Intelligence to Survival?


Drafting a Master Chymist and I just wanted to check.

Is there a way to apply intelligence to Survival? I was thinking of the Beastmorph archetype to get scent during mutagens, and I could have sworn there was a trait that did this.

The Exchange


The Sleepless Detective prestige class lets you add Intelligence to Perception, and use Survival instead of Perception to follow tracks.

If you buy an Astrolabe for 1000 GP, you can add intelligence to Survival to avoid getting lost.

Those are the two main uses of Survival, so you should be good.

Silver Crusade

In addition to what was already said, two levels in Empiricist Investigator let you use Int on a bunch of skills, including Perception. You can then get Perceptive Tracking as your 3rd level Investigator talent, which lets you use Perception instead of Survival to follow track. This effectively lets you use Int to Survival.

Although I would suggest you go with the Sleepless Detective route, you might be interested in going Investigator as your base class rather than Alchemist, since they are very similar on some aspects (namely, they can both get Mutagen).

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