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I realize that I'm a little late to the game, but here's a Cleric of Water for submission.

Hydras, Knight of the Trident:

Half-Elf Cleric (Crusader) Level 1
Alignment:Neutral, Deity: Gozreh, Homeland:The Ocean

Str: 14 (5 pts)
Dex: 12 (2 pts)
Con: 13 (3 pts)
Int: 10
Wis: 16 (18 with +2 racial bonus) (10 pts)
Cha: 10

HP: 10
Speed: 30ft (20ft in armor)
Initiative: +1
AC: 6+2+1=19
Fort: +3
Ref: +1
Will: +5

Gear 3sp
Trident:+3, 1d8+2, 10ft range, 4lbs, Piercing
Light Crossbow:+1, 1d8, 19-20/x2crit, 80ft range, 4lbs. Piercing
-50 Crossbow Bolts, 5lbs.
Chainmail +6, +2 Max Dex, -5 ACP, 40lbs
Heavy Steel Shield +2, -2 ACP, 15lbs
Backpack 2lbs
Bedroll 5lbs
Flint and Steel
7 days of Trail Rations 7lbs
Sack 1/2lbs
Wooden Holy Symbol of Gozreh
Waterskin 4lbs
Hemp Rope 50ft, 10lbs
Cleric Vestments 6lbs
Belt Pouch .5lbs
Caltrops x4 8lbs
Total Weight: 111 lbs

Spellcraft 1+3+0=+4
Profession (Sailor) 1+3+3=+7
Swim 0+3+2+1=+6

Weapon Focus (Trident)
Saving Shield
Skill Focus (Swim)

Special Abilities
Low-light Vision
Elf Blood
Elven Immunities: Immune to magic sleep, +2 vs enchantment spells and effects
Keen Senses: +2 Perception
Favored Weapon Proficiency (Trident)
Channel Energy (Positive): heals 1d6, 6/day
Water Domain
-Icicle: 30ft range, 1d6 cold damage, 6/day

Level 0: 2 prepared
Level 1: 1 prepared plus obscuring mist

-Touched by the Sea: +1 on Swim checks, Swim is a class skill
-Indelible Ire: +1 attack bonus for one round after being criticaly hit.
-Child of Nature: +1 on Survival and Knowledge (Nature) checks. Knowledge (Nature) is a class skill



Hydras' family had always had a familiarity with the ocean. The swaying decks on a ship and the spray of the sea were as home to him as dirt and leaves were to others. As a boy, he had seen many different cities and peoples, never calling one his home. Home was aboard the safety of his father's ship. His father was the only family he knew as a boy. The only family he needed. He never knew what had happened to his mother.

But a day eventually came when his home was plundered by pirates. They tore the ship apart for any goods or other valuables they could sell, killing any sailors who tried to stop them, including Hydras' father. They boy was left to die amid the sinking debris. His last memory of the attack was of the flag, a green flag with a burning skull. After days of hunger, he blacked out.

The starving boy awakened aboard a sailing temple of Gozreh. The clerics offered to drop him off at a trade town so that he could learn a skill to feed himself with, but Hydras refused. He wanted to stay aboard the seas, so he pledged his services to the sea god, Gozreh. It wasn't easy, even for one who had grown aboard the seas.

Hydras had never found worship to be his calling, but still, he thanked the god for allowing his followers to find him. It wasn't devotion, but it was a start. While he struggled to call upon the divine magic like other clerics, he found that he was a far better natural fighter. Even the thought of pain drove him to greater feats of martial prowess. The trident given to him found the hearts of enemies easily, and everytime, Hydras imagined it was the heart of the pirates who had attacked his family.

Finally, his apprenticeship under the clerics ended, and he was given a mission for his own. He was to travel to Port Peril and await the arrival of a church contact. His name was kept a secret, the priests would only say that the contact would find him in the Formidably Maid. However, he never met the contact. He was felled by a blow to the head.

Mystically Inclined wrote:
Insist that the skeletons have been named using British slang and otherwise look like normal skeletons?


Longbows are two-handed and arrows would be light.

I'm a fan of the skirmisher ranger. Trade in your ranger magic for nonmagical tricks.

Slaying the Midgard Serpent.

Victory is mine!

