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- New campaign starting, and I'm the one in charge of alllll the party healing.
- I want to do something more original than the usual Cleric/Paladin/Oracle but still retain the Channel Positive Energy features.... so, I looked at the remaining option and set my eye on a Hex Channeler With

- Never f&*@ing played a witch before, so I could miss some important goodies. Need advices!

Current state of my draft build:
Race: Human, +2 int
Archetypes: Hex Channeler + Ley Line Guardian (I just prefer spontaneous casting)
Favored Class Bonus: 1 hex / 6 level (gnome favored bonus, gained through Racial Heritage)
Ability Scores: Int/Cha 18 Str 8 others 10
Patron: Healing (we will need those restoration spells)
- one campaign trait (will see once the build is completed)
- one generic trait (need help on this one!)
1- Human Bonus: Racial Heritage - Gnome (see favored class bonus)
1- Extra Hex
3- Selective Channeling (yay for anytime in-combat channel!)
5- Versatile Spontaneity (I'll just scribe all those "Remove xxx" spells in a spell book and make them part of my spontaneous list when I need them instead of wasting my precious known spells on them)
7- Quick Channel (yay, can channel AND cast a spell the same turn!)
9- Reactive Healing (can't heal someone if I'm dead)
1- Extra Hex Bonus: Flight
6- Favored Class Bonus : Healing
12- Favored Class Bonus : Major Healing
18- Favored Class Bonus : Life Giver
Skills (7/lvl):
- Spellcraft*
- Use Magic Device*
- Perception
- Fly (because Flight Curse)
- Knowledge: Arcana* (always useful for Detect Magic)
- Knowledge: Nature* (roleplaying purpose)
- Knowledge: Planes* (roleplaying purpose)

Except for the archetypes, that I will not change, everything is debatable.
I lack a trait and a lot of feats... I do not know the witch enough to know what good feats she can use

Any ideas or good tips for me?

We have a little problem in one of the campaign I currently play: We lost our only frontliner due to a hard critical hit at the worst moment of a battle, and we need to replace it.

However, the player says he's a bit tired of mundane frontliners, and which to play more a magical thing. Basicaly, a cleric focused on spells rather than a weapon, but with a fullplate and a shield.

Problem is: Our DM is quite a severe one, and play every monster using every strategical possibility to the max (cunning placement, ambushes, prepared actions, etc) so every battle is actualy quite hard (we had 8 deaths in the campaign and we are sill not even level 10).... and none of the players at the table have the slightest idea of how to build a such thing efficiently.

Any guidelines from people with some experience with the cleric class?
Archetype/feats/spells suggestions?

I'm currently playing a Phantom Blade in a campaign, and wish to optimize it to become the main frontliner of the team.

The Phantom Blade being a magus-like archetype but with a more defensive spell list than the said Magus, I wish to make it a kind of tank, playing the main frontline role and enduring the fire.

After a while however, I found out I'm a bit out of ideas on how to optimize it for such a role, besides saying he can go and use Spell Combat to throw on himself Cure Wound spells and defensive buffs while still hitting the surrounding foes... so I would like to take ideas and suggestions on the topic.

I had a little debate recently with another player to know if dipping (i.e. taking only 1-2 levels of a class to snatch a class ability then apply it to the true main class of a character build) is an abuse or not.

Most of my DMs strictly forbid dipping builds, because they play by RAI, and assume it was strictly not the intent to have that class feature used by other class... or their authors would simply just have made them as feats.
Some players on those forums however frown at this limit, saying it's not normal coming from a DM to bring such a limitation, cherishing their powerbuilding...

I tend to agree with those DM myself, but I wanted to know globaly the opinion of the playerbase here.

Are you a DM or a PC, and are you for or against allowing dip in your roleplaying tables?

We have a little trouble in one of our current campaign: our tank died, with no chance of resurrection.

The campaign is actualy quite hard and we faced several deaths already, and the party severly optimized itself to not leave any blindspot, and yet, we struggle.
The tank was an invulnerable barbarian and yet got crushed in 2 rounds in the hand of a single opponent.

So, we need a new tank, and a realy good one, but the player is fed up with playing a normal frontline, and would like to play a character who has an animal companion to get to the frontline with him.
The DM allows almost all feats and archetypes except leadership and 3rd party ones, but want us only to play core classes.

Sooo... what is the best tank we can get with a core class that will have an animal companion?
He's starting level 6.

