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Potato Disciple is banned for being an awful disciple of mine.


Slot 1, Thursday AM (0800-1300): SFS Quest: Into the Unknown (Round)
Slot 2, Thursday Afternoon (1400-1900): SFS Quest: Into the Unknown (Round)
Slot 3, Thursday PM (2000-0100): OFF
Slot 4, Thursday Overnight (0200-0700): OFF

Slot 5, Friday AM (0800-1300): OFF
Slot 6, Friday Afternoon (1400-1900): OFF
Slot 7, Friday PM (2000-0100)*: 9-00 Assault on Absalom (level 7-8)
Slot 8, Friday Overnight (0200-0700: OFF

Slot 9, Saturday AM (0800-1300): 8-11 Forged in Flame II: Cleansed with Fire
Slot 10, Saturday Afternoon (1400-1900)*: OFF
Slot 11, Saturday PM (2000-0100)*: 8-99 The Solstice Scar (level 7-8)
Slot 12, Saturday Overnight (0200-0700): OFF

Slot 13, Sunday AM (0900-1400)**: OFF

I'm also looking forward to the Online Meet n Greet, and will likely run an unofficial GenCon Drunkfinder game in an evening slot


I would be interested in a Aasimar boon if anyone has one kicking around. If you have a Tiefling as well I would gladly be willing to trade for both of them.

I'd be willing to offer a Paizo gift certificate in exchange for these. Because the gift of more Pathfinder is the best kind of gift


In prior iterations of the guild guide, only APs were given the right to be played in campaign mode. However, some modules would be allowed within their sanctioning document to be played as campaign, but there wasn't a general rule that said you could (unless I've just completely missed it).

As of Season 8, the guild guide says that APs and Modules can. Does this apply to older modules as well, that might not include the campaign mode option in the sanctioning documents, or is this only for going forward. I feel this was potentially just a simpler solution than having to revisit every sanctioning document for modules.

If anyone can point me to any statement by leadership (or if leadership could directly comment) that this is or isn't the case would be much appreciated.

Hi James,

Has anyone ever asked you to autograph their core rule book?

If someone really wanted you to, would you be down to do it?



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Come one, come all, and witness the birth of Drunkfinder, Drendle Dreng edition, the Pathfinder Society's newest drinking game.

The rules are as follow:

Mission Start & End
-You’ve met up for a mission, everyone take a shot for good luck and silently utter a prayer to your favorite deity.
-If you succeed the primary condition, players take a shot to celebrate
-If the party meets the secondary succeeds condition as well as the first, the GM must take a shot
-Take a shot if you missed out on treasure, you shame all great Pathfinders before you

Character Death
-Finish your drink if a character dies (Honour your fallen ally) (Excluding GM)
-Additionally, take a shot if your character dies (You must feel his pain) (Excluding GM)

Critical Rolls
-Take a shot every time you roll a Critical Failure (Rerolls can't negate RNGesus' displeasure)
-Give a shot every time you roll a Critical Success.
-Give a sip every time you confirm a critical.

Combat & Rules
-Take a sip every time you miss an attack, fail a save or fail a check. (Excluding GM)
-Take a sip at the end of every combat round.
-If 2 or more people start argue about a rule, all the people arguing must immediately take a shot. If they continue to argue after this, add a shot for every 2 minutes they continue to do so.
-Take a shot if you get knocked unconscious (Max 1 per combat) (Excluding GM)

Remember, it can't be bad if Drendle Dreng endorses.

If anybody wants a little handout that you can print out and laminate, feel free to shoot me a message and i'll send you the one I have made.


John Compton wrote:
Thomas Hutchins wrote:

The biggest example I can think of is the Stargazer. Many kinda have the feeling that it might be to OP for PFS. But currently we don't know that.

And prestigious spellcaster is something that maybe PFS doesn't want. I sure don't know for sure.

So it's either ALL non legal material from the book is going to come out as a boon. Or it's more like a bait. Telling use that Options X are boons and options Y are never going to be legal lets me know WHAT to lobby to be included. And also it doesn't stop you from having exciting surprises to find out that this scenario was the one with the boon. Until someone's played it, because I to, like Patate - PK, as many as I could that the material was made legal and which scenario granted it. It also lets me know if I want the book. If I know option X will be legal by boon I could get the book now. If I don't know option X will make it or not I wont buy the book, and maybe not buy it if it does ever come up on a boon since I will have already moved on from it.

So your preferred wording for the first line would be "The X and Y are not currently legal for play but are scheduled to be unlocked on scenario Chronicle sheets. Other content might also be unlocked as the team outlines more adventures" or something like that?

That looks better, but I think it would be best to outright say "X and Y will are not currently legal for play but are scheduled (etc)... Anything else from this book that isn't outlined below is not sanctioned for organized play."

It's always the sanctioning teams choice to change what is and isn't PFS legal, but the way it's written there just makes it sound as though you haven't decided what scenario it will go to vs. being outright banned.

John, are you able to tell us anything about how this will work (single, or all characters, reusable, coming anytime soon, etc.) or are you unable to disclose that yet?


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p-sto wrote:
MadScientistWorking wrote:
p-sto wrote:

Will the prestige class be opened just to the character with the chronicle or all characters that belong to that player? Are all the prestige classes eventually going to be given on chronicle sheets or just some? Will they all be this season or spread out over the next few years?
To answer your first question its typically opens up to all characters with the option to retrain into it with that character.
Which doesn't really help if the character you built for the PrC is now level 10 because you were waiting over a year for it and the chronicle is on another character.

The unfortunate solution for me at this point is to actually take my characters out of playing rotation. It also likely means i won't play any new scenarios before GMing them out of fear/worry that I will miss on one of these PrCs.

The other problem I foresee is that chronicles won't really be secret anymore. I can guarantee that any chronicle sheet I find that has a PrC, I'm going to make a post on here saying specifically what adventure gives it, I'm gonna tell the PFS Online Discord server, and I'm gonna tell everyone in my local group, because i would rather others know and be able to make an informed adventure choice than potentially waste it on the wrong character.


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"Prove that you are all Pathfinders" said the village elder

*players all look around, realizing no one actually has a wayfinder*

*I sheepishly pull out my wallet, and take out the PFS member card that I printed because i kept forgetting the number and pass it to the GM*

"Everything looks in order here, you have the right credentials"