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Everyone loves the Lord of the Rings world, and I am no exception, this is why me and a few friends have decided to try and make some rule changes to make the Pathfinder rules more like the Lord of the Rings world... This is just a bit of fun for us and a working progress and we would welcome any input.

What are our main goals:
1) Restrict magic (and magic items) without making them too weak no-one wants to play them.
2) Remove any problem abilities and feats.
3) Edit races to be more in keeping with Lord of the Rings
4) Add corruption
5) Make dragons (and other big monster) as dangerous as they are in the books.
6) Make it feel more gritty.
7) Give the characters a way of being more heroic and doing those stunts they can do in the books and films.

Here is what we have so far:
Lord Of The Rings Pathfinder RPG Conversion

Please let us know what you think, if it is something you would be interested in playing and anything you think we missed or need to change.

Many thanks :)

Hello everyone,

A question came up last night at my RP club about charging into combat with a large creature and if they get an attack of opportunity or not?

Each of our tables seem to be playing differently and we wondered on if there was any published answer to it.

Ok so as an example, human fighter with a longsword charges a large dragon. Does the the dragon get an attack on the fighter at 10ft away from him as he passes a threatened square?

Arguments for and against that the club put forward all come from Page 183 of the Core Rulebook.

Actions in Combat chart states that charging does not provoke.

However under the table it has "Regardless of the action, if you move out of a threatened square, you usually provoke an attack of opportunity. This column indicates whether the action itself, not moving, provokes an attack of opportunity." Which would seem to say that the movement would provoke? or is this just from other combatants?

And official rulings out there?

Many thanks,


Hi all, this may seem like a silly question with a simple answer that I have miss so sorry if it is haha.

Does the Wizard with the Conjuration/Teleportation school's Shift ability use a verbal component to activate?

It says "as if using dimension door" which would lead me to believe it uses a verbal component, however I didn't know if being a swift action or a supernatural ability would change that.

Thank you.

With my next character that I want to play in PF I want it to be one to remember, not for how strong he is but how fun he is to role-play.

So with that in mind I give you my concept.

Ringmaster of a circus (Ex-ringmaster but still playing the part)

So I am after him to be very charismatic, skills in things like acrobatics and perform, and have very trick like spells (disappearing, fogs, pulling a rabbit out of a hat, that type of thing). Id love him to be able to create a top hat out of thin air if that's even possible.

I am thinking of a Bard that uses a whip (lion tamer style) to perform using dazzling display to control the field (and his performance) Thank you Treantmonk for that one :)

I am only allowed the core rule book and have 20 points on stats, and I wondered what people though?

What sort of spells should be taken?

Anything you guys think could improve the concept?

Thank you :)

Ok probably another silly question, if you are in a Desecrated area and you use your channel to Command undead are you still using negative channeled energy for the purpose of Desecrate, therfore get the +3 on the DC?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you for your time :)

Ok so this is probably a really simple question,
The Channel Energy ability says heal all living or harm all undead creatures, does this heal Outsiders? I only ask because there is a feat to heal or harm outsiders. and how does this affect Native Outsiders?
Thank you for your time :)

Ok so I was just wondering what language do you speak when you cast spells? do you use a magical language or a language of your choice on your character sheet? Also if you do use a magical language is it the same magical language used over all spell casters?

In vital strike it says you can make one attack at double the damage dice, if you get the Haste spell cast on you can you still only make one attack? or can you make one Vital Strike attack and a normal attack? or can you make two Vital Strikes?

I just wondered what happens if you use the spell summon eidolon while you have a summoned monster out with the summoners SLA, does the summoned monster stay out with the eidolon or can you still only have one out at the same time?