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Where did superstitious barbarian go?

What happened to ranger favored enemies like fiends or undead?

Just wondering of the times anyone has played a fighter, what was the best or most effective?

What system, was it in? 1e? 3.5? PF?

What level did he get to and/or how long before he became "un playable?" or did he?

Any special equipment, Kit or Archetype?

Looking for a pally that keeps channel energy but can get banner/tactician…. anyone?

Im wanting to build a dwarf giant slayer specialist.

I think Swashbuckler (mouser) is worth a try for it's uniqueness.

Im' obviously going for slashing grace with this build… haven't decided on longsword or dwarf axe…although I'm always prone to swords, personally.

15 point build:

S 13 D 15 C 12 I 10 W 10 Ch 13

kinda bites a little bit because of the negative to charisma but I need at least a 13 cha and 13 str.

Im thinking of trading out hatred for giant hunter and picking up relentless and lore keeper swaps as well.

Weapon focus longsword for the feat at level 1

I can use a shortsword until level 3 when i pick up slashing grace.

I also though of some human cheese by taking the adopted feat (for my human bonus feat) allowing me to go into the dwarf racial feats like goblin cleaver, orc hewer and giant killer.

A hummie would look like this:

S 13 D (14)16 C 12 I 10 W 10 Ch 14

while stats are a little better and he would get more skill points,
he loses out on goblin/orc/giant fighting abilities.

I think dwarf is the way to go… especially because I want to play with that feat chain.

Any thoughts for the build?

I have never played PFS, there just isn't any near me, can this all be done online, like ray on roll 20?

Switch hitter archer and "whirlwind" two weapon short swords.

Ive been considering Mobile fighter with the appropriate feats.
Ranger of course, but not sold on it.
And sohei monk (using flurry for shortswords and feats for archery)


I have a Skald, but I like the Idea of having some minions.

I was thinking of going 3 skald/ 2 Huntmaster cavalier.
Then take two dogs as AC (1 for each level of Cav)
and boon companion twice (level three and level 5)
I would be a 5th level character with two 5th level AC's who would benefit from my raging song.

I know it's kinda front loaded powerful at level 5. and dwindles with age as the game goes on.

But the campaign is slow paced as it is, So I don't see this becoming an mazing issue.

How should I continue the build if I go this route, and what would I be giving up in the long run?

how does order of the beast affect my dogs?

Has anyone read technophobe?

requires entry: power attack, improved sunder.
applies bonuses after killing a robot or destroying a tech item…limited by your wisdom bonus for duration…

so this is a feat for clerics?

this wis bonus thing seems really dumb for a two feat tax entry.

I wish they had done a Gunslinger/alchemist Hybrid

Ok, SO Im playing in this one.

Our party is:

Human Skald (Me)
Elf Swashbuckler
Dwarf Forge priest
Gnome Archeologist
Elf Wizard
Android Slayer (at least I think he's a slayer, it's not totally clear yet)

We actually started with playing PFS Scenario "Trial By Machine" , mostly to start off as a group who already knew each other/had adventured together before, which the opening of IG assumes.

we Darn near TPK'd in the Red Redoubt. But were able to escape it.

We got about 1200 xp and 1200 gp and assorted items to sell out of that adventure.

As such we started with things that a group of players who said "make characters, ready Iron Gods….GO" didn't or wouldn't have.

we used UC down time rules and made a little money and RPd a little before
"the lights went out"

Then it was kind of frustrating to see the parade of other parties run by as , as we were waiting to start the adventure… so we had to bear with some ad-lib there.

"what? huh? who let those halflings walk right by us!!"

My character, being a Skald, and having scribe scroll, made 12 heal light scrolls before entering the black hills.

We were also able to "get an advance" on our reward of 4000 gold… a wand of CLW.

So we went into this pretty stacked (and with 6 characters)

the swim was no big deal because, well we had water breathing.

The lightening bugs or whatever they were, was a non event.

The next thing that happens is the blindheim encounter.
Which I sort of had read about a little from other people complaining about it.
But I had no idea it was the second encounter in the dungeon, and so I didn't know this was it.

There is a very small area to enter this chamber, and on the map it looks like there is only two half squares.
There was some confusion as it if we needed to crawl/squeeze to get through.

The swashbuckler just kinda WENT through, because I saw the blindhiems feet.
I guess he just wanted to GO!

He acrobats through and FLASH.
He's screaming and arging, etc.