31001 31002 31003 31004 31005 31006 31007 31008 310009 31010 31011 31012 31013 <<<PRIME
31014 31015 31016 31017 31018 31019 <<<PRIME
31020 31021 31022 31023 31024 31025 31026 31027 31028 31029 31030 31031 31032 31033 <<<PRIME
31034 31035 31036 31037 31038 31039 <<<PRIME

In a campaign I'm writing, the players will not be mortals. Not sure what they'll be playing, but most likely some sort of templating/monster classing will be going on. Players will be fighting demigods and mythic monsters and maybe a full god later down the line. I know some of you went for a game on this large of a scale. Do you have any advice for running a game like this?

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Cheapy wrote:
Succubus. Because succubus.

Also, anything with tentacles.

Seriously though, don't use anything above large if you want to give your players a fair shot of winning a grapple. CMB/CMD is really hard to use against monsters bigger than you.

You could try an Arcane Archer if you want a ranged character. Using a bow to hit and magic to damage could take care of the strength problem you're having.

AC for a martial could be around 25 at level 5 and 30ish at level 10.
AC for an arcane caster might hit 20 if you specialize in defense.
You'll be somewhere in between with the right armors and feats, particularly Arcane Armor Training. You'll also want to bump up your spell DCs, since you'll be operating on low spell levels.

All this assumes you are going to try playing an arcane caster. Almost any divine caster can fill a magic warrior role easily.

Jadeite wrote:
I'd rather have someone play an aasimar than a feral anthropomorphic baleen whale.

Did someone actually play that?

I enjoyed the old Level Adjustment. Don't miss it though. I enjoy the Pathfinder rules for monsters as PC classes.

An old meaning of enchantment is a charm or fascination. When used with magic, it's basically mind control. Which is why the enchantment school is named perfectly.

Orfamay Quest wrote:
K177Y C47 wrote:
Jadeite wrote:
No. I'd rather have support for subsystems that actually work,like Psionics, Pact Magic or Path of War (aka Weeaboo Fightan Magic). When I want freeform magic, I play Mage, Ars Magica or Myranor.
How does WoP not work?
It's unnecessarily complex, clunky, and confusing. Case in point from above: "If I want to combine a third level target word with two second level effect words, what's the final level of the spell?"

4th level. Only the effect words impact the level of the spell. In this case, since there are two words of the same level, the spell level is 2 higher than level of the effect words.

Target words do not normally effect the level of the spell, but you cannot use a target word with a higher level than that of the spell you want to cast.
Boost words do not normally effect the level of the spell, (I know it's weird) instead there is a limit to how many times a day you can use them. You also cannot use a boost word with a higher level than the spell you want to cast.

Also, yes, I would love to see more support for the Words of Magic. Just because they take five minutes of looking at to figure out, doesn't mean it's a bad system. I rather like the way it works. Also, my gaming group is rather narrow and only plays Pathfinder and GURPS. So if I want to play a more natural caster than the normal magic system used in Pathfinder, I want to be able to.

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How about a Frost Giant riding a Dire Tyrannosaurus Rex? Take levels in Cavalier. Talk the GM into letting the Dire Tyrannosaurus be your animal companion to make up for the loss of class levels and the Dire Tyrannosaurus improves as your Cavalier gains levels. You know, get the 2HD normal ACs get at first level as bonus hit dice and just follow the normal progression from there.

Some Sorcerer bloodlines give a DC bonus to specific schools or subschools, but since your charisma is only a 14 or 15, I'm guessing that is not what you'll be playing.

To be honest, I think that taking a one level dip of sorcerer for the infinite cantrips would be the best way to go. It doesn't matter how low the DC is. A 1 is always a failure. Just keep making noises until someone checks it out.

I know that the Crossblooded archetype gives you the bloodline arcana of both bloodlines. And you can choose your bloodline powers and spells from both of your bloodlines, but there is a penalty to Will saves that never goes away.

As for feats, I think you can get bloodline abilities from Eldritch Heritage, but there is nothing for arcana, as far as I know.

Dude....Just dude.

After reading this, no one is ever taking control over my characters but the GM. It's just one of those things that won't end well even with a retcon.

If you start at the beginning of the fight, the Oracle could make the argument that he won't attack this time and that it would be better to just start over entirely because the surprise round was messed up anyway. And if you start from the where last session left off, two characters get their personalities destroyed.

