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I know it is a crappy place to do it, but you all get a level up!

Turning back, you explore the tunnel that you missed. You enter another room like the previous ones. The difference in this one is quite visible and odorous. Against the far wall, you can see a big pile of corpses. Most are from Skums, some are humans. Poking around, you find nothing else of interest.

still going right?

Kakrish swings his sword at the orb again, but not only is it badly aimed, but Kyras managed to disarmed the dwarf. At the same time, Kyzen create a slab of stone to block the access to the globe.

You are still under the influence, you must break the orb.

Will DC 19 please. If you fail, you hear voices that take over. You are compel to break the orb, nothing else matter. If you pass, the voices shows up but then fade away.

You walk back out of the room and follow the same pattern of turning right. This corridor leads you to another intersection and away from another corridor that you haven't explored yet.

Map of the caves

Yes, you want to smash the thing. That is the only thing that is important right now.

Hoga stands slightly confused as Kyras walks up to Kakrish and gets ready to act the moment Kakrish attack the globe again.

Kyzen, Hernvet, anything you want to do?

The orb cracks other the impact of Kakrish's sword but the liquid inside doesn't pour out. You guess that two or three more hit like that should be enough to break it open. Kyras that a sniff at the liquid on the floor. It smell like a combination of embalming fluid, vinegar and something else he just can't figure out yet.

Moving to the next room, you find a scene of complete chaos and blood. The room itself is nearly identical to the first two aside for one thing. The walls here are covered in blood some sort of fleshy things. On the ground you see five skums. They all have the top of their head removed, but contrary to the other two group, you don't see the brains. Instead, you find the cavity quite empty. Looking the corpse over, you find no mark or wounds, but their hands are covered in blood and some sort of gooey thing.

At a closer inspection, you realize the horror of this scene. It would look like the skums clawed out their own brains and threw bits and pieces at the wall. Before collapsing, they ripped out one last big junk of it. This feel beyond insanity!

Danica doesn't notice any sign of recent passage, on the ground.

Anything else for this room?

Anyone doing anything?


As you walk into the room, you feel a presence inside your head. A voice that seems to drown out all the others.

Perfom a will DC 19, if you fail, your character will head toward the middle globe and try to shatter it.

Once inside the room, Hoga and Kakrish are able to read the inscription. Herein lies safety—but know that to rely on such crutches is to fall from the Path.

Sorry, forgot to mention, you didn't find anything.

Walking into the next room, you found a similar configuration with the carvings and nests. Lying on the ground is three more skums with their cranium opened. If it wasn't for their ragged breathing, you would think that they are dead. Getting closer, the only movement from the creatures are their eyes, which are moving around in a panicked way.

Since Hernvet is busy, here's the info for everyone.

Three fifteen-foot-diameter platforms lie in this room, each rising three feet high. In the center of each platform, a globeshaped container of murky liquid sits in the embrace of an octopus-shaped brass cradle. Each globe is about two feet across—the two westernmost globes are intact, and a dark, indistinct mass floats in the center of each. The eastern globe has been shattered, and a large stain has spread out around it on the floor. Along the wall near the eastern door sits a tiny wooden cabinet with a message scribbled on its front. A similar one sits beside the western door.

There is no magical aura coming from the skums. Whatever was done to them, it was done by non-magical way.

Danica do feel a pulse on the skums. Being up close to their exposed brain is even more disturbing than when you first walked in.

Are you inspecting the room and skums some more, or are you going to another room.


Three fifteen-foot-diameter platforms lie in this room, each rising three feet high. In the center of each platform, a globeshaped container of murky liquid sits in the embrace of an octopus-shaped brass cradle. Each globe is about two feet across—the two westernmost globes are intact, and a dark, indistinct mass floats in the center of each. The eastern globe has been shattered, and a large stain has spread out around it on the floor. Along the wall near the eastern door sits a tiny wooden cabinet with a message scribbled on its front. A
similar one sits beside the western door.

They don't register as anything. If it wasn't for the fact that you can see them move and breathe, you would thing they were corpse of furniture.

Sonny approach them, trying to open some discussion, but they just stay there, looking at nothing. It almost feel as if someone lobotomy on the creatures, for they have the same empty look in their eyes.

They are still alive. Whether they have seen or not is hard to say since they didn't react to you walking in.

With no clue of where the group should go next, you decide to follow Sonny's suggestion. Taking the first right, you walk into a small room. Patches of phosphorescent lichen growing on the damp ceiling provide a dim light in this stone chamber, and the walls are decorated with disturbing carvings depicting ichthyic humanoids in the midst of various graphic and disturbing mating acts with what are obviously
human women. Mounds of soggy seaweed have been gathered into nests or beds upon the floor. Sitting in the room, you see four Skums, the top of their head seem to have been removed, exposing their engorged brain.

