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Behold the tale for today
Rogues and the way that they play
Some find them tacit
And most just plain flaccid
But a few will defend them all day

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Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
Lord Snow wrote:
...I think that firing/not hiring someone because of the way they choose to appear is legitimate. They made their choice and must accept that it can cost them. See NobodysHome's comment - through his personal experience he expressed that sentiment far better than I did.

That sounds too close to excusing ill treatment solely on how someone is dressed or appears... they choose not to fit societal norms, so they deserve what comes their way? Cops harassing people based solely on punk haircuts and leathers, or fitting a certain racial profile, is lazy incompetent police work.

But really, you can be fired because you're too attractive. Or not attractive enough. Or fired for looking gay. Or fired for "choosing" to be true to your real self. But hey, they "chose it", so they deserved it?

Let me tell about something called "quo"

Its a thing about status we know
if things look the same
benign, stale, or tame,
then our head in the sand can then go!

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There once was a puffin named "stud"
Whose account long ago became "dud"
I would write some haikus
they would seem to amuse
He is missed cuz I thought him a "bud"

There once was a thread with haikus
That caused one poem monster to snooze
All such a bore
this monster did snore
There's no sophistry without the booze!

Lets talk a while 'bout the Magus
Whose intentions and purpose do plague us
Is he warrior or mage?
Or from each book, a page?
All I know is the smack talk's contagious.

There once a thread about whores
And some worried about social mores
But others said "nay!"
"We like it that way!"
"And we hope there is much more in store!"