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This may be a stupid question or perhaps answered elsewhere? But...If you do order the miniature from Archon, how do they know that you're a Kickstarter backer to send the rest along with it?

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Sara Marie wrote:
ChiramMFM wrote:

Nobody si asking if the wizkids sculpts are the same produced by ND...

So, ¿@Sara Marie, @Eric Mona, they are not the same sculpts, rigth?

I don't have any insight into the design or sculpting process for miniatures, so unfortunately I can't answer this, I will see if this is something I can ping our licensing manager about. With some of the upcoming events and deadlines looming on the May & June horizons, I'm not sure what the timeframe on finding out more details and/or being able to discuss them would be. I'm very much out of my element for this type of question, but I will try to investigate more.

With all due respect, it seems as if there is always a deadline or an event coming up that prevents being able to inform us of what we're asking. I feel like that's not a valid excuse anymore as there will always be an upcoming project. If the higher ups can't spend 10 minutes coming here to answer 1 or 2 questions, even if it's "unfortunately we can't discuss that at this time"; that to me, is just as bad a Ninja Divisions "radio silence"

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Man, this feels like a sucker punch to the gonads. From a business perspective I understand they "need" minis now. This just feels like dad running off with the babysitter and leaving mom to deal with the aftermath kind of situation. All the while him telling us that he still loves us but only end up seeing him for a few hours at Christmas. I personally have $500 tied up in this kickstarter miniature fiasco, and want to see that come to fruition, which is looking more like wasted money and lesson learned.

I have no more enthusiasm for Starfinder, nor of any of Paizo's other products anymore (and more than likely will just resell all of those products that I own). Actions speak louder than words and I feel there has been little done to show support for us that have been left in the cinders of this kickstarter brush fire. Even the Seoni kickstarter I backed will probably just be resold upon (hopeful) arrival. Even finding out that Dynamite isn't quite as reputable as once thought (They have yet to pay an artist for 2 covers they received back in December. Completely unrelated to Paizo for what that's worth).

Thanks for letting me vent a smidge.

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I don't post much, but I feel I too need to speak. I was an all in backer and even got the dragon add on. I was hesitant due to everyone pointing out ND previous track record of failure per se. It was only at Paizos representatives assurance that they had full confidence in ND to deliver that I decided to back. I even backed the Seoni statue.

All I have received is about a dozen minis of adequate quality (one even being broken) and out around $500. I loved playing both Starfinder and Pathfinder, but this Kickstarter has left a bad taste in my mouth for supporting Paizo further. Its a shame as I really did enjoy their products, but now like many, that $500 loss is a hard pill to swallow when ever I think about PF/SF.

I know there is many wheels turning on things that can be or can't be said. I have nearly every PF product, so I have spent thousands on this system over the years. In my mind the only satisfaction I would get to resolve this would be either A. Getting the minis. B. A refund for what was not received or C. for Paizo to offer some sort of credit (even if just for digital product) to near the amount lost. An apology would be great too.

I want to support Paizo, but like every relationship (Even a business one on consumer / content creator) communication is vital. I'm, sorry you hung out with the wrong crowd Paizo, but you've changed. You won't talk, you seem to be hiding things. Right now I need some space, to sort through this all. We need a break. I think I should see other game developers. When you get things sorted and worked out; then you can call me. Maybe then we can give it another shot.

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The main aliens from Mass Effect. Asari, Turian, Krogan, Quarians, Salarians, Drell, Volus, Protheans, Baatarians, Vorcha. Gala and Alteans from the New Voltron Legendary Defender on Netflix are some other good ones that come to mind. HALO aliens could be fun too. Elites, Grunts, Jackels, Brutes, Hunters.

Being an avid fan (so sad the comic came to a close). I have tried using all three. The artifact was too much, especially at low levels. The gauntlet witch seemed to be missing some things. The synthesist was almost perfect I found, but the character in question was a spellcaster so...if it's another class I'd modify that to an artifact using the synthesist info.