Kyras inspects the door and realizes that just like the old naga said, there is no traps to be found.

Giving Hernvet a bit more time.

Kakrish and Kyras careful inspection of the room reveals a secret door in the north west corner. Once you open it, you find a long dark corridor that lead to a door. Listening are the door, you hear nothing coming from the other side.

With no evil auras that Danica can senses, she changes to a more mundane way of tracking. Looking at wet stone floor, she can't find any traces that would indicate what corridors are use more then the others.

You head toward the room. Inside you find sixteen five-foot-wide alcoves, each containing the crumpled remains of a sparring dummy. From what Kyras can remember, this is the Aspirant’s Challenge. The aspirants monks were blindfolded to simulate the lightless conditions of the darkness between the stars, and then challenged to move quickly
through the chamber and topple sixteen separate dummies from their stands as quickly as possible. Only if the task was done in a certain amount of time was the aspirant allowed to continue.

Perception DC 30:

You find a secret door in the corner of the room.

The last creature, bleeding from multiple wounds, takes a step back and start doing something that look like casting a spell. At first the creature body blur out of focus and then it fade until it is completely gone.

With no more foes blocking your path, you are now free to continue your exploration of the cave system. Further in the corridor, you get to a jonction with five possible choices.

Spellcraft DC 22:

The creature casted Plane Shift

Kakrish Stonetoe wrote:

Did we miss a post? We went from "path is invariably a secret door the aspirant must locate in order to even begin the trial." to "This room has a fifteen-foot-high domed ceiling and no floor..." with only two perception checks between those posts. I'm guessing that the perception checks passed and we found the secret door?

Yep, there is a paragraphe missing in my last post about finding the secret door and moving to the next room.

The group is able to pass the pit with barely any problem. Continuing on, the group come to an intersection. One corridor seems to lead to a large room, while the other seems to be making a U-turn.

Will save Blue: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (8) + 10 = 18
Will save Red: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (15) + 10 = 25

Sonny channel some powerful divine energy and send it in a burst around himself. One of the creature seems to resist it but the other suffers the full effect. Danica successfully free herself for the creature's grip. Anna tries to tumble pass one of the creature, but just can't do it without attracting it attention. The claw, luckily for her, bounce of her armour and she is able to get in position unarmed. She plunges her dagger deep into the chest of the creature and is rewarded by a heavy spray of blood. She definitely hit an arteries. The creature tries to twist around and block the wound, but before it can reach the it, it collapse on the ground.

AoO vs Anna: 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (11) + 14 = 25


Anna: Done
Tolvan: Up
Danica: Done
Andjela: Up
Sonny: Done


This room has a fifteen-foot-high domed ceiling and no floor except a two-inch-wide ledge that skirts the edges of the room around a deep pit that drops away into darkness.

Kyras recognizes the room as the aspirant’s pit. It symbolize to the monks the darkness of chaos. Monks are expected to traverse this pit however they wish, via jumping, balancing along the ledges, or using supernatural methods.

Will save: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (15) + 10 = 25

Yep, grapple is in place.

Did we lose Sonny?

The priest back away from the creature and bless the group with divine energy. Andjela and Anna score one hit each with their crossbow. Tolvan's first ray of fire completely misses the target, but the second leaves a nice burnt mark on the creature. Danica walks up to the creature and punches it on the jaw, the creature stagger for a second, not expect such a solid blow from a fist.

Danica's target attacks with it claws. Only one of them manages to get a hold on the slippery inquisitor. The claw locks down on her arm and start squeezing. You are now grappled. The other one try to do the same thing to Anna, but the rogue is able to dodge out of the way just in time.

Claw vs Danica: 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (4) + 14 = 18
damage: 2d6 + 5 ⇒ (6, 6) + 5 = 17
Grab: 1d20 + 18 ⇒ (15) + 18 = 33
Claw vs Danica: 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (18) + 14 = 32
damage: 2d6 + 5 ⇒ (6, 6) + 5 = 17
Grab: 1d20 + 18 ⇒ (20) + 18 = 38

Claw vs Anna: 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (11) + 14 = 25
damage: 2d6 + 5 ⇒ (4, 3) + 5 = 12
Grab: 1d20 + 18 ⇒ (16) + 18 = 34

Group buff : Bless


Anna: Up
Tolvan: Up
Danica, grappled: Up
Andjela: Up
Sonny: Up


New map

A flight of stairs descends to a cellar room with alcove-lined walls. Each alcove hosts a statue of an athletic man or woman with a long braid, and each figure is in different pose of martial performance. Kyras notes that the layout of this room is a common one in places sacred to Irori—this room is the start of the Aspirant’s Path, a series of challenges that form a sort of obstacle course meant to train worshippers in the various physical traits and skills Irori demands on the road to self-perfection. He also remembers that though the nature of the areas along any one Aspirant’s Path can vary, the first task is always one of observation. The actual entrance to the path is invariably a secret door the aspirant must locate in order to even begin the trial.

