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So, I was thinking about Medical Care on Absalom Station and got to thinking about Batteries (and the decision made about them).

In the CRB, "Post-Scarcity" economies are specifically noted in a couple areas, it specifically excludes AS from this, but does note that "the government makes sure no Sentient being goes hungry" and I got to thinking, does it really make sense for non-field based medical care to be anything but freely available to members of the SFS? Would the government say "Nope, you can't starve to death, but you sure as heck can die of a disease which might endanger the whole station"

Think about it. In world, the reason things like healing serums and med kits and such cost money is that they require resources to create that are not automatically replenished. They're the bullets here.

But the moment you get back to the station, that requirement goes away. Presumably when you go to a doctor on the station, they're not using disposable items to cure you. And even if you want to talk about the society itself, is it really believable that a resident Mystic would be stingy with spells that don't cost them literally anything to cast?

In the Pathfinder world, the scarcity of resources made sense for a lot of this, as well as things like component costs, tithes, and so on. Plus, there were no alternatives to ye' olde town cleric.

To that end, how about taking the logical step and if a character is at or below a certain point when they return to the station, they are able to be healed or their afflictions for free? I'd think stage three for poison and stage three for diseases looks like a good balance and would make sense in setting.

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It would make sense for Absdalom station to have free clinics for the impoverished.

You, with your 1000 starting credits and 500-700 credits per successful mission, have too much income to qualify.

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But it is believable that if you returned to the station with some disease, on the chance that your party simply couldn't muster the money, that you'd be permitted to die? That's what functionally happens if a party of potentially 4 can't raise 1000 credits to get Remove Affliction cast. With the 10% value for sold equipment, this basically means you need 10k in wealth if you are force to liquidate.

Also, there are likely still quite a few level 7 or higher mystics who hang around SFS HQ. The cost for them to cast remove affliction for one of their team members is literally zero. It is unlikely the society would let a team member perish considering they are hurting for team members.

It just doesn't make a whole lot of sense logically and mechanically to me in the Starfinder setting while it did in Pathfinder and the 10% sale price only compounds the issue. You run the risk of crippling several characters long term to save someone.

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I suppose that while there are mystics wandering around Absalom Station, they still have a limited number of spells a day & who knows what they plan to do with them.

The various factions seem to have on-call staff in their clinics - and for the low-low cost of a few Fame, they'll allocate their time & healing resources to you. Got a broken arm? They'll fix it. Caught the crud wandering around some derelict ship floating in the Drift? They'll cure it.

Check out the Basic Purchasing Plan on pg 27 of the SF RGG for some examples of what your Fame can do for you.

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Scoured Stars incident depleted a lot of resources... gotta build'em back up.

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Thurston Hillman wrote:
Scoured Stars incident depleted a lot of resources... gotta build'em back up.

That's kinda my point though. Their most precious resource is people. So does it really make sense for them to allow an agent to die from a disease upon returning to the station for the component and cost free casting of Remove Disease? I get that Fame is a thing, but it is actually a limited resource. Daily castings really kinda aren't (when you're not in a time sensitive situation).

I get if this sticks as it is meant to be a bit of a resource sink for players, but it really seemed like a similar thing to batteries to me. Most of the same arguments about batteries also apply here IMHO.

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There's certainly a lot of valid reasons why the Society should provide free restorations for afflictions and other effects. There's also various reasons why they shouldn't / can't. Compared to batteries, which overall have a fairly small impact on a PC's budget (even over a full character lifespan), affliction costs can be a larger credits sink and something that should be feared.

In a non-Organized Play environment, battery recharging is generally free. Most PCs in a home game have their own starship (an assumption in Starfinder) which can recharge batteries. No such mechanism exists for the removal of afflictions. Team that with the fact that Starfinder Society sessions tend to last 4-5 hours and then "reset" so having all afflictions get cleared at the end of a session would essentially remove any fear of diseases or other potentially long-term effects.

Now... that being said...

Spoiler for Starfinder Society #1–04: Cries from the Drift:
In this scenario, there's a specific call-out that a major NPC will cover the PCs' tab on any affliction removal. This type of NPC assistance is something something I'm certainly keen on exploring further, when the situation merits it.

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KapaaIan wrote:
To that end, how about taking the logical step and if a character is at or below a certain point when they return to the station, they are able to be healed or their afflictions for free?

Free medical in space is called Quarantine...

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"So um, er, ah, does that ah, um, mean er, don't get sick until ah, about um, 5th er, level or so?"

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