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BeardedTree wrote:

But they (or at least one of them) mentioned taking the boat. What does keep them from taking the boat when they clear out the Scarlet Triad? They were also asking about disabling the boat so it couldn't be used by the Triad to get away but that's not covered in the book or I'd let them.

In my game the monk (who has some rogue-like skills) received the benefit of invisibility and sabotaged the rudder and came back with a lot of scouting information for the party. All within the short time limit of the spell's duration.

I have some suggestions to tone down the monetary reward of stealing a ship.

As mentioned previously in this thread, a slave-trading ship should be refitted before being sold. Skulls and Shackles actually had interesting mechanics about "squibbing" a ship (i.e. changing some details about it so that no one notices it's a stolen-and-reconverted ship). You could ask for an upfront downtime activity using some appropriate skills (applicable lore skills or expert crafting) and have them reconvert the ship while using some downtime. That activity would also require some timber, nails, new sails, that sort of thing. So if the ship had a value of 3000gp you could ask for 500gp upfront to do this (plus the week or so of work).

When they get to Ravounel, have them sell the ship at half price (1500) which means an effective gain of 1000gp.

Sir NotAppearingInThisFilm wrote:
A Bad Case of The Shingles, DC 21 Jump Street, Clothesline is it Anyway?, Church and Destroy and a swarm flying out of a crumbling chimney known as Bat on a Hot Tin Roof. I’ll see myself out now.

Wow! Just plain awesome. Was not expecting this. Thanks!

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What are the choices that Barushak the infernal summoner can offer to the PCs on p.43?

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orphias wrote:

I am thinking off adding a homebrew option. Something along the lines of. Fred the fighter is struck by an ogre's maul for x damage. Ribs crack and he falls to the ground unconscious. With the ogre's backswing his body is propelled 10 feet into a wall with a sickening crunch.

Ogres are mean! :)

So, by the rules he would have Dying 2; and an assigned Fort save DC X to reduce the dying condition. With the new rules however, one heal spell for 3 hp's and he leaps to his feet and re-engages the ogre. Fred's brush with death is as if it never happened, even though his hit points have him barely standing.

Magical healing is of course a wondorous thing, its Magic! after all. Still, I would appreciate some reflection of the characters near death experience.

I was thinking of the following additions. When a creature takes a mortal wound, he gains the Drained condition equal to his Dying value until he takes a daily rest. So, Fred gains dying 2 (drained), is healed and looses the dying condition. He enters the fray, and once more goes flying into the bushes and gains dying 1 (drained). Cleric heals him again. This is getting wearisome thinks fred. Charges ogre and is backswinged into a tree for dying 1. The ogre is defeated, and Fred is healed once more. At the end of the battle he accumulated Drained 4 until he takes a daily rest.

You could also apply the Clumsy condition until the character is healed to say 50% or more of his hp total.


I think that since the slow is proportionnal to the dying condition (dying 2-->slowed 2), there is enough of a penalty. You don't get back up and jump into the fray easily. Action 1, get up (maybe provoke AoO?) Then action 2 pick up weapon. Next turn, maybe you could move and/or strike.

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It takes at least 3 levels for a combat drone to get online with heavy weapons.
1-small arms proficiency for free thanks to combat chassis
1-longarms proficiency
3-heavy weapon proficiency

Want to add in focus and specialization? Level 9. Granted, from level 3 and onward youre pretty much set for a good start in terms of dps olympics thanks to the action economy.

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Name of PC: Evan Dramme. (Van Damme pun)
Class: Cleric of Cayden Cailean.
Adventure: Seven Days to the Grave.
Catalyst: dungeon trap.

Being a cleric that has access to the Traveling domain, Evan's player chose to have access to the excellent Exploration subdomain level 1 scouting ability named "Door Sight". Using it, the party was able to reconnaissance a lot of elements (such as the secret corridors of Rolth's dungeon and the hospital).

His story comes to an end when he touches a door that has two skeletons wielding a scythe. The skeletons swing their scythe, hitting for a good amount of damage. Seeing that the scythe are now in their "swung" position, our good cleric assumes (partially correctly) that they are now "spent". He decides to not spend his finite healing resources and places his hands on the door for a whole minute in order to activate his power...