IT was described as a flash of bright light, and I wasn't sure if it had caused any actual damage.
From the description, I was thinking maybe a laser?
Then Im thinking a lizard footed robot??

A couple of characters went before me on initiative, and the forge priest actually has smoked goggles , for smithing.
He was wearing them when he went in.

At this point, Im to sure how other parties ended up getting entirely blinded by this creature, because It was hard to jam the whole party through this tight area to fight him.

Maybe the DM waited until they were all IN the cavern, before it attacked?

About the time it's my turn, I realized OH this is the Blindhiem.

Not wanting to metagame, I made sure before I moved, what does my character no.
IT was made clear, other characters were already saying 'don't look at it, it has a gaze attack'

I have a pretty high fort save anyway.

after wandering in after the rest of the parade, we followed the rules for adverting gaze, and mis chance and I was still able to deal the killing blow.

Over all, not a very scary fight.
One character blinded.
minor damage to party.

Even after seeing a picture of the critter, I wouldn't have known THAT was the blindheim. It looked like a red and white weasel lizard..I thought they were green and froggy?

anyway… We decided I would play point guard, mainly because I can't see (Im the only human)
So Im carrying the light source (I can cast light)

Ahead we go.

Find a chamber that's cold, with a dead body in it.
Decide to go around it.

Walk into a bigger chamber, and find a grey humanoid (we all failed knowledge checks so have no idea what it is… a Bald Drow??)

The Dm has it talk like a cave man.,.. Im guessing English as a second Language?

It wants two of us to go talk to its leader.
Who….also talks like a cave man.

Not a lot of role play here.
I dont trust it.
The party wizard does.
We try to get paid in advance (thats our party policy…payment in advance!)
But my rolls suck.

I seriously considered intimidate, but decided not to make too much trouble.
"don't hurt us and we won't hurt you…I give you stuff if you kill gremlins"

Ok, come with us, we will fight them together.
Oh, I don't want to go fight gremlins, you go… ahhhh ok.

We have no intention of fighting the gremlins if they don't want to.

A knowledge check of "what's a gremlin" gets us nothing.
Bad rolls again.

Wandering around the chamber, after the non aggression pact, we find (or rather I find) a metal door.
The wizard finds a dead body..

Its the same one…I guess the room has tow entrances.

They decide to pull out the dead body, I have no interest.

A grappling hook pulls it out of the cold.

Knowledge local check discovers it's local (how about that)
he's body has stuff.

A heal check and a knowledge dungeoneering check reveal he died from mold.
The mold makes veggie pygmies.

The wizard burns the body….icky!

That was pretty much our first session under the black hills.

Not the big commotion I heard about when the AP came out a little over a month ago…

Nervous look (did we miss a room??)

Can a skald cast during his rage song?

Can he choose at the beginning of his turn not to accept the benefits from his own song, to cast a spell, without interrupting the song?

If not. The rage power moment of clarity, can he use that, on himself, without interrupting the song?

IF he wants to spend a feat to get more rage song, what feat does he buy? extra performances? or extra rage?

Some one explain o me the benefit of "Whirlwind lesson"

Does this basically let me read, for example a manual of gainful exercise, faster than normal?
and let my buddies get benefits from it temporarily?

I don't get it, how often (if ever) in an adventuring career are you going to come across books like that?

Im assuming it has benefits of which I am not aware, applying to something I do not immediately realize?

A lil help?

I don't like the "supernatural" hell knights PRC.

Im working up an order for hell knights for cavalier, an archetype for fighters, an inquisition for inquisitors, an archetype for magus and a domain for clerics.

So basically Hellknight Order, Hellknight fighter arch, Signifier Inquisition, Hellknight magus and Hellknight Cleric Domain (maybe a sub domain of law)

Any thoughts, additions, comments?

Ok... so I don't like certain parts of certain APs.
I also don't like this and that about Golarion (particularly the pantheon)

I've been planning for ages (since about 2007, yes that ages!) to make a frozen world campaign but have been too involved with life to full develop it.

So here's my idea.

To totally mish mosh different AP's into a full alternate Golarion story line for my group.

Basically, I'm going with Cheliax and Irrisen being basically the same place.

