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"Finally" finished this AP (I'd started it in August 2015).
I have to explain a couple of things before I post my successful party of Crusaders:
1. I've added the Paladin, Ranger and Sorcerer Class decks for some class oriented loot
2. Not sure, but I think I might have played redeeming wrong: I thought(or better read somewhere) that you might only redeem cards that you own. Therefore is my list of redeemed cards quite short...

Character Name: Seelah
Role Card: Wardstone Sentry
Skill Feats: Strength+4, Dexterity +1, Constitution+1, Wisdom+1, Charisma+3
Power Feats: +2 hand size, roll Cha+4 for before you act checks, discard top card for d6+3, add d8 vs demons and undead, move to another character
Card Feats: Weapon+1, Spell+1, Ally+2, Blessing+3
Weapons: Soulshear, Holy Radiance, Blancher, Mournful Razor, Noriznigath
Spells: Cure, Good Omen
Armors: Spiked Plate, Celestial Armor, Stole of the Inheritor
Items: Chalice of Ozem
Allies: Celestial Unicorn, Celestial Unicorn, Druid of the Flame, Jesker Helton
Blessings: Blessing of Ascension, Blessing of Iomedae, Blessing of Baphomet, Blessing of Baphomet, Blessing of Gorum, Blessing of Gorum, Blessing of Shax
Mythic Path: Sword of Iomedae (former Mythic Guardian)

Character Name: Harsk
Role Card: Demonslayer
Skill Feats: Strength+1, Dexterity+4, Constitution+1, Wisdom+1, Charisma+1
Power Feats: +2 hand size, May evade Demons and may put it on top of its location deck otherwise add 2d6 on checks, May use Survival instead of Knowledge against a monster, May reroll 1 dice in a failed check against a Demon, May explore again if defeat a demon on first exploration, May recharge a card to add 1d4 to another character's check to defeat a demon
Card Feats: Weapon+2, Item+1, Ally+2, Blessing+2
Weapons: Starbow, Traitor's Blade, Force Shortbow +1, Dragonbreath Bow, Flaming Spear +1, Firebow, Deskari's Tooth
Armors: Horns of Naraga, Ophidian Armor
Items: Banner of Valor, Fortune's Arrow, Torc of the Heavens
Allies: Fortune-Teller, Mountain Dog, Lann, Mountaineer
Blessings: Blessing of Shax, Blessing of the Starsong, Blessing of the Starsong, Blessing of Erastil, Blessing of Shelyn, Blessing of Terendelev
Mythic Path: Mythic Champion

Character Name: Seoni
Role Card: Element Master
Skill Feats: Strenght +1, Dexterity +1, Constitution +1, Intelligence +1, Charisma +4
Power Feats: +2 hand size, Discard a card to draw a card with the Arcanbe or Magic trait from the discard, when spell aquired may draw a card, Mastered traits: Acid, Cold, Fire, add 1 mastered trait to your check, add 4 to your check with a mastered trait, Reduce damage by mastered trait by 4
Card Feats: Spell +2, Item +1, Ally +2, Blessing +2
Spells: Elemental Bombardment, Elemental Bombardment, Dragon's Breath, Create Spiked Pit, Scorching Ray, Fiery Glare, Terraform
Armors: Spellcaster's Shield
Items: Black Robe, Wand of Paralyze, Ring of Forcefangs
Allies: Druid of the Leaf, Quadny Orlun, Dire Griffon, Pyromaniac Mage, Pit Gladiator
Blessings: Blessing of Shelyn, Blessing of Nocticula, Blessing of Sivanah, Blessing of Sivanah, Blessing of Abraxas, Blessing of Cayden Cailean
Mythic Path: Mythic Archmage

Cards Redeemed: Black Robe, Blackaxe, Fasciculus Labyrinthum, Soulshear

Harsk and Seoni both died twice (almost all death were in the introduction Adventure, last time Seonie died was in the Gibbering Horde scenario)
No Cohort died in this Path.

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Good idea with the mannequin.
I also want to include Perdition in my Iron Gods campaign and have thought about most all of your ideas myself. I like the idea with the Technic League Captain (which I haven't came up with) and will steal this for my group. This solves the problem I had, that there is a mining operation and nobody cares about it. It's too similiar to Torch (at least for my taste) and giving this in the hand of the League... now as I think about it, it's just too easy to fix. I wonder, why I haven't come up with this myself...

Same with the mannequin. I probably will steal your idea for my campaign. I normally wanted to run The Drifter as written and hope, that no one will realize that he doesn't behave like a "normal" Android (even if my party has one Android amongst them...).
Changing him into a mechanical being makes more sense. Thanks for that!

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Sent you a private message as I don't know if it is allowed to post a link to another store in these forums....

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Are you also interested in parties from the tablet version?
I'm asking, because the treasure cards are not available in the physical version of the game....

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Also did my voting and you got top marks whereever I could find Pathfinder or Paizo!
Good luck!