As his vision (and perceptive consciousness) begins to transfer to the other side of the door, the other party members notice (too late) that the skeletons' scythes have reset.

A heartbeat later and I describe to the cleric the last thing he saw as his head was chopped clean off with a nasty critical hit from a scythe!

The player then began to have a(n) (ir)rational fear of scythes for any of his further characters.

If you want, here's a little short story of what happened with that dead cleric.

Because the players did a lot of "get in, spend spells, get out" in the dungeon, the corpse of Evan Dramme (who was not brought back for proper rites & burial) came back. In essence, his soul was brought to a plane of eternal torment as he was painfully converted to a priest of Urgathoa and then brought back in space-time to haunt the place of his death.

Coming back as an undead Graveknight/cleric bound to Urgathoa by the pillars at the end of the dungeon, with the same traits and feat choices as what the player had made (just with different domains and prepared spell choices--and a template applied), this "Evan Damned" used its desecrate to spawn fast brain-eating zombies out of the defeated cultists and clerics. An epic encounter at the disease vats room made short work of it--but its armour remained in the party's loot for a while, because "it was worth a lot of money".

The party went on sell the armour at a discount. A few days later it re-animated, causing much havoc in the city. They defeated it again. They decided to give the armour to the priesthood of Pharasma, who took care of it properly in a show of Godly Power.

Thus ended the trials and tribulations of Evan Dramme/Evan Damned.

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If you are choosing spells from new splatbooks, I recommend Monkey Fish, a level 1 spell, in order to get some "stalking mode" movement options (swimming and climbing at a reduced rate compared to the level 2 spells that do the same--but at an increased flexibility: one spell gives you appropriate movement modes). Obviously, the slow speed is meant to get them into an ambush position rather than to use spider climb in combat.

I feel like replacing spider climb with something that won't come up often (such as Silent Table to cast-while-being-difficult-to-detect or Minor Image to trick PCs into going somewhere with a shoanti-in-distress), just because they are probably going to use silent vanish casts as their other 2nd level spell during (or just before) combat. This will let them use guerilla warfare tactics while being able to synchronise flanking positions (thanks to their mantis masks--they can see each other while invisible).

I wish I could throw in quick draw in order to make ranged attacks with 2-3 daggers per turn (if you include two weapon fighting) against ranged targets. As it is now, FORT and WILL saves and ranged combat are the assassins' weaknessses. Thematic. I hope that my PCs take advantage of those flaws. The reflex-save-prompting fire sorcerer will be sad when fighting them, however!

Feats and level-based progression goes like this:

1-(swashbuckler) alertness, exotic weap. prof. sawtooth sabre, swashbuckler’s weapon finesse, deeds, panache
2-(fighter) two weapon fighting
3-(rogue)two weapon defense, sneak attack 1d6, trap finding
4-(rogue)evasion, rogue talent: weapon focus sawtooth sabre
5-(rogue)double slice, danger sense +1, finesse training (dex to dmg with sawtooth saber), sneak attack 2d6
6-(red mantis) weapon specialization (sawtooth sabre), sneak attack +1d6 = 3d6
7-(red mantis) silent spell, prayer attack
8-(red mantis) red shroud 2/day (4 rounds) +1 dodge bonus to AC, fast healing 2
9-(red mantis) slashing grace, summon mantis, sneak attack +2d6 = 4d6

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What if, instead of being lvl 2 fighters, the mantis assassins were lvl 1 swashbucklers and lvl 1 fighters? In this instance, with their class-given special weapon finesse, they could take the slashing grace feat in order to treat their sawtooth sabres as finessable.

Also using the Unchained Rogue unlocks dex-to-damage with one weapon.

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The Infiltrator archetype of the Investigator lets me:
-have a rogue-like level of precision-based attacks
-have an alchemist-like level of casting (like the bard, inquisitor, magus)
-have the disguise and voice mimicry bonuses (SKILL BASED!) that low level illusionnists just WISH they had. Unlimited per day. It's just DANG awesome and it just replaces a few extra trap- and poison-related class features.

As a whole the archetype feels like an infiltration character I would want to play, like a Master Spy prestige class that can work at level 2 and up.