I'm trying to get a fun and unusual sorceress using the Shadow Bloodine, and seek for idea to make it better.
The goal is to make a sorcerer who is dangerous because she's a true master at using and evolving in the darkness.


Here are some toys I found to be great additions to the concept so far:

- Crossblooded archetype and Psychic Bloodline
The additionnal Bloodline Arcana switch the spellcasting type to psychic magic, cancelling any need for a verbal component.
The sorceress, who is able to hide in plain sight within the darkness due to her Shadow Well ability, is now impossible to locate by the sound she does when she cast a spell

- Umbral Spell feat and Mage Armor
That combo allows the sorceress to become litteraly a moving cloud of darkness, constantly casting a 10ft radius of darkness.
This allow her to always qualify for her hide in plain sight ability, since she will ALWAYS be surrounded by shadows, unless dispelled.
She's not even hindered by it, because she gets Darkvision at level 3 as part of her bloodline powers

- Spontaneous Metafocus and Tenebrous Spell
Since she ALWAYS walks withing the darkness, and Tenebrous Spell has to be taken to access Umbral Spell anyway, why not allow her to get +1 caster level on a polymorphic spell like Shadow Evocation?

- Deeper Darkness
Now comes the worst part: if any opponent with darkvision appears, the sorceress can shut down their vision by using this spell that cast a magical darkness that even darkvision cannot pierce.
She's not much hindered by it because as a spellcaster, she does not need a line of sight to hit people with her spells, but only a line of effect, which, by the rules, does not get broken by light conditions.

- Thoughsense
... but also, as ashe gain the most of what offer the level 15 shadow power with a spell with multiple use per day, she can trade it for the level 15 psychic power: Thoughtsense.
Now, she even know where all the foes are in the magical darkness, because she just feel the presence of their minds within it!
You won't escape from her... ever.

- Exotic Heritage and Eldritch Heritage: Umbral
Two feats is a sure cost, but she gains an extra power that work with all her other abilities: Cloak of Shadows, and an extra +2 stealth that cumulate with Stealthy and Skill Focus (Stealth) who are already bloodline feats...
That's a grand total of 7+her level/2 of bonus stealth, plus any bonus she gets from casting a spell due to the shadow bloodline arcana, making her an undisputed queen at hiding in the dark... did I mention she could also add greater invisibility in the mix?


That's all I figured for now, but do you have some extra ideas to improve her even further?

So... I have that DM asking me if I could take the role of the only healer of a player party.
I say "why not?"... except I just completly HATE playing clerics. I mean... seriously.

So, I'm wondering: what is the best class/archetype I could pick for a pure healer, given that:
- multiclassing is forbidden
- 3rd party content is forbidden
- I want to have channel energy


In one of the campaigns I'm currently playing, I decided, for roleplay reasons, to make a character who use two different kind of weapons: his fists and a scythe.
He's using the Phantom Blade archetype of the spiritualist, which allows him to switch from one to the other with a swift action (by manifesting/harboring the scythe).

That's quite fun to play, but naturaly I find myself in front of a little problem: most feats melee characters usualy take improve only one kind of weapon (Weapon Focus/Weapon Specialisation, etc), which is not truly what I want... so I seek good feats I could take that would benefit both his unarmed attacks and his armed attacks.

I took the Power Attack feat first... and now... I just truly hesitate on the next feats.
What would you take for a character using two different weapons?

Among many reasons that make me not a great fan of non-magic user martial characters, one is the poverty of their gameplay.
A magic user has a TON of options to chose from every combat round, but for most of martial characters, it tend to be just: "I whack my weapon in my ennemy face" every round.

So, I was wondering, how far could a martial character could go if it main goals was actualy to master as many different "special attacks" he could ?

For exemple, if I take a Monk, who starts with Stunning Fist and give it:
- Cleave (feat)
- Elemental Fist (feat)
- Punishing Kick (feat)
- Greater Vital Strike (quiggong power)
- Blood Crow Strike (quiggong power)

I now have a martial character with 6 different "special attacks".
How far could I go following this way?

PS: I'm talking of the classic classes only in that thread. Not of unchained ones.

I had a weird idea yesterday discussing with fellow players: using the Phantom Blade archetype to build gun-user.

The basic idea is that the worst thing every gun user fears in Pathfinder is to break his weapon through a misfire.
However, in the case of the Phantom Blade, his weapon is basicaly a war spirit who took the shape of a weapon, and that automaticaly hide in his soul to regenerate if it ever gets broken.

