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Headmaster Ryo wrote:
Luigi is on another planet at the moment. I'm thinking about asking him to come and be one of our cooks.




[***Grumble***]....alright, I'll think about it.

Kobold Cleaver wrote:
He's totally working for Luigi.



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Michael Dacamara wrote:
"Oh, um..." Michael says as he tries to hold back a laugh. "I guess urine need of new shoes?" He sighs a moment later and holds his hands up in surrender. "That was an extremely bad pun, and I apologize."


Ahhh, I do miss him sometimes.... ;D

[Blink, Blink]


Aananda wrote:

Aananda 'squee's with delight when she sees the ingredients she needs to make the personal starcasters. She is pretty much bouncing with impatience to get to something resembling a lab so she can work on them.

"Thank you so much, Mr. Luigi," she said, all smiles.

"Glad I could help such a nice lady as yourself. Don't get yourself *#@!'in blown up or anything, aiiight?"

"Now I need to get back to the kitchen and get to @#$%'in work on some lunch and dinner for my regulars (and before this little lady decides to use my kitchen as a lab!), so I'm gonna hafta scram," he says as he floats away from the table.

"Yous guys take care, and don't be strangers, eh? "

"Aaah fuhget about it!!" he says with a laugh. "You always @$*%'in bring me new and thoughtful gifts when you come by to visit. Always polite, always respectful - and Luigi always takes care of friends like that, neh?" ;)

"Anywhoos, I hope that stuff there helps you out with whatever you're doing these days. And I hope you find your guy too. I get any more word of him doin' 'business', I'll shoot it your way."

"Freshly squeezed for ya, toots! Luigi always buys the freshest $*&%'in ingredients for his customers, am I right my friend?" as he gives Tam another telekinetic shove on the shoulder.

"Not too #$%*in' bad if I do say so myself....and I do, right? HAHAHAHA!!!!"

"Now why don't you tell Luigi why you're here, and I'll see what I can do to help you out, eh?"

And with that, I'll have to pause for the night. Feel free to answer him, though :)

Aananda wrote:
Large Luigi wrote:

"Oh I just put #(*@#in' my mind to it," as Luigi moves an eyestalk to look at Lucy bringing out the first of several large platters on a rolling cart. The platter lifts off and floats over to the table, carefully being divested of its contents onto the waiting table beneath.

"Oh, good, I'm starving." :)

"Mmm. It smells delicious." she said, momentarily distracted from her ideas about tech designs by the presence of food.

She waits impatiently for everyone else to take a portion before she dug in.

"Now don't get me wrong - I got the the most state-o'-the-art kitchen yous gonna see ANYWHERE in this galaxy, believe me. But unless you got the chops up here," as he knocks the top of his head with another eyestalk,"that don't count for a pile of @#!%, you know what I'm sayin'?

Aananda wrote:
Cardcaster Ryo wrote:

"It's all good Luigi. I'll say this about Tamrin here, he makes strange friends no matter where he goes. If you don't mind my asking, how does one cook with only eyestalks? Magic and technology merge a lot here, and I was wondering of you used one over the other, or blended them together."

This got Aananda's attention. "Oh! I just assumed he used telekinesis. Is there technology that can do that?" You can practically see the thoughts getting going as she tries to picture how that would work.

"Oops. Sorry. I don't mean to be impolite, Mr. Luigi. Sometimes I get a little carried away. I really like machines."

"Oh I just put my #%$*in' mind to it," as Luigi moves an eyestalk to look at Lucy bringing out the first of several large platters on a rolling cart. The platter lifts off and floats over to the table, carefully being divested of its contents onto the waiting table beneath.

Tamrin Sunwake wrote:

Barely stifling a grin, Tam says, "Luigi, this is Ryo - he's a diviner I met on yet another one of my jaunts across the galaxy. And this is my...well, this is my girlfriend, Aananda."

"WHAT THE #*$@!!!! You have a #@!*in' GIRLFRIEND!! Did 1234in' Mezzenbone just keel over and die? What the #@$% is this!? Wow....

He turns back to Aananda.

"Well excuse my #$*&in' bad language, Aananda. I had no idea this little #@$% here had finally grown up and gotten respectable. Hey I'm just kiddin' ya buddy," as an unseen forces chucks Tam in the shoulder.

"Aiiight, let's get some real food out here then. Go ahead and bring out the goods Lucy!!!"

Cardcaster Ryo wrote:

Ryo smiles mischieviously.

"Didn't know your friend had an eye or ten for redheads. Some warning would have been nice."

"OOOOHHHH, I see we got a $#@%in' comedian here, eh? Well, lucky for yous I got a @#$%in' great sense of humor. And you got a good tailor, so is all good, neh?"

Tamrin Sunwake wrote:

"Luigi!!" Tam calls out as he stands up, a wide smile on his face. "I'm sorry, my friend - you know I can't think straight when you're working miracles like this in the kitchen," as he motions to the food on the table. "I like the new digs - I hope the move was a good one for you."

Two of Luigi's eyestalks mime a gesture reminiscent of a human shrugging his shoulders.

"Aahh, you know how it is, being such a well-traveled person as you are yourself, my friend. You can only stay in one @#$%in' place for so long before it starts to get old, real estate value drops in the *$#@in' toilet, and a respectable businessman's got no choice but to move to greener pastures...."

"BAH! We're not here to talk about that #@$%, are we? I've got a whole night's eats in the back since you told me you was gonna need 'em, and...WHOA!!!! How you doin', sweet #$@s!? " as he focuses his main eye on Aananda (and Ryo). ;D

I would like to say, for the record, that I'm not trying to offend anyone with his edited language - just trying to share the joy I felt when I first met this guy in my RL Dragonstar game... :) this truly ENORMOUS creature comes into the dining room. He is easily ten feet in diameter, the center of his form dominated by a tremendous single eye - and a mouth that looks like it could swallow all three of you. Ten stalks bearing smaller eyes fluidly look around the room as he floats over to your table by no apparent means.