The Vigilante suffers from HAVING to take some abilities (I'm looking at the "spellcasting talents"), a lack of identity (apart from the social aspect which could be subsumed in a feat chain) and a lack of versatility. As has been suggested before, I would be up for a "once per day you can choose your specialization" in order to orient the class into a certain direction according to what's going on. So you could have your vigilante who one day chooses some stalker night vision or grappling rope related tricks while the other he gets some lvl 0 and lvl 1 spells to achieve certain goals. This level of versatility would bring it to the Shaman's level of flexibility.

Or have all Vigilantes be able to take talents from all categories--in this instance the Warlock's "take a talent to get some spells" would get close to the rogue's "minor magic" and "major magic" talents on purpose--this would indeed make more sense in that context.

I enjoy the social side of the class but firmly believe it could become a feat chain (or an Unchained-like multiclass system where you replace your lvl 3-7-11-15 feats with specific PERSONA-related social and superhero talents).

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The cleric and wizard explicitly state that they can keep some slots open. The arcanist doesn't, so he can't.

There's an exploit that works around this absence of open spell slots: Quick Study. For a full round action and a point from your pool, you can replace a spell prepared with another one from the same level.

Not taking 15 minutes also means that it could, if there is really a need for it, be used during combat.

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Rycaut wrote:

I'm also very curious about a detailed explanation of how the tricks should be used (i.e. some of them are less than clear in how they can/should be applied - especially ones that require immediate actions)

In essence, this is why I created the thread. I also question the wording of the ability--since it's the animal companion, not the hunter, who uses these tricks. If they worded it as "replace all instances of 'ranger' with 'hunter' in the skirmisher descriptions" then it would make more sense.

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Dasrak wrote:

Just to be clear, when you say "CORE" it generally means Core Rulebook only, possibly with traits allowed. No archetype is core. With that pedantry aside, the Mutation Warrior is the best Fighter archetype from those books.

Eponine Lokrien Savet wrote:

There are no Core Rulebook Archetypes.

Edit: Ninja got me!

In my eyes, Core meant what's on the PRD. I also listed the actual sources we have, because I had already noticed the AMAZING PFS Lore Warden which is not allowed by our DM: its static bonus to maneuvers really caught my eye but unfortunately it can't be played.

Thanks for that mention of the mutation warrior. Obviously since both the weapon training and armor training are two "chains" of class abilities that can be switched, it indeed stands to reason that you can take two archetypes that affect one and the other.

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Revolving Door Alternate wrote:

Hmm... Not sure mutagens seems like a very noble-ish kind of tactic. I will consider.

Yeah fencing grace certainly makes sense. I'm trying to remember, wasn't there something to pump up damage with inspiration?

Speaking of inspiration: which do you folks think is better FCB +1/3 to inspirations per day or +1/4 to the inspiration roll?

Look at Expanded Inspiration (or the Mastermind's free inspiration skills). Now back to the FCB. What do you see? A +1 every 4 levels is a FANTASTIC use of the Half-Elf's ability to outpace almost anything and everything he puts skill ranks into. Being intelligent, perhaps also being a Fast Learner will let you have about 9-10 skill points per Investigator level--enough to flaunt social skills AND know-how.

Want diplomacy, knowledge checks, perception to be boosted above your ranks? You can cover all that with talents so that you add inspiration for free, and your FCB just increases those things even more. Eventually you can add d8+3 at Investigator level 12... or d10+3 for two skills you really enjoy (with Focused Inspiration).

Think of that FCB as having a +1 in ANYTHING in which you have free inspiration. And a sort of mini-action-point bonus to anything in which you SPEND inspiration on. I mean, adding d8+3 to an attack or a save AFTER rolling the d20, multiple times per day? That's really AWESOME!

I find the half elf to be the best-suited race (because of its FCB and because he counts as human AND elf for all abilities such as traits, feat prerequisites and so on). And hey, if it comes down to a duel against the foreign prince who insulted your house, you can always use some inspiration during the duel. Those static bonuses will start to add up.

Best of luck in your Noble Endeavours!

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EvilMinion wrote:

Handle animal is to get your animal companion to use tricks, as defined under handle animal.

You can not 'push' an animal companion to do skirmisher tricks.

Excellent, thanks for specifying that.