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JohnnyfiveUnAlive wrote:
I recorded the Chrysalis final report and put it on Google Drive here:Chrysalis Final Report . I set the volume high on my laptop top and had it cued up so when someone touched the envoy mouthpiece it immediately played. EVERYONE jumped, since we had just been doing a spooky ship search. I recommend this tactic to others!

Unfortunatly this file doesn't exist anymore... Can anyone share a link with the file? I would love to use it in my campaign!

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Character Name: Kyra
Role Card: Exorcist
Skill Feats: Strenght+4, Wisdom+2
Power Feats: +2 hand size, Weapon Profciency, 1d8 +1 against Undead or Outsider, If defeat Undead or Outsider shuffle 1 random card from discard into your deck
Card Feats: Weapons+2, Spells+2, Items+1, Blessing+1
Weapons: Bastard Sword+1, Greatclub+3, Mokmurian's Greatclub, Flaming Ranseur+3
Spells: Aid, Augury, Augury, Restoration, Mass Cure
Armors: Shield of Fire Resistance, Magic Full Plate
Items: Emerald Codex, Robes of Xin-SHalast
Allies: Sacred Killer
Blessings: Blessing of Sarenrae, Blessing of Shelyn, Blessing of Gorum, Blessing of Lamashtu, Blessing of Lamashtu, Blessing of Norgorber, Blessing of Gozreh

Character Name: Ezren
Role Card: Illusionist
Skill Feats: Intelligence+4, Wisdom+1, Charisma+1
Power Feats: +2 hand size, Add 2 on your check to recharge a card, add 4 to checks to aquire a spell or ally
Card Feats: Spells+3, Items+2, Allies+1
Weapons: Chellan, Sword of Greed
Spells: Incendiary Cloud, Scrying, Swipe, Poison Blast, Poison Blast, Blizzard, Disintegrate, Disintegrate, Bewilder, Dominate, Sign of Wrath
Armors: None
Items: Robe of Runes, Headband of Epic Intelligence, Revelation Quill, Staff of Hungry Shadows, Wand of Treasure Finding
Allies: Brodert Quink, Jakardros Sovark, Velociraptor, Zuvuzeg
Blessings: None

Character Name: Merisiel
Role Card: Thief
Skill Feats: Strenght+1, Dexterity+4, Constitution+1
Power Feats: +1 hand size, Weapon Proficiency, If alone, recharge a card to add 1d6+3 to combat check, add +2 on Non-combat check to close a location, add +3 to check to aquire armor, item or weapon
Card Feats: Weapons+1, Armor+1, Items+1, Allies+1, Blessings+2
Weapons: Acidic Sling+3, Venemous Heavy Crossbow+2, Returning Frost Spear+2
Spells: None
Armors: Elven Chain Shirt, Snakeskin Tunic
Items: Holy Candle, Masterwork Tools, Masterwork Tools, Sihedron Medallion, Greater Luckstone, Magic Spyglass, Sihedron Ring
Allies: Black Arrow Ranger, Black Arrow Ranger, Vale Temros
Blessings: Blessing of Iomedae, Blessing of Iomedae, Blessing of Shelyn, Blessing of Abadar, Blessing of Abadar, Blessing of Norgorber

We never died and had to repeat two scenarios one time because we ran out of time.

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Thanks a lot Hawkmoon!

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From the Iconics I'm missing all of them at the moment, but I found a great site, which have at least 27 of them for sale as single cards. So it will be a good start ordering from them.

As from the "normal" Promos I'm missing Blessing of Zarongel. Bought the Base set and the first purchable Adventure Deck from my FLGS. I got the promo cards with the Base set, but I didn't got the promo of the Adventure Deck (Blessing of Zarongel). That was the time where I decided to subscribe the PACG (even if it costs me more than to purchase it here due to shipping costs as I live in Germany).

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Hi there,

I'm a great fan of the PACG and I own (almost) all Promo cards, which came with the subscription of this great game (I missed one... and it cost's an arm and a leg to buy that one on the bay... Still waiting on a good offer there).

I realiza that the promos for the Iconic chars are out there for some time now, but it never bothered me really... until recently. And now I want to have them! But it's not that easy to get all these boxes here where I live (also, it's quite expensive to buy them all at once), so I thought I will buy the single cards.
But I have one little problem: As far as I know there are 6 Iconic Heroes boxes available, each containing six miniatures and one card for each miniature. Makes 36 cards. Right?
The problem I have is, that I don't know the name of all these cards!
So I can't track my progres properly or search for those few missing cards which I'm missing...

So my question is: Is there a list of all the Iconic Hero Promo cards? Just a list with the names would be enough! So I can check those I buy and know, which ones I'm missing?
Searched the net and this board, but haven't found anything. But maybe I missed something....

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That all makes sense... Thanks!

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Yes, I don't really get why so many people doesn't like the Choking Tower, but from all those ideas in this forum I'm quite intrigued to also replace the module with some own stuff. I also have a couple of ideas already and I think that this little module will help me with that.
It just arrived yesterday, so I will have a good look into it in the next couple of days.

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Oh... that soundds really good! I think, I have to order that one for my upcoming Iron Gods campaign.