The Queen of Irissen, has chosen to depose her mother baba yaga as per normal, but in order to do so has joined forces with summoned devils, I plan on merging the whole Kazavon possession from crimson throne into this here, stealing some elements from that story line, giving a reason why the current queen could build up enough power to thwart the legendary immortal baba yaga.

this also makes more sense to me why characters might choose to champion Baba Yagas causes (choosing the lesser of two evils) but I dont want it to be the only way to defeat the ultimate bad guy...just an easier way.

Also, in my world there is no secret underground Darklands, Drow spontaneously combust out of elves (I love that part) but havent done so in large enough amounts to create their own society/nation.

Instead the Red Mantis are mostly populated by Drow, who worship a Duke of hell who is mantis-like, the helmets both disguise the fact that they are Drow, and help off set their light blindness. Their sub plot (also stolen a bit from crimson throne) is the disease plot in that the Red Mantis have developed a poison that can actually cause the transformation into a Drow through injection or poisoned weapons.

this is a sub plot, and helps with the origin of one of the players who is playing a modified Drow, using the Ultimate Race book. She doesn't know anything about other Drow, and has been raised by a coven of Druids.

I'm thinking of incorporating the asteroid calling device, but not as an earthkiller, but has a terror weapon (taking out a whole city for example but not ending the world)

instead of traveling to different worlds (like 1920 earth) the artifacts/keys the players will need are hidden all over their own world (stealing sites from crimson throne, shattered star, and serpents skull that I liked)

anyway still working on it, looking for in put/ideas... like to work in numerian/ustalvian portions as well.

there world is definitely going to be slightly steam punky, no alkenstar per se, but alchemy and clockwork is going to be present in big cities on an almost normal level.

Tentative Characters seem to be:
Female drow inquisitor (two weapon fighter with either short sword and rapier, shield and scorpion whip, two bladed sword, or sawtoothed sabres... she hasnt made up her mind)

Half-orc Mounted Fury Barbarian (going for a knight. with anger issues)
he also might go rage prophet....it depends

Horse lord dwarf ranger

a Human magus who might go Kensai (torn between armor/no armor)

The inquisitor might chose to make a cavalier who goes battle herald ...its similar character concept with two builds in mind...

the whole group is meant to be mounted and far traveling (a challenge for the magus, but hoping he might be able to overcome that with spells and possibly leadership)

havent gotten a solid pantheon yet, but I like the concept of Song of ice and fire (old gods and new gods)
Want to work in lovecraftian critters/old ones mixed with alchemy and clockwork (vorstagg and grime are definitely going to be bad guys... going to make their lab a destination, definitely!)

asmodeus is still on the list for Awful Evil God... I like him good choice.

I think druidic tradition will be the standard "normal people" faith, with the clerics and gods being new and upstart type religions in answer to the old ones, with oracles and inquisitor types being far more common than a fully vested cleric.

thoughts, additions?

We are looking to make an all mounted group.
So far we have a druid, a cavalier and a Rage prophet who is taking levels of nature oracle to get a mount.
We might have an inquisitor who takes an animal domain or something.

Looking for an arcane who can keep up with a survivable mount and summoner occurred to me, never built one, nor do I know anyone who has.


It's for the Reign of Winter AP.

Oh my gosh, If I see one more band wagon kick starter for give me money for my lame idea because someone else got a ton of money, I'm going to be ill.
There really should be a rule against posting Kick starters on this board, its like Pan handling, or at least has degenerated to such.

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I really liked the favored soul.
I feel the Oracle is intended to be the equivalent, but I just can't get into it, I could be just the class name oracle that bugs me?

Anyone who has more extended 3.5 experience and has played both classes chime in on play style and differences? Is the oracle pretty much the favored soul or are the vastly different?

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the original version of flame tounge was kinda a cool sword.

This version of flame tounge is lame.... shoots scorching ray once per day? Other than that it's just a +1 flaming longsword?

And why would it need fireball to make, since it has nothing to do with fireball, its flame blade and scorching ray... fireball and flame strike?

A flamestrike effect on a critical would be cool.

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Ok so the PC's raided the lodge.

I had made some minor NPC changes because I thought they might need help.

I had a 2nd level cleric in the stable as an ostler/2nd in command. He was not in league with joining forces with the winter creatures and did not agree with Rohkar on this.

He was 'banished to the barn'.

The PCs scouted the stable, so they knew someone was in there (sent to witches fox to look)

they snuck into the barn, but he heard them, there was a brief parlay, when no one could see each other (stall walls in the way) but diplomacy checks were made, as a result there was a fight, the PCs won.

