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Sylas Shadow wrote:

Take that 1!

[dice=d6 reroll]1d6

I feel you! Same thing happened to me. But I'll still take a 2 over a 1!

EDIT: Actually, unless I'm misinterpreting what you did for your roll, you rolled all 6 levels. According to the house rules, the first 2 levels are automatically max HP, so you should be able to throw out those first 2 dice (including the 1, now 2) and take 6s in their places.

When clerics get spells, they get them in the format 2+1, where the "+1" is a slot reserved for domain spells. Since under the house rules, domain spells are cast spontaneously, can we just add those together to make "3" spells without any being reserved specifically for domain spells? So they get 3 regular spells and can spontaneously cast a domain spell from any of those 3 slots?

Ok, here are my 2 cleric submissions: Flen and Thanim.

Flen is a human worshiper of Fharlanghn. He is a support character, a "skill" cleric, not directly engaging in battle, but supporting through the use of the Ecclesitheurge's Blessing of the Faithful. He uses the Ecclesitheurge archetype.

Thanim is a half-dwarf worshiper of Pelor. He is a healer extraordinaire and would directly engage in battle. He is using the Angelfire Apostle archetype. He is also using 2 regular traits through the Additional Traits feat: Battlefield Surgeon and Fate's Favored.

Hit Points: 4d8 ⇒ (8, 1, 7, 6) = 22
Reroll 1: 1d8 ⇒ 2

Edit: Oops. Didn't make the character names linkable. Fixed.

I am still working on those 2 clerics, but I want to point out that I submitted Usu as well. He is a half-elf sneaky slayer type with a shortbow.

ALLENDM wrote:
Yep, I didn't notice that Irwish's name was changed to Irish on that header until an hour later...which was to late by then ;)

Autocorrect has made victims of us all! I just find it funny that his name has shown up with multiple variations.

I'll post a response to Geolin's question in just a bit

A cleric question: I know that they acquire their spells like a wizard, but what about domain spells? Do they choose their domain spells out of the same "new spell" pool (2 spells per level after 1st) as their cleric spells or do they automatically gain that level's domain spells in their prayer book? And just have to select their "regular" spells?

ALLENDM wrote:

--- Snip ---


Both sound good.

Yes, you can take it for any trait as long as it follows the rule for the traits.

Yes, you can buy elven chain.



Here are some HP rolls:
Hit Points: 4d8 ⇒ (4, 3, 1, 2) = 10
Reroll 1: 1d8 ⇒ 8

Ouch! That really hurt! And he hasn't even been in a fight!
Good thing that 8 came through

OK, So I have 2 variations on a cleric I am going to submit. One is a half-dwarven full cleric (of human-raised Flan heritage), the other is a full human (Flan) multiclass. They both worship Pelor, but in different ways. The human will be cleric 4/monk 1/investigator 1.

@AllenDM, one more question... When taking the Additional Traits feat (at first level) can additional alternate racial traits be selected? Or is it only regular traits from which selections may be made?

EDIT: Ok, Ok, stop twisting my arm... I'll ask another question. Would you allow Elven Chain in this campaign?

I'm not going to make posting that cleric today. I'll get his concept straightened out and put him up then.

I know the unchained classes are being used, but when multiclassing, are the unchained fractional BAB rules being used, too?

I'm bumping up against the 9000gp limit for the characters. When you say 2 free weapons, how free is free? I'm assuming that the free part is for a non-masterwork mundane weapon. So if I'm looking for a +2 Str masterwork composite shortbow that is normally 525gp, I could get it for 450gp (75 (composite shortbow) + 150 (+2 Str) + 300 (MW) - 75 (free)). Is that right?

Here is Usu.

He has 5 levels of Slayer and 1 of Alchemist. He also wants to use an archetype with each class: Stygian Slayer for Slayer and Vivisectionist for Alchemist. Please let me know if these archetypes are ok. He is also taking the Vision Mastery feat.

The basic idea is that he is a shortbow using sneaky guy with some utility magic abilities. He likely will venture into poisons later. I wanted him to have a dwarven masterwork bow to increase the critical range, but I just couldn't believe that he would have a dwarven bow instead of an elven one, so, oh well. He even has elven armor even though it doesn't benefit him. (Gotta pump that heritage!)

I'm still working on the cleric character, but I'm trying to work out some concepts for him. Will post him tomorrow.

Hit Points: 3d10 + 1d8 ⇒ (10, 1, 5) + (5) = 21
Reroll 1: 1d10 ⇒ 7

So that comes to 47 HP total from levels, 53 including constitution. I'll need to consider how to use the six Favored Bonuses

I like the idea of special Dwarven/Elven masterwork items, but would I be correct in assuming that Dwarven masterwork only applies to weapons with metal? For example, you wouldn't have a Dwarven masterwork bow?

