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Clan Warstein loves to have fun. Their greatest love is fighting, going to battle for the fight itself as often as a cause, loving to throw themselves into the fray with a happy cry of glee. On the battlefield it’s not uncommon for them to crack jokes or cheer excitedly for their allies. Due to this attitude, the primary job for healthy males in the Clan is soldiering, often hiring out as caravan guards and mercenaries.

If there was anything that could surpass their love of battle, it would be their love of ale.

Warstein brewers provide a large source of funds for the Clan. The brewers constantly look for new and innovative ways to improve upon their heavy draft ales, and the search for rare ingredients has been known to generate quests of epic proportions. Warstein brews are a hot commodity everywhere the Clan trades, selling for a hefty profit to supply their soldiers and fund their battles.

While common bar brawls are vicious affairs, true inner-clan conflict is non-existent as there’s always someone or something else more fun to fight. No weapons allowed is the only rule for these drunken brawls, but that only holds for conventional weapons. Chairs, tables, bottles and everything else at hand is often implemented as a make-shift weapon. Broken bones, loss of consciousnesses and hefty fines are all part of this pass time, and the majority of dwarves (male and female) participate as often as they can.

No matter how grim things may look, the dwarves of Clan Warstein always have the nightly bar brawls to look forward to.