They stayed the night in the barn, and because the bandits knew the Cavalier was in the barn regularly, no one went out to check.

In the morning, the PCs assaulted the Lodge.

It was a take no prisoners attitude and they chopped down ten penny before she could speak (they thought she was a witch because she had drank a potion of spider climb and was running up the wall to get away from them and they saw her over a pot of stew and thought it was their cauldron)

the pitched battle went on and they slaughtered the bandits.

The armored hulk was wearing the cavaliers half plate and +1 heavy shield, and there for had a 21 AC. He was neigh unstoppable.

After a while, the PCs discovered there was an upstairs, which gave rohkar plenty of prep time.

They eventually found the room he was in, but he was invisible and during a skeleton fight, was able to slip out unnoticed. (almost walked straight into the druid, but didn't)

They spent quite some time upstairs studying the map, giving rohkar plenty of time to raise zombies, who eventually they heard coming up the stairs.

The armored hulk rushed the zombies plowing them down the stairs on top of each other with a bull rush from his shield, effectively holding them off while the others jumped out a window. as he clogged the stair well, the others set fire to the lodge.

The barbarian escapes out the window and the PCs set up to snipe anything that came out of the lodge.

I had rohkar escape invisible, the PCs never laid eyes on him and he was never in position to attack one.... what do i do with him now?

My group are all in bred...erm I mean interrelated some how.

The human, the changeling and the Half elf all have had the same father, who is now dead.

The half-elf knows they are all related (and by virtue of being a half elf, she is related also to the parties two elves)

I was thinking of making this mysterious man the deceased husband of Nadya Petska, whom the character meet later.

The guy was an adventurer who got around (obviously)

Hjalnek Petska

Human Bard 5 (animal speaker)/Ranger 4(guide) ( I figure makes a good musher/ranger of the north)

The Elves Father/Uncle went through an elf gate and never returned.
Afterwards the Mother/Aunt began a relationship with this human adventurer. The half elf was the result. the half elf left home at an early age to learn witchcraft in Irrisen
Hjalnek at one point was seduced by a Hag during his adventures, producing the changeling character, who was spirited off to the doorstep of Gnomes in distant Heldren.
Hjalnek eventually settled down in the frozen north and had a son (the barbarian) The barbarians mother was actually a winter witch and a member of the coven of the Hag who Hjalnek later slew, The witch stole Volstaggs son and used him as a hostage bait, to control and exact revenge on Volstagg,
Hjalnek came for the Witch, his former lover, and so the witch sent the barbarian as a child away (sold into slavery and eventually to come into a traveling circus) The performers knew the origin of the boy, but never wanted to return to the Land Of Irrisen again...
Hjalnek slew the witch but was unable to find out where the boy went.
Hjalnek was told when he was older, witches killed his father (which was eventually true)

A refugee from the witches, Hjalnek took up life as an anonymous trapper and guide, eventually settling down with Nadya, but the witches found out his identity and sent an emissary to deal with him.

It says he fell to a troll, change it to White Witch and it fits the bill!
maybe the troll worked for the witch.

anyway...any opinions of Ideas?

So an other player wants to join our RoW group (albeit late, cant make the first session)

She wants to play a cat folk rogue and seeing as we don't have a rogue we are going to let her join in.

We've been talking about her being some sub species like a snow leopard cat folk, I need some racial traits to swap out with the base species to make an "arctic cat"....any ideas?

Ok so what happens when/if this character dies?

and what race is it if it reincarnates or is reincarnated?

This one confuses me, skirnir changes so much, hexcrafter changes so little. Can you have a hexcrafter skirnir? The answer appears to be yes.

Isn't there an order of hellknights (the Pyre?) the hunt witches??

Now that would be a character! A witch hunter inquisitor seqwaying into hellknight signifier..... cool thought.

Someone explain a reason you would have to run into a 15th level commoner.
What does this guy do?
Why is he a 15HD commoner? he's never amounted to anything except 15 level of mediocrity?

I can't come up with a viable explanation for a high-level beetle bailey?

So far in our group (which are only concepts atm)

We have a winter witch who is going to take the failed winter witch apprentice trait. someone who go ticked off at the politics and left.

An arctic druid (snowcaster elf) whose sister is going to play her animal companion

a dwarf (either ranger or barbarian) with the blood of giants trait.....hmmmm

and a Hexcrafter Magus with the vigilante witchhunter trait (possible multi class into witch hunter inquisitor)

a possible fifth (unconfirmed) might be an elven zen archer.