Well, I have been their almost sole DM for over 15 years! Some of played in others campaigns, modules etc..., but these are friends that I've been solely responsible for introducing them to gaming in the first place. Our last big campaign that everyone loved ended over ten years ago, and we've been playing off and on with various campaigns, scenarios, and adventures, since. Most of those would last about 3-4 months before work and real life would prevent any gaming.

Since then, in retrospect, I feel like technology may be interfering as well. Everyone has something on their tablet or smartphone, be it a dice roller or character sheet, or some game tool; yet they'll also be on youtube or doing something non game related with them as well. Perhaps I should rule no electronics at the table other than family emergencies?

I do like the ideas about each player writing their short, mid, and long term goals for each session as well. SO far good criticism and suggestions. Keep em' coming!

As the subject title states, and I'm kind of at a loss and would like some suggestions. My group consists of veterans from the 3.5 era, but a couple new to Pathfinder, yet that's not the problem. Whenever combat isn't happening getting the players to make a decision on what their characters want to do is killing the pace of the game. If I give them more than one adventure hook they freeze up like deer in headlights, yet they insist that they want options. Even asking what their characters are going to do when they are in a town I get blank expressions. We can play for 5 hours with maybe two being productive and the other three is me eventually having to lead them by the hand. Even from asking "What do you want to do?" to saying "Do you want to do (x,y, or z)?" I get the same look. It's gotten to the point where I'm not really wanting to play anymore. Does anyone have any advice on how to fix this problem?

Been DMing for far too long and want to be on the other side of the screen again. I'm a male in my mid thirties and been gaming for 25 years. I've been in games with ages ranged from 15-60, so I'm comfortable with any age group. Prefer something on Saturday nights, but I can be flexible.

I remember there being a rule somewhere in 2nd edition D&D called "Heroic Fray" or something to that effect that when in mass combat and the enemies were 3 or more HD less than the players they got double attacks and double damage or some such as that. It may have been in one of the Players Option books.

I live in Spartanburg and would love to play!

I've found the rules on crafting magic items and making existing ones rather contradictory. For instance, in the Pathfinder Core book, the Cloak of the Montebank has a base value of 10080gp, however if you use the rules on making magic items, doing the same thing would be 12900gp? I've used the same formula with the Horn of Blasting and came dead on, and yet looking at some like the Harp of Charming, Horn of Blasting, etc... have been thousands of gold cheaper than they should by using the creation rules. Most of my issues seem to come from the wondrous item section. There are some items that myself and my players would like to create but we're all flaberghasted by the rules. Anyone have any good insight or clarification to these rules that could help us out?

Has anyone tried to Use Sean K Reynolds feat point system in Pathfinder?
If so I'd definately like to see the progress on how it's worked for you

So far the changes I've made are as follows

Ability scores: +2 Dex, +2 Chr, -2 Con. This replaces the standard half-elf's +2 to any ability score.

Mixed Blood: Race counts as Human, elf, and fey for any effect related mechanic. This replaces Elf Blood

Languages: begin play speaking common, elven, sylvan.

Cold Iron vulnerability: due to ties with they fey, the PC takes 1 additional point of damage per die for Cold Iron weapons (though may wield them normally)

Spell-like ability: May cast Charm Person 1/day. Caster level equal to character level. DC = 11+Chr mod. Replaced Multitalented ability.

How does this sound as a tweak to the half elf?

I have a player in my group wanting to sort of continue a "lineage" of characters from a previous campaign. Years ago the PC had a 1/2 fey (3.5) human character that ended up marrying an NPC elf. Now that I'm starting a new campaign in the same setting around 30 years after the previous events, this PC is wanting to play as one of the aforementioned's character's children. I'm just trying to figure out how to make a balanced race out of that, like what to use and tweak to keep it a balanced race in line with the core PF races? I was thinking of just tweaking the half elf, but not sure where to start really? any suggestions would be appreciated.

Would this feat be balanced to convert to pathfinder? If so, how/if would it interact with the bards versatile performance ability? This feat comes from the complete adventurer page 112. Any thoughts?