Couple things I'm confused with, was the Wizard there in person? Or just his character? Why was his character there if his player wasn't? Was he ghosted too? Was he being scryed on like your character?

You mean make sure the party has good battlefield control right?

As for more monster, I might give the Oracle and the Rangers Animal Companions (Beastmaster Rangers of course. No use having level 1 animal companions running around.) It will pad out the numbers while theoretically still being CR10.

To my knowledge, there isn't anything like that. But Channeling is considered fairly weak at high levels anyway so you shouldn't be worried about using it as a main feature if you're multiclassing.

What are you multiclassing into by the way?

Perhaps the artifacts that everyone is trying to find are all ready in plain sight. But they're centerpieces for the hordes of the strongest dragons. So the tribes have been stealing them out of the lairs while the dragons hunt. You could spread the pieces among the hordes of several differently aligned dragons. Maybe the pieces are a gate that first let dragons into the world, and uniting the pieces again will send them back to their home. That way alignment doesn't matter. The Dragons don't want to go home for some reason, even good dragons will viciously protect their horde for this reason.

Animal Lord is a good idea. I might use it somewhere else. Unfortunately, the fight will be too low level for the template to apply. At least as far as RAW is concerned.

Also, how effective is following the EXP budget in the Core Rulebook? If you used a character with an Animal Companion, would you count it as a separate monster for XP purposes? I don't want to go overboard with the minions. But want a good number.

So far it's
Moonlight King, Werewolf Oracle 6, CR 7 3200XP
Winter Wolf, CR 5 1600XP
Advanced Dire Wolf, CR 4, 1200XP
Werewolf Ranger 3, CR 4, 1200XP
Werewolf Ranger 3, CR 4, 1200XP
Advanced Dire Wolf, CR 4, 1200XP
Total CR 10, XP 9600

XMorsX wrote:
With the particular build that goes for a deaf /escew materials oracle, beast shape works better because it actually lets you cast while transformed. So it definately works better than rage. You could also make the big boss a high lvl oracle without the lycanthrope template, this will also make him unique among his wolf and lycanthrope pack.

That is true. The build I have up can't cast in Wolf form, but since he'll probably be fighting in hybrid form, I don't think it makes much of a difference. There isn't anything his Wolf form can do that Hybrid can't, except run really well. And unfortunately, he'll be far to low level for the ad hoc werewolf ability.

For Flavor-I think it would be Gunslinger, Ninja, Samurai, and Alchemist.
I would say Monk, but I hear less about it being banned than Ninja and Samurai. Presumably because it is much harder to do a hand to hand fighter with the other base classes than it is to emulate a Ninja or Samurai. And Alchemists get bashed for the same things that Gunslingers do, just to a lesser extent.

For Being Over Powered-Summoner, Wizard, Cleric, Druid. Mostly for being Summoner and the big 3 full spellcasting classes.

Least Played would vary wildly from table to table. From my experience it would have to be Monk, Bard, Summoner, Alchemist.

I stuck to just base classes, otherwise Least Played would be filled completely with regional and circumstancial Prestige Classes that no one even thinks of playing.

I took another look at Color Spray and yeah. I thought it dropped off after 4th level like sleep and mostly planned on using hypnotic pattern. Didn't even realize he could take a whole party out basically single handed. I did look at Lunar, and I like the blinding Moonbeam and the Animal Companion.

The Beast Shape is interesting. It kinda defeats the purpose of being a lycan, though. Do you think spamming the rage spell works out better? The King could use it on the Animal Companinon and a couple other low level minions. The Winter Wolf would still be around to breath weapon the party as well.

Here's a different version of the Moonlight King that I came up with while out shopping today.

Moonlight King
Human Werewolf Oracle 6

Human Ability Scores Animal Ability Scores
Str 14->14 Str 14->18(+2 Racial, +2 Template)
Dex 12->12 Dex 14->18(+4 Racial)
Con 13->13 Con 13->19(+4 Racial, +2 Template)
Int 13->10 Int 10->2 (-8 Racial)
Wis 9 ->11(+2 Template) Wis 12->16(+2 Racial, +2 Template)
Cha 14->14(+2 Racial, -2 Template) Cha 11->5 (-4 Racial, -2 Template)

Hybrid Ability Scores
Str 18
Dex 18
Con 19
Int 10
Wis 16
Cha 14

4th Level Ability Increase went into Charisma.