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The Archetypes "Spell Athame" ability says he can fight with the "dagger" as an offhand weapon, and that it replaces the spellstrike ability. It makes no mention of mechanics of this ability like spell combat does. If this ability replaced spell combat it would make sense that the mechanics would still be there, but it replaces spell strike, and as such... do you need Two weapon fighting?
IT seems strange that an innate ability of a class would not come with any training to use it, and suffering the full negatives of fighting with two weapons without the benefit of training, and thus forcing the archetype to take a feat to be effective with an ability.

As a house rule I would say the magus has the effects of TWF with the spell athame only (much like spell combat) but there is no RAW on it. other than the fact of RAW omission?

Also as a magus's BAB goes up, what then? No additional attacks with the Athame?

Some logic seems to say this points to the fact that he needs to take the TWF tree, some logic says he would get these abilities automatically but with the athame only.

What about meeting the prerequisites for TWF, Improved, greater etc? Would he be exempt from needing the prerequisites for the feats like a ranger, or now to play an effective Spellblade do we not only need to burn a lot of feats but need a high Dex as well, making this archetype near unplayable due to the insane amount of MAD?

can you summon a swarm to fight a swarm?

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I'm missing something I think.

The cleric gets two domains, full casting, med armor and shields. channeling, 2 skill points

The druid gets an animal or one domain, full casting, med armor and shields but limited, 4 skill points.
druid gets a few different weapons.

Whats the gig? If you dont choose animal companion you are gimped?

I mean does animal companion really = two domains and channeling?

seems the cleric gets more. what am i missing?

Assume I'm weighing a cleric character vs. a druid character with a domain instead of an AC

This is weird, why do rogues get the weapons they do? rapiers? but not longswords? Hand cross bows? but not a long bow which is very similar to a shortbow, in use.... rapier and hand crossbow seem very specific and specialized.

Someday I hope a better system for weapon selection exists like:

All simple 2 martial and 1 exotic.

or something along those lines.

I have a hard time picturing EVERY rogue knowing rapier and hand crossbow.

Looking for players in the mat su valley who want to play in Carrion Crown. Once a week

A lot of sites for other interests (like hunting, or snowmobiling) have regional sub boards where you can go to and say "hey want to group to to do this activity?"

Would be cool if we had this here, would help find groups and players.

The loathsome power, the plot ruiner, the ultimate ability to jump to conclusions.

OR so it was known in 1e.
The annoyingness of this ability, or rather it's gross over use in the 80s at gaming tables is the source of causing strife today.

Dm: You meet a man....
Paladin interjects: I detect evil!
Dm: .... let me finish, he's just a man you only have seen this second...
Paladin: I detect evil!
Dm: Sigh.... yes he's evil
Paladin: SLAY.

The birth of the problem

later editions of the rule sets sought to fix this by eliminating the spell know alignment and changing detect evil so it worked on artifacts, places, demons, devils, etc. but not people.
Almost defeating the purpose of the power to exist at all.

Detect evil has been changed back for sometime now, and it's still th problem child. For the same reasons above.

But let's look at this, what is it, why can the paladin do it.

If I walked up to a person in the bar, and grabbed a boob, and then turned around to my pals and said "Yep, it's and female and yes, they ARE real"
1) that would take someone completely plastered to do it (well maybe not)
2) a monsterous invasion of privacy

I propose to look at it this way, is it LAWFUL to probe people's auras without suspicion?
Wouldn't the detect evil power be A) precautionary or B) a back up confirmation for suspicion?

Precautionary: You are protecting the king during a session of court he is holding, and the evil cult of king slayers is expected to make an attempt on his life, the PCs might make a shake down line to all that are admitted in the kings presence and have the pally 'scan' them. Possibly not admitting anyone that detected as evil.

Confirmation: Old man jones is suspected by the party as the person behind the mysterious disappearances of people in town. He's been acting strangely as of late, according to townsfolk that know him. Is he under a charm? Being controlled? Down right evil? Or is he just a weird old man? Detect evil might help confirm some suspicions. IF yes he does detect evil, that would lead the party to investigate in another manner, or question him more rudely. Or even possibly warrant the paladin allowing the rouge to rifle through the mans stuff to possibly find more evidence.

