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Drafting a Master Chymist and I just wanted to check.

Is there a way to apply intelligence to Survival? I was thinking of the Beastmorph archetype to get scent during mutagens, and I could have sworn there was a trait that did this.

Okay I checked out some archetypes from Planar Adventures and this caught my eye. The Dream Thief

Conceptually I find it very interesting, but I wonder what the best use of it is. The premise is you give up ALL of your sneak attack to get the emotional focus ability of a phantom. One attack per turn is treated as a slam attack in terms of your emotional focus.

Now, since you don't get sneak attack anymore, I see a potential build as revolving around big attack to use with the focus abilities. Maybe the classic STR based Half Orc Rogue, or unchained with the Elven Curve Blade. The Anger and Dedication foci both increase damage dice which makes it appealing to use an Earthbreaker or something.

Any thoughts on how to use the archetype?

Through my sheer mastery of conjuration, I have created a chat space for fellow Gods. See how generous I am?

I invite my peers for enlightening discussion and obsequious worshippers for endless praise.

Hello all,

I thought of branching out to try out VTR (2nd edition) and am currently planning a campaign with some friends. I bought the PDF and I am liking what I see so far.

A small point of confusion, what do I need other than the VTR 2e rulebook? In some places I see you need World of Darkness rulebook, and in others I see you don't. There are also multiple versions with different names that gets confusing.

Can I fully enjoy the game with the book I have now, or do I need more? If so, what do I need?

Hello all,

I was thinking, how would unarmed operatives work?

I thought an exploit could give the improved unarmed strike feat, and let it count as an operative weapon.

Any problems with this? It's slightly better than a feat, but so is uncanny shooter. Vesk might go crazy with the natural weapons, but for the cost of an exploit is that too much?

Or is this all completely too little by itself?

Curious on your thoughts.

Hello all,

I was reading through the rules for grappling, and compared to Pathfinder it's pretty straightforward.

So if you have an opponent pinned, then in place of maintaining the grapple you could place restraints on any two limbs (if I recall correctly.)

What exactly are the penalties for having limbs immobilized? If your arms are bound, I get you can't use them but that does mean any additional penalties?

What if you're legs are bound? Can you just not move?

What if both your arms and legs are bound? Are you considered helpless?

All of this is probably written down somewhere obvious, but I thought I'd check with all of you.

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I just reached 2000 posts.

Or 8.39 * 10^-2 Tacticslions. This is a rather unstable measurement however and could easily shrink.

How many Tacticslions are all of you?

Hello all!

I was bored and reading Pathfinder Lore the other day (as I'm sure you can relate) and I started to take a close look at the Shoanti. Anyways it inspired me to make an agile Earthbreaker user, and I've been tweaking around with good Rogue builds too, so I thought I'd post this and try to get opinions.

The build is a Human Unchained Rogue (Scout) (Swashbuckler) 10/Fighter 2. It isn't for anything in particular just to make for fun and keep on ice for later.


STR: 16 [All ability progression here]
DEX: 16
CON: 14
INT: 12
WIS: 10
CHA: 8

Feats/Feature Progression:

1 Rogue (Scout) (Swashbuckler) - Dodge, Bonus: Bludgeoner, Earth Breaker Proficiency
2 R- Combat Trick: Mobility
3 R- Sap Adept
4 R- Combat Trick: Power Attack
5 R- Canny Tumble, Edge: Stealth
6 Fighter- Bonus: Sap Master
7 R- Furious Focus, Weapon Training: Earth Breaker
8 F- Bonus: Vital Strike
9 R- Accomplished Sneak Attacker
10 R- Camouflage [Don't know what talents are that good at this point]
11 R- Skill Focus (Acrobatics)
12 R- Edge: Perception, Fast Tumble

Compared to many other builds I try and make this is relatively simple. Either use charge or canny tumble to attack some for a power attack vital strike sneak attack leveraging sap master for bonus damage. It seems to be a fairly reliable source of damage as even against non-sneak-attackable foes it's still vital strike power attack with an Earth Breaker. Eventually this would pick up an impact Earthbreaker for extra fun. :)

If I have that right this would at 12th level with a +1 Impact Earthbreaker, deal 18d6 + 22 damage, or an average of 85 damage per hit. Not too shabby.

Primarily I just want to check if there are any large glaring flaws, and then what Rogue Talents/Skill Unlocks are best, because I have very little sense of that.

