk laying at his feet :)

So no, they didn't completely perish. They finished the session at the cliffhanger where Alice has just created their first Dominant weapon.. But as they were finishing, they were still discussing which wing they have to clear next.. :(

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Name of PC: Harsk
Race/Class/Level: Dwarf Cleric of Iomedae 14/Mythic 2
Adventure: Sins of the Saviors - The Iron Cages of Lust
Catalyst: "There is no negotiating with demons!"

After exhausting most of their resources while dancing through the Shimmering Veils with ease, the party had got over confident when they reached the Cathedral of Seduction. They sneaked past the daughters, cut trough the giants and caused an alarm which allowed Delvahine to be prepared. Instead of being initially hostile, she welcomed them at her Chambers, furious ofcourse for them to sneak up on her like that, but aware how easily they had cut trough her servants. She tried to have them state their business and be gone, but Harsk the Cleric of Iomedae wasn't going to allow a demon be left alive..

After few rounds of combat Harsk is fighting the daughters with his holy sword when he feels a burning touch at his back, he turns around to see one of the Shining Children reaching at him with its alien arms. Harsk tries to recover by channeling Iomedae's healing powers and raising his shield, but that recovery was short lived when the Shining Child went for another round of burning touches, scorching Harsk from inside.

You are correct, one of them (the magus, who also brought up the complaint) has come to the conclusion that they only need something from Lust to be done in Runeforge. Rest of them didn't seem to pay too much attention to his thoughts thou, ignoring the clues.

They spent their only prepared Protection From Evil at the end of Pride against the succubus clones, just before sneaking in to Lust. I let them see the daughters of Delvahine playing up in the roof and Cleric acknowledged that he wouldn't have more Protections to cast, so they came up with a plan to sneak past the girls in to the chambers. As noted, they then cut the giants in half in a flash, but not fast enough to prevent alarm and that is where we will continue tomorrow. Delvahine is ready with her buffs and will try to reason with "The beasts that crash in to her chambers, slay her man servants and most of all interrupt her in middle of important matters.. Who is the fool that sent you? What do you want?" ..she tries to get rid of them as described in the chapter. If that won't work then she will certainly bring it all down on them with the daughters and the shining children and blame them for it.

I guess it might just be their frustration of getting no real clues out of Gluttony (1st) and Wrath (2nd) and now that they got one from Pride, for some reason most of them fail to recognize it.

Oh am I glad I asked! So a gold-clad Warpriest of Pharasma and Champion of Greed shall be made. At Karzoug's stat block it mentions him having stats done by 25 point buy while others are 15, so I assume Viorian is built 15 point buy as well? I haven't quite figured how hit points are calculated for humanoid NPCs in the book, but I guess it shoudn't go too much off if I hand wave it in the direction of Viorian's HP based on how much CON I have for the Warpriest.

Has anyone else experienced a sort of diconnect (if that is right word for this?) for players in Runeforge? One of my players brought it up as he was getting bit bored of grinding the wings (done with Gluttony, Wrath and Pride. Currently in Lust) as he felt there was no room for RP happening even if they did joke about hiring the cloned Delvahines. He did recognise the issue partially on players side, as they have sort of fallen in to tunnel vision after clearing Wrath with ease and facing no real resistance since. They kick in doors and press forward, sort of waiting for getting the "Runeforge complete -achievement" to happen.

I know Delvahine for example will try give them a sort of RP encounter (changing a bit after they sneaked in to her tent and cut the giants in half in one round, she will try to talk them to leave and let her be), but after seeing their reaction on the clones, I doubt they let her bargain for too long before going for the kill. I'm not quite certain what I could do on my part to help them get off the mindset, but has anyone else experienced this and how did you handle it?

Well the reason I'm asking is because the AC consequences mean that the PCs would hit home more than 75% of the time dropping him in a flash. I'd rather see him have a slightly longer lifeline and so in lack of own ideas, came asking :)

I do have considered just keeping the stats as is and only flavor him to be fighting with a two-handed sword, but as evident, got great ideas from here already.

Ian Bell, I really like that idea, but I'd also like to leave the backdoor of redemption open (as detailed on Viorian) and considering how Ordikon has lost his ability to learn and difficulty of retaining memories, I'd think the gold-clad brother would have hard time returning from the mindless being controlled by Chellan? It could be said that the brother just hasn't yet have the burden of years similar to Ordikon and destruction of the runewell would slowly reverse the gold-clad effect.