Being that we are outfitting our characters at level 6, is it possible that we have dwarven/elven masterwork weapons/armor? If so, how much do they cost? I don't see an amount in the house rules, unless I am just overlooking something.

Thanks for the clarification.

I am looking at a half-elf, and I want to confirm how you play the Adaptability racial trait. It is listed in the standard d20pfsrd racial traits, but it is also listed in the alternate racial traits in the House Rules. Does Adaptability come standard with being a half-elf? Or does it need to be selected as one of the 2 additional racial traits?

uh-oh. At the full mercy of the dice. Luck, be a lady...

Since we roll for hit points past level 2, I'll post those rolls in here. Assuming they are not all max (wouldn't that be nice!) do you allow retraining of hit points with the costs coming out of the 9K starting allowance?

I am definitely interested. I have 2 characters I need to flesh out to level 6, a slayer and a multiclassed cleric that I'd like to submit. That is, if 2 character submissions is ok. I think either one would be fun, so I don't have a personal preference.

Hmm, immortality...

But first things first.

I have been looking at a character who is a follower of Jan Hus (an Ecclesitheurge using his unburnt hand as holy symbol). Given the starts/environment you list above, would a member (leader?) of the Bohemian Reformation be workable?

Also, what domains would the Catholic god have? Don't know that we need to work it all out right now, but an Ecclesitheurge has access to the spells of all the domains that the god provides.

Lastly, are there any issues with Dwarves being followers of Catholicism?

How about an Ecclesitheurge that eventually uses a Hand of Glory as his holy symbol? The hand is a relic, a hand from Jan Hus that was not consumed when he was burned for heresy. Don't think that is actually legal, but kind of cool anyway. Might be kind of hard (or fun) to play a cleric presenting a singed hand as a holy symbol!

Kane Madigann wrote:
100% agree with you on that one. Really crossing my fingers for this. I've read through the campaign so far, and it has been tense!

Arrgggh. I'm very disappointed (the story has been good so far), but alas... Congratulations, Kane. I'm going to try crossing my fingers for the next one. Apparently, it works! Enjoy the campaign!

Who needs luck?!! LOL

Actually, like they say, "It's better to be lucky than good."

Thanks for your clarification. World-Weary specifically says +4 (instead of an additional +2), but it also specifically says +2 (which would be +3 with the trait), so I wasn't sure.

ok, thanks. I saw Kraggodan in the guide, but I wasn't sure how it would apply. Now I have to decide between "Frontier Healer" and Kraggodan Castaway" as campaign trait. Hmm, have to see...

I'm interested in creating a Dwarven Cleric (Ecclesitheurge) worshipper of Torag. The idea is that he, with his trusty quarterstaff, has been a wandering, traveling healer, studying people and magic. He is cut off from his home by the war and is eager to do his part to end the invasion. He wants to at least have the option to return home, though he's not sure any longer whether that is still his objective.

I have never played Ironfang Invasion, but I have now read the player's guide. Is there any background particularly applicable to a dwarf?

I'll work him up and submit him, probably tomorrow.

I didn't see Janix in the list above. I hope you are considering it. I put it together rather quickly to get it in, but if you would like additional info, I'd be more than happy to augment it.

This is Janix, Alchemist (Metamorph). He has an animal flavor and concentrates on disguise. Still need to flesh out his gear and make a couple tweaks, but here you go.

Male Human Alchemist (Metamorph) 3
CN Medium Humanoid (Human)
Init +2; Sense Motive +5; Perception +5
AC 18, touch 12, flat-footed 10 (+0 armor, +2 dex, +0 shield)
hp 21
Fort +5, Ref +5, Will +0 (+2 vs charm and compulsion)
Speed 30 ft.
Melee +7
Ranged +4

Base Atk +2; CMB +7; CMD 17, ff 15


Alternate Racial Traits
Focused Study
Fey Magic - Urban

Focused Disciple
Truth's Agent

Drawback - Paranoid

Oracle Curse - Lycanthropy (rat)

Languages Common, Orc, Read Lips


Skill Focus (Disguise)
Power Attack


Adventuring - 18 ranks (6 ranks/level)
*Acrobatics +5, 3 ranks
*Climb (CS) +9, 1 rank
Disguise (CS) +11, 3 ranks (3 CS + 2 CHA + 3 ranks + 3 SF)
^Knowledge (local) (CS) +8, 3 ranks
^Knowledge (nature) (CS) +6, 1 rank
Perception (CS) +7, 3 ranks
Sense Motive (CS) +7, 3 ranks
*Swim +6, 1 rank

Background - 6 ranks (2 ranks/level)
Craft (Sculpture) (CS) +8, 3 ranks
^Handle Animal +5, 3 ranks

ACP -1

* ACP applies to these skills (included)
^ Requires Training

Special Abilities:

Adaptive Physiology


Carrying Capacity
Light 0-133 lb. Medium 134-266 lb. Heavy 267-400 lb.
Current Load Carried




Money 0 GP 0 SP 0 CP


Janix carefully brushed off the textured surface of the cat's cheek. Once this carving was finished, it would be a nice addition to his little menagerie. He didn't really need to have so many, but the process of making the miniatures helped quiet the voices and keep him calm. While whittling, he didn't have to hear the voices of the animals (mostly rats) chattering around him. Peace was important to him. He stuttered whenever he got upset, and if he became upset enough, he couldn't even do that. Anything he tried to say just came out as a hiss, snarl, or squeak. Bad enough as an adult; downright traumatic as a child.