Thanks for the tip!

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I just realized, that I had forgotten to add the obituaries for my last two gaming sessions... so here they are:

Name: Thordis
Race: Human
Class/Level: Cleric of Torag 13
Adventure: Rasputin must die
Location: Akuskaya Prison Camp

Name: Valarevna
Race: Human
Class/Level: Oracle of Bones 13
Adventure: Rasputin must die
Location: Akuskaya Prison Camp

Name: Kress
Race: Human
Class/Level: Fire Elementalist 13
Adventure: Rasputin must die
Location: Akuskaya Prison Camp
The Gory Details:The party (the three characters above plus Tarc, the Ranger and Tarja, the Fighter) Wind Walked invisible into the camp. They got shot by one of the watchtowers, but my wife played a (Plot-Twist)card, which canceled the see invisibility effect of the lights.
They searched around the camp a bit, until they headed towards one of the World Anchors. Here they first got hit by the electrical storm around it. Then they climbed up the tower and convinced the troops on it to flee (with a Greater Command).They got some information about the machine and then they decided to harass the unearthly creatures in the camp before they would fly of again. So Kress summoned a Greater Fire Elemental, which was on its way to the next watchtower to lure out the cossacks. Which came. Also the Yeti trackers. And the Animated Tanks. And after two rounds I decided to teach them a lesson and Rasputins Projected Image also appeared. Realizing, that they were fighting against the odds (they were absolutly sure that Rasputin would not be here) they started to activate Wind Walk (which takes five rounds) and climbed down the tower so that the tanks could not shoot at them without coming closer first.
They did fine, but after some shots from the Cossaks and some attacks from the Yetis they were quite low on HP already. Then Rasputin cast a Firestorm and three failed saves later the three mentioned chars were lying on the floor, dead. Fortunatly they all had two Hero Points left, so everyone were able to cheat death and I also ruled that they were still preparing Wind Walk, as they were brought into positive HP before it was their next initiative turn. I also decided, that this would be enough of a lesson to not assault the camp in the open and let Rasputin's image vanish (I didn't wanted a TPK). Just in time before the two tanks came around the corner of of a house so that they could shoot at the PC's again Wind Walk kicked in and they fled to the Dancing Hut...

Name: Tarc
Race: Human
Class/Level: Ranger 13
Adventure: Rasputin must die
Location: Akuskaya Prison Camp
The Gory Details:The next day the party returned to the camp with the help of Dimension Door. Now warned that the Mad Monk in in this camp they were cautious to not get caught in the open. With the Cossaks and the Yetis dead this wasn't really hard. They found Dmitri, who told them a lot about the Monastery, the Vampire Chaplains and Victor Miloslav.
Eager to find out more about the strange towers (=World Anchors) they decided to go to the burned barracks where Miloslav was killed. As the made some struggle beforehand (killed the snipers and the stone golems in the monastery) I made that the daemon inside the barracks was more alert. Tarc started and charged the outsider. Kress tried a low level spell, as he was sure that either the dismissal of the oracle would banish the daemon, or if not that Tarja's greatsword and Tarc's Sword of the Planes, enchanted with holy weapon would make this a real short fight.
Then the baykoks rised and began shooting at Tarc. He failed his save on the first hit, as did the oracle. Next in initiative order was the daemon, which Coup de Gracéd the ranger who went down (but also had enough Hero Points to cheat death).

On a sidenote: The oracle was paralyzed for two rounds and then didn't made the SR-check for the dismissal. The group turned the baykoks against the daemon for one round (with the help of a well played plot-twist card and some good will of my own), paralyzing the daemon for three rounds. This was prolonged by two rounds with the help of two more cards and so the party could first take care of the baykoks and then slay the daemon.

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What my player helped a lot were Hero Points!
After they realized, that RoW can be a bit hard sometimes they try to save two points so that they can cheat death...
True, this doesn't prevent a TPK in most cases, but helps with character deaths (especially up to a point where Raise Dead or something similiar is available).

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Oh... as we probably start Serpents Skull in January I would be interested in all those maps too!

So please send them to killer <dot> power <at> gmx <dot> de.

Thanks in advance!

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Still I think it's a bit nderpowered for an Adventure 2 card...

I also love Gronk. He could be a really good solo char or going well in a small group of 2 or three chars...

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Thanks for the reply.
Its me, not my group who said that we won't play S&S, just because I don't like anything pirate themed (the S&S PACG was ok, but I still didn't liked the theme). It's not that I think that they are evil, I'm not afraid that it will be full of rape and plunder... I just don't like pirates...

Legacy of Fire sounded already interesting in the past, but it's hard to get the modules, isn't it?
Jade Regent could be an idea... I will have a closer look to that one (even if I'm afraid that one of my group isn't fond of that idea and another one would immedeatly say yes, because then I had to allow ninjas to my campaign....).