However, if in a dungeon, fighting off packs of wild evil monsters, you have to ask your self, why is the paladin and his compatriots HERE? The investigation above would have already been carried out and the justification to enter said dungeon would already have been done (ie old man jones is a new convert to the cult of urgathoa, he detected evil due to his level of evil cleric, the party followed him here, where they found him feeding his pet zombies... blah blah blah) OR they stumble on a warren full of goblins, the dwarf in the party who speaks goblin confirms from eavesdropping the goblins are planning an assault on the nearby town of peaceful hollow. Tada stop the goblins.....

In this case it's rather redundant for the paladin to keep spamming detect evil, IF they come across something un predicted, like live human prisoners? Perhaps detect evil is warranted to make sure they aren't some kind of plant or twisted trap. After all, why ARE they prisoners? 4 out of the 5 could be captured towns people meant for food and the 5th could be the cult leaders former lieutenant that has fallen into disfavor, and is slated to be food as well. Letting HIM out would be a bad idea.

So rather than judging the power (by saying something like the presence of evil does not = smite) let me instead propose that yes, it does mean that. The person is evil, and a great danger, the potential to wreak havoc and harm or kill others is present and neigh.
BUT the USE of the power, and/or the justification thereof.....
Wandering town, detecting evil like a radar is NOT a lawful practice, it's paranoid, distrustful, imposing and hardly reserved behavior.
Like wise IF for a reasonable purpose the Paladin detected evil on someone , IN town, under the jurisdiction and protection of the laws of that town, the paladin cannot lawful do something about it without further, better evidence.
The detection would only mean, keep an eye on old man jones, your suspicion is right.

However catching old man jones in the wild, with a carriage full of halflings, screaming for help (all of whom do not detect as evil) is plenty license for beat down.

However, what if old man jones is only the pawn and not the ring leader? How will you get to the bottom of this if you just slice old man jones's head off? Some parties may have the paladin who does this, and yea that sucks, but I also propose that this too may be an unlawful act.
A honorable, reserved, constrained knight of order does not just ride down foes, he gives quarter, he shows mercy, and he does capture enemies, He MIGHT execute old man jones after the fact (and yes this is OK to do, summary execution is in the paladins right and power). But the paladin wants to cleanse all evil, not just this one guy. Cutting the heads off everything he sees that detects evil will leave a very frustrated, disorganized and rather CHAOTIC paladin.

So I propose it's not the evidence the power gives that is the problem, it;s the USE of the power that is the problem. What is the paladins justified reasons for using the power? and thereafter how does he go about making his decisions once he has gotten his divine knowledge?

Old man jones might turn from the ways of urgathoa once threatened with death at the end of the paladins blade, perhaps he was coerced into the worship of this god and participation in the cults activities? Maybe if he didn't do this the cult leader was going to feed his daughter to the ghouls? You never know, all these reasons would still make him DETECT evil. But the paladin should get to the bottom of it.
BUT if there is no remorse, no reason to believe there are mitigating circumstances, then yes the man can be executed. No the paladin doesn't need a level 3 expert judge to sentence death on the prisoner. The paladin has followed his code and satisfied his god. The god has given the paladin his powers for a reason, and it's not so that justice can be carrie out by the level 3 expert.

Nuff said

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a staff magus gets the ability to wield a quarterstaff one handed.
The quarterstaff is a double weapon.
Could a staff magus get the TWF feat enabling him to TWF with the quarterstaff in one hand?

not asking if he can combine this with spell combat, but in lieu of it, if no spells available or doesnt want to waste a spell.

additionally what about two weapon defense, would this be able to stack with his ac, or not?

1) at 11th level a mobile fighter gets to full attack and move, but he loses the first full BAB attack to do this, if he is TWF does he also lose the off hand attack associated with that first FULL BAB? IF so, if he only has TWF without improved or greater, does that mean he can't get any TWF benefits from this class ability?

2) can a TWF take improved unarmed strike, and Attack with his on hand as normal in a TWF sequence, have a shield is his off hand and use a kick for his OFF hand attack?

what book is the white haired witch in?

So, one of the multiple things I do for income is plow snow. which I have been doing for the last three days.

Whilst doing this rather unpleasurable task, I run into all these people "you haven't plowed all week" , "there is two feet of snow here", I called you hours ago!

None of which are true, or even close to reasonable.... which made me think, really bad or non existent perception skill?

How could this interpret into roleplaying?

