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The Tetori feats that are missing are particularly discouraging. I'd be happy with an official errata JUST for this. Tetori was the Archtype that I saw and instantly fell in love with, only to have my heart broken by the glaring lack of editing. I haven't been able to pick up the book since and I grow tired of waiting for an errata. Do we have any kind of dates on this that I just haven't found?

calagnar wrote:

Stats::: Str 11, Dex 19, Con 16, Int 15, Wis 14, Cha 13

Did you roll for stats are use point buy?

Apache Indian Scout: Ranger7 Rogue13
Class Skills: Handle Animal, Heal, Survival.
Class Abiltiys: Track, Wild empathy, Endurance, Favored terrain, Hunter’s bond: Animal Companion:Dog(Indians used dogs long before horses as pack animals and protection.), Woodland Stride
Combat Style: Two Weapon Fighting, Improved Two Weapon Fighting
Class Skills: Acrobatics, Climb, Disable Device(You will want this but not sure how to use it with Apache Indian Scout), Linguistics(for talking to members of other tribes and nations.), Perception, Stealth,
Class Abilitys: Trapfinding, Evasion, Uncanny dodge, Improved uncanny dodge, Advanced talents, Trap sense +4, Sneak attack +7d6
Rogue Talents: Combat Trick, Fast Stealth, Surprise Attack, Weapon Training, Improved Evasion(A), Opportunist(A)

Weapons: DaggersX2 or Hand AxeX2 (Tomahawk) , Long Bow

Stats were rolled, so I just did well, the 19 was actually a 17, so the spread was actually 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 11

I think I may be in love with the thought of Rogue/Ranger, but I may need to vary them a bit more, partly because I committed to playing a rogue before I considered the build. But I do like the fact that I get a lot of proficiencies for free basically.

Sticking with Rogue13/Ranger7, I think...


I'm not terribly concerned about Hunter's Bond, frankly, if I wanted an animal companion, I'd take levels in druid

Lord Zeb, I think you're probably right and that I'd be ok pushing that back a few levels.

Maxximilius, I actually agree completely, but the DM is pretty set on Core Only because he "doesn't like what the APG did to the game" in terms of feats and the like. I made the argument that the party fighter is going to get bored REALLY quick, but he won't budge.

I'm getting ready to play in an interesting PF game. It's a homebrewed setting, but uses PF rules as the system. I'm essentially playing an Apache Indian Scout, using the rogue class as the base, but I'm having a hard time choosing feats and rogue tricks to fill out this concept because it is Core only.

So far I've decided on Two-Weapon Fighting since the Apache are known for their skills with a dagger and they did some of their best work with two blades.

Stats::: Str 11, Dex 19, Con 16, Int 15, Wis 14, Cha 13

Human Feat - Two-Weapon Fighting
Feat Level 1 - Improved Initiative
Feat Level 3 - Combat Reflexes
Feat Level 5 -
Feat Level 7 -
Feat Level 9 - Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
Feat Level 11 - Improved Critical
Feat Level 13 -
Feat Level 15 -
Feat Level 17 -
Feat Level 19 -

:::Rogue Talents:::
RT Level 2 - Finesse Rogue (Gain Weapon Finesse as a Feat)
RT Level 4 - Fast Stealth
RT Level 6 - Bleeding Attack
RT Level 8 - Stand Up
RT Level 10 - Crippling Strike
RT Level 12 - Opportunist
RT Level 14 -
RT Level 16 -
RT Level 18 -
RT Level 20 -

I'll update this part of the post as I make decisions.

I'm really dancing around with a lot of thoughts, but not really pulling in anything that makes me go "oh wow...I need that..."

Any thoughts about "as a rogue that can only use core, you need THIS"?

:::Top Consideration for Feats and Talents:::

Bleeding Attack, Fast Stealth, Finesse Rogue, Resiliency, Stand Up, Trap Spotter, Weapon Training, Combat Trick

:::Advanced Talents:::
Crippling Strike, Opportunist, Slippery Mind, Feat

Two-Weapon Fighting Chain, Combat Expertise, Improved Disarm, Greater Disarm, Combat Reflexes, Improved Critical, Dodge, Wind Stance, Lightning Stance, Great Fortitude and Iron Will/Improved, Quick Draw

I'm concerned with making this play like the concept, but being effective is always a big plus as well.

In thinking about it, the Apache were also a spiritual people and having something strange or mystic might not be too much of a stretch. This has caused me to consider taking levels into Shadowdancer or Assassin, if the DM will wave the "Evil Only" requirement. Any thoughts as to how the build should look if I took either or both of those paths would be appreciated as well.

Mikaze wrote:

C'mon monk love...

Monk has always been my favorite class ever since I first put my hands on my first Pathfinder book, so I'm really excited to see what gets done with them. I do wish that they were getting more than just Archetypes, though. Archetypes just feel, flimsy and light, so I was really hoping for an Alt Class for Monks since they get SO much hatred everywhere else. I mean, something that makes a hater go "Did the Monk really do that?" which is why I'm so ramped up for the Martial Arts Archetypes. In particular, I really want to see if you can do what 3.5 never seemed to do, help a Martial Character stand toe to toe with a full out caster.

The ninja seems to do a pretty good job at coming close at least, even though I was a little sad it's more Rogue based than Monk, but it really is a mix of the two classes and it should probably be stated as such.

The Gunslinger really feels like it's own class, so introducing it as such wouldn't be nonsensical since the Gunslinger doesn't feel like a fighter like an Anti-Paladin feels like a Paladin.

I'm not sure how I feel about the Samurai yet, but the "Strike True" ability from the Order of the Warrior couldn't be more perfectly worded to make it feel like you can see it actually happen. Who ever wrote/worded that, I want to shake your hand, because I can feel the actions of the ability, and that isn't something that is easily done.

As for the Swashbuckler Archtype, has to be a Bard, hands down, IMHO.

Are there any ideas or concepts for new Combat Maneuvers like Choke, Break Bone (considering your introducing called shots I could see Steven Segal's evil grin looking at some NPC Wrists?), Sever? Or possibly feats that COMBINE Combat Maneuvers into one fluid motion, like a Disarm that turns into a Trip as well or allows damage to be done though Combat Maneuvers, other than grapple?

And lastly, as I always like to say, Thank You Jason, Vic, James and anyone else I missed. I always appreciate how hands on you are with your community since it shows that you ACTUALLY listen to us as you develop a product.

Not exactly a rules question, but still it's partial, so I guess it'll count.

Are there any items Pathfinder or 3rd party, that give bonuses to CMB or CMD checks?

I looked though what resources I had, but nothing struck me right away.

If there aren't any flat out, are there rules for crafting something like that other than just your typical Strength Modifying items?