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I preordered all three already through my local distributor. I love the pocket Editions.

Normally i have both versions. The hardcover books are absolute fantastic at home. I spread them across the table and prepare my gm session.
But when it comes to play i prefer the pocket editions to take with me.

So i really hope the last missing books will come as pocket edition.
And for 2nd Edition as well i hope.

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During the last half of year a lot of Pocket Editions have been released.
Now nearly all Books have been released ad a pocket edition but sadly not all.
There are still a few missing.

Are there any plans that the remaining books will still come as pocket Edition?
When i am correct there are 6 books missing (Mythic Adventures, Strategy Guide, Pathfinder Unchained, Adventurer's Guide, Book of the Damned and Planar Adventures)

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I really love the change that this is only a collection.

I already have enough bases and i am glad that here are no bases included.

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Wished the basic box would be bigger so that they all fit in one box..
I expect that this expansion will not fit anymore... very unhappy :-(

In general those flip tiles are a great idea but sadly there is no snap in system so that they have to rearranged often when you play with them.

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TwilightKnight wrote:
Can we expect to see spell cards, treasure/magic item cards, etc. over time? I really don't see the need for a card set for mundane equipment [...]

I totally agree with that. Basic Equipement is not really necessary to have as a card. We are an experienced group of players and we know most of the basic equipment items we use. No need to have a card here. I am not shure if it will help me when i do GM... i have to overthing that but maybe i will skip this.

TwilightKnight wrote:
However, I can see it being a big help to have spell cards that can be used to track daily castings or for GMs to use as ready reference instead of having to check the full books every time especially if they are traveling for conventions.

I absolutely agree with that. There is definetely a need on spell cards. and special magical items. That would be a great help as a player and as a gm also. I know most spells but i often miss some small important details. And when i create an NPC i can take the cards and have everything ready.

Vic Wertz wrote:
Moghediena wrote:
Maybe the cards are a bit huge.
If they were any smaller, either the print would be too small to read, or a lot of monsters would have to be spread over multiple cards.

Well, i am ok with very small printing (font size down to 6 is ok) but its ok with me. I am very much excited and i like to test it out.

As i said, its a great improvement because normally i only need a handful of monsters for a whole evening.

But as a suggestion as i said:
A plastic coating would be a great improvement because it allows notes directly on the monster card. I often modify the monsters slightly to give them the final tweak.
I now use the combat pad (one of the best products i bought) and fill it with notes when i plan an evening. But its always full :-)

This Product seems to get absolutely awsome.
Maybe the cards are a bit huge. I would prefer smaller cards due storage reasons but no longer carying a lot of books with me is an great improvement.

When i prepare an adventure i can choose monsters and take only those cards with me i need. Not the whole heavy book anymore.

As a suggestion its maybe an option to laminate those cards. I have seen this from other supply creators already and it maked it possible to do adventure specific remarks on the cards and later on wipe them away when you do not need them anymore.

I definetely order this.

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I definetely vote for more different base sets with suitable expansions. Dungeon has already a base set and 2 expansions (=90 tiles together). And in addition more tiles do not fit into the base box.

not 100% percent happy with this... i will wait till back picture release to get a view to all tiles before i order

I do have the same Problem.
I can not access a lot of downloads because they are collapsed to th title and i cannot access the files.

In my opinion powergaming does not depend on a rules set. Some make it easier than others, yes. But in general it depends on the playing group.

I always knew DnD as a powerful System which was more focused on dice rolling than story telling. Pathfinder has its roots on DnD / ADnD and therefore it also focusses more on dice rolling. In addition with each supplement rulebook there were more powerful classes, archtypes, spells or whatever.

So yes, Pathfinder supports powerplaying. But thats only a basic orientation. It depends on the players and the group what happens. You can tell a story in the pathfinder universe and skip nealy all battles. You can also make a dice wars where everything depends on dice rolls.

It depends on the game master.
Simple take the story of every adventure path you like. Cancel all battles on the way to the end and tell a huge fight. The players normally win anyway. Its only ressource management. If you tell a story you do not need that. Describe battles and let the players feel the atmosphere. Describe glory actions, teamwork, maybe some bad luck, whatever. Let the players decide what they like to do and adjust the story.

All in all Storytelling is easy possible.

What i really appreciate in pathfinder is that there is a huge new story every half a year and lots of background information you can easy use. And if you get society scenarios too you have a lot of small story chapters at hand you can throw in at any time.

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I sadly missed the special Edition.
Is there any option to get one after that long time?

Maybe one last laying around and nearly forgotten. I would also take a non mint one.

In the past i got an email once a week calles "This Week at Paizo:...".
It was great to get some informations about whats new in the store or new for preorder.

