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If you wield a humanoid, and hit another humanoid with said improvised weapon, would both the weapon and target take damage?

Weapons don't degrade when using them unless the target has rules stating otherwise, but I assume that is because weapons have a default hardness that protects them from normal use. I find it difficult to believe that if an Ogre slams a human into an elf as a club that the human wouldn't be adversely effected by being used in that manner.

Are there rules regarding this? If not, how would you manage this situation as a GM?

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Is there a plan after the kickstarter to create your own site with your own forums for PfO or are we going to continue using the Paizo forums? The reason I ask is these forums aren't the most user friendly, particularly due to lag.

If this has already been answered, I apologize :)

Evil party. I have a cleric and an inquisitor in the party who want to interrogate the corpse of a recently slain dragon. Their plan so far is to have the cleric, who is basically built to be a necromancer, use 'Speak With Dead' in tandem with the inquisitor's use of 'Zone of Truth'.

As it's a goodly brass dragon, if he makes his will save he'll be able to attempt to deceive using bluff... would the zone of truth counter this, or as the 'spirit' of the creature is technically already bound to a spell would it have no effect?

I could always house rule it, but I got no idea on this and would love to not do that, so I hope ya'll can school me.

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I can see where these could be awesome, or fail terribly. The leadership feat would allow for solo players to have a much easier time of things, as well as anyone who want's to have followers. But how to run the AI, how to choose what types of 'minions' to choose between, etc. More trouble then it's worth?

Handle Animal I could see working similar to creature handlers in SWG. It's already set up to tame creatures, train tricks, train mounts, combat train mounta and fighting pets, all sorts of things. How would that factor into the game? Will our mounts all have to come from people with animal handle skills if we don't want to buy the old nags from the Fort? That could be all sorts of nifty.

I have an alchemist who is able to transform into a gruesome monster at lvl 2. This monster has 3 natural attacks, a bite and 2 claws. Now as a full round action do all the natural attacks hit, or do you require multiple attacks from feats/levels to be able to utalize all those attacks in one round?

The reason i ask is because if this is ok, that he get's his normal melee to-hit bonus on all three attacks, doing 1d8+2d6(+3xSTR), how does this balance out? I'm missing something one way or the other.

In animal form, does a druid require two-weapon fighting to access all the attacks for their animal form choice?

IE: Can a shape-changed druid in owl form get the two claw attacks for owls with the full base attack bonus since their natural, or would it have the -6-10 for duel-wielding?

For Initiative on a Cavalier, while mounted would his horses init stack with his own for a combined roll since they would be acting on the same turn, or is the horses init simply not used unless it's acting on it's own without a rider?

For the Viper familiar: http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/monsters/familiar.html#viper

It lists:
Skills: Climb +11, Perception +9, Stealth +15, Swim +11;
Racial Modifiers: +4 Perception, +4 Stealth

Do you add the racial modifiers into the skill scores (giving a perception skill of 13) or are they already factored in?