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Bumping that old thread.

Asked the exact same question to a seasoned local 5 stars DM and according to him primary target should get a reflex safe against the splash damages on the next turn.

As my wife intends to play that character a lot in an upcoming convention, and to avoid debates when possible, wanted to gather some more opinions on the subject.

Additional query: if primary target is hit by multiple bombs in a turn (let's say 3), does it get 3x the splash damages ?

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The newly appointed Venture-Captain Lady Gragra, the famous half-orc singer, and her Venture-Captain acolyte, number one fan, bodyguard, lifetime president of Lady Gragra's Fan Club, and personal trainer Nuck Chorris have decided to establish an itinerant lodge in their caravan.

This will allow them to attend to the pressing matters of the Society all around Golarion, while still having all the proper concert equipment to perform and sing about freedom in front of huge crowd of fans.

Some says Lady Gragra's Concert Hall in Absalom is up for sale and will be auctioned in the coming months.

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BretI wrote:

I like that archetype as a dip, but really feel they gave up too many things for an ineffective counter spell ability. I find the loss of Spell Kenning is particularly painful.

Did you ever successfully use any of the counter spell abilities?

I know how great the weapon enchantment ability is. Ghost Touch alone can be a life saver! It is the other trade offs that I find too costly.

To be honest I must admit having probably never used the counterspell abilities of the Spell Warrior, in 13+ levels.

I haven't missed Spell Kenning that much during my leveling, but I always played with my wife's warpriest... so this might be why. And Spell Kenning is the only harsh trade-off of the archetype, an ability you use once per day until 11th level. What you gain is the possibility of your group always having the "appropriate" weapon :) !

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Spell Warrior Skald is a great support. Probably one of the best in my opinion.

Overall a bard can buff up your allies with more "straight" bonuses but you loose the versatility the Spell Warrior Skald can bring.

Before becoming Venture Captain, my Lady Gragra was enchanting everyone's accepting her song with: (counting more than 3 weapons to enchant in the group)

+2 atk/dmg ...which can be switched for +1 atk/dmg and ghost touch/flaming/keen, this is the lesser version of a bard's song, but it's more versatile. (not even counting the bonuses you get from having an enchanted weapon of higher level, like counting as cold-iron, silver, adamantine etc.)

And you also get to share them rage powers, which meant in her case:
Good aligned weapons for everyone, dealing +1d6 damage to evil outsider
One additional attack on a living enemy creature hitting for BAB+CHA dealing 1D6+CHA located 15 feets away
20% miss chance for all foes using ranged OR reach attacks on my buddies
1D8 damage automatically dealt on an adjacent living enemy creature each turn

While still getting all the bards goodies like bardic knowledge and some of the best spells in game (finale, haste, heroism etc.)

And she also was descent melee character inflicting shaken and sickened conditions all around with her cruel adamantine Lucerne hammer and a feat.

A basic first round at high level was hasting up everyone, starting a song as a swift action, and moving around to a threatening square.

My favourite, most enjoyable character ever, welcome in every group.

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Many thanks for your reply. I must say the prospect of being able to heal my allies makes these archetypes worth loosing "a few" hex, while the idea of having to range touch AC them to heal makes me consider it not worth it...

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Hello Paizo,

I'm considering building a Cartomancer/Hedge Witch in order to be able to deliver some good ol' heals to my teamates from a distance. But I'm not sure if I have to roll a ranged touch attack on my ally (applying maluses if he's in melee etc.) to deliver a cure light wounds using the Cartomancer's abilities?

Your input is much appreciated.

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Have: 1x Vishkanya boon

Want: 1x Tiefling boon so my lady and I can both play Tieflings for our next reroll :) !

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Bump it up !

Welcome Elwood !

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Lady Gragra is now at one scenario from level 12, and I must admit that I got tired of waiting for an answer and went for the least favourable one "you cannot share extra rage powers via your raging song" aka "take another feat".

But since I intend to play Eye of the Ten and the new seeker arc with her, an official answer would be much appreciated.

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Year of Lady Gragra, of course.

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Lady Gragra, the famous Half-Orc singer and her most trusted friend and bodyguard Nuck Chorris will be looking for a group to complete the Eye of the Ten challenges (on EU timezone) starting 4th of April. \o>

Just Pounce, gonna be okay, da da doo-doo-mmm.

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Holy Sheet

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Congratulations everyone ! Especially to Florent and Terry ! Terry the Bonekeep 1 you DMed for us is still a great memory, and thank you Florent for your dedication (and for coming to Geneva last week-end to DM the Ruby Phoenix Tournament for us ;-D !!) ! See you guys this summer at GardenCon !

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Almost a month since the last up, I have been lazy.

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andreww wrote:
Lady Gragra ~ wrote:
The idea I had was to build a Herald Caller, Sarenrae as a NG God would give me access to all those "Neutral" summons (i.e. animals) while being able to cast (as a full round action) good summons like the lantern archon.
Unless there is something special about the Herald Caller celestial animals do not gain an alignment subtype and are never eligible to use with Sacred Summons. Really the list of options to use with Sacred Summons is pretty short.

Yeap, basically I have to choose between Lantern Archon and Hound Archon with a LG deity and Foo Dog/Lion with a NG deity... (using the Summon Good Monster list)

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The idea I had was to build a Herald Caller, Sarenrae as a NG God would give me access to all those "Neutral" summons (i.e. animals) while being able to cast (as a full round action) good summons like the lantern archon.

