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Good Morning,

I hadn't thought about it until I noticed the fumble deck blog post but I seem to not have received half of order 7751045 (Shipment PZO00003180065, Fumble Desk and AP14). UPSMI shows it transferred to USPS for delivery on the 18th, while the other half of the order (PZO00003180450) was delivered early last week (transferred to USPS on the 16th). I do not see a way to track it after transfer to USPS.

I will triple check with I get home for the day to make sure an in-law didn't bring in a package and stash it but it seems MIA.

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I was just opening up my Dead Suns Pawn collection for my session tomorrow night and noticed my set had duplicates of the first sheet (Abneth-Corpsefolk Marine) and was missing page 2 (presumably Damaged Security Robot-Kish). No other sheets seem to be missing or duplicated but I will amend if I find any other anomaly.

We are currently entering the second half of book 5 and it seems as though a good chunk of the missing pawns are ones I will need so if there is a way I can get the missing sheet prior to next months subscription, it would be helpful but I understand if it isn't feasible.

Thank you in advance!


Has there been any thought of allowing GMs to cross pollinate their chronicle sheets? As an example, when I play, I like to play fantasy. But I'm generally being an SFS gm. I'd imagine I'm not the only one in a situation like this, so how about allowing GMs to apply a generic chronicle across games? GM a tier 1-2 SFS game, get a chronicle you can use for XP and gold in PFS to play. Or vice versa.

Anything to inspire more GMs? :-)

This isn't a post about Martial/Magic Balancing (not directly at least).

I was thinking about Divine vs. Arcane casters the other day and got to thinking how there isn't a true Cleric analogue on the arcane side. D8, 3/4 BAB and 9 level casting. Then I got to thinking about the other classes (just looking at core/confirmed for PF2).

Cleric D8/9 Level
Druid D8/9 Level
Paladin D10/4 Level
Ranger D10/4 Level

Wizard D6/9 Level
Sorcerer D6/9 Level
Bard D8/6 Level

Alchemist D8/6 Level

So since spell lists are sounding like they are getting shuffled around, maybe the classes themselves could get a little balancing to allow some more varied playstyles?

IIRC Rangers were Arcane casters back in the day. Maybe they could flip back? That would give both Divine and Arcane one D10/4 class. Alchemist formulae list always felt more like the Cleric list than the Wizards, so if that continues, then there would be one Arcane and one "Divine-ish" D8/6 level.

That leaves the Cleric, Druid, Wizard and Sorcerer. So, the Cleric and Wizard are basically sacred cows. The changes to them will likely be minimal.

That leaves druid and sorcerer. So what if the sorcerer got a bump up to a D8? In terms of flavor it makes sense (their abilities are more natural, allowing for the study of other things unlike wizards).

Druids probably would stay as is, but maybe drop the Oracle down to a D6 down the line and make it a more dedicated caster. This would give "divine" 2 D8/9 and 1 D6/9 and Arcane 2 D6/9 (assuming Witch) and 1 D8/9.

Extrapolating past the oracle and witch gets a little more complicated (most of the other classes past core were more 1 and 1 anyway), but it would balance out the casters across flavor, style and such a bit more.

So flanking (barring oddities), as it stands now is a flat +2. It doesn't matter how many people are around, it is +2.

So lets think about that. If an entire town of commoners were to attack someone with an AC of around 32, that would still mean each of them would have a 5% chance of hitting. Because there are no offensive penalties to being flanked, this also means that the character (for this purpose, a level 9 fighter) can cut down all 8 of the attackers (60% of the time) (with great cleave) each round.

While this makes sense for a round or two, a mob of hundreds really should be able to take down a single person in not too much time. So how can we buff big groups of characters? I don't have a specific idea, but these are the things I can think of...

Flank bonus increases for each additional character (+2,+3,+4...+8). Only 2 "Flankers" must be trully opposing.

Penalty to attack bonus of someone being flanked?

Create a set of Mob/Stampede rules that work like Swarm rules for Small, Medium and Large creatures (I kinda like this idea... Goblin Stampede....)


I'm trying to report a run of DS2 and noticing the expected (and input values) aren't matching up with what is in the guide.

I had three players play the entire book without deaths (full credit). So I'm trying to input the reputation of 5 ("For sanctioned Adventure
Paths, full credit is 3 XP, 5 Reputation, and 5 Fame.") When I click save, the 5's become 4's. Additionally, there is a note next to reporting saying "GM Ranking +2" I didn't notice, but this also happened to DS1.

Did the rewards for APs get changed? Or did I mess something up?


So, I was thinking about Medical Care on Absalom Station and got to thinking about Batteries (and the decision made about them).

In the CRB, "Post-Scarcity" economies are specifically noted in a couple areas, it specifically excludes AS from this, but does note that "the government makes sure no Sentient being goes hungry" and I got to thinking, does it really make sense for non-field based medical care to be anything but freely available to members of the SFS? Would the government say "Nope, you can't starve to death, but you sure as heck can die of a disease which might endanger the whole station"

Think about it. In world, the reason things like healing serums and med kits and such cost money is that they require resources to create that are not automatically replenished. They're the bullets here.

