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You're crazy for taking the bus!

Tequila Sunrise wrote:
Freehold DM wrote:
Anime isnt heresy. Dubbing is.

I dub thee heretic.

** spoiler omitted **

Dub Orthodoxy

Just a Mort wrote:
captain yesterday wrote:

Now for the perks of the job.

Hitting flagstone with a twenty pound hammer.

Hit me baby one more time

I'm just looking for one divine hammer

And nice one, NH! :)

Kjeldorn wrote:
Kjeldorn wrote:

The Buxom Lass (with suitably gaudy figurehead)

The Third Leg (with suitably gaudy figurehead)

Besmara's Wink

The Unsinkable VII

The Concordance of Colors (it's a rainbow, stupid *slaps random crewmember*)

Rogue Trader or Only War (ease 'em into 40k)

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Flintlocks

The White/Red/Black or Pale Hippocampus

A few more suggestions:

Theseus's Ship (or if you want to be really on the nose The Ship of Theseus)

Slow Ride (Hums merrily :P}

Wave Piercer


Dead reckoning

Rainbow Chaser?

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Tacticslion wrote:

So, Sharoth, I got the chance to watch that video of the violinist - wonderful by the way.

Any chance any- or- everyone on FaWtL has similar videos of guys playing the violin? My son thought this one was cool, but would love to see more guys playing his instrument.

(There are a ton of great violinists on YouTube, but he'd kind of like to see another guy, you know? And there seems to be a relative derth. They exist, but they're just harder to come by.)

Stephane Grappelli - Minor Swing

Joe Venuti and Eddie Lang - Jigsaw Puzzle Blues

Dave Swarbrick - Sovay

Billy Bang (Warning: pretty far out)

King Crimson w/David Cross on violin

UK with Eddie Jobson

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The title of this thread keeps making me want to link to Veteran of the Psychic Wars. I can resist it no longer, so I just have, as that's what Linky dinky do.

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Jess Door wrote:
Look, until California Man is as amazing as Florida Man, you haven't really won.

California Man

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Tim Tam the Horse wrote:
Runs dramitcally into thread, kicks Tommy Hilfiger in the crotch, neighs majestically, and strikes a heroic pose.

Hi Ho Tim Tam - Awaaaay!!!

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Orthos wrote:
lisamarlene wrote:
OMG, Kaylee I love you! We named our daughter after you!
At least Kaylee is a relatively normal name that's not as likely to get you picked on.

Do you remember?

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Is this it?

Happy birthday, Vid! 31 isn't ancient - you're just a reverse 13 year old...

Lastly, would anyone with good monster creation skills like to stat up the Dire Fatberg of Whitechapel?

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The Game Hamster wrote:
Limeylongears wrote:
Why am I getting suggested videos on Facebook from 'Torah In A Minute' warning me not to play with myself, featuring nuggets of Rabbinical wisdom interspersed with late '80s heavy metal graphics?

Can you provide links?

This sounds hilarious.

U wanna linky, call the Longears

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lisamarlene wrote:

It worked!

Just like washing the car to get it to rain, I whinged about the landlord online AND HE FIXED MY DAMNED OVEN!

I can BAKE again!

Because, duh, my hips clearly need more carbohydrates.

And your hips don't liiieee!

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Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
defectivecandy wrote:
A very sad looking salad.

The slaad will probably cheer up if you offer it some candy. Especially peppermint.

Mmmm, peppermint... {drools}

Peppermint store! Peppermint store! Let's all go down to the peppermint store!

Dirk Gently; Holistic Detective wrote:

Linky Dinkies if you would?

We must interconnect the threads...

Linky Dinkies Indeed

"Linky, winky, dinkity doo"

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Korean accordion time

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Huzzah for TOZ!

While for NH...