We could then theoricaly build a gunslinger we a regenerating gun, that can fight unarmed through spellstrike while its firearm is unavailable.


While the base concept is interesting on the paper, I really miss serious knowledge about how to build a gun user, so I do not truly know where to start with the build...

Is there some people that could help me to figure if this idea is worth it?

The MoMS is probably the archetype I find the most amazing of all Pathfinder so far.

I was not around in the old days before it got changed, so I do not truly care what it used to be, but it's actualy the archetype with the most deep, varied potential I've seen.

You can almost build ANY kind of martial character using MoMS, as there is a lot of different styles, and new ones get released continously, creating new combinations again and again and again.
No archetype evolve as much as the MoMS

So... what I would like to create is actualy a guide of build ideas using MoMS.
I already seen some great ones while browsing the web, but I feel there is so much more to do with that crazy archetype.

So, if you known some interesting ideas using this archetype, please post them here :)

Is there any archetype of any class which actualy revolves around playing with a cohort?

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That just a little teasing title, so let me explain you truly what this thread is about: building a scythe user that can follow the "Reaper" theme by also fightning in black robes, mounting a horse and using "ghost-like" powers.

Class: Monk (Sohei, Quinggong) VMC Fighter
Race: Human
Main attributes: Str & Wis
1- Weapon Focus (Scythe)
H1- Power Attack
M1- Dodge
M2- Mounted Combat
3- Bravery
5- Furious Focus
Q5- Replace High Jump with True Strike
M6- Ride-by Attack
7- Armor Training 1
Q7- Replace Wholeness of Body with Gaseous Form
9- Divine Fightning Technique: Way of Hunger
M10- Improved Critical
11- Weapon Training 1: Heavy Blades
13- Dimensional Agility
Q13- Replace Diamond Soul with Abundant Step
M14- Spirited Charge
15- Armor Training 2
17- Dimensional Assault
M18- Indomitable Mount
19- Weapon Training 2
Q19- Replace Empty Body with Timeless Body


On a roleplay side, this build never age due to Timeless Body, can perform sure hits with True Strike, fight on a horse and can turn itself into a mist form with Gaseous Form.

This build allows for the following special attacks:
- While on a horse, it can perform a Spring Attack-like move with Ride-by Attack, doing double damage with the scythe due to Spirited Assault
- It can charge by using a teleport move, which kinda fits the theme
- It can also use Flurry of Blows with the Scythe from level 11, when the VMC fighter allows to pick the right weapon group for this

The AC is kinda low because the build will only get AC from Dodge, Dexterity and Wisdom. This is better than nothing, and with some magic items, you can get something decent from it.

The main survival factor comes instead of the use of the Divine Fightning Technique which allows to drain hp from the damage done with the scythe:
- At the start of combat, ideally you should use it with Spirited Charge to get double hp
- Later in combat, if you need to renew it, the best is to perform a Coup de Grace on a disabled/dying target to get an automatic x4 damage (and thus x4 hp) from the automatic critical
Naturaly, using the Ki Weapon ability while doing so is also recommanded

The Devoted Guardian ability from the Sohei archetypes gives a great initiative, allowing to score an automatic 20+10 at level 20, and allow to always act during surprise rounds, which is also great for a Reaper

On a side note, the build has to be Loyal Evil because it would be hard to justify another alignement with this Divine Technique.
On the plus side, who said the Reaper couldn't be Loyal Evil?

The build could take some vows for flavor, like Silence or Celibacy, it suits the theme.


Any thought, suggestion, possible improvements?
Please tell me.

The goal of this build is to generate a character which takes hits instead of his adjacant allies, and sustain incoming the damage the best he can.

Class: Paladin
Archetype: Holy Tactician
Race: Human
Traits: Helpful, Adopted (Inheritor)
Stats: Str 14/Dex 14/Con 14/Cha 16
1- Fey Foundling
H1- Combat Reflexes
3- Bodyguard
HT3- Bonded Mind
5- In Harm's Way
7- Vangard style
HT7- Harrying Partners
9- Vangard Ward
11- Toughness
13- Extra Lay on Hands
HT13- Take the Hit

The character will use Bodyguard the first time per round any adjacent ally is attacked.
Due to the two traits and Vanguard Ward, this will provide the said ally a +4AC, +2Reflex bonus.
Sharing the Harrying Partners through its archetype ability, the character will make those bonuses last for a full round.
Due to In Harm's Way, if any attack neverless succeed against the ward while the bonuses last, the character will be able to redirect the damage and the side effects to himself
Lastly, with Fey Foundling, the character can get a lot of HP back each turn as a swift action, using Lay on Hands on himself.