But the last one i got was on May 19. Then i was informed i have to opt in again because of the new data protection rules in europe. No problem so far. I did it and in my account all boxes are checked again.

But sadly i did not receive any store newsletter.

Btw: Several orders are still pending since nearly one month.

Is there a general problem or only a problem with my account. Would be great if you can have a look.

I am also a bit afraid that there will be several huge subscription shippings at once and i have to pay hundreds of dollars at once.
At the moment ist seems that mostly may subscriptions have not been shipped and june shipping will come soon.

I am very much fine with a shorter path.
My roleplaying group exists for 25 years now and we have 3 out of 5 players who enjoy beeing gamemaster. Shorter path means we were able to switch more often which is very nice.

On the other side i am not so happy with the change in schedule. We usually only have time for 2 playing sessions each month and with a monthly schedule we have to skip some parts.I would have wished that it would alternate with pathfinder. One month pathfinder and the next one starfinder.

I hope on the other habd that the page count will go up to 100 like in pathfinder. The extra informations provided on those sites were really great. Well we have enough experience to fill that by ourself but its nice to have some prepared solutions at hand.

I have the same issue.. hope it will not turn to a problem.
In my sidecart all preorders were listed without discount but an additional preorder item has the discount applied already.
So i wonder if it will changed later on or if i will be billed with normal price..

Also no information about the bonus society subscription.... we will see.

There is a small mistake in the initial calculation if starfinder is designed the same way like pathfinder is.

In Pathfinder each encounter has a difficult level. a level 5 character has a difficult level of 5. But normally the difficult level is used for a whole group of 4 players. and then it should cost 20-25% of their ressources (hit points, spells etc).

If its the same in starfinder you should not match your character against itself in a 1v1 combat. Its a really hard fight then.

New Rules.. new mechanics... all in all sounds ok. I know pools from other systems. There you have willpower or faith to use for special short time bonus or actions. Here it will be Resolve Points. OK that far.
Stamina is the new health and Hit points are.. additional health. Well i will see how this plays out. I guess its ok.

In Pathfinder we have 3 AC Values (flat food, touch, normal) and now we have 2. No really difference. When i am GMing i say it hits 27 touch or 34 or ... It depends on the monster or the weapon. So here i have to day its 25 KAC or 27 EAC.. depending on the weapon. No change really. Absolutely OK.

Thats new but sounds cool. Hope it will speed up the fight a bit if only one attack ist made everytime its ones turn. Some of my players are slow and when they have 4 or 5 attacks it takes forever. And the mage player gets really boring when all others do dozens of attacks until its his turn again. I think this change helps to keep the figt more dynamically and better to describe. Like that change

Its ok. Helps a lot. In our group there are not that mich AoO. Players know how to avoid. And as a GM its also mostly easy to avoid.
And AoO do not have that huge impact. Leaving them out mostly makes it way easier. Speeds up combat again. I like that.

Its absolutely Ok. I am neutral to that. In Pathfinder each class has an own list and it nearly does not really matter if its arcane or devine. Now each class has his own list again. I see no difference.

But in general its a whole new Rulesystem. Maybe its better to not compare it to Pathfinder. Of course there are similarities but there are also similarities to a dozen other systems.
For me i will treat it as a whole new ruleset and i will recognise similarities which make it easier to understand but on the other hand if you compare it too much you make mistakes because its a different system. I am really excited and i really like to read the rules in whole.

I am from germany and taxes are always a big impact.
We have two tax rates: Books 7% and all other gaming stuff 19%
Of you have a mixed order with books and stuff you pay the 19% on the whole order (including the books).

If possible its always best have books shipped seperated.
Sometimes i choose to ship items directly because lower tax saves more than shipping costs

Please reprint them.
Please please please!!!
I really need one again.

I am really fine with the release schedule. One part every 2 month is great.

Usually my group and i meet 2-3 times a month and an Pathfinder Adventure Path Part takes 5-7 gaming sessions so we usually play a bit more than one year on a whole path.

It always bothers me that there are so many great stories but less time to play them all. With one path for one full year its much better.

The only problem now is that we do not have enough time to play Starfinder AND Pathfinder :-)

I do not like the reduction regarding content. Shorten it from 96 to 64 pages means either the adventure itself is way shorter or the additional informations were cut out.
Exspecially the latter ones were very nice. When i need additional stuff and informations i do not have to read a lot of books first or search the books while players are waiting. I have all in one book. I know there are enough source books out there but when we meet not everybody has all the books with them anytime.

Maybe its not necessary for Starfinder but i wished it would not have been let out. I will buy the other books nevertheless but have it handy all in one would have been great.

