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Dark_Mistress wrote:

Any chance in the short time while we wait on the main PDF's to be updated. That we can have all the errata made into a single pdf or even txt file that we can download? That would be a lot more handy that having to check the web page.

I second the motion for @Paizo to provide a comprehensive errata released as a single PDF.

Would love a new tag "AP Prequel" for these.

Keep the "WEB Fiction" tag, just add "AP Prequel" as a sub-category.

Aaron Shanks

Thank you for the reply.
Paizo products are of such quality and enjoyment it is very hard NOT to request more. The quality & accomplishments in the Foundry VTT modules for the Beginner's Box (Menance Under Otari) & Abomination Vaults AP causes one's imagine similar modules for other products.
Thank you.

Which available VTT Troubles Module is the best to import into Foundry VTT?

Or is the better option to import the Troubles in Otari PDF instead?

Please pass onto everyone my appreciation, satisfaction and admiration for both what they create &support at Paizo and recent stances in the industry.

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Would you purchase a "Troubles in Otari" Foundry VTT Module of Paizo offers it?

As Troubles uses many items from the Beginner's Box, they can leverage those resources already in Foundry VTT. If created with the idea Troubles links "Menance Under Otari" to the "Abomination Vaults AP" I would be very appreciative.

Troubles VTT can add more value by including all other Otari based adventures (q.v. "Otari Adventures" before). With all PDFs, maps, images, etc in Foundry VTT, the Troubles VTT can present ways to integrate Otari based adventures while playing through Menace to Troubles and during Abomination Vaults.

Anyone else interested?

Otari Adventures:
+ Menace Under Otari
+ Troubles In Otari
+ Society Scenario 06:
The Road from Otari
+ Bounty Adventure S01-04:
Bandits of Immenwood
+ Abomination Vaults AP

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Has anyone created a Foundry VTT version which is available?

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Will a Foundry VTT version be available?

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Is there a resource for bringing Greyhawk Deities upto PathFinder 2e rules?

Consider this another vote for the Troubles in Otari FoundryVTT module.
It is as if there is a missing bridge betwixt the amazing Beginners' Box module and the astounding Abomination Vaults module for FoundryVTT.

The lack of a Troubles in Oratri FoundryVTT module is a harsh oversight. How many tables are faced with losing the momentum of competing Menace Under Otari?
Why miss the opportunity to support new tables straight through Troubles on Otari and right into the Abominations Vaults if Otari module?

Already modules exist for the following platforms:
• Fantasy Grounds Virtual Tabletop
• Pathfinder Nexus on Demiplane
• Roll20 Virtual Tabletop

Yet the Troubles in Otari module for Paizo's VTT Partner remains lacking.

Unfortunately, PathFinderChronicler.net is no more. The hosting site is offering the URL for sale.

I have NOT found an alternative.

joshua neeley wrote:
Was curious if it still existed? I can't seem to find anything on it anymore.

In one of the PathFinder Tales [I believe] the cleric for a band of River Kingdom pirates served the Church of the Great Orifice. He preached of a great God whose arse orifice is the World Wound.

Which books included this character? What chapters present the character and his beliefs?

What effects are the Church experiencing with the current constipation caused from the closure of the World Wound?

Any official products presenting information on this church?