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During the last half of year a lot of Pocket Editions have been released.
Now nearly all Books have been released ad a pocket edition but sadly not all.
There are still a few missing.

Are there any plans that the remaining books will still come as pocket Edition?
When i am correct there are 6 books missing (Mythic Adventures, Strategy Guide, Pathfinder Unchained, Adventurer's Guide, Book of the Damned and Planar Adventures)

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I really love the change that this is only a collection.

I already have enough bases and i am glad that here are no bases included.

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Wished the basic box would be bigger so that they all fit in one box..
I expect that this expansion will not fit anymore... very unhappy :-(

In general those flip tiles are a great idea but sadly there is no snap in system so that they have to rearranged often when you play with them.

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TwilightKnight wrote:
Can we expect to see spell cards, treasure/magic item cards, etc. over time? I really don't see the need for a card set for mundane equipment [...]

I totally agree with that. Basic Equipement is not really necessary to have as a card. We are an experienced group of players and we know most of the basic equipment items we use. No need to have a card here. I am not shure if it will help me when i do GM... i have to overthing that but maybe i will skip this.

TwilightKnight wrote:
However, I can see it being a big help to have spell cards that can be used to track daily castings or for GMs to use as ready reference instead of having to check the full books every time especially if they are traveling for conventions.

I absolutely agree with that. There is definetely a need on spell cards. and special magical items. That would be a great help as a player and as a gm also. I know most spells but i often miss some small important details. And when i create an NPC i can take the cards and have everything ready.

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I definetely vote for more different base sets with suitable expansions. Dungeon has already a base set and 2 expansions (=90 tiles together). And in addition more tiles do not fit into the base box.

not 100% percent happy with this... i will wait till back picture release to get a view to all tiles before i order

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I sadly missed the special Edition.
Is there any option to get one after that long time?

Maybe one last laying around and nearly forgotten. I would also take a non mint one.

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What i really wish for are some errata card sheets similar to those made for RotRL.

I guess the FAQ for Skull& Shackles are more or less complete so it would be really nice.

And hopefully for Wrath also somewhat later.