Well that is certainly the sort of brain work I was hoping. I mean.. I.. Wow :D

I think Combat Expertise would work. I'd rather have him last a bit longer than be nailed down by instant arrows.. But you just couldn't stop there and now I'm drooling over the idea of Warpriest. But not one of Lamashtu. The player has also made clear that this brother believed in the deity of Pharasma and wouldn't that be wonderful excuse to go and pick up a Chellan because you know finding such weapon must be fate. Rise of Karzoug has been prophesied by the divine. Or should I not?

I sort of like the agile version too.. But given that his character is an archer ranger and he has described the brother being more sturdy, I'd think his finesse is more about strength.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I will certainly look into building that Warpriest and see if I can build it to fit the part.

Once again throwing my sad cries of help around here, but the situation is this: To bind the background of one of my players PC's in to the overall arch of the story, active user of the forums and avid reader of my players PC's journal, NobodysHome came up with a devious plan of placing this PC's brother in place of Viorian Dekanti in The Pinnacle of Avarice.

I am so grateful for the idea and I've already put it partially in action by allowing a single scrying momentarily bypass the occluding field to give some foreshadowing, but now that the K-Day is closing in (ending Runeforge by the end of the week), I find myself attempting to rebuild a AP character for a first time and feel a bit overwhelmed.

The player is adamant, that the brother of his PC is master of the martial art of two handed sword fighting (and so in the vision he had a golden great sword, Chellan modified) but if I just swap the shield & scimitar along the feats to great sword & 2H feats, the Champion will lose 7 AC (and maybe something else I'm ignoring?) which will most likely be quite critical for his welfare. Sure he will also deal way more damage, but I'm wondering if someone with more experience could help me wrap my head around a solution to keep his defences up without just handing him 7 natural armor "because Karzoug"..?

There certainly will be the "DONT KILL HIM! HE IS MY BROTHER!" aspect to this.. But after few slashes of Chellan that should turn in to "KILL HIM, CUFF HIM AND REVIVE HIM!"

Dropping the shield, I do have that much gold available to be used on something else.. Or should I rebuild his stats completely from ground up? Maybe even as some other class completely?

Any wise words from more experienced minds are welcome on how to handle such situation? Hand wave

Shameless plug wrote:
And in case someone reaaally wants to catch up on these events, the player writes a reaaally well written journal from the perspective of his character, which can be found here: Alpharius's Journal.

Yeeeah I'm really satisfied how this session turned out, given that I had tasked Alice's player to create a MAP where he'd think she could find a celestial armor. He had not heard the description of Harsk's scrying at the time of making the map. I had then of course prepared something for the map.. and then completely forgotten about it (this was easily 6 months back).

So when at the start of session I start to hear their discussion divert towards "Lets not pursue the dragon for now! How about this map I got?", I panicked and tried to pull something together, knowing what Alice's player would expect from the trip..

2-3 hours later and I'm grinning inside for the twists I managed add on to it.. Even the set up of the ruby toyed with their heads as I hoped. There were couple flaws in details of Thassilonian continuation that I gave them (via speak with dead mainly), but knowing how well the players remember details, I didn't worry too much :)

I had an itch with one of the Runeforge maps and so I redid it to be more accurate with the scale of other wings and ignoring the "1 square = 10 feet" as written on book. That scale went against other measures mentioned of the wing and just create needlessly large rooms compared to any other wing. I will most likely do a retake on few other wings that I couldn't get roll20 light maps working as I'd like. Having line thin walls be visual on both sides of the grid makes creating light maps so much nicer and clearer.

So here is my take on:

Sins of the Saviors - The Halls of Wrath

Hope these do some good to anyone who had same issues as I did.

Oh the bards still sing songs of Alpharius the Chicken all around Varisia. Alfred doesn't recall telling the tale but somehow it just got out there.