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I love Pathfinder and I really love the Adventure Pathes. I stopped writing my own campaign, because AP's let me do the same thing in a much, much smaller amount of time. And I have to admit that I don't have that much time anymore than I used to have back when we were playing AD&D or 3rd Ed.
But I didn't want to glorify my favourite RPG, but ask a question:
Some of my players are "complaining" that Adventure Pathes are too short from an InGame time view. I mean, most AP are done in a couple of weeks InGame wise. And in this time the PC's are raising from nobodies to great heroes. This just doesn't feel right...
So far we played Council of Thieves, Kingmaker and now Reign of Winter (will probably finish this end of this/beginning of next year) and the only one, where there is plenty of time, so that you could say that the PC's train and getting their new skills and feats was Kingmaker. (also it was the best AP for me to add some additional adventures, involve the backgroundstories of the PC's etc.).
So, as I want to satisfy my players I wondered, if there are more AP which take longer (again: InGame Time wise). Also which have a bit more sandboxy approach, so that I as the GM can add some of my own material without rewriting the whole AP (I'm exaggeratin a little bit here... ).

Oh and please don't say Skull & Shackles as that one is out of the question (because of all the pirates).

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Thanks a lot for these clarifications!
Haven't thought about the dimensionally locked areas... (read the sixth book only once, so I think I would have found that when I prepped it for gaming as soon as we got there).

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But what does that mean? As far as I understand Demiplanes they are part of another plane, therefore the PC's (and any other non-native Creatures with them) are "outsiders" in the hut and can therefore be disnissed or banished?

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Will Subscribers of the game get Ekkie as part of their subscription?

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I have a question: One of my players wondered during our last session if dismissal would work on creatures inside the Dancing Hut, as they are in a extradimensional space and therefore not in their dimension...

I said that it wouldn't work, but I couldn't tell why. I think, I did it because my "greatest fear" would be that they rtry it with

Elvanna in the final battle of book 6
But now I'm curious: Does it work or not?

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This thread is AWESOME!
I already took some of Dudemeisters ideas for my Kingmaker campaign. These were just super!
Now we are playing Reign of Winter and I plan to either play Wrath of the Righteous or Iron Gods after that. If it will be Iron Gods, then consider a lot of these ideas as taken and implemented!

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I'm really excited and now I'm looking forward to this one even more!

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Great story!
Never tell me my odds... you can always roll a 1!

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Thanks for the recommendations. I will get both books and see, if I can use any informations within.

As for the location on the cold outer plane: The idea is intriguing! I would have to change the plot I thought about a bit. I also don't know why Elvanna would have sent troops there, but I like the idea.
Maybe I won't put the adventure there (even if a layer of the abyss is really a thing I would like!)but I will let the demons come from there.

And the Demon Lord in book 3 I meant is Kostchtchie the Deathless, not Mestama. ;)

If there are more suggestions, I'm open to them!

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Hi there!

As my players and I think, that character advancement goes far too fast during an adventure path (and for this one it is even faster than for e.g. Kingmaker (which was our last path we played)) I like to add some content between books. In this way I can "stretch" the character levels a bit. This worked perfectly for Council of Thieves and even better with Kingmaker. But with this one... I find it rather difficult.
Therefore I need some help!

I have already something in mind, what I would like to play. I even added some more to it so that my players would have to visit two locations to find two new keys. My problem is
a) where to lead them,
b) the interior of the hut and
c) the riddles for the keys.

For a) I thought it would be best to let them stay in Golarion, so that I can add some troops of Elvanna to thicken that plot a bit (I also added some to Maiden, Mother, Crone).

About c): It (almost) doesn't matter what kind of items the keys are. I would prefer not anything living (as the eagle in book 4). If I could come up with some cool riddles, I would get my keys automatically. Problem is, I don't just want to repeat something which is already in the books. So I have to come up with something new!

Same problem with the hut interior: I'm not sure, what kind of theme I shall choose. Maybe it is better to first think of the riddles, so that maybe the interior of the hut could have something to do with that...
I already rewrote the hut in book 4 with some of the ideas of the Grimm-thread on this forum (great ideas! Just what I needed for the start of that book!), so this is out of the question...

So, my question: Anybody here, who did something similiar and would share his ideas?
Or if not: Has anybody some ideas how I could solve my problems I described above?

Here is what I want to add:
The players must go to a monks cloister where Baba Yaga has some allies. Alternatively it could be a former cloister which is inhibited by a coven (maybe withces are better, because it sticks with the theme...). It really doesn't matter, because the former inhabitants have been killed and replaced with some half-fiend monks which worship a demon god (could be the one from book 3 (forgot how his name is spelled), but I won't "overdo" that plot).
Baba Yaga gave one of the keys to the monks/witches so that they could pass it on to her riders. Now the players have to gain it the hard way...

The second key was given to a tribe of ogre sized lycantrophes. (this could be replaced by any other tribe of unusual beings which could have witches/shamans), which are friendly to Baba Yaga. Unfortunatly, the key was stolen by a tribe of Ratmen, which live underground. So in order to get the key, the PC's must search these Ratmen and get the key from them (either by killing them or maybe by talking them into it... but I think it will be the killing way).

