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Grey was not amused. His eyes narrowed beneath his mask.

Legion, True Strike. he whispered. Runic script heatlessly burned away and vanished from the inside of his mask, briefly making his eyes appear to smoke.

Legion uses a scroll of True Strike on Grey. Take 10 on UMD for 25.

Unseen Servant ad nauseum

yeah, he's not much of a familiar. He's not very good for touch spells, and I don't think he could activate a want for me (not really sure), but he has this one awesome trick…

A neat and tidy campsite begins to unfold. Rocks are dragged into a circle, brush is cleared, wood is gathered. Cots and tents are set up. Dinner begins to cook itself. In short order the great outdoors seems almost hospitable.

That's a good idea.

They disappear because that's what the spell does.

Legion can cast Unseen Servant at will. I just added some fluff to describe how. Essentially it's copying itself, the copy fades from sight, but stays around to do the job it was created for.

It's just flavor. Nothing special.

I'm fine with that ruling, but I'm not sure that's the way that spell is intended to work.

It's effectively a Summon spell. like Mount or Summon Monster, but it summons a weak invisible force construct.

The 35' range is referring to where the creature was originally summoned. After it exists, it can move at it's base speed for as long as it is conjured into existence.

At least that's how I understand it. If your ruling were accurate, Summoned Monsters would vanish after getting a certain distance away from the caster.

Again, however you want to do it is fine with me. I just wanted to explain my interpretation of the spell.

At every fork in the tunnel and every large twist, Legion copies itself. The translucent copies fade from view and remain in place to lead Grey and the others back out, should the need to make an escape.

The floating rune spun once in the air and drifted off, copies of itself seeming to split from it and fade from sight as it went.

The bodies began dragging themselves away, their clothes peeling off as they went. Potentially useful items began drifting out of windows to arrange themselves neatly in the yard. Soon the entire fort was a bustle with activity.

Now everyone gets to find out why my familiar's name is Legion. :)

His one and only trick is the ability to cast Unseen Servant at will. Each casting has a duration of 5 hours.

Legion can create a lot of Servants. :)

Back at the old tower, Grey was the reason on one needed to do any chores. The whole tower was effectively haunted by a full cleaning staff.

Legion continued to aid resuscitating Harrigan. Did he get the Restoration potion?

The elaborate raised rune on Grey's mask disconnects from his face leaving the mask smooth and bare. It flies forward, the two potions in Grey's hands levitating and moving with it.

Cast Unseen Servant as Standard action. Move to square V17. Unseen Servant takes potions as Free action, moves to Hagren's side and administers the Restoration potion as a Standard action.