And no.. I didn't remember that ring, but then again.. I really didn't want to kill Alpharius did I? Considering it was during the live session where I posted something silly on this thread with Tomi's account :P

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One of my favorites! ..and no, it's not the fever talking :)

Tomi Heikkinen wrote:
I spun a "Dark Side of the Force" kind of aspect into Alpharius's moment of ascension which Riding Bull did not include originally. I felt it apt to remind that there is another side of the coin when it comes to gaining such power. And I admit that I was inspired by the effects of a certain tunnel to Alpharius in a certain magical place that we are currently exploring in our game...

This also serves as a reminder that while this Journal is based on events of our game, it is in the end filled with sort of fan fiction moments that sometime go against the actual events. I consider this to be fine and this is why somewhere around end of book 2 I stopped correcting Tomi for anything but spelling, allowing him his creative freedom.

In game their Mythic Powers came from old powerful scrolls from (true neutral source) elemental planes (written in Thassilonian), basically turning them into Fantastic Four (with no seen or felt strings attached) when the 4 pages were activated. Llamashtu or wrath had no part in it. So no "other side of coin" is actually supposed to be there as the powers came from true neutral artifacts.

I felt the urge to clear this as it was quit a different feel I got from what I read earlier today compared to how it was played out in game.

But as always, I really enjoyed the write up :)

Playing on roll20 and using maps made by either officially, or by community, so I sort of rely on something "official" all the time.

I wish I'd have time to make all the maps myself, but I have too high standards for my own creations to keep up with the pace we are playing :(

K3, Barracks and training hall says: "Each of the 20-foot-square side rooms.." referring to 2x2 rooms in book. Correct me if I'm wrong but either way it doesn't add up there?

And sadly those two (Teleportation Circles and Side Rooms) are the only two references to size I can find in the book..

Am I wrong thinking that The Halls of Wrath should be scaled to 1 square = 5 feet instead of the 10 feet as printed on the book?

I tried to search for it from the forums and errata but couldn't locate anything agreeing (or disagreeing) with me.

I'm also iffy on some of the other map scales (greed is huge maze of corridors of nothing), but as long as the corridor leading to the seven wings match the 10 feet width, I accept them as is.

I apologize for my behavior! We indeed had live session at Tomi's and I couldn't resist the child in me to go and post something with his account as I was running the campaign on his computer :P

On topic.. Well I did try!

Man you delivered! Really well written with all the pieces that matter in and on spot :)

I love the improvement you've done with your writing (trying to promote more friends in to this hobby and reading you first chapter now..)

Moments of fumble you mean! ..poor Teraktinus.

But yeah.. That "barrage" is and was my problem from GM point of view aswell.. On one hand I'd like to send them all at you at first sound of battle, but on the other it would then result with one long fight and ton of empty rooms which would probably be boring aswell (Sandpoint Glassworks, search for the remaining runner goblins).

Over a year ago before we started this campaign, I read a GM/dungeon building advice to not have empty rooms as they serve story wise no purpose, but having room after an other filled with combat encounters seems bit complicated to explain as well.

Jam412 wrote:
Has anyone made an expanded list of results for the Thassilonian library under Jorgenfist? I figure my PCs will be eager to research more than just two topics.

I wish I had searched/made for one.. I hand waved other questions with the little I was able to remember only to find the available knowledge of Runeforge few chapters later.

Definitely something someone with spare time should look into making!


Just two and a draw of a card as we use the fumble deck. I think it said something like: Your opponent gains control of your weapon (fort negates), which he also fumbled..

My silly little write up caught no discussion so I'm gonna try go straight to the point and ask how would you do it despite of party/overall situation.

So how would you introduce Mythic to your game this deep in to the campaign? Old discussions would have me do it by the first runewell in book 1, but unfortinately I'm bit late for it.

My own ideas, which I'm sceptical about, consist of:

- Mummy's scroll is yet to be opened and when it is popped, some sort of effect is released (scream/gas/light?) that generally diseases everyone around, but PCs overcome it and instead gain on it.
- Desna or Iomedae approaches the PCs to offer them a divine favor to battle the abominations of Lamashtu.
- They discover a Tome in the Library that grants them ascension.
- Killing mythic creatures (M would be the first) gives everyone present Mythic powers, along the lines of killing Dragons in Skyrim.

I'm not fully satisfied with any of my ideas and would appreciate some discussion on this topic.