All this are fine possibilities for the players to learn more about the Baba Yaga and maybe also about Elvanna. It also gives a nice mix of fighting and roleplaying possibilities (for most of my players is the story more important than some big battles).

So, long story short: Has anybody an idea, how I could add this (mini-)plot between the books?

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Very good ideas! I will adapt them to my campaign, although I will only do two encounters (Red Riding Hood which lures the PC's into an ambush by werewolves and Snowwhite, which is a vampire and her glass coffin is guarded by 7 dwarf ghouls or something like that. She rises during the fight with the dwarves and after the fight the evil stepmother (actually a winter witch) arrives and blames the PC's for the death of her daughter (which will eventually result in another fight).

But I really, really like the idea with the little pigs and the werewolf druid... Hmmm... tempting!

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@Zhangar: Did you travel the Dragonkin with your PC's away from Triaxus? So that they are available for part 5 and 6 of the AP?
If so, how much had you to upgrade the encounters? (or: How much more had you to upgrade, as I think that you already upped them if your RoW is mythical).

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Name: Frostbite
Race: Wolf
Classes/levels: Animal Companion Level 4
Adventure: Maiden, Mother, Crone
Location: Maiden, C-2
Catalyst: unwise decision and crit rolls

Name: Tarja Lumi
Race: Human
Classes/levels: Fighter, Level 7
Adventure: Maiden, Mother, Crone
Location: Maiden, C-2
Catalyst: unbelieveable dice rolls...

The Gory Details:
My Party went to the Maiden and after they convinced Gurra Gurra to let them pass (I decided, some nice RPGing isn't bad and they came up with such a good solution... I had to let them at least a try!) they entered the tunnel and encountered the Frost Giant, which shouted an alarm and began to retreat. Tarja charged him before he could do anything, so the giant made a full attack and crawled 5 foot backwards. Tarja got some damage from him, but they managed to kill the giant. Unfortunatly for them, the Demons in the room on the other end of that tunnel heard the Giant and came running. Two of them jumped on/over the giant and threatened Tarja and Thordis (the group's cleric) and the other two teleported between the front-chars and the Oracle and the wizard.
Tarc, the Ranger of the group decided to aid Tarja up front (and earned a very confused and a bit angry look from the wizards player) and his wolf Frostbite charged the demon next to him... alone!
Next round that demon made a full attack against the wolf, critted once and hit with the rest of his attacks which brought poor Frostbite far below - Constitution.
The rest of the fight was really poor dice rolls for the party on both sides:
I made a total of four confirmed crits (a fifth crit wasn't confirmed) and good hits while Tarja and Tarc didn't hit and the wizard and the Oracle of the Party failed on the SR of the demons a couple of times....
Finally they decimated the demons down to two and one was finally commanded by the Oracle to drop, when Tarja got hit by a full attack, including a crit which dropped her below - Constitution.
Luckily for her she still had 2 Hero Points remaining, so she could Cheat Death.

Now the entire Party has no Hero Points left (except for the Ranger, which still has three, but I ruled that he can't use them for his companion).
It get's interesting....

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Name: Thordis
Race: Human
Classes/levels: Cleric of Torag, Level 7
Adventure: Maiden, Mother, Crone
Location: Dancing Hut
Catalyst: Animated Dream
The Gory Details:
My group handled the first two riddles of the Ravens quite good. And even this one went fine so far, as they managed to get the informations they needed (with the help of a plot card, to be honest but nevertheless they got them). Unfortunatly, they tried to gather some more informations and as the Nightmare were "forced" to answer truthfully it became angryer and angryer until I thought, it was enough and I let it attack.
I rolled high for Initiative and casted a Deep Slumber on the Fighter of the group (she played a Witch in our last campaign and slumbered far too much encounters... so I thought I show her how that feels!). The Animated Dream (or Nightmare? Can't remember the right name) then became flanked by the Cleric and the Ranger, both with Magic Weapons and the Wizard got through it's Spell Resistance with a Disruptiv Spell. So I began to attack Thordis. The first hit was quite hard (I still don't know why this is a CR 8 encounter!) and my group a) still didn't really realized that they won't beat this thing and b) hoped for the Command of the Bone Oracle (worked quite good with a lot of encounters so far...). The Oracle didn't got through the SR and the rest of the group was trying their best.
When it was the the dreams turn, it attacked Thordis again and hit... with an affirmed Crit which brought the cleric way into the negativ HP (I think she had -24 HP afterwards). The player (my wife) was able to cheat death with two Hero Points...
The rest managed to flee out of the room, dragging Thordis behind them (the fighter got waked up by a successful attack by the wolf companion of the Ranger)

But nevertheless: The first death in this campaign! (after a lot of close calls)

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Our group had a big laugh at the marketplace in Whitethrone:
The party of five entered the marketsquare, found the vortex and realized (natural 20 on their spellcraftcheck) what this is about. So they went to find the power sources of the vortex.
They tried to talk with the Dawn Piper at the pool, which I played quite arrogant (in the end, they were just 5 humans!). They tried it nice and with diplomacy, they tried it hard and with intimidation, but it was no good (and the oracle at my group has Charisma 22!).
So they killed him and his little spriggan.
With the Dawn Piper at the floating rocks they weren't so patient when they found out, that he is just as his dead brother... So they killed him too. The wizard of the group muttered: "If we find another one of those and he talks to us like that he will get hit with a a snowball!"
Well, they came to the dead tree. The last Dawn Piper saw them and began: "Go away Mortals! The hut of the witch is ours and we will not yiel..." PAFF! She got hit with a true striked Snowball right in the face, which started the battle with the last of the three.