The archetype will also make easier for the character to stay adjacent to him, because of the "Guide the Battle" ability it gains at level 8, giving a free extra 5ft step each round.

Outside of combat, the character can share the "Bonded Mind" teamwork feat instead, which will allow him to use "Take the hit" if a teammate takes unexpected damage form environment or traps.


Is there a way to improve this concept further more?

I'm trying to build a character using the Phantom Blade of the Spiritualist class, and seek some good ideas to make it efficient.

Here is the current build:

Class: Spiritualist (Phantom Blade)
Worship: Seranae
Stats focus: Str, Wis
Skills: Heal, Perception, Sense Motive, Spellcraft

1- Fey Foulding
3- Heavy Armor
PB 3- Weapon Focus (scimitar)
5- Weapon Specialization (scimitar)
7- Great Fortitude
PB 8- Lunge
9- Divine Fightning Technique: Way of the Merciful
11- Eldritch Strike
PB 13-
(the campaign stops around level 16)

Basicaly, the character plays in Heavy Armor, Buckler and with a scimitar black blade. Bucklers do not stop the character to have a free hand to cast spells, and psychic magic do not get any penality from armor and shields.

The build revolve a lot around the Mindshock level 2 spell, which is a good spell no matter if you decide to go for lethal or non-lethal damage:
- using lethal damage with the scimitar, it allows the Divine Fightning Technique's healing effect to trigger neverless
- using non-lethal damage, it just stacks the damage

Fey Foundling increase the amount of hp healed each round by the divine technique to 2d6+4, and nicely increase the input of the heal spells you cast on yourself.

At level 11, by comining the Greater Invisibility spell and the Eldritch Strike feat, the scimitar tiggers an automatic critical on a 15-20 roll, which activate the confusion effect from Mindshock on a regular basis.

I lack good ideas for levels 13 and 15.

I wish to build a character for the scout role in a party.
My problem is that the most common classes to scout doesn't appeal me much, so I set my choice on the monk for one reason: Dex/Wis based + Fast movement

The race could be Dusk Elf, which will provide Darkvision (useful because you don't carry a source of light when you're trying to sneak) and cancel the stealth penality when moving at full speed. (= 90ft stealth move speed without penality at level 20)

So far, it's easy, but what I have an hardest way to figure is how to make it also efficient in combat while staying 100% based on Dex and Wis...
I wish to retain Fast movement and avoid standard multiclassing (VMC is still fine)

Could some people help me with that?

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I'm seeking some efficient build ideas for a melee character relying entierly on dexterity for the next campaign I'm going to play in.

I have a few limitations coming from my DM and from my own tastes which are:
- must start at 20 dexterity and only pick dexterity increases at level 4,8,12 and 16
- must not use prepared spells (spontenous casting is fine)
- no third-party content
- no standard multiclassing (but VMC is allowed)
- basic medium-sized races only

Is there some interesting things that match those criteria?

I've been playing D20 games since ages, and filled almost every role in a party: arcane spell caster, healer, support, rogue...
But a role I just cannot accustom to, is the frontliner one.

My main issue with this role is a about the class who are good at it: I do feel they are terribly poor in terms of advantages once they are out of combat.

- A full spellcaster can do dozens of different things outside combat just with spells: diversions, travel utility, scrying
- A skill monkey like bard or rogue have a ton of skills points AND class abilities to bring them to be much more than an accumulation of skill ranks
- But when comes to standard frontliners, like fighters or barbarians, I just feel that they have nothing outstanding to do at all except swinging their blades. (Paladins are a bit better, but just a bit)

So, long story short: is there some class/archetypes somewhere that allows to build a character totaly acceptable for the role of the guy at the frontline of battles AND have many different things they can do outside combat?

I'll need something that perform acceptably as the sole frontliner even at level 1, and preferably not multiclassed (VMC, at worst)

Hello everyone.

I'm currently playing in one of my campaigns a Sorcerer with the Sylvan bloodline and am totaly having a blast with it, RP and mechanic-wise... my Animal Companion is a Roc, and he will soon reach a size when I could ride it.

