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DungeonmasterCal wrote:
That is exactly why I didn't become a teacher.

In a past life, I actually became a high school teacher. Monday mornings, I would stand in the hall and listen to the kids talk about their weekend. Their stories would have choked a goat.

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Me: "What do you want to watch on TV tonight?"
Young Lady Gersen: "A Korean gangster movie!"
Me: "Why specifically that?"
YLG: "Well, gangster movies are probably violent, but if it's on TV, you know it's not real, so it's not scary. And I really like the way Korean sounds."

Tahlreth wrote:
Ch 8 - Spells: Seed Spells: Metaphysical Feat wrote:
A Reach weapon can be used to make attacks at greater range.
1. This is in 5ft. increments, not Reach Spell increments i.e. first increment being 25ft + 5ft/2Lv, right? Because that'd be silly.

Silly or not, if you look at the Grimoire, that's how the Blood Wind spell is constructed. Then again, because it's a ranged attack, it provoked AoO from creatures within their normal reach of you.

Tahlreth wrote:
Can Amplify Spell and Serenity work together? It would make sense, but how they're written makes me feel like I'm making an assumption.


Soulknife wrote:
Does this include Proficiency level gained via class or racial properties? I'm not certain whether Proficiencies count as feats themselves, or if they count as properties that the actual Proficiency feats bestow upon the character.

Again, I hadn't thought about that specific case, but again, I'd probably allow it unless some weird corner-case threatened to wreck the game. In fact, use that reply for just about anything, and please let me know if it goes haywire so I can fix it!

Tahlreth wrote:
Ch 6 - Equipment: Designing Custom Items wrote:

Enhancement Bonus To

Armor or shield bonus to AC
Armor check penalty (per +/-1)
Armor or shield max. Dex bonus
Armor spell failure (per -5%)
Attribute score
Damage reduction /―
Item hardness (per +1)
Item hit points (per +5 hp)
Natural armor
Penetration of DR (per +1 step)
Skill checks (single task only)
Skill checks (all tasks for 1 skill)
User attribute score
Weapon attack rolls
Weapon damage
5. Is there a difference between "Attribute score" and "User attribute score" I'm missing, or is this just a typo?

Remember that you can buff your familiar, etc. as if it's a magic item, so, yes, they're separate.

Tahlreth wrote:
6. Does the Expanded Arcana feat work with Ki Powers and Skill Tricks? Between being built off of the same Spell Capacity table, and having their own mechanics differences from normal spellcasting, I can see this being ruled either way.

I never thought of that, but I'd probably allow it.

Tahlreth wrote:
2. Whips seem to be missing the "In addition, unlike most other weapons with reach, you can use it against foes anywhere within your reach (including adjacent foes)." clause it has in Pathfinder. Is this intentional?

Yes. If you want to use it on adjacent foes, I's allow the ranged feat that does that.

Tahlreth wrote:
6. What spell list does Ranger use? I was under the assumption this list was the one being referred to.

I had a list in an earlier draft, got rid of it, and now I'm kind of torn.

Tahlreth wrote:
7. Brass dragon and Steel dragon in the Sorcerer's Draconic Bloodlines table refer to the Blast Spell feat, which seems to have been subsumed into the Channel Spell feat.

Another one I missed. Thanks!

Tahlreth wrote:

1. My best guess is there's a separation between activating and directing the spell effect: Free Action to activate the magic item, default Partial Action to direct the spell effect.

2. Does this allow weapon-specific feats to apply to a form that normally wouldn't qualify (e.g., Crushing Blow feat with a greatsword form)?

Racial Spell-Like Abilities wrote:
Theurgy and Bonus Spells: When racial spell-like abilities are given up in favor of spellcasting synergy (as described for each race in Chapter 2), the racial spell-like abilities listed can be used in place of the standard bonus feats for the primary casting progression.

3. Is this supposed to say "in place of the standard bonus spells"?

4. Is the Spells Grimoire acting up for anyone else? It'll work if I download it, but it's refusing to load within Google Drive.

5. How do you make the table of contents links in the beginning of the Feats chapter, and can this be used to link to specific sections of other dpcuments?

1. Yes, I should have spelled that out.

2. That thought never occurred to me. Let me think on it.
3. That's correct. I;ll fix it in the master document. Thanks!

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glass wrote:
Yeah, wasn't saying it was a major issue - just thought it could be a bit neater.