We had a good laugh and talked about it even the day after....

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Ok, thanks for the clarification!

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Hi there,

I have a question about the Robe of useful things:
One ofthe items, you can get from the robe is a window. Now my understanding is, as soon as you remove the patch, you get a window (with or without frame... don't know).
the wizard in my group, which wears such a robe now revealed a plan to get into a House by putting the patch on the backwall of said house, so that a window will appear in that wall (through which they can then enter).

Now is that not how I understand the rules of the robe and I know, how I would rule that... But as we have a week time between the sessions were the plan has been made and were it will be executed, I offered my players that I will ask here how other people think it were supposed to work.

So, what do you say?

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Captain Zoom wrote:
Killer Power wrote:

Oh... something I forgot:

Does anyone has any advice how the morning ritual of the Clerics of Torag can be implemented into a wandering party?

Armor and weapon maintenance.

OMG... Thanks! Sometimes the solution is sooo simple!

When I told my wife about that she started giggling and was already visualizing how she got all the weapons from, every party member for mainetenance... and all characters wake up by the sound of her hammer, grasping for their weapons... and they are gone!

Grand.. just grand! Can't wait for the campaign to start!

Also thanks for the other tips!

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Oh... something I forgot:
Does anyone has any advice how the morning ritual of the Clerics of Torag can be implemented into a wandering party?

Clerics of Torag begin their day with a bit of balcksmithing or doing other useful work as part of their meditation. So, if you don't carry your travelling anvil with you and as long as the campfire is not really hot, blacksmithing is really out of the question. And you also need only so much chainmals which you can "knit" during your travels. So, any ideas?
It may even be some anoying ones! My wife already giggled in excitement when she thought about getting up before the rest of the party, doing her "meditation" and waking all the rest of them, unable to sleep while she works on some piece of metal with her warhammer.

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We are starting Reign of Winter next week (with me as the GM). As my wife is not so fit in the rules I always help her with her characters. After her Paladin she now wanted to play something else (even if she liked it a lot!). She started a cleric in a small one one one adventure I wrote for her and she liked that class also, so she wanted to give it a try in our new campaign. On the other hand she is worried because the group don't has that much front line power (the other chars are a Fighter, Ranger which goes Two-Weapon fighting, an Oracle and a Wizard). So I suggested a Battle Cleric...

Now I'm in the situation, that I have to create (and level) this Char with her. After going through gods which has favoured weapons which actually do some damage she decided for Torag (she didn't liked Gorum and Iomedae was too similiar to her Paladin).

Now I haven't really thought about Attributes (we use 20 point buy), but I put some thought into feats.
I thought for first level Channel Smit and Guided Hand (for human extra feat.).
Followed by: Power Attack, Furious Focus, Heavy Armor Proficiency, (maybe) Weapon Focus, Toughness

Do you think this will be a good Feat selection? With this feats the build will be more heavy on wisdom, followed by Const. and Strenght. Dump stat, if any, will be Intelligence, but as I know my wife, she will not go for that, so she won't have a dump stat at all...

So... Do you think, this will be viable? Maybe some suggestions for changes? Does Power Attack even makes sense? Or should I drop it? That would free two feat choices (Power Attack and Furious Focus). Any good replacement suggestions?

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Name: Kurssuk
Race: Human
Classes/levels: Barbarian 14
Adventure: Sound of a Thousand Screams
Location: a farm outside from Drelev
Catalyst: Full round flurry of arrows from the Horned Hunter
The Gory Details: The party investigated some reports of a dozen rampaging Ettins in the area of Drelev. With good hope to get another key to Nyrissas realm Erin (the party's witch, maybe you recognize her from earlier obituaries of my group) teleported the party to Drelev and they began to serach the Ettins. They found them not long afterwards in the ruins of a destroyed farm. 10 Ettins were standing, eating, pillaging there and the party got them with full surprise: Fireball, Killing Cloud and Confusion prepared the Ettins for the charge of the Melee characters. All but Erin the Witch, Verbena the Druid and General Kurssuk were already charging the Ettins, as the Horned Hunter stepped out of the undergrowth and made a full-round attack against Kurrsuk (who is wearing Briar). four hits and a critical later the Satyr dropped the mighty barbarian from full HP to dead (because he wasn't in rage at that time). Kurrsuk just had two hero points which he used to cheat death.
Erin then healed him with a Healing Hex and Kendra, the Paladin of the group activated her Boots of Speed to engage the Satyr (and was quiet surprised when her Smite Evil didn't do anything...).
One of the Ettins threatened Kurssuk, who was still lying on the ground and the last two Ettins charged out of the undergrowth in which the Satyr hid and were flanking Kendra. The rest of the group made short work of that Ettin and rushed to Kendras help. Kurssuk, now in rage seeked vengeance against this fey creature (which he hates from the depth of his heart!).
Despite all tricks he had up his sleeve (including teleportation from his helm) the Horned Hunter and his Ettins wasn't able to drop Kurssuk again to get his hands on Briar. He was slain shortly after by the same Barbarian, he sought to kill.