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Hey guys,

My DM plays with what can be found on the PRD, excluding add-ons like inner sea, pathfinder society, and 3pp. So we've basically got access to Core player's, Advanced Player's, Ultimate Combat & Magic, Advanced Class Guide, Ultimate Campaign and Advanced Race Guide.

I'm looking for the best Fighter (or full BAB class) variant in order to make someone be a maneuver-master. Someone who has bonuses to his CMB, high enough that as a medium sized human he will be able to trip and sunder large, huge, maybe even bigger creatures like gargantuans without help from the party's spellcasters.

Any idea on which are the best classes (from the list of availabilities above) to do this?

For now, I've got:
-The new Brawler with its maneuver training and high BAB
-The maneuver master monk

If you've any other ideas and tips (feat, class, archetype choices) for a human maneuver master, let me know!


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Chess Pwn wrote:
fortunately we had some answers for this 3 months ago here


While this is partially useful, it's not the whole answer. I got the number of uses from that page, which is good. Any idea about Handle Animal DCs, or how the tricks should be worded/read/used?

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Hi everyone.

In the Hunter's Animal Companion class feature, the following is laid out:

A hunter may teach her companion hunter's tricks from the skirmisher ranger archetype instead of standard tricks.

1) What is the DC to push an animal to use this trick (for handle animal purposes)? This is very powerful--by not using a slot to train an animal with a trick, all a player character has to do is succeed at the handle animal check to push it to perform ANY trick in the list. This almost feels spontaneous-caster-like (with a full spell list known) in terms of power. At least there's a skill check to pass in order to have this work.

2) How many times per day can these tricks be used? I sincerely believe they should be based on the Hunter's level and stats, but your mileage may vary--perhaps it's the animal's Hit Dice with its wisdom penalty/bonuses that count.

Perhaps, just like regular tricks, these effects are unlimited? Damn! If that were to be so, these tricks become really powerful. Imagine moving twice as a move action while keeping your stealth bonuses with Chameleon Step; using any "Attack" power as a free action before every natural attack (perhaps even STACKING THEM ALL for EVERY ATTACK: if I hit, the target gets -2 penalty to its attacks, is shakened for 1d4 rounds and entangled, moves at half speed... and if I miss I can re-roll the attack with a -5 to get another chance to inflict those conditions!)

When you stop and think about it, there ought to be a limit.

3) In order to read the ablities properly... Which words are replaced by which words in this context? For instance "The ranger may" would become "the animal companion may" to allow stuff like Tangling Attacks, Aiding Attacks or Rattling Strike. If this were to be, then what happens with stuff like Bolster Companion, Sic 'Em and Heel? Obviously if I was writing them I would take the book-space to specifically write out "the Hunter may use the command animal companion as a immediate action" in order to have the companion benefit from X-Y-Z.

4) There are some tricks which obviously don't work with animal companions, so they should not be part of the possibilities: Ranger's Counsel, Hateful Attack and Cunning Pantomime come to mind.

I think that overall there should have been an extra few paragraphs to clearly state how this ability works, much like how there's a list of slayer talents or pages of shaman spirit abilities: by phrasing them correctly in their own defined section, they would have worked without having to resort to a ton of interpretation, an upcoming errata or DM fiat.

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I was already thinking about a masterwork buckler, but your suggestion seems worthwhile enough to be worth a drawback for an additional trait or to remove the extra fortitude bonus and swap it for -1 ACP. That's IF I can obtain mithril in that campaign, at all!

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deuxhero wrote:
Other than level 10+ with Druidic Decoder feat, Loremaster's bonus languages and Oracle with the Tongues curse at level 5, are there any ways to learn (not merely magically understand) Druidic as a non-Druid?

I will be pedantic and say: take a level of druid!

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Dorian 'Grey' wrote:

I must say that this is very thorough and complete.

It looks like it will be a fun character to play.


What do you think about the medium armor proficiency versus power attack at level 3?

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We are about to finish our ongoing campaign (ROTRL) which has been going for over three years. We are currently in Karzoug's mountain-top spire--getting past the death zone was quite a challenge! Now we are almost there, and sometime before this summer we will start a new campaign: Jade Regent.

I really enjoy the flavor of having the Eastern aspect played up to 11, and for this reason I am choosing to play a half-elf investigator with a katana as its alternate-racial-exotic-proficiency (which replaces skill focus).