Agreed. I'll see what level of effort that would entail and follow up.

glass wrote:
2. Unless I am misunderstanding something, the prestige paladin can be entered at 5th level and is 15 levels long, making the last level 19th. ISTM that it would be neater to either delay entry to 6th or make it 16 levels long so you don't "run out" of levels before 20th.

In my defense, I've never actually played to 20th level in any edition, so that level is not really on my radar most times. As noted in Chapter 1, under these rules, at 20th level you're as much if not more a plot device than a character.

Tahlreth wrote:

1. Whenever a Monk gives up their ki power progression in exchange for theurgy towards another class' spellcasting progression, do they retain the ability to meditate mid-day to regain spell levels of spell slots, or do they give that up in the process?

2. Ranger Mage is a tad confusing. Since it says "Add all sorcerer/wizard spells of the appropriate levels to your class spells list. You also gain the following multiclassing benefits:" before the bullet points, but has the last bullet point say "If you have no levels in any arcane spellcasting class, you instead gain a suite of racial spell-like abilities," does the last bullet point count against only the other bullet points?

3. Can a Mind Blade take the form of an Unarmed Attack? What would that even look like, a momentary visual manifestation on whatever body part is used in the attack roll, or would the Soulknife have a full body glow like they're a Diablo 3 Archon?

1. If you trade in ki powers for actual spellcasting abilities, they conform to the normal rules for the latter.

2. I should move the class list thing into one of the bullets, and/or clarify that it means the ranger versions of those spells (since rangers no longer have a specific list).
3. Sure, why not! As noted in the intro chapter, purely cosmetic stuff is totally up to you. An exception is if you want your "body glow" to count as an actual light source.

glass wrote:

Wow, long thread. But I am glad I decided to wade through it!

2. Unless I am misunderstanding something, the prestige paladin can be entered at 5th level and is 15 levels long, making the last level 19th. ISTM that it would be neater to either delay entry to 6th or make it 16 levels long so you don't "run out" of levels before 20th.

4. The superscript AA reference is overloaded - Adventurer's Armoury and Animal Archives.

6. You don't get XP for killing monsters in Pathfinder (or 3.x for that matter).

Thanks for the feedback!

1. I can't take credit for this one -- it was a Frank & K "Tomes" thing, and I was impressed at how logical it was.
2. Let me look at that some more.
4. Will correct -- thanks!
6. Yeah, farming mooks was a 2e D&D thing.

Tahlreth wrote:
The Advanced Monk Sutra: Improved Ki Attack mentions "fist of the forest". Where can I find that?

It got rolled into Sacred Fist (druid option). Thanks!

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Kaouse wrote:

That way, the "full" Quickening of a spell is still worth +4 Spell levels (Still, Silent, Quicken), but Still Spell itself is less overbearing and properly weighted. Furthermore, you have less issues with applying it to SLAs because higher level SLAs take much longer to reach "at will" status (i.e. a +2 Still level 0 spell requires 12 ranks in Concentration to become "at will" which is around the same level that a full caster can begin abusing it).

If it's not at will at low levels, then it's not a problem. If it's at will at higher levels, then it's still not a problem.

For what it's worth, I love the splitting of separate actions for spellcasting components, and I don't want to see it disappear. I think a slight tweak should be more than enough to make things work a bit more smoothly.

I really like where you're headed here, as it aligns nicely with my design goals. Let me get past some pressing RL concerns, then let's look at this and see what changes would be needed. Thank you!

GM DarkLightHitomi wrote:
Is there some reason to make the different components into different actions?

Very interesting... let me think on that. Part of the reason for defining different actions was to fit into components, but if it doesn't matter, I'm all for simplifying things. Again, I'll need to think about downstream effects. Thanks!

Kaouse wrote:
One of which is a somatic action, which can be erased via Still Spell Metamagic.

Yes! Which raises the spell level, which raises what level you need to be to pull it off. When you're demigod-tier, things that are impossible for ordinary mortals are easy. But that's not typical, and if you follow the level progression guidelines in Chapter 1, no one (or almost no one, if you play long enough) will hit that point.

A 17th level wizard can literally stop time. If you want to go post-20th level, PCs should he getting divine ranks, not class levels.

Also, obviously, that should have been casters, not "caster's."

"I have , a couple of times, actually performed a spell in the middle of a fight, the way sorcerers do. I don't recommend it, and I really hope I won't have to do it again." --Brust, Jhegaala.

