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If you wield a humanoid, and hit another humanoid with said improvised weapon, would both the weapon and target take damage?

Weapons don't degrade when using them unless the target has rules stating otherwise, but I assume that is because weapons have a default hardness that protects them from normal use. I find it difficult to believe that if an Ogre slams a human into an elf as a club that the human wouldn't be adversely effected by being used in that manner.

Are there rules regarding this? If not, how would you manage this situation as a GM?

I think you want to check out the Body Bludgeon rage power. According to that, you do damage to both weapon and victim. A Medium barbarian swinging a Small enemy would do 1d8 for damage, not counting other things.

Ah hah! In this situation the Ogre wouldn't have that power, but that's something I can extrapolate an answer from. Require the grapple/pin, then go with improvised weapon attack/damage, and apply the damage to both. Maybe require a two-size difference rather then 1.

Might as well look at the body shield feat to get some defense out of this as well.

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Basically I planned on having a reoccurring villain, Body Shield would go rather well with that. The plan was he would bolster his armor with his fallen foes, and retrieve them as needed as weapons.


Thankfully Ogres are low CR monsters, just wait until the PCs get to higher levels and start adding barbarian levels to the ogre and you can actually give him that rage power (so it's not just giving the monster extra power for no reason) and he can pickup the body shield feat too.

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