Skills: Bluff +8, Intimidate +12, Survival +11 (+3 in Animal or Hybrid Form), Perception +11 (+13 in Animal or Hybrid Form), Knowledge (Nature) +6, Spellcraft +9

Feats: Improved Natural Attack (Bite), Intimidating Prowess, Weapon Focus (Bite), Dazzling Display

Spells: 0-Enhanced Diplomacy, Guidance, Light, Resistance, Bleed, Detect Magic, Read Magic
1(7/day)-Command, Doom, Shield of Faith, Obscuring Mist, Color Spray
2(6/day)-Protection from Good-Communal, Eagle's Splendor, Hypnotic Pattern
3-(3/day)Dispel Magic, Daylight

Curse: Tongues

Revelations: Awesome Display, Spray of Shooting Stars

What do you guys think of this? He'll be assissted by a Winter Wolf and probably a mix of 4 Werewolf Characters and Advanced Dire Wolves.

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I like intrigue and deception, and I can run it pretty well. I'm fairly good subversion. Making the Moonlight King and some of his minions be townsfolk will certainly happen. I just don't think he needs disguise points to do that. The party hasn't seen his humanoid face. His hybrid form's face won't help the party find him because it's too elongated and furry. But I do think he needs a Bluff skill.

And imagine the party's face if a little girl in ripped clothes and blood transformed into a werewolf and struck.

That's true. I have seen heavy hitters go down really fast. I could see how out numbering the party goes, emphasizing the pack mentality for the Moonlight King. Make him a level 6, level 7 with the template and stat buy. Give him a Winter Wolf bodyguard and a set of Dire Wolves/Werewolf Characters to the bother the party.

I'm also thinking that A Heavens Oracle for the King himself would fit the bill nicely. A fighter type with the necessary self buffs, Even his fire based attack is portrayed as being silvery. And since I want to portray the dull light of moon, over the cold of night I think he's getting closer to what I really want.

And Baron's Thematic Blurb just gave me a couple of ideas on how to make the PCs feel much more isolated in the small town. Well established NPCs tend to have drastic personality changes, particularly about the current expansion the town has been making into the surrounding woods. When the werewolves start nightly raids, the PCs find that all the silver and mithril weapons have been turned over the lycans.

And this is why I love these forums. Both the Monk and Witch ideas sound awesome, and I still really like the ranger idea. But unless I make the Moonlight King a collective role, I can only have one villain.

I want someone who can hold their own in battle. Werewolf makes that pretty easy, luckily, but he has to have some magic for buffing himself and any dire wolves that may accompany him in the final fight. After looking over spell lists for several classes, I think the Witch is the best mix between mechanics and theme. All though, I still might go Cleric if I can think of a good enough backstory and if I think the party can handle it.

The party is currently level 4 and I'll string them along until level 7 or so for the final conflict. The Moonlight King is supposedly CR 10. Both the human and animal sides have a 15 point buy each. The Hybrid gets the best of both worlds via the template. The wolf got racial bonuses added to it's stat block, so a lot of it's higher scores carried over.

"The Moonlight King"
Human Werewolf Witch 9

Human Ability Scores Animal Ability Scores Hybrid Ability Scores
Str 8 ->8 Str: 15->19 Str: 19
Dex 12->12 Dex: 14->18 Dex: 18
Con 10->10 Con: 13->19 Con: 19
Int 16->18 Int: 10->2 Int: 18
Wis 10->12 Wis: 12->16 Wis: 16
Cha 14->12 Cha: 8 ->2 Cha: 12

Skills: Spellcraft +16, Knowledge (Arcana) +16, Knowledge (Nature) +16, Stealth +13, Survival +12, Intimidate +13

Feats: Arcane Armor Training, Arcane Armor Mastery, Power Attack, Cleave, Arcane Strike, Dodge, Improved Natural Attack

Special Abilities: Misfortune Hex, Slumber Hex, Swamp Hag Hex, Ward Hex, Cackle Hex

Familiar: White Owl- +3 on sight based Perception rolls

Patron: Undecided. Will most likely be Winter. I also like Wisdom.

Spells: Undecided. Will definitely have at least one or two themed attack spells like chill touch or an ice storm and some buffs if I can find good ones.

Gear: Undecided. Magic Weapon, Magic Armor, Strength and Int based Items.