This choice is threefold:

1) thematically, the katana is awesome (and it's a weapon that I expect to find as a magic item in this campaign setting as opposed to any other, non-eastern-themed setting);

2) the half-elf has a really nifty alternate favored class bonus;

3) when we played the Sandpoint Glassworks I learned that Tsuto was part of the Kaijitsu family even though he was a half-elf... So "something happened" with one of Ameiko's parents regarding extra-marital indiscretions. Because I intend to be Ameiko's Younger Sibling, I will work a bit with my GM to understand how I came to be.

Now that you have my reasons of why I chose a half-elf, we can move on with my intentions of playing this class.

OTHER PLAYERS: Trip-maneuver Intelligent Fighter, TWF & natural weapon Socially-Able Rogue, Shapeshifting Druid, probably an arcane spellcaster. So I'm the fourth/fifth party member. It may happen that we end up without an arcane spellcaster if schedule conflicts occur, so bear in mind that my extracts MAY be the only arcane-equivalents we get until an npc joins us or something.

MY PARTY ROLES: Versatility, utility, textbook, melee combat. Rogue's buddy when infiltration/scouting/social is required.

1) I want to be useful in combat with my 14 str and katana (and eventually studied combat--although having a STR bonus REALLY helps the early levels before I get studied combat).

2) I also want to be quite useful out of combat, ideally at all times. Instead of this campaign being a classical dungeon crawl, I expect this NPC-centric campaign to be all about the caravan, the recurrent NPCs, and zombie-clown-mime-ninjas who stalk the night and creep us out with their oni overlords crossing their arms and delivering cheesy one liners*. So I want to play the role of the know-it-all who is partly the party's rogue, partly a support extract-maker (for instance to give buffs and "remove debilitating condition extracts" when needed but also to have useful movement abilities) and last but not least be a mini-bard with my huge amount of skill points and free inspiration. I look forward to tag-teaming with the rogue. He will probably LOVE ME for the infused invisiblity Extracts, oh yes!

*that last part may or may not be true in Jade Regent, I've yet to find out!

So what I want is to be BATMAN--Good all around, best when PREPARED. Fits with the high intelligence score, eh? I say BATMAN, but...that's without the unarmed proficiency and the insane amount of money (I expect the game to be balanced loot-by-level).

I also want to be SHERLOCK, because class name + archetype mechanics is too good to pass up. Also, these videos:
video 1
video 2

I want to have medium armor proficiency in there without having to multi class. As you can see, I haven't put it in there. Don't hesitate to suggest me something to replace in order to slot this in. My first guess is to never have power attack to favor a bit more defense with medium armor. I have no idea how my mileage will vary, defensively-versus-offensively speaking.

Restrictions: I want to avoid dumping charisma; 15 pt-buy. Only use what's available in the Jade Regent Player's Guide and the Pathfinder PRD (aka, "Core only").

CN Half-elf Empiricist Investigator

STR 14
DEX 14
CON 10
INT 15 (17) (Common, Elven, Goblin, Tien, Skald, Giant)
CHA 10

HP: d8 + toughness (3) = 11

Traits (I offset the low point buy with these traits and my 1st level feat for more survivability. Plus I get to be part of the Kaijitsu bloodline, which is extra-eastern-flavor-cool.)

Resilient (combat): +1 Fortitude.
Younger Sibling, Ameiko Kaijitsu (campaign): +1 trait bonus to Will saves

Alternate racials: Drow-blooded, ancestral arms. I'm a rogue-like who can see in the dark, as opposed to humans and halflings. Also, I get to use the most thematically-appropriate weapon of them all.

Favorite class bonus for Half-Elf Investigator: Inspiration and Extracts are my favorite features of the Investigator, along with "having almost all the skillz". So I want to capitalize on this by choosing: Gain a +1/4 bonus on all inspiration rolls.

This means at levels 4/8/12 I will get a FURTHER extra bonus whenever I use inspiration. At lvl 9 and up (where I can use it on attacks and saves at a less-steep-cost thanks to Combat Inspiration) this could probably save my life someday!