Often at tables I see everyone roll perception checks, and everyone (metagame) knows who has the highest score (it's even conversation/tactics, who has the best score?) and then they automatically 'believe' the highest roll.

"Tom got a 20, so we go that way"

Clearly meta-gaming based on Out of game dice results.

Perception is one of those things that doesn't give an in game result you can easily describe.

I often handle it like:

John gets a 22, Tim an 18, charley 10, and steve a 3
The target number was a 20.

"Grimbold thinks he see's a fine crack in the stonework in the left corner, Wizbasher found several discarded silver pieces under an old piece of parchment, Chuck of Norris noticed the wax on the extinguished candle is soft and the candle must have been on and running not that long ago. Hambone the horrible has notice a new scuff on his boot that wasn't there when you all entered the dungeon."

Since everyone knows John got the higher score, they all go over to check out what john has seen, a crack in the wall.

Now that could be several things, a secret door, a trap, or a crack in the wall.

However, if the same four players rolled to see how many inches of snow had fallen you would get:

Grimbold says there is 8 inches of snow, Wizbasher says there is at least a foot, Chuck of Norris swears an oath to the gods there is no more than 6 inches and Hambone the horrible is concerned you all think it has snowed.

Now the party ALL automatically believes that Grimbold is right, because his player had the highest score.

What's the best way to deal with this kind of thing, because clearly, IRL you can't tell the 90 year old guy who thinks he called you 4 hours before snow even began to fall, that there is only 8 inches of snow and not a foot and half, because he is CONVINCED he's right, and we should go with his word because he's so old and wise!

This doesn't happen in gaming, but perception isn't pass/fail....its more ambiguous,,,,

I think, that if done correctly, paladin could be a feat chain with alignment and code restrictions and prerequisites rather than a class.

You could get a cleric paladin, cavalier paladin, most definitely a fighter paladin, heck even a ninja paladin.

Probably only the fighter would get the "full paladin effect" as the whole thing would be pretty feat intense. But it should cost a lot more and be harder to do than it is.

Back in the day when the class came out, it was hard to qualify for and therefor balanced out it's OP nature (and could only be human) now, its too common and too powerful

The feat chain, ending in Dimensional Savant.

I'm thinking of a bard build, sandman, specifically.

Yes, I know, it's a long build.


Dimensional agility (and the others) requires the 'ability' to cast dimension door as a prerequisite. Can this be satisfied simply by using the spell, such as a scroll or wand? It's on the bard's spell list, or does it require that he be OF LEVEL to cast it.

Next, this is really odd, this is a long feat chain with a lot invested into it, to get what maybe a few uses a day?

IF I'm say a 17th level bard, I cast D-Door I get 30 feet of movement, per level, so 510 feet of movement, but the duration is instantaneous, using the dimensional savant feat, i can't 'night crawler' all around an enemy BAMF BAMF BAMF as many times as I have attacks, moving 5 feet at a time, giving myself flanking positions around my enemy,

Ok sweet. But say I move once, maybe 20 feet, and then another 15 feet in 'bamfing' , Ive taken ALL my actions, and my turn is over, now what? Is the spell over or next turn can I continue BAMFing until all my movement per level has been expended,

If the former, this seems extremely limited in it's use for the huge feat chain that must be invested, no?

So Ive never made a character with gear in mind before, but it occurred to me some certain cheese 'might' work.

the combo in question:

Improved shield bash
Two weapon defense
and an off hand weapon with the defender quality.

All stacking?

So I'm thinking of making a Magus/Alchemist if only to use the broad study arcana to it's fullest.

Question comes with extracts vs. spells and what can and cant be used in spell combat?

Can I spell combat and drink a heal extract with swinging a sword? (seems very errol flyinish)

"Pardon me while I duel with you and drank my meade!"

what about attacking with extracts in spell combat? doesnt seem clear.

It's kinda weird, Cool bad guys (More Maidens, and evil clerics are always good) but all in all Im just not diggin the story line.

Maybe it's due to my utter apathy for RotRL and this is too much of s sequel?

I'm just not feeling the compelling adventure, I also despise the pathfinder society concept which could be ruining it for me too?

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what if the PCs try this?

AS written, the PC's might come to believe the possessing kazavon is the real enemy, what if they try to separate her from the crown of fangs? what would happen?

what alignment was illeosa originally? A snobbish egocentric brat isnt a nice person, but the REAL villain IS kazavon... just wondering, did anyone ever come across this?

what would happen if?

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