Undine Druid 1st level


So I'm creating an undine druid as the subject suggests but I'm just wondering is there any dip or few levels that might be good for this build later. (For the flavor I was thinking some sorcerer or maybe cleric)

Essentially my idea is to be off-tank/buff/healer and I'm wondering what may be good for this?
Also I've yet to pick out any traits (3+1 drawback) and elephant in the room is in play.
20pt buy.

This DM is creating a homebrew and has explicitly said time and again that he wants his campaigns to be deadly (possible TPK).

Please, a little help?

str: 12
Dex: 16
Con: 13
Int: 10
Wis: 18
Cha: 7

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Scarab Sages

I mean with those stats if you want to be weird monk or flowing monk means your wildshape AC gets good, and stunning fist will be handy as it scales with HD not monk level. But otherwise fill druid is excellent.
My big tip is take the animal domain and boon companion at level 5 or retrain at 4 instead of an animal companion from level 1.

Keep in mind that any multiclassing is going to delay your access to wild shape as well as new levels of druid spells. Both of those class features are too good to give up unless you have a very solid reason.

As for archetypes, the undine adept may be of interest if you'll be dealing with water on a regular basis, but it delays wild shape a little. For a more land-based campaign, the base druid may be more useful, and you can always get amphibious as an alternate racial trait.

Thanks folks. This has been very helpful. The flowing monk idea is something I might take up and I did in fact go with amphibious alternate racial trait.

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