No Weekly Newsletter anymore ?

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In the past i got an email once a week calles "This Week at Paizo:...".
It was great to get some informations about whats new in the store or new for preorder.

But the last one i got was on May 19. Then i was informed i have to opt in again because of the new data protection rules in europe. No problem so far. I did it and in my account all boxes are checked again.

But sadly i did not receive any store newsletter.

Btw: Several orders are still pending since nearly one month.

Is there a general problem or only a problem with my account. Would be great if you can have a look.

I am also a bit afraid that there will be several huge subscription shippings at once and i have to pay hundreds of dollars at once.
At the moment ist seems that mostly may subscriptions have not been shipped and june shipping will come soon.

There haven't been any store newsletters in the recent weeks.
If you verified your account settings regarding the new privacy policy, you should be all set to receive them again, once they are sent out again.

Regarding pending orders, someone from Paizo has to help you, obviously.

Regarding having to pay a bigger sum: have you taken gift card into consideration? You can set your subscriptions to use store credit, so if you buy gift cards (which are charged for immediately) and use them on your own account, you can pay forward for orders not being shipped immediately. It's an option some people are using, could work for you as well.

Customer Service Representative

Hello Moghediena,

Franz is correct. We have not sent out a newsletter in a few weeks now.

I have given the rest of your order a nudge and it should be on its way soon.

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