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That's just brilliant! Again!
Too bad I'm already running Pitax as it is written....

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Name: Erin
Race: Elf
Classes/levels: Witch 12
Adventure: War of the River Kings
Location: Whiterose Abbey
Catalyst: Invisible Wardens, bad Initiative rolls and an untimely Crit.
The Gory Details:
So, it is poor Erin again. My players where exploring the Whiterose Abbey (looking for some specific horn, or at least the creators of it) as they went into the chapel, Gaetane and his soldiers lying (invisible) in ambush. When they saw the alchemical tools in a corner of the room, Erin and Argus (the Magus of the group) went there to examine them, whie the rest went to have a look at the rest of the room (and the Barbarian guarding the door). That was the moment when the trap sprung: In the surprise round Erin already got some damage from one of the two Wardens standing next to her. Then I rolled a 20 for the Initiative of the Wardens and Erin, normally the first to act in combat, due to her high Ini-modifier, rolled quiet low (as did the rest of the party). So the Wardens were first to act in round 1 and one of them critically hit the witch with his Greatsword, which resulted in enough damage to kill her.
The rest of the battle wasn't that hard, even if Gaetane almost succeded in taking down the paladin. But a flying Magus, the druid, which likes to fight as an Earth Elemental (and were therefore able to move through the walls up to roof) and the quiet acrobatic Barbarian managed to defeat him once they were in close range.

Luckily Erin had two hero points left and were able to cheat death (for the thrd time in this campaign!). The worst thing was: The player4 of Erin wasn't at the table that day! Her husband played her character during her absence. He told us that she kissed him goodbye that morning with the words: "And don't let me die!" :D

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Wow! Just wow!
Thanks a lot guys! I found a lot of good ideas and advices here! And I will adopt a lot of them!
I really like the idea of an outpost in the Mouth of Doom (and the two levels which come after that). So the begin of my campaign has been settled! (together with the big problem where the players should do their shopping). You see, if this would have been the group I'm playing with for more than three years now, I wouldn't be worried that much, or at least I would knew, what I would need to worry about. But I'm playing with five people, which I never played RPG's with before (but at least I know four of them quiet good). So I don't know, if they will be pushing hard forward (which would lead to death) or being careful and go back to town often (which, with all these bandits out there, would also lead to death) or with ideas they will come up. It is exciting, seeing something different than the people you are used to play with, but there are a lot of unknown variables...

Anyway, thanks again! I will come up with little quests (the outpost in the MOuth of Doom will give me a nice quest hub). And as for the motivation: Yeah, maybe it's just enough that they feel the urge to clear the world from Orcus. I thought of individual goals, but maybe I will come up with a couple of them. You gave me a lot of good ideas in this direction... And with all the upcoming char-death's its almost impossible to give each new char an individual goal anyway!

So, now it's time for me to continue and finish that book, see what characters my players roll (for their first char!) and will see from there... Almost as always! :o)
I'm sooo excited! Finally I get the chance to run a megadungeon... that's something I wanted to do since I read Tomb of Horrors and the Undermountain supplement!

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Hi there!

I'm going to start Rappan Athuk beginning next year. I gathered five players, which all want to share this experience (online). So I had a look at the complex and a couple of questions came to mind. I wanted to ask these questions here in the hope that some people, which already run this campaign (or running it at the moment) can help me with them...

1. What level should the heroes start? It is mentioned, that the first level shouldn't be entered with a lower level than 4th. I thought maybe I will run my players through the Mouth of Doom (and the two levels thereafter) as this seemed the best start for a low level party. Maybe I will lure them there with a quest... I thought about letting them start at 2nd level. Do you think, this is appropriate?

2. Regarding quests... I read somewhere that you should run Rappan Athuk not as one big complex, which you explore from front to back, but maybe give out little quests, so that the chars have to enter it again and again... Do you guys think so too? Is it ok just to let the chars run through the comnplex or would that become boring or repetitive? If you run it also with small quests, could you give me some examples?

3. If not run with quests, but as an endless crawl (in which the chars won't see the daylight again): How do you handle things like merchants? Where (other than Graznek) can the chars spent all the money they find and can stock up on rations and potions and get the one or other magic item? I thought about wandering merchants, but that is an invention of computer RPG's which I don't really like (as you can't really explain them...)

4. How do you handle character death? Or not so much the death, but the introduction of new chars? Does your party finds a lonely soul wandering through the dungeon or held in a cell or does they just appear? Or does your chars have to travel to the surface again to recruit new party members?