Kaouse wrote:
If there IS a 1 spell/round clause, can I begin the process of casting somatic components for another spell after releasing a Still SLA on my turn?

There's not, but it's implied by the explanation above. For SLAs, you still need to target and activate, so that's a move and a partial action. To get two off in a round, you'd need access to 3 partial actions in addition to you move action, and most caster's don't ever get that. That said, if you somehow did, go nuts. Or if you wanted to get a head start on next round's spell, with the knowledge that paints a target on your back.

Also note that, if you have enough partial actions, you could, say, activate a SLA and also make a weapon attack in the same round.

Kaouse wrote:

It's the equivalent of Manyshot, correct? So when releasing the spell, you release 2 rays instead of 1 with the same "release" partial action (which is also the same partial action you make use of verbal components).

That much makes sense. But, what about iterative attacks? Am I correct in assuming that making an iterative attack while ray splitting requires the use of an additional partial action - the "iterative attack" partial action, to be exact?

For something like scorching ray, each split ray is an iterative attack. If you have the Manyshot feat, you can apply it per the normal rules for that.

If you want to simultaneously activate multiple effects, use the more expensive Mass Effect Spell feat.

I never assembled a PDF, sorry. You can download the Word documents by clicking on the link in my profile.

GM DarkLightHitomi wrote:
However, it if you are intentionally deviating from reality, that's fine but perhaps the text should be looked at to see if it needs tweaked to be more clear.

Not a bad point.

Either way is the job of the gm.

This is where we disagree, I think. I usually run games for other DMs who want a chance to play. They know the rules (either my homebrew ones or existing ones) and don't want someone else making them up on the fly. So I run the NPCs according to their abilities, personalities, and goals, and we all want the rules to support that. I don't railroad the plot.

GM DarkLightHitomi wrote:
The balance of increased mental scores additionally gives players a reason to play older characters. Most of the uses of those stats do make sense for older people to have higher effectiveness.

There are more ways to balance. If your age gives you -4 to all your attributes, you've essentially gained the Devolved template (-1 CR) and can therefore be 5th level (CR 4), even though the rest of your (younger) party are only 4th level (CR 4) -- and you're still all on equal footing.

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GM DarkLightHitomi wrote:
I noticed this time around that you flipped the age bonuses for mental stats. This is incorrect.

It's incorrect for your game. For what I'm trying to do, it works. If you need more ideas, I was reading over my undergrad class notes and was blown away by how much smarter I was back then than I am now. I have more experience (xp) now and am probably higher level. but my mental stats are all lower, to include Wis and Cha.

GM DarkLightHitomi wrote:

First, 9th lvl mage > 9th lvl rogue is not necessarily a broken thing, such as in early editions when part of the balance was over the span of the character's career...

I grew up on 1e, and loved it, but wouldn't want to play it anymore and most especially wouldn't want to run a game with it. The idea that gaining experience makes one class far better (more options, and better ones) and does little or nothing for another class is just silly to me, unless you want to cap all the martial classes at 6th level or so (in which case you either play E6. or no one plays a martial class). If my philosophy here is offputting, I stated very clearly in the intro that there are far better games for you.

BTW, sorry for the delayed responses -- I just moved and my old computer died.

Kaouse wrote:
Is minimum WBL already baked into any cohort, so "Par" WBL would be considered +1 instead of +0 for them?

Yes. Minimum WBL is default for all monsters, NPCs, etc.; getting PC par costs them +1 CR. As far as creature types, Thaumaturgy should pretty much always cover a familiar (and one could argue that the half-celestial and shadow templates and Outsider HD qualify it an an outsider).

I'm mot clear om why you'd want a fighter that can't leave your square and can't interact with the others, though -- I'd consider fighting to be interacting.

Kaouse wrote:

Hey Kirth, Question: For Incorporeal Familiars, they basically just apply the Ghost Template, correct?

Should I assume that the +2 CR increase from the Ghost template isn't applied, because of the inherent downsides of Incorporeal Familiars (can't move from master's square, can't interact with anyone or anything else)?

Presumably, if I did apply the +2 CR increase of the template, then it would gain all of the benefits of the template, while still being able to interact normally with the rest of the world, right?

Either way sounds reasonable to me.

The thought is that an 18th level rogue (or fighter, or barbarian, or whatever) should be equal to an 18th level wizard. 18 = 18. As it is, when a 9th level wizard > a 9th level rogue, the system is badly broken, at the very base of it, and needs to be redone. I'll take any ideas that lead to that end.