But the moment you get back to the station, that requirement goes away. Presumably when you go to a doctor on the station, they're not using disposable items to cure you. And even if you want to talk about the society itself, is it really believable that a resident Mystic would be stingy with spells that don't cost them literally anything to cast?

In the Pathfinder world, the scarcity of resources made sense for a lot of this, as well as things like component costs, tithes, and so on. Plus, there were no alternatives to ye' olde town cleric.

To that end, how about taking the logical step and if a character is at or below a certain point when they return to the station, they are able to be healed or their afflictions for free? I'd think stage three for poison and stage three for diseases looks like a good balance and would make sense in setting.

Given the large gap between some items in the subscriptions, is there some way to pre-pay to kick start the SFS scenario subscription? E.G. if I picked to start the core line with Pack Worlds, by my reading in the forums, this would mean the benefits wouldn't start until Mid-March...

Since this forum seems to get quicker responses than email, would it be possible to get the five items I have ordered (including 2 subscription items and four items already paid for) sent now instead of waiting for the Alien Archive Pawn Box. I planned on using these in SFS sessions I am starting in the coming weeks. My interpretation of the shipping method was that since the cards and Flip-Mat were both subscription items that they would trigger a shipment but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Please send the following now:
Pathfinder Map Pack: Starship Chambers
Pathfinder Map Pack: Starship Corridors
Starfinder Condition Cards
Starfinder Flip-Mat: Cantina
Starfinder First Contact

The pawn box can be shipping with November Items please (AP3 and Starship flip-mat)

This originally started as a He-Man build, but gradually morphed into a guy with a large Katana that I refuse to call Sephiroth. Mainly was going for maximum impressiveness (and damage). Currently a character without a game (I'm Dming now and this popped in).

Race: Human for Extra Feat (might switch to other race as a couple rage powers are wasted IMO)

Barbarian Titan Mauler

Heirloom Weapon: Large Katana (Proficiency)
Alluring: Scaling SLA

LVL 1: Power Attack and Arcane strike (so between +3 and +5 attack bonus while raging and power attack, damage = 2d6+(10 to 14) depending on STR. A consistent Source of Enlarge Person (makes level 1 damage 3d6 + 1 more str) is a nice thing to look for...
LVL 2: Animal Fury (why not?)
LVL 3: Raging Vitality
LVL 4: Lesser Elemental Rage (unlikely to use, but pre-req)
LVL 5: Extra Rage Power (Lesser Beast Totem)
LVL 6: Beast Totem
LVL 7: Vital Strike
LVL 8: Elemental Rage (+1d6 on each hit)
LVL 9: Improved Crit (Range on Katana now 15-20)
LVL 10: Greater Beast (Pounce)
LVL 11: Improved Vital Strike
LVL 12: Come and Get Me (not built around it, but is nice)
LVL 13: Critical Focus
LVL 14: Superstition (Might take earlier if needed)
LVL 15: Furious Finish
LVL 16: Greater Elemental Rage (additional 1d10 on crit)
LVL 17: Greater Vital Strike (maintained for times when full attack/charge-pounch isn't possible)
LVL 18: Improved Animal Fury (can't think of anything else)
LVL 19: Devestating Strike (+6 to vital strike.)
LVL 20: Penetrating Strike

Plan would be to upgrade heirloom weapon over time (Impact getting another 1d6 onto it.)

A few levels I feel like I'm just grabbing stuff to grab it until requirements are met, and the last 5 levels don't add much I think. Extra survivability could come into play, but am I missing anything else damage wise? There were a few powers that would outdo the Arcane Strike as a swift action, but they were generally a once per rage, so I didn't think them worth it (Arcane being every hit basically).


I'm building a Wordcaster Sorcerer and been trying to go through word combinations and came across one that seems a bit...shall we say crazy?

Corrosive Bolt
Duration: 2 Rounds
Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance no
A wordspell with this effect word deals 1d4 points of acid damage per level of the wordcaster (maximum 5d4). On the following round, the target takes this damage again. Hitting a target with a wordspell with this effect word requires a ranged touch attack.
Level 2.

So this is level 2 with a 2 round duration. For free, I can add the lengthy meta word. Now this is 4 rounds of damage, still level 2 (limited by meta words per day).

I'm crossblooded with Orc/Draconic. This gives me +2 to each hit die. If I also take point blank shot, I can get another +1 due to the nature of wordcaster spells:

"If the wordspell deals energy damage, this word creates a ray that requires a ranged touch attack to hit"

So now I'm doing 5d4+15 damage for 4 rounds from a level 2 slot (or 3 if I need to change the element type to match my bloodline).

Throw Intensify on for + 1 level (10d4+30) for 4 rounds.

And finally empowered for a +2 slot (15d4+45) across 4 rounds from a level 5/6 slot (depending on element).

Even without maximize (which may not even be worth it) this is 240 damage minimum with no save, no SR. Maxed out, 420.

So am I missing something?