INI: +2 (dex)

Feats and level-based benefits

1-FEAT Toughness

....1-[Racial] Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Katana

....1-Inspiration 1/2 level + INT MOD = 3

....2-Ceaseless Observation (Use INT as attribute mod for Diplomacy checks made to gather information, Disable Device, Perception, Sense Motive, and Use Magic Device)

....2- Inspiration Pool = 4

3-FEAT Power Attack

....3-Free talent: Infusion

....3-Trap Sense +1 Reflex/+1 Dodge VS Traps

....3-Keen Recollection: Can use knowledge skills untrained

....4-Studied Combat (1/2 level insight bonus to melee attack and damage as a Move Action against a creature, lasts INT mod rounds)

....4-Studied Strike (End studied combat to gain extra damage)

....4- Inspiration Pool = 6 [+1 to inspiration rolls!]

....4- +1 INT (don't forget to put 4 ranks into Escape Artist!)

....4- Unfailing Logic, +2 vs Illusion (can spend inspiration to use INT MOD instead of WIS MOD on illusions)

5-FEAT Expanded Inspiration (Ex): An investigator can use his inspiration ability when attempting Diplomacy, Heal, Perception, Profession, and Sense Motive checks without expending uses of inspiration, provided he's trained in the skill.

....5-Free Talent: Quick Study (Studied Combat as a Swift Action)

....6-Studied Strike 2d6

....6-Trap Sense +2 Reflex/+2 Dodge VS Traps

....6- Inspiration Pool = 7

7-FEAT Extra Inspiration (+3 to pool)

....7-Inspiration Pool = 10

....7-Free Talent: Sickening Offensive (When the investigator damages a studied target, that creature is also sickened [-2 to most checks] for 1 round.)

....8-Studied Strike 3d6

....8- +1 INT

....8- Inspiration Pool = 11 [+2 to inspiration rolls!]

....8- Unfailing Logic, +4 vs Illusion

9-FEAT Extra Investigator Talent: Combat Inspiration (spend 1 inspiration instead of 2 for attacks and saves)

....9-Free Talent: Amazing Inspiration (roll d8+2 for inspiration)

....9-Trap Sense +3 Reflex/+3 Dodge VS Traps

....10- Studied Strike 4d6

....10- Inspiration Pool = 12

11-FEAT Improved Critical (Katana)

....11-Free Talent: Eidetic Recollection (can take 10 on Knowledge checks; can take 20 by spending Inspiration)

....12- Studied Strike 5d6

....12- Inspiration Pool = 14 [d8+3 to inspiration rolls!]

....12- +1 INT (don't forget to put some ranks into 12 skills!)

13-FEAT ?????

....13- Tenacious Inspiration (roll two dice and take best when rolling inspiration)

....14- Studied Strike 6d6

....14- Inspiration Pool = 15

Skills (in bold: every level I add a rank to it)
I plan to have some skills fully maxed while others are more circumstancial. Eventually I will have all knowledge skills at 1 rank +3 class +3/4/5 INT MOD + free inspiration, but that's for the long term.

ODD LEVELS (lvl 1)
Knowledges x2 (Nobility, Religion, Nature, Planes, Arcana, Dungeoneering, Geography; +7 + free inspiration)
Diplomacy (+4)
Knowledge Local (+7 + free inspiration)
Linguistics (+7 + free inspiration, Giant then Abyssal@ lvl 3, Infernal@ lvl 5, Aklo @ lvl 7)
Spellcraft (+7 +free inspiration)
Perception (+2 racial, -1 wis +5)
Stealth (+6)
Use Magic Device (+4)

Acrobatics +6
Bluff +4
Diplomacy (use INT instead of CHA when making Gather Information +5 change attitude/+8 gather info)
Disable Device (Trapfinding +1/2 level; @ lvl 2 use INT instead of DEX +7)
Knowledge Local (+8 + free inspiration)
Perception (@ lvl 2 use INT instead of WIS +10; Trapfinding +1/2 level)
Sense Motive (@ lvl 2 use INT instead of WIS +7)
Stealth (+7)
Use Magic Device (@ lvl 2 use INT instead of CHA: +8)

[lvl 4 skills to add: Escape Artist 4 ranks]

Investigator kit (I removed some weighty stuff. Alchemy kit is at inn.)

Price 40 gp; Weight 15 lbs. (-9 torches)
This kit includes an alchemy crafting kit [5lbs], a backpack, a bedroll, a belt pouch, a flint and steel, ink, an inkpen, an iron pot, a mess kit, soap, torches (1), trail rations (5 days), and a waterskin. The kit does not contain a formula book because an investigator begins play with a formula book and does not need to purchase one.

