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Ok that's what I figured. Just needed to check.
Thank you.

Do these archetypes stack or no?

This is what I'm looking at: h-natural-weapons-and-feral-combat-training-using-n

And it seems to suggest that the flurry of blows unarmed strike would come after the natural attacks and that it *can't* work the other way around.

Is the unarmed strike (bite, claw, claw, uas) considered a secondary attack at a -5 or does it get treated as a regular weapon attack and thus actually at the full BAB as suggested by FOB?

So with dragon shaman you get 2 claws (primary) and 1 bite (primary).
I assume with FCT that I can only choose claws or bite depending on what my weapon focus feat selects but I'm wondering if its possible to do 1 bite, 2 claws, and then the extra attack from flurry at 3rd level (2 levels druid, 1 monk) if my weapon focus is claws.

How would this work? Since they're both primary does it matter which one I choose?

edit: sorry this would be at Fourth level to get FCT. 1 fighter level dip.

Thanks folks. This has been very helpful. The flowing monk idea is something I might take up and I did in fact go with amphibious alternate racial trait.

So I'm creating an undine druid as the subject suggests but I'm just wondering is there any dip or few levels that might be good for this build later. (For the flavor I was thinking some sorcerer or maybe cleric)

Essentially my idea is to be off-tank/buff/healer and I'm wondering what may be good for this?
Also I've yet to pick out any traits (3+1 drawback) and elephant in the room is in play.
20pt buy.

This DM is creating a homebrew and has explicitly said time and again that he wants his campaigns to be deadly (possible TPK).

Please, a little help?

str: 12
Dex: 16
Con: 13
Int: 10
Wis: 18
Cha: 7

MrCharisma wrote:

Being flat-footed is a seperate condition to having 10 DEX.

Nimble Nick has 12 DEX and gets hit by something that causes 3 points of DEX damage/drain. He loses 2 points of AC, but he doesn't start taking sneak-attack damage from any rogue who attacks. Likewise Nick can still make 1 attack of opportunity per turn.

Nick then gets into a new combat amd loses initiative, meaning he is now flat-footed. He would lose his DEX "Bonus" to AC, but he doesn't have a bonus, he has a penalty. This means his AC stays the same. While he's flat-footed he loses the ability to make AoO's, and if he's attacked by a Rogue he will take the sneak-attack damage.

Ok but if he's grappling and takes a Dex penalty to AC is that losing your Dex bonus? And thus all other things dependent upon not losing your Dex bonus?

So if you take any Dex penalties is that counted as losing your Dex bonus to AC or does it have to be a full-on loss of Dex bonus such as being flat-footed?

Ahhhh I believe you're right. I might have to tweak a bit then.
Thanks for the feedback.

So I know this has been asked before but I didn't see a satisfactory conclusion to the thread I read and didn't wanna necro since it was also including my character build.

It seems with FoM and greater grapple you can get four grapple checks in a round?
The reason I ask is because this is basically what I'm looking at (this is essentially for grabbing up casters and bringing them to get pulverized, but also a bit of survivability within the flavor and to shutdown anything annoying trying to stop me from dragging the caster over to be pulverized) Since this is my first post, I only ask for some kindness:

Human MoM monk archetype:
Human bonus: Improved grapple
1st lvl: Dodge
Monk bonus: Snapping turtle style
2nd Bonus: Scorpion Style
3rd: Snapping Turtle Clutch
5th: Crane Style
6th: Grabbing Style
7th: Snapping Turtle Shell
9th: Body shield
10th: Crane WIng
11th: Grabbing drag
13th: Greater Grapple?

Also I don't wanna be a tetori monk or change my race or anything like that, so I just want to see if this build is decent for the flavor I'm going for which is an arcane-suspicious monk who believes in the search for truth as the highest goal (Probably take a vow of truth, if possible) and sees magic as sometimes being a perversion of that truth through manipulation of reality.
Yes, I realize this is a backwards-view of a lot of magic, etc, and no he's not completely intolerant of magic users. It's mostly illusions that make him angry.