I want to devote all my build and playstyle to movements, tricks or strategies that are exclusively possible for a sorcerer mounted on a flying beast.
I have both the Handle Animal and Ride skills trained, and will take the Improved Share Spells feat

For now, here are some ideas I had:

1- Make the mount make a stationary flight at 100ft height, and shower long-range spells like Fireball on the battlefield (not a perfectly suited idea: a sorcerer with a fly spell could do the same)

2- Use Flyby Attack to make both the caster and mount use a shared Fire Breath spell while passing above the foes at 80ft base speed

3- Share both Elemental Aura and Fiery Body spell: now both you and your mount deal 2d6 fire damage per round to your surrounding... while this damage heals you both... not accounding the 3d6 bonus fire damage on each of the five melee attack of the mount

4- Shapeshift your mount with a Dragon Form spell then ask your DM what is the circumstance bonus for an Intimidation check (which is already a class skill enhanced by your insane charisma) when you appear to be mounted on an Elder Black Dragon

5- Pick up a lance, then hit yourself and your mount with a shared Greater Invisibility and Transformation spell, so you can deal 10 attack melee attack per round on foes that should not even be able figure which one of you is currently cutting them in pieces

6- May I also use True Strike on my mount to trigger its Grab attack on a Flyby Attack, then make the said mount pull its prey in the air... then, next round, order my mount to release mid-air while I hit the poor victim with a Gravity Well spell, too?

Give your best shot: what shenanigan could you find for such a character?

Hello, I wish to make a character that pretend to be a wizard in front of everyone, while in fact it doesn't have a single level in the Wizard or Arcanist class (and no Wizard VMC either)

My goal is to try to make the other players believe I'm playing a Wizard as long as possible. My DM like the idea, and yet, he doesn't want to make any homerule to help me on the topic.

So I'm seeking some good ideas to a build that can fake to be a wizard... something perhaps like a sage sorcerer with arcane eldritch heritage.

Any ideas?

I'm very tempted to play a Sorcerer with Sylvan bloodline in my next campaign, for RP reasons, and this bloodle give me an animal companion...
My problem is that I never played a Druid or Ranger before, which means I have very few knowledge about animal companion alternative, and my DM would like to have some news of my character sheet very soon.
Thus... I need some help with the animal companion selection.

I have two important points to consider for my choice:

- Scout: the campaign will be mainly outdoor, and my party cruely lacks means a scout. We lack someone with the survival skill, and we have low perception scores, so it would be really helpful if my animal companion could be send forward to check whatever lies ahead on a regular basis.

- Combat: what my party doesn't lack however is people ready to go in melee combat, which means that if we ever get in a narrow place, it is going to be hard for everyone to strike foes. I would need a way for my animal companion to deal with it... I don't know if there are animals with reach, or ability to jump above the front line, or strike from range... I'm taking ideas on this point

PS: I'm only seeking help for the animal companion, I do not wish to consider another class/bloodline ATM, thanks for your understanding

I want to play a grappling monk in the next campaign of my DM, but don't want to use the Tetori archetype for some personnal reasons.

I looked at the alternatives, and found that the Master of Many Styles has actually a lot of potential to be a good grappler, and I would like some help to refine a "Master of Grappling" build.

To make my MoMS a good grappler, I plan to take those feats:

1- Improved Grapple + Snake Style
2- Grabbing Style
3- Dragon Style
5- Kraken Style
6- Wildcard Feat
9- Greater Grapple
10- Wilcard Feat
11- Hamatula Strike
13- Rapid Grappler
14- Wilcard Feat
18- Wildcard Feat

To compare with a tetori using Grabbing Style himself, at level 15:
- both can do 3 grapple checks per turn and can grapple 2 targets at a time
- both retain DEX to AC when pinning a target
- both get a free grapple check when punching a target, but the MoMS do not need to spend ki to reach this result
- both do damage on each successful grapple check, but the tetori deals a bit more by doing his unarmed strike damage via Constrict, while the MoMS "only" do WIS+4 via Kraken Wrack
- the MoMS however also get +4 CMB due to Fuse Style

I think it makes than both pretty close in terms of efficiency

Now, what I need to do is to come with against ennemies that I will not be able to grapple due to things spells or abilities I cannot counter like a Tetori Monk.