Sorry for the delay, took longer than expected to get google to fonction porperly.

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Marco Massoudi wrote:
Steve Geddes wrote:
Thanks. I’ve been a subscriber from the beginning but I think it might be time to bow out. What the PF market wants seems very different to what I’m looking for, unfortunately.

I am in the same boat.

While i like that Pathfinder Battles is finally offering a set with multiple different races minis, i have zero need of repeat species.

I want monsters first and foremost, not human mini #1,000.
Pathfinder first Edition had six bestiaries full of fantastic creatures, of which more than half didn't receive a miniature.

But the biggest headscratcher of the Pathfinder Battles line to me personally was the fact that multiple Pathfinder 1E (Society) Players were playing fantastic races like Aasimars, Catfolk, Dhampirs, Drow, Fetchlings, Ifrits, Oreads, Ratfolk, Sylphs, Tengus, Tieflings, Undines or even more uncommon races like Changelings, Duergar,Gillmen, Gripplis, Kitsune, Merfolk, Nagaji, Samsarans, Strix, Sulis, Svirfneblin, Vanaras, Vishkanyas, Wayangs or even monsters, but there was either just one or mostly even none miniature of these creatures!

While looking at this upcoming set, it seems that Paizo has learned that particular lesson, i am for a seperation of "player minis" and "creature minis", like D&D 5E is doing now.

While i like dressing, i don't want it to be in blind boosters anymore, as one chair or table isn't exciting and enough to build anything.
I am not against a "Starstone" mini in a "City of Lost Omens" set, but a "Swinging Scythe blade" would be better off in a "Traps & Hazards" boxed set imo.

While i think we are going in the right direction with huge minis finally being added to every 4th set, case incentives becoming premium sets, upcoming playable races being produced as minis etc., there are still a lot of things bothering me:

-undersized large or huge creature minis (Allgollthu, Pteranodon, Skinstitch)
-unavailability of much needed creatures (familiars, riding animals like pony, camel, donkey, animals in general like apes, boars,...

I agree with this. I even put in bold the 4 races that should have been done a while ago. I don't understand why we are still waiting on those...

Need to setup the map for the basement, I'm currently having issue with google slide. Will post it tomorrow.

@Andjela. They are flat-footed, so you can add sneak to your first round of attacks.

@Tolvan. Smite do pass all damage resistance from the target.

Sonny and Danica, you are up!

The naga just smiles and stare at nothing for a bit more. Eventually, she looks at you as if you just appeared out of no where. "Oh! You shouldn't sneak on an old naga like that. Are you more allies of Aeteperax? I haven't seen him in a while, could you tell him to come and visit when you see him?"

While the group start exploring the first room, two rifts materialize from thin air. One appear in front of the group and one behind. Out of each rift, a creature steps out. The rugose figures rears up to a man’s height, and its large hands bear far too many twitching fingers. Their mouths open, revealing a nasty collection of teeth as they move to attack.

The group is first to move.

K. Arcana DC 24:
The rifts were the effect of the spell Dimension Door.

K. Planes DC 20:
The creatures are Dimensional Shamblers. Outsiders of evil and chaos. The are resistant to weapons damage unless is it from one that is imbued with Axiomatic energy. They have limited arcane powers. Their usual move in combat is to grab one of their victim and try to shift to another plane with it.


Anna: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (5) + 11 = 16
Tolvan: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (10) + 10 = 20
Danica: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (10) + 8 = 18
Andjela: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (13) + 7 = 20
Sonny: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (17) + 2 = 19
Monster: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (2) + 7 = 9


Following Danica's exemple, the rest of the group push through the magical wall into the tunnel. The walls and ceiling of the tunnel are damp, and the air reeks with a repulsive, fishy smell. Not the most welcoming effect, but who ever said that the life of an adventurer was all roses and sunny skies. The tunnel seems to open in a large room up ahead. There is no light, aside from the effect of the magical wall behind you.