GM DarkLightHitomi wrote:
Kirth Gersen wrote:
GM DarkLightHitomi wrote:
I personally never consider technology and magic as indistinguishable, for three reasons
Notice I said "you see no substantive difference," not "there is no difference." Both of these abilities are basically you, as a rogue, lying to yourself so well that some kind of fantasy placebo effect kicks in and you're somehow able to function in some ways as if those lies were true.
If you lie to yourself about being able to jump 3 stories and the end result is being able to jump 3 stories, then it isn't a lie. Either way, my point stands. My point may or may not matter to you and your vision for your system, but it still stands.

Happily conceded. But the rogue (and fighter, and so on) needs something to make up for never being able to stop time. Whatever substitutes I can find will have to do, unless better ones are offered.

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This won't translate well to text, but we've been playing a lot of Clue, and Young Lady Gersen, who just turned 8, decided she needed to illustrate it. With great concentration, she drew a deranged murderhobo with a knife, chasing an obviously terrified man. Then she carefully labeled everything: MISS SCARLET - DAGGER - MR. BODY - HALL.

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exequiel759 wrote:
I hate a ton of house rules... though I seen some people with 20 or more pages of house rules so I believe I don't have that much house rules?

I'm told I have 1200 pages, not including monster conversions. ;)

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"Dadda, how come you're the worst at building things in real life, but the best at building with Legos?"


GM DarkLightHitomi wrote:
I personally never consider technology and magic as indistinguishable, for three reasons

Notice I said "you see no substantive difference," not "there is no difference." Both of these abilities are basically you, as a rogue, lying to yourself so well that some kind of fantasy placebo effect kicks in and you're somehow able to function in some ways as if those lies were true.

I like to keep it close, for personal use, due to copyright issues.

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Themetricsystem wrote:

Knock Knock


I don't get it.

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I'm famous for those (or not!)

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Am looking to change the rogue's "sabotage item" talent to "sabotage magic." It would have the same uses, but also allow free use of Disable Device in place of Spellcraft, under the rationale that you see no substantive difference between technology and magic.

Also thinking of adding a "pluck" general talent, allowing the rogue's disposition and temperament to bolster physical stamina. You'd use Cha modifier in place of Con, and Bluff in place of Endurance, when advantageous.

In short, the rogue is slippery enough to find a work-around for just about anything.



Kaouse wrote:
Channel Energy uses don't scale with level. Only Channel Energy damage scales by level. You only ever get 3 + Charisma mod in Channels ever. So the example given doesn't exactly make sense.

Ag, you're absolutely right. Brain fart there (I almost never play a cleric, so my memory is always hazy on the mechanics). Hmmm.

The simplest fix would be 2,000 x final number of uses, but that's only half as much.

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Kirth Gersen wrote:
DungeonmasterCal wrote:
Kirth Gersen wrote:
Anyone who knows me knows that pretty much all my rules are houserules!
I loved your weapon rules.
Merci bien, mon ami!

Or if you prefer, "danke schoene, mein freunde," or "mamnoon," whatever language you're most comfortable with. Despite my RL last name, I try to be a citizen of the world.

DungeonmasterCal wrote:
Kirth Gersen wrote:
Anyone who knows me knows that pretty much all my rules are houserules!
I loved your weapon rules.

Merci bien, mon ami!

If you click the link in profile, all files are up to date as of today. I added a barbarian/druid multiclassing option (which weirdly didn't have any support until now), and also clarified the numen costs for putting feats into magic items.

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Recently opened a bottle of MacClelland's 16. It was a wedding gift some 18 years ago, and I'd been hauling it around the country ever since, waiting for the right occasion.

My ex and I ended up using it to toast our divorce being finalized and her getting remarried.

Anyway, I generally prefer bourbon to Scotch, but this one has a sweetness that actually adds to the flavor without interfering with it. I'm impressed.

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Anyone who knows me knows that pretty much all my rules are houserules!

Zepheri wrote:

kirth i have a question: in your opinion for a sorceress lvl 20 with the next archetype, feat aand capstone are the best dmg combo: Crossblooded (Archetype), Eldritch Heritage (Mythic) (or normal feat), Sorcerer—Unique Bloodline (Su)

If that's Paizo stuff, I have no opinion. If it's the homebrew stuff this thread is about, I'm unclear on what those choices are.

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