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Is this feat intended to let the Witch craft a batch (6) of a potion or oil as part of her/his daily preparations similar to Alchemist? It doesn't seem written that way though. The way it's written is like you can craft some alchemy without taking the craft alchemy feat? If so, this seems like a pretty lame feat. Reason I ask is because the subsequent feats that list Cauldron as a Prerequisite use the 'during your daily preparations' language.

normal crafting batch is 4 items no 6.

and yes, the level 1 is purely a crafting feat. The level 10 feat allows you to make some temporary potions (2) as part of the daily prep.)

(p.s. if you think it's bad, then look at the alchemist level 4 feat Efficient Alchemy, which is again a crafting class feat but way worse than Cauldron...)

It only increases the number of potions that you can make on downtime.

The lvl 10 feat that let you make temporary potions at the start of the day like an Alchemist.

Kyrone wrote:
It only increases the number of potions that you can make on downtime.

Yes, but it increases it from zero to six. You don't need to also have Alchemical Crafting feat.

It is comparable to the Alchemical Crafting skill feat, but with some changes. Both use your craft skill, so you will need training for that skill. Cauldron can only make potions and oils, while Alchemical Crafting can make any of the alchemical items.

So which of the two is better is up for debate. You could get Cauldron at level 1 with Human Natural Ambition, while Alchemical Crafting would need Human General Training instead. Probably the most unbalanced between the two feats is that Alchemical Crafting is a skill feat, while Cauldron - if taken at level 2 as normal - is competing with Basic Lesson. In my opinion, Basic Lesson wins that competition hands down.

The part that I have question on is how much it costs. Do you still only pay for the 4 items being crafted as normal? Or do you have to still pay for all 6? Or perhaps I am not understanding how crafting potions works in general.

Cauldron, like many of the crafting feats, may not be a good choice for many campaigns. It's not necessarily going to pay dividends immediately, but it being gated at level 1 means you can invest it in fairly easily at any point in your career.

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Yeah, I thought it would be nice to pick it up if I were a human with Natural Ambition but I'm a Wellspring gnome with First World Magic. Picking up the two extra spells still outweighs being human to pick up Cauldron. I agree, I can't turn down Basic Lesson but maybe pick it up at 4th, maybe...

Nothing about the wording makes me think you get 6 potions for price of 4 but that would at least be a little something better.

Overall just disappointed they didn't allow the witch to have a few potions as part of daily prep with this feat. I mean that's what witches do, brew potions, right? I don't think it would be at all overpowering. Rogue get's free poisons when they take Poison Weapon. Granted, they're pretty basic injury poisons but they don't have to craft them.

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