Oh! And for the purpose of this thread let's just assume we can use Power Attack with nonlethal damage. That's a whooole other can of worms we can take to the rules threads going on now. ;)

Edit: Added in archetypes to avoid confusion

Hello all,

So I got myself a Ultimate Wilderness and I was excited to see a class with built in switch hitter mechanics, but I'm a bit confused by the text.

Swift Switch wrote:

At 3rd level, while the arrow champion has at least 1 panache point, she can sheathe or draw an unhidden light or one-handed piercing melee weapon or a bow as a swift action without provoking attacks of opportunity. If the arrow champion spends 1 panache point, she can perform either action as an immediate action. In addition, if she has the Quick Draw feat and one of her hands is free, she can sheathe a weapon and draw an unhidden weapon as part of the same swift action, provided that one of the weapons is a bow and the other is a light or one-handed piercing melee weapon. If she spends 1 panache point, she can perform the switch as an immediate action.

This deed replaces swashbuckler’s initiative.

So, if I have a bow in my hands and a sheathed sword on my waist, I can put away the bow as a swift action, and draw the sword as a move action.

If I have quick draw, I can can do both of those as the same swift action.

Yet, if I have quick draw I can take out the sword as a free action anyways, which seems to make the ability redundant.

Am I reading that right? Should you be able to do both as a free action?

Hello all,

Let's say that I hypothetically have a longsword and a claw attack. If I'm fifth level than I can have two attacks with the longsword, and one with the claw attack (at the appropriate -5 penalty).

Does the longsword have to go first? Could I instead attack with the claw and THEN swipe with the sword twice?

I'm considering Hammer the Gap for a natural attack/unarmed TWF build, so if the natural attacks come first, the feat would be REALLY good, but if not then the feat would be useless.

Hello all, I wanted to check something.

So I was building a student of war, when I realized the DEX requirement for dodge. I figured a quick fix was the feat Artful Dodge, but I need to double check this.

Artful Dodge wrote:
Special: The Artful Dodge feat acts as the Dodge feat for the purpose of satisfying prerequisites that require Dodge.

So artful dodge lets you skip dodge as a prerequisite for feats. Is it just feats? Can I use this to fulfill the requirements for student of war? Or is it only feats?

Thanks for the help.

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Hello all,

I've been fiddling around on a new build and I thought I'd check what you guys thought.

It's a bit complicated and has a lot of moving pieces. I'll show the build and then explain strategy.

Half Orc Unchained Rogue (Sanctified Rogue) (Swashbuckler- archetype not class) 9/Brawler (Snakebite Striker) 2/Fighter 1

Level Progression:

Starting Stats:

Str 10, Dex 18, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 14

Traits: Indomitable Faith, Unpredictable

1 Rogue- Skill Focus (Bluff), Weapon Finesse (Bonus), Handaxe Proficiency (Bonus)

2 Rogue- Quick Draw (Bonus Combat Trick)

3 Rogue- Finesse Weapon (Handaxe), Wave Strike

4 Brawler- [Dex +1]

5 Brawler- Dirty Fighting (Bonus), Two Weapon Feint

6 Fighter- Weapon Trick (Sword and Shield) (Bonus)

7 Rogue- Improved Two Weapon Fighting, Improved Two Weapon Feint (Bonus Combat Trick)

8 Rogue- Edge Acrobatics [Dex +1]

9 Rogue- Dodge, Weapon Focus (Handaxe) (Bonus Weapon Training)

10 Rogue-

11 Rogue- Improved Initiative, Bleeding Attack

12 Rogue- [Dex +1]

Okay, let's unbox that a bit. The first couple levels are the most underwhelming. It's just weapon finesse with a handaxe, and the ability to draw quickly. However then there is DEX to damage, and wave strike which allows me to feint when drawing a weapon; in other words, Sneak Attack.

Then at fifth level Brawler gives pseudo-TWF with Brawler's flurry. This allows TWF with one weapon, and with full damage. Two Weapon Feint allows me to use a single attack as a feint attempt to get Sneak Attack.

Since Brawlers are proficient with shields, I can get a darkwood heavy shield so I can attack with no penalty, and weapon trick will let me take ten on feint checks.