Average Lifestyle 10gp (this also means that we're not tracking purchases of 1gp and below which is why I sometimes only track weight, not acquisition price)
Formulae Book (3lbs, free)
Rope, silk (10gp, 5lbs)

What better way to avoid being encumbered than to have a litteral MULE to ferry your 'wares around? If it lives until we leave with the caravan, it will also be a mascot/cargo animal. I'll also have an evil overlord white cat.

Cat, Mule (8gp), Pack saddle (5gp)

Bandolier (eight objects like flasks, daggers or wands, each) x2 -
Chalk x6 -
Charcoal x6 -
Vial x5 -
Whistle -
Lamp oil x1 (1lb)
Flint & Steel -
Paper x10 -
Glue Paper x5 -
Pouch -
Sack -
Extra Inkpens x3 -
Twine/string x2, (0.5lb ea)
5 marbles -

Club (3lbs)
Dagger (2gp, 1lb)
Longspear (5gp 9lbs)
Studded Leather (25gp, 20lbs)

53lbs/58lbs light or 116 med [+5lbs if I have the alchemy crafting kit with me instead of at the inn/in the caravan]


I need to buy these two items as soon as I can get a few pocket change:
-Shovel (2gp 8lbs) [not purchased at character creation yet]
-Crowbar (2gp 5lbs) [not purchased at character creation yet]

In MULE [86.5/100lbs light load or 200 pounds medium]
Bucket (2lbs)
Pack Saddle (15lbs)
5 days animal feed (50lbs)
Twine/string x5, (2.5lbs)
10 iron spikes with loop ends (1 lb ea = 10 lbs)
Hammer (2 lbs)
5x 1-pound flour sacks (5 lbs)

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Jacob W. Michaels wrote:

I don't love the name of your location ("Leftover's" feels very anachronistic to me and I don't know where "East Shore" is meant to be), but I will admit being intrigued by the "only inn" part. WHY is it the only inn? I feel like there's a story there and part of me wants to know what it is.

I really like the top floor perspective little inset, but unfortunately, I think that (and the name) are my two favorite parts.

This is otherwise a pretty basic rectangular shaped inn. An inn's a pretty darn standard location, but without more details -- which you couldn't give in this challenge -- it's got to be outstanding to be Superstar. Think of the Lucky Monkey Inn from the Shackled City AP (back in Dungeon magazine).

I think you needed to be a little more ambitious in this case, unfortunately. I don't think I'm going to be voting for this entry. Good luck!

About the name. I am happy no one says I made a spelling/language mistake, because it isn't. I hope this answers any questions you may have about the place. If not, check out Guide to Korvosa!

I won't type out what happens in those hidden storage areas and hiding places, because that would be giving additionnal detail that isn't on the map submission (and shouldn't be, either).

Having seen the inside of monsters turned into dungeons, a multi-level evil overlord's volcanic hideout and an axe-shaped dungeon map, I can see why my map is pretty bland and regular by comparison. I fully accept that the fact that it's very standard hurts it (I based it in Korvosa as you can see from the link above according to the fluff from Guide to Korvosa). Making a "dungeon" for a city without basing it in the sewers or off a far-from-shore sunken tower creates such "bland results".

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 32

/huge sigh of relief and sense of accomplishment

Hey guys!

After working for over 12 hours on this (getting up early, sleeping late) I managed to finish my round 2 submission way ahead of schedule. I am quite happy with my work and the speed at which I was able to produce it.

I want to encourage all who are working on round 2: may your map be voted in the next batch!

Cheers and good luck!

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 32

Taylor Hubler wrote:

If we number the areas on the map are we allowed to present a list of names for those areas on the map? Like "1) Dwarven currency exchange, 2) Dwarven treasury, 3) Shrine of a forgotten god." All on an area on the map, like a corner?

Jacob Kellogg wrote:
The offical Round 2 rules say you're allowed a map key, just as long as everything is (1) contained within the 8.5x11 area, and (2) is directly relevant to the map. They give examples that you could label the districts of a city map, but couldn't talk about its politics or alignment; you could mark where a monster is standing, but couldn't describe its tactics or motivations.