Correct me if I'm wrong here, text for the herald caller states the following: "A herald caller can use summon monster spells only to summon creatures particularly appropriate to her deity. This includes all creatures listed as summon monster options for priests of her deity (see Expanded Summoning for Priests on page 30), creatures whose alignment matches at least one aspect of her deity’s alignment, and creatures of an elemental subtype that matches a domain granted by the deity (if any)."

I was considering the idea of taking Sacred Summons, but as a NG Deity in PFS the list is poor to say the least, which leaves me no choice but to take Summon Good Monsters as well, process is feat intensive, but by level 9 you're summoning 2 poucing beasts Foo Lions as a standard action while giving them heroism as a swift action (with the heroism domain that I intended to take)

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Trying to build a summoning cleric and was considering the Sacred Summon feat.

Sarenrae is NG, my cleric is NG, my aura is therefore in the middle on the Chaos/Law axis and Good on the Good/Evil axis.

Sacred summon states: "When using summon monster to summon creatures whose alignment subtype or subtypes exactly match your aura, you may cast the spell as a standard action instead of with a casting time of 1 round."

Alignments subtypes exactly matching my aura says the feat... when looking at the summon monster list we have monsters with the following alignment subtypes [Good][Evil][Chaotic][Lawful].

Can a NG cleric cast as a standard action creatures having only the [Good] subtype using Sacred Summons?

As a NG cleric you do not qualify for Summon Neutral Monster as you are not considered neutral... you're therefore only considered good and able to cast [Good]-only subtypes summons as a standard... right?

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My Emerald Spire dedicated Archer Vanguard Slayer is seriously kicking ass at level 7... but I guess archer is out of the question?

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This has been a while...

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This has been a while since I enjoined my fellow forum users to HIT DAT FAQ button.

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I pretty much have the same stats as you.

Currently playing my last adventures at level 9, feat-wise I have:

Lingering Performance
Power Attack
Furious Focus
Arcane Strike
Cornugeon Smash

but: I'm a spell warrior skald archetype, so no point in taking Skald's Vigor or Greater Skald's Vigor... but even so, I do believe that the gain from fast healing at level 9-11 is kinda meh...

Spell Warrior archetype allows for greater versatility in combat, combined with a high intimidate and cornugeon smash + cruel weapon and no malus on the first hit Missus Gragra is a well rounded support melee character.

Regarding rage powers, spirit totem line is dope and lesser celestial blood is awesome in pfs.

Welcome in the famous Half-Orcs singers community, hope to see one of your performance someday !

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As said in Paris & on the swiss forum: Truly amazing work guys ! Happy to use it in the future !

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Never give up !

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Thanks guys.

Can I carry the banner around and still use a whip ? Or does it require two hands to carry the banner of ancient kings around ?

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But... I still don't get how to aid another w/o being adjacent?

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Ms. Pleiades wrote:

Consider going with Combat Reflexes and Bodyguard, along with the Halfling trait Helpful, the Arcane Strike feat, and Gloves of Arcane Striking. You can use Bodyguard at reach to add +5 to +9 to your ally's Armor Class.

That's easily the difference between being hit by an extra iterative. Add Blur and later Displacement to your Bard's spell list, and you'll basically be vastly improving your melee guy's survivability, along with boosting their damage potential through Inspire Courage and banner bonuses.

Hello there,

I probably missed something as I do not see how to aid another at reach? Please explain?

Aid another + Helpful, that's +4, arcane strike that's an additional +2 (at level 7 for example).. the rest come from benevolent weapon/armor?

Loving the idea btw ! My flagbearer halfling will receive much love.

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Haven't upped this in a while -> FAQ button !

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Also in addition to my post above, lingering performance is your friend, bard's "finale" spells are amongst the most useful spells available to the skald :) !

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I remember having read a kind of "broken Synthesist" guide maximizing mental stats using aging rules to be old, frail, but really really wise, while Ediolon supplied the physical stats... seemed pretty OP to me at the time, cannot find it anymore tho...

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Lesser Celestial Blood: lots of creatures with DR / Good out there, as well as a lot of evil outsider -> I WIN
Lesser Spirit Totem: Additional attack using their BAB and your Charimsa Bonus for all the people in using your raging song? YES PLEASE.
Spirit Totem: 20% miss chances for ranged attack is already pretty good, 20% miss chance for reach attack to top it off makes it really good, especially at higher tier were big monsters become more and more frequent.
Greater Spirit Totem: More damages, killing stuff faster, beastin' power !

All the spirit totem line is actually quite good, hence why I think it's the best line of them all.

Btw, Spell Warrior archetype is fkin awesome, please consider it. Being able to provide buffs like ghost touch or keen to your group on a move action is priceless.

Lady Gragra, level 9 Spell Warrior Skald, full-on Rockstar, improving her group's fun and efficiency factors since 2015.

By far my favourite character, I'll miss her when she retires.

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This week, my wish of having this question answered will come true.


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In Paizo we trust ! Hit Dat Faq button !

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Not giving up, NOT TODAY ! -> FAQ Button !

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Fact that it provide miss chance against reach attack as well makes this Spirit Totem one of the greatest...

Anyway... let's talk about feats !! :D

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Come on Paizo, playing my first scenario at level 9 on Sunday, having a reply before that would be super awesome :D ! I'm not counting on it too much but we never know !

-> Hit the FAQ button people !

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Bump. Hit the FAQ button people !