"Traps or Guardians? No, no... just a few test place by the monks that used to lived here. It is a way to make sure that only the strong serve him. Those monk were really sneaky, the path isn't always the obvious one." She smiles again, lost in her head for a moment.

As Danica presses on the magical wall, Tolvan tries to understand it. He digs quickly through all the arcane knowledge that he knows, but what is in front of him is really old magic, something that probably haven't been seen since before the Earthfall. From what he knows, this isn't elven magic, so that leave only two possibilities: Azlant or Aboleth. The few air bubbles that escape the wall once and a while could be a sign that the wall is slowly loosing its permanency and will one day disappear. When, however, could still be a matter of centuries.

In the few seconds for Tolvan to come to that conclusion, Danica managed to push herself slowly through the wall. The effect is weird and a bit disturbing, but she is making progress. The best description she could think of as she is doing so is that she is walking through some sort of slime or jelly. Eventually she reaches the other side. Oddly enough, not only is she completely dry, but there is no slime or jelly anywhere on her.

"Price? To speak with him? He doesn't ask for a price. But if you want to be generous and get him a gift, then you can always try to find a book about the stars and what lies between them. His library is getting quite big, but there is always more books to be have."

Sorry for the delay, long hours at work. Also, for some reason, some of the fonctions of google slide doesn't work properly.

Tolvan uses his ability to teleport and tries to make it in the cave. He appears in the cave in front of a weird force wall. You are still in the water on one side of the wall but has you look through the wall, it almost feel like looking through a lens. On the other side, you see a completely dry natural tunnel in the rock. The lens feels rubbery and warm to the touch, and one almost feel like you could just push through it.

Sorry, lots of hours at work and I didn't see Kakrish's question

"Oh, yes. The tunnel is in the basement here. He was nice enough to make it for me. But I'm too old to go crawling is a tunnel now." She looks at the group again for a moment as if in deep thought. "Are you allies of Aeteperax? I haven't seen him in quite some time now."

The original design in the book didn't allow for communication with the surface. To avoid the long post of travelling back all the way up and back down again, I'll change it so that you can.

The ship doesn't fit in the cave, but you can get it right next to it. Reducing the distance to a mere 5 feet.

Moving closer, you can clearly see the entrance of a tunnel. Air bubbles escape from it once in a while and a blue glow come from deeper in. With the illumination provided by the dancing light, you estimate the distance between you and the vessel to be about sixty feet. Something that would be easy o cross if it wasn't for the thousand of gallons of water in the way.

After some more time in the submersible, the group finally reach the bottom. From the bet estimate that you can make, you are now about four hundreds feet below the surface. Out the window you notice a faint glow in the rock. More intriguing are the bubbles that appears once in a while from the stone. It is hard to tell the exact distance, but you are about sixty feet from those rocks, give or take a few feet.

"His lair? Yes, he should be there. What a nice spot he picked. High in the mountain, it provides a nice view of the stars at night. It is hard to get to, but he was nice enough to make a tunnel in the basement. I'm just too old now to make it there." She seems to drift a bit into her own mind as she just smile.

Anna and Sonny miss the target with the harpoon, but Danica stream of light score a good hit. The creature contract itself and then release a powerful jet of water and ink. As the cloud of ink is forming, you glimpse the creature fast retreating way past the sight of any of you.

The battle is over unless you want to try to pursuit the creature.


"Here? No he isn't here. In fact he hasn't emerged from his lair since his last visit to that little human village. I worry for him, he hasn't come to visit me for some time now." She looks at Kakrish as he mentions Belhaim. "No, is that far from here?"

That is a good question that I might have to look into Andjela.

As for the creature's AC, the first hit was successful with a roll of 24 since it was flat-footed against it.

Now that it is aware of the threat, the AC is higher, but a 27 is still a hit.

Tolvan turns the ship, giving a clear line of sight to Sonny. Danica avoid the lightning bolt and tries to identify the creature. She just can't put her finger on it is however. It required a knowledge arcana, but with a 5 + your bonus, you still don't make it. Andjela holds on to the ship as it turn and once it is stable again, fire two more bolts at the creature. The first one misses, but the second sink deep in the main body of the target, releasing a good amount of blood in the water.


Creature: Done
Tovan: Done
Anna: up
Andjela: Done
Danica: up, delaying?
Sonny: up


The naga looks at Kakrish with a puzzled look, but before she could react, Kyras corrects the situation. "His fame you say? Yes, he is getting quite impressive and powerful. I just wish he would come to visit more often. Would you mention it to him when you see him?" She smile at Kyras, awaiting a reply.

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