So I take it that Taylor's example is correct?

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 32

a previously unmapped fantasy-themed location in Golarion
Jensen Toperzer wrote:
So as someone who is only a casual visitor to Golarion, what HAS been mapped already?

Because I master the [redacted] adventure path, I have the softcover books at home. It was simple to compare the Guide to [redacted] locations with the actual softcover books of the AP in order to see if my Golarion-specific location had been used as an encounter in the adventure path.

It wasn't, so I used the location's (brief) description to orient my map making session.

Yes, you kinda need the content books in order to make sure that what you're mapping hasn't already been done if you want to go along with the restrictions. For instance, I firmly believe that mapping Rise of the Runelords' Sandpoint or Thistletop would be folly and grounds for disqualification.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 32

Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:

We're not requiring any specific scope for the map. Within the rules handed out, encounters, cities, regions, ships, rivers, dungeons, valleys, and even entire continents could qualify. I'm not recommending any of those over others, but they could all count.

You don't have to pick a location on Golarion we have already named, but it does have to be something the judges and voters believe would reasonable be found in Golarion.

Thank you for your clarification Owen!

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 32

Jacob W. Michaels wrote:
I agree with Azouth. I think I'd actually lean more toward creating your own place, but being sure it fits in with Golarion canon (and in fact using it to show you know your Golarion canon).

Does that mean I can create a battlemap location that exists in a "Guide to ..." to show that I can make a map that relates to said place in Golarion?

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 32

Kiraya TiDrekan wrote:
Any first timers make the Top 32?

/Olivier raises his hand

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 32

Thanks Garret, this answers one of my questions on my thread.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 32

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Hi everyone!

I'm Olivier, a francophone from Montreal, Québec, Canada. I am thrilled to be on the top 32 even though English is not my main language!

I am a professional Level Designer who is currently Looking For Job in my area. Highlight products I've worked on are Army of TWO: The Devil's Cartel, The Brave, Rango Wii, Mysims Racing and Mysims Sky Heroes, Wipeout 3 and Wipeout 4 (the parkour platformers, not the racing game). Last year I worked on an Amazon Fire Phone launch game, Saber's Edge.

So I've done some AAA titles and some more casual games. I like both environments, they offer different kinds of challenges.

Through life I've had friends who did the NANOWRIMO, and I've never had the guts to try such a big endeavour. Seeing the Paizo RPG SUPERSTAR contest tickled my designer mindset because of the small size of the first round--and I am happy to say that it worked out all right!

I have an advantage over people who are pure writers, as I have a work-appropriate grasp of map and level documentation. I look forward to working on round 2 this week!


RPG Superstar 2015 Top 32


I was glad to receive an email announcing that I was one of the top 32 candidates. Considering I am not a native English speaker, this is good news!

I have a few questions for round two:
1) Must the map be of an "over world area" or can I make a battlemap or encounter map? For instance, a landscape with a scale based on miles versus a castle, a city building or an abandoned ruin with 5 foot squares.

2) If my illustration software lets me choose file dimension in inches and has pixels per inches, does a 8,5 x 11 inch template with 150 pixels per inch achieve the requirement of being at (or near) 150 DPI? If not, could someone point me to the right settings please!

Cheers and thanks,

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 32

I'm an all-around lurker who happened to have the time and motivation to enter this year.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 32

Hey cos,

I just wanted to say that I finally received my order. It took a while, but it was worth it.

Thanks for sending a replacement shipping.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 32

Cosmo wrote:

I will set your to get a replacement order.

Could you please make sure that the shipping address (parcel destination) includes "appt. 1"? I noticed that the confirmation email you sent me did not include this crucial information--that might explain why the first shipment did not reach me.

I live in the first apartment of the address you have shown in the confirmation mail.

Thanks, looking forward to my wares...

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 32

Greetings. On June 10th 2008 you sent me a confirmation mail regarding my order numbered#964945.

I would like to enquire about the delay that is happening right now. It has been well over the estimated 7-11 days of shipping time stated in the confirmation mail. We might consider this a whole month!

I would like to know where my package is, and if there is a tracking number I can use with Postes Canada (Cana Postal Services) to inquire directly about the parcel and its whereabouts.

Thanks for your support.