So the basic idea is to walk in, draw a weapon to feint and sneak attack, and then repeat with full attacks by using feint to get sneak attack multiple times. Any opponents that can't be Sneak Attacked, the build should hopefully be good as a flank mate and still having DEX to damage.

Any thoughts or opinions?

Just for fun I thought I'd brainstorm some ideas.

It is implied that male dwarves are never cleanly shaven unless something SUPER serious is going on. What kind of reasons could you think of for a dwarf to be beardless?

- They shave it as penance for some sin
- They had it burnt off and scarred
- A witch cursed them

Any others?

I was thinking of making a Phrenic Adept, since the flavor was really interesting. I was trying to come up with good uses of telepathy.

A shirren or lashunta phrenic adept with a psychic booster can communicate telepathically with anyone within 180 feet.

I was thinking transmitting messages you don't want others to hear. Does it work like that? It certainly seems useful, just want to make sure I have it right.

Hello! This is just to talk about whatever you want. Maybe you have some questions, or just want to talk about what happened and any reactions you have.

In the meantime I'll go over some posting etiquette.

I'm not quite sure how often we can all post. I'll try for once per day, but I suppose we'll see how that works out and if it raises or lowers. For example, on the weekends I might be able to do more. We'll talk one on one.

General text is just description. So we are all consistent, we can just do third person singular, and present tense. So if my character is Thog, I would write, "Thog walks up to the treasure chest,"

Bold text indicates dialogue. I shall smite thee heathen!

You can use italics for emphasis or internal dialogue. That hurt!

You can just use spoilers to save space, or put something that not everyone needs to see.

Players Only!!!:
Good job!

You can use the dice for your actions. To make things easier I will roll your initiative, perception, sense motive, and saving throw checks. Also anything else you aren't supposed to know the result of like Disguise. You roll anything else for your character.

When your character is ready, just dot the thread to show.


This is prearranged to work with friends, so the campaign is not publicly available. All the info has either already been given, or will be added in the other campaign threads.

Thank you!

Hello all,

So I absolutely love the flavor of the Aldori Swordlord. Unfortunately, I find the prestige class rather tricky to work with. So I'm trying to replicate the idea. Namely, DEX to damage with an Aldori Dueling Sword, Feints & Intimidates, and Combat Expertise or other defensive style.

I'm a bit concerned about the AC and saves, but otherwise this seems pretty fun.

The build is an Unchained Rogue (Rake) 3/Slayer 7/ Fighter 1

I'm using a Half-Elf for Ancestral Arms to get proficiency with the Aldori Dueling Sword.

Level Progression:

Starting Stats:
Str 10, Dex 18, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 10

Traits: Bruising Intellect, Reactionary


1- (Rogue) Weapon Finesse, Combat Expertise
2- (Rogue) (Rogue Talent) Weapon Focus
3- (Rogue) Acrobatic
4- (Slayer) [+1 DEX]
5- (Slayer) (Slayer Talent) Improved Feint, Slayer's Feint
6- (Fighter) (Bonus) Swordplay Style
7- (Slayer) Swordplay Upset
8- (Slayer) (Slayer Talent) Dazzling Display [+1 DEX]
9- (Slayer) Shatter Defenses
10- (Slayer)
11- Dueling Disciple

The main idea is to two-hand the sword, activate studied target, feint for a sneak attack, and then intimidate for shatter defenses. Any recommendations to improve it? It was thrown together a bit messily, so some improvement on the feats order might be appropriate.

Hello all,

So I had an interesting idea for a world. I probably won't use it, but still fun to think about and flesh out.

Basically, the idea is that magic is a limited finite resource. 9th level casters suck up a lot of that, and even more as they level up. This means PC's are forced to be 6th level casters or below. By killing evil wizards or clerics and whatnot they free up magic allowing themselves to become more powerful. So something like 90% of the world magic is possessed by 1% of the population.

So I figured in terms of mechanics, how much is everything changed if parties can't have full casters? I thought that using the Wound Levels from Pathfinder Unchained might help balance things out. Any other thoughts to make combat more fair. Maybe more frequent firearm use? There are also rules that restrict magic itself.

Hello all,

So I was checking out Hammer the Gap, and it kind've puzzled me.

I mean, I get how it works I'm just wondering how useful it is.

Something like Weapon Specialization seems to do the same thing or better and is more reliable. It seems like that Hammer the Gap would be GREAT for some Monk Builds that get a million attacks. Though, it seems the more handy it'd be, the more attacks you have, and the less likely they are to hit consecutively.