Those days were over, now. Janix was on his own, even though he still lived in the slums. He'd never been able to quite pull his way out of poverty and truly establish himself. But that was all changing. Janix had applied to the Academy to be trained as a Watch Guard. He'd have money, responsibility, respect. Things were really going to be different now that Mayor Julius Thorne was calling the shots. Hopefully, he would be accepted and finally be able to do something about all these voices in his head. Hearing the rats' tales of all the misdeeds and misfortunes happening every day to others was driving him crazy. He wanted to help, if for no other reason than to no longer hear so much about it. But he was one man, alone, without authority. That's what was going to change. He'd be part of a team that could help him put these voices to rest.

His mother and father, whoever they were, would regret giving him to that orphanage. He was no abomination. It wasn't his fault the animals sometimes made sense. It wasn't his fault they told him things, things that ended up being true. He was going to be respectable, maybe even have friends beyond his rat pack. In the end, he was probably better off having been raised at the orphanage. At least there he learned a bit about order (even if it didn't really take), about how to act around others, and about how to hide the things that really bothered him. When younger, the bullying and teasing were relentless, but as he grew older and stronger, they backed off. It didn't even matter that he had never gotten over his speech impediment. He couldn't trust those people, but no one said a word about it, anymore. Not to his face, anyway.

Janix sheathed his knife and put the cat on the shelf. It was time to head out and see if he had been selected. Today, he walked with his held his head high (but not so high he couldn't avoid the dirty puddles) and hoped for the best. Things were changing, and he knew it. The rats had said so...

Appearance and Personality:

Age: 20
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 175
Hair: thick, straight, light brown; short beard
Eyes: black
Skin: light tan

Janix is nice enough, but reserved. He is also skittish. He jumps easily and is always trying to maintain his composure.

I know I'm late to the game, but hopefully, not too late. I have an idea for an Alchemist (Metamorph) who would qualify as an Investigator (if gaining Sense Motive as a class skills through traits count). He would also have the Lycanthropy (rat) Oracle curse, if approved. I'll write him up and submit him today for your consideration over the weekend. He will be human. Would you allow the Fey Magic alternate racial trait? He will have a disguise and animal flavor for his character.

Looks to be a most enjoyable campaign. Best of luck!

Thank you much. I shall submit both. To speed things along, I'll use shortish summary backgrounds (more like bullet lists) and expound later. If you notice, they're all half-dwarfs. If I'm selected, I'm playing a half-dwarf!

ALLENDM, I have an idea for a LN Half-Dwarf monk/inquisitor, but it definitely require approvals from you.

Character Idea:
The character would be a monk (2) / inquisitor (remaining). I would want to use the magical knack trait and the Monk of Many Styles archetype. I don't know that the Monk of Many Styles can even be used with an unchained monk, so it is definitely your call. The idea would be that the monk/inquisitor would be defensive, using a shield and using teamwork feats for advantages in positioning. This would be a hill dwarf who worshipped probably either Celestian or Fharlanghn and enjoyed protecting travlers (I'm not really familiar with the Greyhawk gods, so if that doesn't really work, then let me know). He would come to Saltmarsh as a caravan guard.

If that works, I can flesh him out. Also, I still want to submit that CG sailor skald.

ALLENDM, thanks for the approvals and clarifications. I read the original Elfquest back in the 90s, but I can't say how much I remember now! I do recall that stoneshaping was important in the big battle, though. I'll have to check it out online and get a new feel for it.

I am fleshing out the half-dwarf alchemist (Haad Oreborn). He has a monk/body perfection flavor, and I have some questions:

  • I would like to use the Internal Alchemist archetype. Would that be ok?
  • I would also like to use the Precise Treatment trait, if acceptable.
  • From the house rules doc, I see that half-dwarves have low-light vision. I assume this replaces darkvision. Is that correct?
  • What's your take on reskinning for flavor? I was looking at the Stoneshaper trait,
    and I like the idea of having Haad rubbing or throwing some alchemical mixture or solution on the stone he wants to affect. (Maybe it wouldn't actually be required, and he would figure that out at some point?)
Thanks for your time. I'll submit him once I have it all written up.

This sounds like a great campaign! I am loving the idea of playing a half-dwarf. I'm thinking either a CG sailor skald of the hill variety or a LN baker alchemist from the mountains. I'll put something together and submit it.