NH I totally agree.. After all the build up I tried to make for him.. Seeing him fall so fast was a bit disappointing :(

But daaaamn that discussion with Conna the Wise, ladies and gentlemen, is fine example of what follows from half arsed preparation of info-feed.

Having read the chapter tens of times now, I sort of knew by hearth what she knows, but as we play in Finnish, I wasn't able to just read and repeat lines from the book the parts I didn't remember, so instead I tried to eye it some, pick key points and literally just say something about it.

So end result during session was along the lines of "she then mentions.. umm.. hold on.. no she doesn't.." times ten. I ended up re-feeding the players what she said in written form after the session, but it is evident the damage had been done already..

I really should start writing those speeches in Finnish when preparing.

It is well written Tomi, but almost every line goes south from what she was supposed to say.. And only I can take the blame from that :)

But then:
Alfred happened.. :)

I recently got myself the Mythic Adventures book and now want to implement Mythic tiers into our campaign. I have figured power granted by the gods to be most natural scenario and have sort of figured the ascension, but there is just one bump on the road to Mythic..

The Cleric of Iomedae in the party is as NG as he can be, spending most of his time drinking and making his decisions on a whim sometimes based on his deity and other times based on his gut that says otherwise. He is the type that doesn't quite live as he preaches, but he still does preach in her name and dedicates plenty of his time spreading her message. Not the shiniest of her Knights, yet she is about to approach him and his group, for she has noticed their prowess and chosen them to face a darkness that is gathering in the west.

Actual question: Given that she seems to be rather strict deity, I figured she couldn't just descend for them, grant some divine power and be gone. I feel she should address her disciple and scold him for his unruly actions before she will embrace them by granting mythic powers. But should she be pointing out the wrong doings by being harsh and demanding (which I haven't been IC or OOC even if the player has been bit off from his chosen goddess)? Or be more benevolent and guiding? Should she ask for atonement or offering?

I went out and bought myself Mythic Adventures and now want to implement it in our RotRL campaign, starting from the fall of a Napoleon at the end of book 4. I've been juggling with ideas of how the ascension should happen and these are options that I've come up with so far:

-They discover a legendary tome from the library and the book grants them the power.. Bit stale and leaves to wonder why the book is still in the library?

-After the Big Boss leaves Napoleon's body to die, the realization of "betrayal" triggers Napoleon to burst some of his dying power to the surroundings and the PCs get exposed to it, gaining Mythic powers.. Similar to the tome I feel it's not "personal" enough to feel legendary for the players.

-After the Napoleon falls, Desna descents to the mortal plane to warn the heroes of oppressing evil brewing in the world and grants them the powers in spite off Pharasmas prophecies for Desna has deemed the heroes as last hope of Varisia.. To anyone more familiar with the world and gods of Golarion, this probably sounds just plain silly, but it is currently my best idea, as I get opportunity to write a personal speech for each of the PCs and make the players feel special about it.

So.. I'm open to any and all kind ideas to help brainstorm how I could make the ascension happen without it falling flat.

Tomi Heikkinen wrote:
I've let myself to believe one should not ever try RotRL without a) at least 4 PCs and b) without a cleric in the party. No joke.

I wouldn't be so harsh. There's always ways for GM to adjust the difficulty and lack of cleric can be solved with diplomacy, potions, wands and such.

Tomi Heikkinen wrote:
Also, I think general maturity is important. We're not pre-teen or teen boys here afterall.

Yet you giggle like one.

Similar to ability damage at Misgivings, I think inexperience is playing to our advantage here. We accept things as they are written and players don't yell "unfair" at things that some more experienced players seem to consider as such.

On that note, restoring ability damage/drain/negative levels have seemed to be so easy for my players with Harsk always ready to restore & cure disease that I really don't see the problem..

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I wonder if he can even finish his Journal before he dies due his bad living habits. I bet he is wasting time playing computer games when he could be writing his novel.

Well I'm expecting one too. We are well beyond where he left off but he is taking his time!

Cheers! I knew it was mentioned somewhere but I just kept reading past it. Back to preparing it then :)

I know for certain it is mentioned somewhere in the chapter (it is, right?), but I've been rereading all day and fail to find any room in J-castle/cave that has the optional prisoners mentioned.. Am I confusing this event with something else later in the book and I should just figure it out myself?

I gotta stash Ameiko and 4 other captives somewhere..

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