Is this feat actually good for dealing damage?

Hello all! Just have some questions about the Cavalier's Banners.

1. Let's say I'm making a Battle Herald. I have four levels of Cavalier (Standard Bearer), which replaces the mount with a banner right off the bat. At the 5th level of cavalier, the banner would get an upgrade. If I took a level of Bard, and then standard bearer, would the effective banner level be 5th? Battle Heralds do get the banner ability, but not until 5th level, so I would I have to wait until then for an upgrade?

2. Can the flag from the flagbearer feat, and the banner from the banner ability be the same thing? So you can grant both of the bonuses with one item.

3. Does the banner have to be held in hand? Could you by RAW just strap it to your back or something?

Thank you!

Now Starfinder hasn't officially been played yet. This gives a unique opportunity, since this means no PC's have died.

What is the first cause of a PC death going to be?

1. Messing up an Engineering Check for Ship Combat

Hello Paizo Community,

So I did already have this guide made, but for privacy reasons made a new e-mail account for the Google Docs, and did not write down the password... :( I made a new account and made sure to write down the password,

So I'm reposting it here, with some new updates.

The Rage Prophet is a prestige class that requires an oracle/barbarian multiclass. It ends up with powerful (sometimes higher DC's than straight oracle) spells, supplemented by rage powers, innate divination spells, and surprisingly high accuracy against some extremely common enemies. If you're playing WotR, or CotCR, you'll be pretty happy with this.

In my last thread I wasn't as open to suggestions, so I'm going to try and work on looking at feedback more carefully, as people's intentions got lost in the internet medium. Previous discussion here.

Without further ado, here is the guide. Thank you.

Choose your loyalty now!

I'll just say now that I view Bing as a Paladin, and Google as a devil worshipping Cleric.

Honest question. I see a bunch of stuff getting you bull rush, but I don't really see many uses for it. Am I missing something? It seems moving someone back away from you makes it harder to attack them.

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Hello Paizo Community!

I've been working on my own Hybrid Class, the Lockheart.

It's a mix between a Barbarian and a Paladin. (With a dash of Inquisitor) and I'm pretty satisfied with it. I'd love to get some input to improve it, and to round it out a bit. I haven't personally playtested it, so there's that too.

The point of the Lockheart is that they kind've have a split personality, with a Lawful Mind and a Chaotic Mind. The Lawful controls the Chaotic one, and channels it for strength. (I should probably mention now it dumps the Good aspect)

It's designed to be a support tank, with high survivability, and strong offensive capabilities that grab attention.

Know any Lockhearts? I can't think of anything that directly matches, but Mace Windu reminds me of it. He has a stylized lightsaber form Vaapad, and despite being Good actually channels the dark side in his combat. It's really cool and worth a read! So the Lockheart is like that with Law and Chaos.

I tried to blend some class features and come up with some new stuff, so please let me know what does and doesn't work.


Just something I wanted to check. Mortals when desperate will often use magic to turn to devils and make deals and whatnot. Is there anything that stops them from turning to angels instead? I figured it might be something like there's less of them, or they're harder to contact. Or they might not be as willing to help.

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Hello Paizo Community!

I just whipped up another theorycraft so I thought you guys could take a look at it. It was mostly just for fun to try and adapt Predator to Pathfinder and it's been pretty fun.

Predator Traits:

  • Stealth Capabilities with Cloaking (could be UMD or a ring of invisibility)
  • Powerful Senses (Half-Orc with scent or some other races)
  • Natural Attacks/TWF
  • Voice Mimicry (Not necessary, but nice)
  • Tracking capabilities
  • Lawful (check out AVP wiki here to find out why
  • Agile
  • Can self-heal
  • Here is the character, Mincer. Kudos if you figure out where the name came from. He is a Ranger (Divine Tracker) (Skirmisher) 11/Monk (Zen Archer) 1

    The main tactic is to stalk a party ahead of time and pick them off with the bow (replacement for plasmacaster). Once they're sufficiently weakened, use the ring of invisibility to come in and go cuisinart on them. I use TWF, the original Jungle Hunter doesn't use them but Wolf in AVPR does. Whoever survives is worthy of a boxing match with you. There's grapple there, because Predator seems good at grappling, but I might switch that out for Power Attack because the to-hit bonuses seem pretty high.