5. I want to give each character a "motivation" to go out and explore Rappan Athuk. Can you think of some good motivations? I mean others than fame or fortune, which let the chars go deeper than the upper levels? I think I will come up with a couple myself when I read through the whole book, but maybe some of you can inspire me? :o)

E.g. for a cleric or paladin that they have found out, that the followers of Orcus haven't been removed from the world entirely and that they built a temple for the demon god far below Rappan Athuk. This is something which cannot be tolerated and therefore they went out to clean the world of these demon worshippers once and for all!

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Gwaihir Scout wrote:
I don't quite understand the question. If you're asking if there's a way to drop class levels on a character the same way you add items or spells to them, then no, you've got to add all that manually to each character. You'd be better off asking this question on the FG forums; there's people more familiar with how things work there.

Sorry, what I meant was the following: FG calculates all character specific rules and active spells into combat roll's (as you wrote yourself in the example with the wizard and the ranger).

That means, it has to have the rules for e.g. favourite enemy and the spells the wizard casts.

So, I wondered if FG also has the rules for character classes like the witch (with her Hexes) or the Magus (with his Arcane Pool and the Spellstrike ability) or if you have to design them yourself (if this is possible).

But maybe you are right. I will go over to the FG forums and the question there. Nevertheless: Thanks for the help!
Also to all the others which gave me tips for tools. I will look into a couple of them before I finally decide which one I will try.

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Gwaihir Scout wrote:
Fantasy Grounds is by far the best VTT for the GM. Just about everything your characters do can be handled by the program. There's prep work in filling out character sheets (although there's a good statblock parser and monsters straight out of Bestiaries 1-3 are already done for you), but the more time you want to put into it, the more you can get out of it, such as linking text, images, and encounters to rooms on a map. Once you're done, actually running the game goes pretty smoothly, with the program doing all the math for you.

I had a look at the demo for Fantasy Grounds and I must say, I'm quiet impressed!

Only thing I'm wondering at the moment is how far the Pathfinder rules are implemented regarding character classes, items, spells etc.

I think, most items can be put in yourself (if I got the system in FG right) and maybe also the same with spells, but what about the character classes?

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Thanks... that is actually quiet helpful!
I think, I will have a look at Fantasy Grounds. It looks quiet good and as far as I have seen, they have a demo on their site. Maybe I will try that first to see, if I like it.

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I'm toying with the idea to start an online campaign with a couple of friends. At the moment it is really only an idea, but I like to think things through, so I wondered, what we would need...
Nobody of us has ever played in an online P&P RPG group, so I wanted to ask those of you, which has this done (or maybe is still playing):

- which virtual tabletop system would you suggest? As there are so many out there, if you don't know any of them, you should listen to people which have already used one (or maybe a couple for finding the one which they think is the best)
- what other tools would we need (beside something like Skype or TeamSpeak)?
- anything else, you have to think about (either as a GM or as a player) what differs from a "normal" RPG group?

I hope that you can help me with these questions...

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Name: Erin
Race: Elf
Classes/levels: Witch (11)
Adventure: Blood for Blood
Location: Armag's Tomb
Catalyst: Greatsword wielding Skeleton Champ
The Gory Details:
The party made good progress through the tomb, but spent a lot of ressources on the fights against the Iron Golem, the Bloody Skeleton Champions and Zorek. So, they were a bit worn out, but still had a couple of mighty spells, more than enough rounds of Rage and even some points in their arcane pool left.
As they opened the battle against Armag and the skeleton champions I rolled really low for Initiave and so all the heroes were able to act before their opponents. The Magus of the group threw a fireball into the room and Erin just passed the door, so that she can make the most out of her cone of cold. These two spells alone killed three of the skeletons and left 4 in the lower two digits hp region. But finally the skeletons were able to react and three went to meet the witch, which was not only the closest target but also the one which caused the most damage!
A couple of hits later, Erin was already badly wounded (and would have been unconsious if it wasn't for her false life). She took a 5 foot step and healed herself with her healing hex. The druids companion held off one skeleton while someone else destroyed another one. But one skeletel chapion were able to reach Erin with a five foot step and two more hits later she was almost down to single digits. She took another five foot step (while the rest were fighting the remainig two skeletons and Armag, who knocked the paladin into negative hp) and cast a lightning bolt. Unfortunatly, the champion before her had not only received no damage this fight but also made his reflex save and so he was able to take another 5 foot step and attack the witch two times. The first hit brought her down into negative hp and the second one sealed her fate... Soon after that the rest of the party finished off Armag and the rest of the skeletons.

Luckily for her, Erin still had two hero points, so she could cheat death. Still, she now leads the "scoreboard" in our Kingmaker campaign as this was the second time she cheated death.

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Can't wait.... what will it be?
I bet it will be more greatness from the DM!

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CaptainJandor wrote:
Well, taxes can help in the early months before you can afford the magic item buildings ...

Or if your players don't exploit the rules regarding the magic items economy...

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