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During the last half of year a lot of Pocket Editions have been released.
Now nearly all Books have been released ad a pocket edition but sadly not all.
There are still a few missing.

Are there any plans that the remaining books will still come as pocket Edition?
When i am correct there are 6 books missing (Mythic Adventures, Strategy Guide, Pathfinder Unchained, Adventurer's Guide, Book of the Damned and Planar Adventures)

In the past i got an email once a week calles "This Week at Paizo:...".
It was great to get some informations about whats new in the store or new for preorder.

But the last one i got was on May 19. Then i was informed i have to opt in again because of the new data protection rules in europe. No problem so far. I did it and in my account all boxes are checked again.

But sadly i did not receive any store newsletter.

Btw: Several orders are still pending since nearly one month.

Is there a general problem or only a problem with my account. Would be great if you can have a look.

I am also a bit afraid that there will be several huge subscription shippings at once and i have to pay hundreds of dollars at once.
At the moment ist seems that mostly may subscriptions have not been shipped and june shipping will come soon.

I am looking for the promotional cards that come along with the iconic heroes sets. I looked at ebay already but there are only a few cards availabe here in europe.

I have no use for the miniatures so i don't like to buy the whole sets.

Maybe someone out there likes the miniatures and has no use for the cards. If thats so please let me know. I like to buy the cards from you.

Of course i will pay for the shipping to germany.
Sending payment is not a problem, i have a paypal account.

So please send me a message if you are interested.


i have read it somewhere once but can not remember anymore where ist was. So i have to ask here and i hope you can help me.

With every new Adventure Path you add Cards to the game. Thats clear that far but as far as i remember there is a time you sort out some Cards as well so that you later on do not get the Basic Cards or the expert Cards anymore.

Can some tell me when i have to sort out the Cards? After which part?
Does it apply to all three games?