    As a ranger, there are insane bonuses against fighting humans in jungles. I would justify a CR boost even because the stealth tactics work so well.

    For voice mimicry I got a wand of Ghost Sound, but are there any other ideas you guys have? Obviously I can't get everything about predator right (like the ability to grapple Arnold Schwarzenegger with one hand) but I feel like there's a better way to do it. In the movies Predators can mimic humans voices and store them, and then use them to confuse prey.

    Anything else you guys wanna pitch in? At the very least this looks like a lot fun to play, and I'm not really done reconnecting the character into Golarion.

    Remember folks, if it bleeds we can kill it!

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    Hello Paizo community!

    I've been on these forums here a while, so I decided I wanted to try my hand at a guide. I was looking through and was thinking something people have mostly left alone, so the Rage Prophet seemed perfect. Slight note: the major argument is that Barbarian 1/Oracle X is stronger than it, and I make my points but the purpose is to optimize Rage Prophets, not diss it. So I'd appreciate it if that's what we did here.

    It's very much a work in progress. I try and work on it with my spare time and just add on to it. Input is welcome and appreciated. Getting all of your input can help inform my decisions. I'll add a post to the Guide to Guides when I'm happier with it.

    So without further ado, here's the guide.


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    Some stressful times lately...

    What are the little things you appreciate?

    My heart soars when someone capitalizes the 'h' in MageHunter.

    Hello all! I've completed another Theorycraft build and have made a new alias here! I'm not really going to use this for anything, so I'm just sharing it for fun. I don't know how effective it would be but it certainly looks like fun.
    (I apologize in advance for errors or typos)

    So this concept is pretty interesting, and also kind've fishy. It's a

    Odd Class Combo:
    Ranger (Guide) 2/Brawler (Mutagenic Mauler) 1/Fighter (Archer) 2/Warpriest 1/Alchemist (Ragechemist) (Vivisectionist) 2/Barbarian (Wild Rager) 4
    Whoo! That was a mouthful. Yes, I have Ragechemist and Wild Rager Barbarian. It's a natural attack build and mutagen plus rage combined is a +10 STR, so not too shabby! Plus, it seems entertaining to have literally the most unstable class combo.

    There's TWF plus Improved TWF plus Two-Weapon Rend for use with unarmed strikes. Additionally, there's two claw attacks, a bite attack, and a gore attack out of it. Factoring in Wild Rager's Wild Fighting ability that's 8 attacks. Oh yeah, and the Alchemist Extract Enlarge Person will help out too.

    I can see a slight weakness in AC and Saves, but I do have almost 1600 gp left over, so I might be able to patch that up a touch. Plus Rage, and Superstition Rage Power will help boost Will.


    I'm a little confused by this. It looks like there are three kinds of serpentfolk, regular, advanced, and degenerate.

    I'm checking with the monster codex and am just incredibly confused. It mentions racial modifiers but when I try to calculate it myself something is amiss

    What am I missing?

    So some of you may remember that I started making a homebrew campaign about when Troglodytes were at the height of their power. It became a bit too daunting to me but I picked it up again deciding I'll make the campaign as I go along. So here I really just want to try and pick up a primitive or prehistoric atmosphere, and get a good basic story about the world. I'm making a new thread so it's all less cluttered.

    The idea is that the Xulgaths (troglodytes) are at the height of their power. Through worshipping the Qlippoth they have writing, architecture, and agriculture. They're loosely modeled around the Aztecs and use sacrifices to religiously sustain themselves. They use lesser races (like humans) as said sacrifices. I'm using Enlightened Troglodytes for the average citizen, and then Troglodyte Paragons for the upper class. Definitely specific NPC's will have class levels.

    Most of the other races are pretty bare and not advanced at all. They've been held back by the Xulgaths and so are forced to live in basic nomadic lifestyles.

    The idea is that the PC's are trying to rally all the tribes together to overthrow the Xulgaths. To get a primitive feel I"m using Automatic Bonus Progression (Advanced Version), Stone Age weaponry, and alternative currency. GP = Cacao Beans, SP = Dolls, CP = ?

    I plan on using Kingdom Building and Mass Combat, plus some more stuff from Ultimate Campaign.

    For class limitations I'm going to allow pretty much everything on a justification basis. I'll encourage players to pick classes that feel right. If something seems out of place, keep in mind PC's aren't ordinary people.