Also i am really disappointed that there is no players guide. A players guide provides a lot of informations for the atmosphere in a compact way. For me a players guide was always a GM tool to get the main informations shortened in one small book. I do not have to search a lot of campaign settings or whatever. I can look there if i need additional informations but a short overview is always appreciated.

Exspecially in Starfinder where is not so much source books and informations available yet i would have seen a short information about the campaign background. I would have been a great tool to copy single pages to give them to the players and have an easy tool to provide background information every character has already.

Generally it depends on the GM which ship the party will get. And it will definetely depend on the characters they play.

The campaign also is very important. Maybe the lvl 1 chars start on one planet without own ship and they will get one later during the campaign.

On the other hand they maybe have one small ship for them which allows them to travel through space.

In my opinion the characters should only have one ship for the whole party. If its really necessary to split up they can pay a merchant for passage but its always difficult for a GM to handle separated partys.

The ship itself will be mostly automatic. Intelligent computer systems will handle the main operation. On board they have everything what they need... quarters, kitchen, storage rooms and so on and maybe 2-3 guest quarters and a hand full of multi functional rooms which are emty at the beginning. There they can install a laboratory or whatever they need for crafting stuff later on.

Attack and defense systems are also already installed. While defense systems are operating automatic after activation, the weapons have to be operated manually by the characters.

Regarding leveling up i think the space ship will not be very different on higher levels. Only the systems itself werde upgraded. Maybe more or better energy shield so that they last longer during fight and better weapons with more damage or better accuracy. The KI may be upgraded too so that movement is easier or faster which also may result in some bonus points for different checks. But in general you can not really see a difference from outside.

If the players make it to generals of a whole fleet (maybe only temporarely) then the fight is totally different. Then they only give commands and are no longer involved in close combat. Then its more a tactical play with dozens of ships on a map.

I would see my party stay in a small ship as discribed above. I would try to avoid space combat but if its unavoidable i would (as a GM) handle it more or less like in star Wars where the milenim falcon tries to hide or escape. Agains a small single ship a fight can be exciting but agains several ships i would try do describe a hide and run tactics.

I think it depends how the universe is.

If you have an utopia world like star trek then classic currencies are more or less worthless because you can replicate them easily.

So we need something that is not easily produced and also has limited availability.

And i think there will be different currencies all over the galaxy.

I remember the scene from star wars part 1 when qui gon tried to buy parts with credits and the vendor does not accept them....

I personally would prefer some kind of valuable non reproducable element that is only founs on some few planets in a rare matter.
On the other hand in a future universe the most interesting thing may be energy. So maybe some energy cristals that serve as fuel for space ships and as energy for weapons. You work and get payed with crystals. You can trade them for goods you need or use them to power your technology.

I am looking for the promotional cards that come along with the iconic heroes sets. I looked at ebay already but there are only a few cards availabe here in europe.

I have no use for the miniatures so i don't like to buy the whole sets.

Maybe someone out there likes the miniatures and has no use for the cards. If thats so please let me know. I like to buy the cards from you.

Of course i will pay for the shipping to germany.
Sending payment is not a problem, i have a paypal account.

So please send me a message if you are interested.

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What i really wish for are some errata card sheets similar to those made for RotRL.

I guess the FAQ for Skull& Shackles are more or less complete so it would be really nice.

And hopefully for Wrath also somewhat later.

The Dice look really great.
I am in already and i can not await to hold them in hand.

First stretch Goal is nearly reached and hopefully soon the copper dice were unlocked. They look much more awsome. I think i will order them too.

I looked everywhere in the rules but looking at the adventure Card did not come into my mind. Shame on me but many thanks to you.


i have read it somewhere once but can not remember anymore where ist was. So i have to ask here and i hope you can help me.

With every new Adventure Path you add Cards to the game. Thats clear that far but as far as i remember there is a time you sort out some Cards as well so that you later on do not get the Basic Cards or the expert Cards anymore.

Can some tell me when i have to sort out the Cards? After which part?
Does it apply to all three games?

PabloKruz wrote:

As a new subscriber myself I can say that by the time the package gets to me I have paid just as much as you do at your store. But I like the game and the company enough to want to buy directly from them. The promos are just an added bonus.

For an european customer i can say a subscription is more expensive than buy it in a store. I have high shipping cost and in the end i payed more.

I decided to subscribe because of the promos.

But don't get me wrong. I am not complaining. I feel good with it.
I did not regret it and i am really happy with the service paizo offers.

The only sad thing is that i have to wait so long until i get the cards. :-(

Many stores know about the price of promo cards and the do not give them away. instead they sell them somewhat later on ebay.

Getting Promo is also really difficult when you start on the game later.
Then you can buy the game and the sets but if you like to get a complete set you have no other chance to look on ebay.