I'm also not sure if I want to go with Winter Witch. The archetype seems weak if you aren't going to the prestige class, but the BBEG won't be at a level to get the good stuff off the Pres. Class.

Keep those awesome suggestions coming. :D

In a campaign I'm writing, I had to go off script for a big and ended up coming up with a villain called the Moonlight King. I've decided that I want him to be a Werewolf with some kind of power over animals and a distinct cold light magic feel. A Ranger/Druid comes to mind, maybe a Nature Warden. My questions are...

1-How do I make this feasible? I could use feat suggestions and maybe other prestige classes to check out.

2-Are there better ways of getting my concept to fruition? How else do you build a werewolf with power over animals and a cold light kind of magic?

3-Give me some cool minion ideas. Obviously, there will be plenty of summoned creatures in the Big Fight. What monsters would work well with his theme up until then?

Feels good to smurf.

Some more first impressions. I went into the packet looking for what the hybrid classes do differently than the core classes and why you should still play the new classes.

Arcanist-I agree that it is one of the more bland of the classes. It just seems to be Wizard with pseudo sorcerer powers. Which I guess is fine. There is still a reason to play a Sorcerer if you still want the bloodlines, but don't want to lose spells. Straight Wizards get more preparation and spells, so there is a reason to still play a Wizard. I'm just not sure if either of the above reasons are good enough to still have the Sorcerer and Wizard classes.

Bloodrager-Love this class. It fills a much needed gap for an arcane-ranger esque class. And it doesn't straight out steal anything from the barbarian or sorcerer. Bloodlines are similar but different enough. I think it does need it's own spell list though. But where is arcane strike? That feat actually seems to have a purpose now!

Brawler-Again, very generic. Like the Arcanist, it has nothing unique to it. And on top of that, it desperately wants to do Combat Maneuvers well, and it just can't.

Hunter-It's okay. Bonus Teamwork Feats when working with the Animal Companion is very nice. I think it needs it's own spell list though. I'm not into the whole idea of "use this spell list except for these levels which you can't use." It's done better here than with Bloodrager though.

Investigator-I like the theme, but can't imagine it will see much use. Very good for a low combat campaign though. It's the ultimate skill monkey.

Shaman-I loved it at first, but now I merely like it. I think there should be more of a focus on just one spirit for the main class. Wandering Spirit is a good idea for an archetype though. I think it should pull spells from the Witch spell list. Three classes pulling from Cleric seems too much.

Skald-I love Skald. A really interesting and unique class based on a pretty natural combination.

Slayer-The killy Rogue. Lower Sneak Attack damage, but higher BAB and HP. It's okay.

Swashbuckler-All the flash of a Gunslinger, with the melee prowess of a Fighter. Not a tank, but he doesn't have to be. He's Captain Jack Sparrow. Savvy?

Warpriest-I like the Warpriest, a lot. It can enter combat with the best of them, but doesn't step on any ones toes. At first I thought having both enchanted armor and weapons was too much, but neither is individually as strong as the paladin's divine bond. It doesn't have the striking power of Smite Evil or the spell power of the Magus. I think it works. Also needs it's own spell list.

Depends on the campaign for me. The Gunslinger, Ninja, and Samurai are usually off limits due to flavor, but every once in a while I open them up.

The hardest limitation I put on my players is a 3 three book limit that has just kind of migrated from our D&D days. Usually it means Core Rulebook plus another book or two. Though back in 3.5 this one player made a character from Savage Species, the DMG, and a Monster Manual, so I asked him, "Where are you feats coming from?" That character ended up being scrapped.

Although I am willing to make compromises. The same person who made the no feats character also tried to get access to a Ninja Trick by playing a Rogue. Even though I told him no, he still played the Rogue, and after being convinced that he was playing the Rogue to play a Rogue and not for cheese, I let him take the Trick.

The Battle Mage on page 179 seems to be getting 2 extra skill points.

Abilities: Str 12, Dex 15, Con 12, Int 17, Wis 10, Cha 8

Acrobatics: 2 ranks + 2 Dex = +4
Climb: 1 rank + 1 Str = +2
Knowledge (Arcana) 3 ranks + 3 Int + 3 favored class bonus = +9
Knowledge (History) 3 ranks + 3 Int + 3 favored class bonus = +9
Perception 3 ranks + 2 racial = +5
Spellcraft 3 ranks + 3 Int + 3 favored class bonus = +9
Stealth 2 ranks + 2 Dex = +4

Total: 17 Skill ranks. Should only have 15.