    So, here are the major players:

    Starting with Core Races, Troglodytes, and Lizardfolk.


    Okay, Dwarves. Dwarves probably just emerged from the darkness. They're good stoneworkers, although slightly isolated and Xenophobic. Maybe they just prefer to live by themselves and set up their own traditions. The Xulgaths worship qlippoths however, so the destructive chaos of them may just piss the Dwarves off enough to pitch in. They mostly can provide arms for any tribal armies.


    Alright, the Elves will be Spaniards. Bear with me here. Instead of technology and advanced firearms, they'll have Arcane Magic. The Wizardry Kind. There may still be Wizards among the tribes, but certainly much less. The Elves will also be greedy and manipulative, to the point of trying to start wars. They're mostly foreigners here. Trying to decide if they come in before or after the Xulgaths die off.


    Okay I have trouble with this one. Gnomes probably have a close relationship with the fey, and live in their communities. They probably just like to enjoy interacting with all sorts of tribes. I never really got gnomes as the kind to just settle in one place or one kind of people anyways.


    Orcs will be a major player. There are many orcs so if organized they could create a sizable army. The Xulgaths might enjoy using them as entertainment. They are aggressive however and kept in check. They could be instrumental to winning the war. I believe someone had an earlier idea on fostering an early hatred for everything. I love it. Maybe they decide there's no need to work with others anymore. Half-Orcs are pretty much the same. Maybe a little less prejudiced against. Orcs are really good soldiers.


    Xulgath slaves? They're pretty small and probably just used for that purpose. I'm sure the Halflings hate it. They just want to settle down in their own peaceful communities. I don't know why I have trouble with the small races so if there's anything you guys have to pitch in; it's much appreciated.


    Pretty much everywhere. Breed like crazy and are therefore the majority of Xulgath sacrifices. Can't really define them all as they're so varied. The heart of the rebellion.


    I'm sorry, Xulgaths. These are pretty much the main villain. Modeled after the Aztecs and possessing writing, architecture, and agriculture. Pretty serious stuff. I'm picturing them living in harsh lands, sustaining themselves off farming blessed/cursed by the Qlippoths they worship. It's why they need the sacrifices so much. Probably their weakness, plus they can't breed as fast as mammals. They currently rule by fear, but will be overthrown over the campaign. Maybe the Elves have some way to profit off that.


    Think of them as the Xulgath's cousins. Those not willing to worship Qlippoths. They don't really like the Xulgaths and are tremendously passionate. They are quite joyous and I think even Chaotic Good. They are skilled warriors and assist the effort. Plus, they are a little bit more advanced. Not as much as the Xulgaths. Why are they Neutral later? Well I'm thinking after fighting off the Xulgaths, the Elves turn them against humans, which causes their population to become irreparably damaged, and make them a lot more depressed and paranoid.

    So any thoughts or opinions on the atmosphere or story is greatly appreciated!

    So if you look here you can see a thread I started on homebrewing my own Primitive Campaign. Now people started a pretty interesting albeit off-topic conversation about language, and the use of Broken English. In general, what do you guys think for primitive campaigns? Do people just talk normally?

    Just wanted to see some interesting ideas and thoughts and have a good discussion.

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

    Oh yeah, and I want to see what happens if I say the word "Caveman"

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    Just something I've been wondering. I've had a moral battle for weeks now, should I or shouldn't I? On one hand, it may be too tacky, but on the other, I may seem like a better person.

    I must meditate on this, and see what the community thinks.

    Edit: I've doth favorit'd this post. Iomadae forgive me!

    Hello everyone!
    I was messing around with another theorycraft so I think I might debut it here. It's not really serious so if you guys want to use it go ahead.

    I have a Half-Orc Witch (Scarred Witch Doctor) 5/ Fighter 1/ Eldritch Knight 6.

    Pretty much to use you just self-buff and try to wreck. Unfortunately he doesn't have a lot of spells, so he is a little nova-reliant. If used as an NPC though, that shouldn't be a problem.

    Some people may say that the stats look a little weak, but keep in mind post-buffing it should definitely look more threatening.

    So, feel free to just critique and see if the idea looks good!

    Oh and, uh, there is also a character backstory if you guys think it could be better.

