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Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
Nemo235 wrote:

I preordered but it's been so long I can't remember if I cancelled it.

If so, can I reorder my cancelled preorder? :-)

I suspect you are far from the only one in that situation. In theory, everyone with a preorder has received an email from me -- but I've already run into a couple of cases where that didn't happen (in one I typed the email address wrong when sending the message, in the other the email changed from two years ago).

If you want me to check our records for you, drop me a line with your name and the email you used two years ago to, and I'll check for you.

We are not taking new preorders at this time. (We'll let everyone know when there's a way for new people to get in on our WotA book -- a Kickstarter seems most likely.) If you cancelled your preorder and now wish you hadn't, drop me a line. I'm not sure what we'll do about it, but I'll at least know who all is interested.

Thank you. This simple response is better customer service regarding this book than any I have received in about two years.

I'll email you my info ASAP.
Take care.

I preordered but it's been so long I can't remember if I cancelled it.
If so, can I reorder my cancelled preorder? :-)

Could we see the Lovecraft monsters from Wake of the Watcher?
That would seal the deal for me.

Do monsters from the Adventure Paths usually end up in the Bestiaries?

More specifically, will the monsters in this adventure be in Bestiary 3 eventually?

I like the original cover. It draws me into the setting's ruined cityscape.
The newer cover is just two generic characters shooting at...what?
The mutated animal reminds me of a dogboy from Rifts.
I don't want to play Rifts.

Any chance we could see a list of the chapter titles?

Sorry if this is going to be redundant info, but I'm curious and I want other customers to know as well.

When I preorodered the Tome, there was no option on the order form to choose the Pathfinder or S&W version.

I responded to my email reciept stating that I wanted the Pathfinder version.
I have not recieved a confirmation email in return so I'm going to try to email them again to make sure.

Does someone have the correct email I should be sending this to?

(I feel kinda dumb but I gotta make sure.)

Gareth-Michael Skarka wrote:
Urizen wrote:

Considering that April arrives Friday and there was hopes the pre-orders would come out this month...before the retail release in June.

We're on schedule for the retail release in June, so I expect that pre-orders will be delivered late April/early May.

This is great news! Hopefully I'll have it in time for my birthday in May. I'm am really looking forward to it.

Another question for you, sorry if it's already been answered.
Are there templates or ideas for using creatures from the Bestiaries or other sources in the apocalyse setting?

TAG Wiggy wrote:
Even if you're only available to read the rules and spor bugs, you're welcome to sign up.


Even if you're only available to read the rules and *spot* bugs, you're welcome to sign up.

I am interested.

This will be limited to 500 printings?
If that is the case,it will definately become a collectable.

However, I hope I am wrong.
I don't want to try and buy one off eBay for some ridiculous price.

Paul Ryan wrote:

I went ahead and pre-ordered from Paizo...

If it had been made clear that it was an exclusive offer I would have pre-ordered through Adamant instead.
...I find it very difficult to believe that he somehow failed to notice the posts asking for clarification about pre-orders while still answering other questions and comments posted in the thread.


I made the same mistake. I assumed the bundle was included if I ordered from this website. That is what the first post on this thread says, after all.

I was even asking questions on Adamant's official blog:
Tim Schaefer says:
December 11, 2010 at 2:57 pm
Any previews or updates? Will it be out in time for Christmas?
I haven’t been this excited about a game for a long time!

Tim Schaefer says:
December 21, 2010 at 8:45 pm
Hello. Is this thing on?
Any update on this product I’ve already bought?
Any acknowledgment at all would be nice.

GMSkarka says:
December 21, 2010 at 9:29 pm
We’re expecting that it will release in January (lots of delays on this end).

Took them ten days to respond.
I am honestly looking forward to the book, but so far I am not satisfied with the customer service.

Looking for info on sailing and high seas adventure, either Pathfinder or 3.x stuff.
I know the core rules have Profession(Sailor) and Survival(Ocean), but I'm looking for something a little more detailed.
New classes or how core classes work in such a setting would be very helpful.