I guess you could drop 2 hit points if you really wanted both acrobatics and stealth.

My college RPG group broke up for the summer, and I only have 1 friend close enough to continue playing with. Would it be feasible to run a game 1 on 1 or are there better ways to play. We tried to bring the game online briefly, but it didn't work out.

Also, is there a good online game that can simulate a good RPG experience, i.e. not WOW.

What makes you say that?

The party in this game I'm running has an evil witch and a paladin. I'm wondering how well the Protection from Evil spell would fair against the Summon Swarm spell.

Summon Swarm has no alignment descriptors and swarms are neutral, so the way I see it is that Protection from Evil wouldn't work against the swarms at all.

Could anyone tell me if there is something I'm missing?

I didn't actually say I wanted to wear armor, I just want to keep my AC high enough to stay in melee combat.

My character for an upcoming campaign is an Oread Wizard. I wanted an Earth Elementalist that wasn't necessarily a hermit, but wasn't very personable either. He's kind of a medieval geologist. He studies rocks and formations, and after learning everything he can in an area, he moves on.

The main reason for taking the archetype is to change the Arcane Bond feature. I don't want a magic item that can potentially get stolen or broken, and everyone has a familiar.

So, is there anyway to have a Scrollmaster keep a high enough AC to stay in melee combat. Or is there another archetype that is worth taking to change the Arcane Bond. I looked at Primalist and that's kind of interesting, but not much help if your DM isn't using Primal Magic. This one isn't.

So I was wondering if the enhancement bonuses from magic armor would apply to touch AC. What about force spells like Mage Armor or Shield?

I noticed that some poison need multiple consecutive saves to cure them, so let's say a player gets poison and need to save twice to be cured. If he passes the first save the poison is there, so does he take the damage form the poison if he passes the first time?

Nevermind. Found it. It's a 40ft cone

The young dragon has a cone of 30ft. The adult dragon has a cone of 40ft. Does young adult have a cone of 30ft, 40ft, or even 35ft? And how do you know when the breath weapon gets bigger?

I can't find this in the Bestiary, so I'm asking here. I'm making a young adult white dragon for a boss fight, and need to know how long it's breath weapon is. Any help would be appreciated.

Also, could someone direct me to where I can find this for myself?

mplindustries wrote:
Fly (The alchemist should have it as a formula) up over the jungle, look for the big ominous evil city, then scan the paths to figure out which ones to take.

Or the more fun route of choosing a path at random and seeing which one goes where. From there, it shouldn't be too hard to find the superstition shrouded areas of the island.

How do they share the same road system, yet the common folk know nothing of the Undead City. Also, is it just a city or is the whole continent some kind of joint empire. The OP seems to indicate both.

I would just like to point out that there is a difference between a dick DM and a challenging DM.

This DM just seems to be of the challenging sort, there is no indication of this DM trying to outright kill the players for no reason. Just a high damage trap that is within CR range and a houserule from an old edition which he then changed. I say give this DM a chance.

My girlfriend is looking to play a druid that is a knife expert. Since forbidden weapons is no longer harmful, I was wondering if this is at all feasible at any level.

On that matter, is there any good throwing knife build? I want to be able to pitch her something if the druid isn't any good.

I actually like the Mystic Theurge prestige class. Sure, my spells aren't as powerful (does a loss of 1 DC really make that much of a difference?), but I can always count on having the right spell for the job. Against caster BBEGs I used Improved Counterspell to keep it from casting too much. Otherwise, I could control the battlefield as I saw fit. And I was a pretty decent Melee combatant that could dis out a little damage when necessary.

Trust me, the prestige class is fine as it is, with some creativity. If you really want some feedback on the re-write, drop the domains. It doesn't need that option. It has plenty of options as is.

Person E isn't a problem. He generally takes his turn in a relatively short time. Person D is a big worry as often we have to tell him to sit at the table when he isn't rolling dice. He's constantly on his computer, and playing annoying videos for everyone to hear. My personal problem is letting E in but saying no to D, especially since they were both asking at the same time. I said no to both to avoid drama with selectiveness and stuck to a first come first serve basis.

To clarify this is a private game.

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