    Formula for continuous magic items (for spells with minute/level durations) is spell level * caster level * 4000 gp

    Let's assume a level 7 cleric is making it. As a 4th level spell the price works put to be 112000 gp. Sound fair?

    This is just a fun little theory-craft of mine. I like to showcase builds at level 12 so here's something I threw together for a support build:

    Swashbuckler (Inspired Blade) 1/Order of the Dragon Cavalier (Emissary) (Honor Guard) 5/Duelist 6

    Check out the build here

    Anyways, the idea is to use the Bodyguard feat, the parry ability, Opportune Parry and Riposte, and Mounted Combat to divert attacks and soak them up. I'll also have Swift Aid to help boost people around me. I know the character in itself can't dish out that much damage, which is why the Triceratops is there.

    My aid another bonus for AC thanks to Order of the Dragon and Honor Guard is +4.

    Probably will be constantly moving around the battlefield to find the thick of combat or try to save the squishies.

    At the very least I find it entertaining to think of a Duelist doing parries on top of a triceratops.

    So I notice that in UM it mentions it is believed mortals have true names themselves. Would this be a fun mechanic to actually use or has been done? I like the aspect of learning the true name of someone and using it against them. Shame you can't use Planar Binding on Mortals. (Maybe a homebrew Outsider version)

    Ultimately I came here because I want to see if it's been done or if it's a good idea. I could see many applications for this.

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    All right! You know the DPR olympics? This is kind've like that. You may or may not know that I've been working on my own optimization formulae, and the community support has really helped to flesh this out. I'll include some links at the bottom but so far I have a damage formula and an actual scale to rate it with.

    All numbers use either your PC stats or the Bestiary Monster Creation Table with an appropriate CR matching the PC's level.

    Rounds to Kill:
    Enemy Health/Average Damage Per Round

    Damage Scale:

    10- 1 Round or lower
    9- 2.5 Rounds
    8- 4 Rounds
    7- 5.5 Rounds
    6- 7 Rounds
    5- 8.5 Rounds
    4- 10 Rounds
    3- 11.5 Rounds
    2- 13 Rounds
    1- Anything Higher

    So now it's time for accuracy. Contestants, take your mark! First let's lay down some ground rules. I want to test out the following formula:

    • Accuracy Formula:
      100 - 5 * (Enemy Armor Class - Player Attack bonus)

    • All entries must be Level 12 builds (Enemy Armor class of 27).
    • They also must have an accuracy of at least 50%; anything lower would mean an average roll is a miss, and is therefore not optimized (in terms of accuracy).
    • If the build normally applies some penalty like power attack feel free to include it; keeps the data realistic.
    • If you target flat-footed or touch, it's assumed the numbers balance out based off other factors like damage. We can thank Scott Wilheim for that...

    So go crazy! I want to see what the best accuracy is (I'm assuming 100%) and then see the next best thing. I'll be mathing and geeking out to crunch the numbers. Don't worry about getting the best accuracy; just share what you have because all numbers are useful.

    Click here to see the thread where I worked out the damage scale!
    Click here to see the original combat formula! It's pretty outdated but still some good points there. Yes, I posted that 762 posts ago.

    Edit: If you break anything let me know, I'll see if I can fix the formula.

    Okay so I'm rolling up a Half-Orc Reanimated Medium just for fun. (The archetype is for flavor and I can pick the Deathless Initiate Chain a bit later) I want to Primarily use the Marshal Spirit and be a Face/Bruiser, but will glady use other spirits based on the situation. Here's what I have so far, thanks for looking. I'm planning up to Level 12.

    Half-Orc Reanimated Medium 2/Armored Hulk 1/Reanimated Medium X
    Str: 18
    Dex: 10
    Con: 14
    Int: 12
    Wis: 8
    Cha: 16

    1- Endurance (Bonus), Toughness
    3- Extra Rage (This is the Barbarian Dip)
    5- Diehard
    7- ???
    9- Deathless Initiate
    11- Improved Critical (Falchion)
    12- ???

    What do you guys think? I have the character statted out for Level 1 here if you want to see some of the stats.

    Yes, he worships Gorum. :)

    Considering a Vanguard slayer. What are the best teamwork feats for the tactician ability?

    I'm thinking Duck-And-Cover, Outflank, and Precise Strike.

    I'm not sure how useful Brace actually is. What do you guys think? Could you use it practically?

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