To reach this goal, I can use:
- Two additional styles to replace Grabbing and Kraken
- The two feats slot left after this
- A bunch of additional archetypes the Tetori couldn't combine with (Drunken Master, Hamatulasu Master, Ki Mystic, Monk of the Iron Mountain, Terra-Cotta Monk, Wildcat)
- Monk vows
- up to 10 ki powers from Qinggong

One important points to consider is that most of the targets that I will not be able to grapple will probably be spellcasters, so I think I should avoid counter-punching strategies

What would you suggest to use?

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The MJ : "Now, it seems obvious to you that you need to find the child who disappeared to know where the Artefact of Doom is hidden. What do you do?"
The bard : "I'm going to talk to the other children using my wonderful social skills to convinced them to tell me what they know about where the disapeared one usualy go to play"
The druid : "I'm going to use my track abikity to check the surroundings of the town see if I can find some tracks of children near the woods"
The sorcerer : "I'm going to cast a divination spell to see if I can see what happened to him"

And then, the fighter : "Err... can I sit in the tavern and drink until we need to travel in a dangerous place?"

I have some difficulties since ages to convince myself to play martial characters because I always thought that they are martial classes are one-sided and only truly relevant to the adventure when you need to bash at things.
While you can role play about actions outside combat, for me those classes lacks things they are good at except fighting...

That's a little sad because I have tons of roleplay ideas for fighters, barbarians and monks, but never get myself to start to play them for real, because I'm afraid to get bored during non-combat situations.

My question to the experts is this one: for each of the three classes aforementioned, what kind of build would you try to do make a non-multiclassing character of this class useful outside of combat situations?

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I've been reading many things about Monk's builds, and especially how the Master of Many Style was changed at some point to prevent people to abuse it by only taking it as a level 1 dip.

However, no matter how much I read about this new version of he archetype, there is something I never saw spoken about: The fact the it relies on the Wilcard Feats, that can be changed as a swift action every round (even twice in the round with the right feats), allowing this new MoMS to switch styles on the flow, according to the battle stituation.

I can understand that building a single combo of styles and optimizing it probably gives great results if used right, but it makes the MoMS a one trick pony when it seems it can be now much more.

So... let's discuss it.


Assuming a non-multiclassed Master of Many Styles monk, that we would build with the goal to be able to switch styles to match his current immediate need every round (ranged DPS, close quarter DPs, off-tanking, ally assist...), what styles would you pick?

Personnaly, I'm thinking about letting Snake Style always on (AC scaling with level is just so neat), and probably Ascetic Style on the majority of situations (this add another layer of flexibility by being able to switch qualities of the monk's attacks, like suddenly grabbing a Kyoketsu Shoge to gain a 20ft reach while keeping unarmed benefits)

Then, starting at level 8, switching the last or two last styles according to the situation, wildcarding them to gain the syles chain benefits.

I'd pick probably Crane style for tanking, Dragon/Marid for melee DPS, Ascetic/Dragon for ranged DPS, Archon for assiting allies... those are starting ideas.

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What happen if you build a Master of Many Styles using Ascetic, Dragon and Marid Style fused together, and happen to throw one shuriken while activating Elemental fist?

Is it truly doing (at level 20):
2D8 base damage (Ascetic Strike)
+ double strength modifier (Dragon Ferocity)
+ 5d6 elemental damage (Elemental Fist + Dragon Ferocity)
+ wisdom modifier (Marid Style)

At +5ft of range (Marid Style) and while entangling the target (Marid Spirit)?

Sound so nice on paper that I feel I could have missed something...

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I'm seeking an interesting way to use the Insightful Strike ability of my monk's sensei archetype, and can't find actually any.

I would truly love to use it for RP reasons, but it seems to severely impair my usefulness in combat compared to using strength, especialy since the campaigns I'm playing do not give access tothe full catalog of magical items (so no item adding WIS to damage)

Is there a way to actually make an efficient Sensei using Advice, Lingering performance and Insightful Strike?

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I'm trying to pull together "sleep/dream" character for a mini campaign I'm currentl'y playing, and seek ideas for traits/feats I could add to the mix.

I selected the Dusk Elf race for the Dreamspeaker alternate racial trait, and the bard class for the Sandman archetype.
The character will probably never get above level 10 due to the campaign being rather short, so I'd prefer to limitate the use of multiclassing

Anything is fine for me as long it make the character more useful to the party, and fits with the main theme

Is there anyone who could throw some good ideas about this?